In The Same Boat


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Scene Title In The Same Boat
Synopsis Benjamin Ryans and Lynette Rowan call together the residents of Gun Hill to discuss what is possibly to happen on November 8th.
Date November 04, 2010

Gun Hill: Lynette's Apartment

This apartment is somewhat decadent. Plush couches and expensive lamps defy the fact that it sits in a worn building in the middle of the Bronx. Comfort and warmth are the name of the game here, found in every bit of the landlady's apartment. Soft blues and tans dominate the decor, and it doesn't seem like she allows anything that doesn't fit the scheme to stay in sight.

The kitchen and dining room are stocked and prepared to have guests, with a nice set of dishes, glasses and silverwear sitting in a chest in the dining room, but it's clear she lives alone, if one were to spot how many of those dishes sit unused.

The one exception to the color scheme is her office. It's always locked when she's not in it, but when it's open, the walls are a shocking red, the furniture black and the accents white. She offers no explanation for the dramatic shift for this room.

It's basically creeping up on the lunch hour, when the residents of Gun Hill make their way to the apartment of Lynette Rowan, Gun Hill's very own land lady. Earlier in the week word started to spread through the small apartment building that two of the residents, Benajmin Ryans and Lynette herself wanted to talk to everyone about the upcoming Novemeber 8th fiasco.

The living room has been rearranged for the occasion, with the couches pushed to the walls, various metal chairs added for others to sit in, not the most comfortable, but you do with what you have.

"If everyone could settle in, we'll get started," the voice deep, carrying through the room without it's owner having to speak up too much.

Everything is arranged to face a central space and this is where Benjamin stands, with arms crossed, watching as everyone gets settled. He is a hard man to read, his expression schooled in such a way to hide his emotions from the world.

It is a habit really.

Even though he looks nothing like an agent, with his scruffy hair, stubbled chin, henley shirt and jeans, observant blue eyes flick from one person to the other studying them each in turn. His gaze lingers on some of the people that are not really Ferrymen mainly the ex-Company agents that were a part of his team. Tonight is just as important for them as the rest of Gun Hill's residents.

There was some temptation on Sable's part to blow off this meeting. Meetings aren't her style, being too closely aligned, in her mind, with the Mannish qualities of the Ferry she's ostensibly remained at Gun Hill to act as counterbalance to. Her not attending might not have been noticed, actually, her actual function being mostly as general nuisance and noise complaint generator. Still, after thought, she felt it necessary to be part of whatever plans were embroiling the Hill, her Hill.

So here she is, perched in a chair, legs tugged up onto the seat, hands on her ankles, back stalk straight. Sable examines Ryans with a tilted head and slightly narrowed eyes. Distrust tempered with interest.

Lynette stands there near Ryans, without cigarette or alcohol in hand which is sort of a rare thing these days. Perhaps it means things are getting serious.

There are, however, drinks and snacks sitting out among the seating, because Lynette can't have people over without feeding them, apparently, even if it's probably Toby who's responsible for the cooking. Semantics. "We hope to make this short and sweet and get everyone on the same page, but on the same token, if anyone has concerns or questions as we go over things, please feel free to speak up."

Kendall is probably the newest resident of Gun Hill, considering he only moved in a week or so ago. Timidly he peeks around the door frame, doesn't detect any traps, then sidles into the room. He'll be quiet and just listen, for now, and he finds a seat near the edge of the group.

Unlike Benjamin Ryans, Liza Messer's emotions are painted across her face like a Monet. Considering the topic of conversation was likely to be a tense one, she'd brought a dish of brownies, already cut into squares and a stack of napkins so that there was no preparation needed—just grab-and-go! She set the brownies in amidst the snacks laid out, then retreated to a spot on the couch. She sits, nibbling crumbs of chocolate while she leans forward, watching everyone with bright eyes and the slightest hint of a smile at her lips.

Indeed, it was Toby who cooked up most of the treats, and in fact the man is still in the kitchen getting things together. But he has the door propped open, and he's still in ear shot, listening intently as he piles together a few more deviled eggs onto a platter before washing his hands.

It's at the tail end of Lynette's statements that he emerges with the plate to set with the other food, so he can nip a few himself and then have a seat out of the way to watch and listen and perhaps contribute as co-owner of the safehouse. For now though, the pair in the center have the spotlight.

Also looking nothing like an agent, a pale-skinned woman fiddles with the end of her waist-length and red-dyed braid as she sits cross-legged on one of the sofas. A biker's jacket rests against the end of the sofa, while a pair of biker's boots sit on the floor in front of her. An old woollen pull-over has slipped off one shoulder, hanging loosely as she leans forward, elbows propped on her knees. Still, Ygraine's expression is serious and pensive, and she's studying the others present with evident curiosity.

Lashirah remains quiet, leaning against a wall to one side. The one raven-haired-and-now-blond lady sips at a cup of coffee. There's a look of someone who hasn't slept lately, a look of someone who is deeply haunted by something, but is trying to hide it and is almost succeeding.

Standing behind the folding chair that will eventually belong to Liza Messer once she's done arranging the byproduct of her last stress-baking fit, Gracie Lee has only recently returned to Gun Hill from an extended absence out to the American northwest. Gone are the redheaded agent's sleek suits and business-like attire, replaced with relaxed fit jeans, a pair of old cowboy boots and a brown leather jacket still worn as if she doesn't intend to be here all that long.

Arms crossed over her chest, Gracie offers a silent stare at Ryans, her expression dour and brows furrowed, red hair tied back into a tight ponytail behind her head. Her expression is as emotive as Liza's; pensive uncertainty is the order of the day.

Tasha moves from where she was grabbing a soda to sit on the ground near Sable. She wraps her arms around her knees and fixes solemn eyes on the former Company agent who she knows is Delia's father. Her mind can't help but flit to her own father today — it's his birthday after all, hers tomorrow, and that she hasn't called to wish him happy birthday isn't anything unusual; she hasn't called him on his birthday more years than not. She isn't sure it'd be welcome this year — not when she filed a namechange on Monday at his request. Happy birthday.

A glance goes to Lynette, before Ryans turns to the room, arms unfold and he holds up his hands to get everyone's attention. "Alright, as everyone is aware, November 8th is not even a handful of days away and it will be a nightmare if all the visions have anything to say about it. At least one known vision is about Gun Hill itself." A hand motions to Lynette, "But that it her story to tell.

"But before I hand over the floor to Lynette, to describe her part, I want to say something." Hand fall to rest on his hips as he considers everyone in the room, judging the looks he gets from some. "For those here that don't know, my name is Benjamin Ryans. I am one of the Company fugitives being housed here. I know… the presence of me and what is left of my team here is unwelcome by some of you — " Blue eyes fall on Sable for the briefest of moment, since her distrust was not missed " — I would like to stress that as residents of Gun Hill, Ferrymen and ex-Company alike, we are all in the same boat." His words are gruff and rumble softly.

"While I can not speak for the rest of my group, for me at least — " He not turns that sharp gaze to the former agents, pausing for only a breath " — For me I am going to do my best to protect the people in it and beyond the 8th. One of the Ferry's own council has already mentioned wanting me to join their more militant sector… their Special Activities group.

"I am not Company any longer, when it died so did who I was within it. So… for tonight, I hope that for at least this moment in time and the 8th itself…" And hand flicks to include the group in front of him. "… we can put aside who was who and focus on what is going to happen."

He lets those words soak in for a moment, before turning to Lynette and motioning her to take the floor. "They are all yours, Lynette," he offers gently, while stepping to oneside.

"Very patriotic," is whispered aside Benjamin as a red-clad elbow nudges his side. "You could've probably been a politician in another life." Unseen by everyone except for Benjamin Ryans, the small and thin woman of pale skin in a rich crimson and vermillion pin-striped suit is phantom commentator on this meeting. Long and straight tresses of ink black hair are swept back from Hokuto Ichihara's face, a smile curled up on rich red lips.

"Your little one is doing fine, despite having snubbed you today…" Gold eyes peer up to the taller, older man. "She's worried you're over-extending yourself, but that's nothing new." Hokuto arches one dark brow, then tuns her focus over to Lynette across the room. Having a disembodied and largely intangible dream-walking ghost in the room, watching, is an unsettling notion.

Even more so when she adds, "If it does come down to it," it, "dying isn't so bad…"

Taking a step forward as the floor is passed her way, Lynette gives Ben a nod before she looks toward the others. "To put it simply, my vision in June consisted of this safehouse being raided while we were trying to move people through the Ferrymen network and into some sort of transport away from the danger. Now. I'm not sure what elements may have changed what will happen that day or if it even can be changed, but that notion is someone else's bother. Mine is making sure the people here are getting through the 8th."

For the observant, Lynette seems a little off balance. A little shaky. A little worn and tired. But perhaps the stress of what's to come is to blame. "For those of you with the option, finding a safer place to be on the 8th is the recommendation. Something away from the city would probably be best. For those without the option, Ben and I had a sort of bunker made, where people can wait out the raid and slip out unnoticed. The entrance is in Ben's apartment here and… it's really best if that knowledge doesn't leave this room. I'm not going to assume anyone's naive enough to think the 8th will be the only time we might need something like that. It's not going to be pretty and Toby and I both are grateful for any who do want to stay and defend. We're just not requiring anyone to."

Kendall tilts his head. Company? What's that? Kendall shrugs, slipping his shoes off and getting comfortable. Then he pulls his legs up to hug his knees as he sits on the couch and listens. Company…. sounds like some kind of conspiracy group, or FBI, or… something. He listens to the ones talking, but his gaze is going about to people in the room. He…. doesn't know anyone? Oh wait, Ygraine, he recognizes her. Kinda. And Sable. Ok, so it's not full of complete strangers. "We have to leave?" he asks, blinking. Geez, is he cursed or something? Kicked out of his parents' house, the safehouse on Roosevelt was raided, had to leave Melissa's house because she got arrested and relocated, and now this?

Sable's attention slides right over to Tasha as the artist settles down near her. The yellow eyed girl grins and leans over, giving Tasha's hair a gentle ruffle. "Hey there, good lookin'," is her greeting, mostly murmured, and no further words are offered. She is mannered enough to stay quiet when big important things are being discussed.

At least until it's time for her to add her two cents. At that point, she pipes right up. "I'm stayin' on, gonna see what I saw come t' pass. Got a date with a pretty gal I gotta keep, ain't gonna stiff 'er. Never 'n' no-way. So y'all count me as one 'f those stickin' 'round."

Having cocked her head, curiously studying Ryans while he spoke, Ygraine soon refocuses upon Lynette. Raising a hand to warn of her intention to speak, she offers a rueful smile. "I'm afraid that I have no intention of being here on the eighth, myself", she says, her accent alone quite possibly sufficient to identify her as the Ferry's British courier, "but I am here to offer help. If you want to fit some defences or surprises to slow people down, well… almost no one looks up, and in fifteen minutes I can do more work up high than a crew of guys with ladders could manage in half an hour. Whether it's a simple sprinkler system mixed with paint or something else…." The Briton shrugs expansively. "If you need a hand from now till the seventh, I should be able to help out. If nothing else, I can run supplies and people to and fro."

Toby nods as he's mentioned, mouth full of deviled egg. Mmhmm! "With luck, it's only temporary," he replies to Kendall, "but you never know how luck is these days, you know? But Lynnie and I — and Ben, as I understand it — we're going to try to make sure the place is kept safe enough for return. Still, all the help that's offered, it's definitely appreciated." He frowns, thoughtful, wondering, perhaps, how safe they can really make the place on November Eighth.

Lashirah frowns a moment in thought, then speaks carefully. "I know not many of you know me other than 'the crazy person who's apartment smells of coffee all the time, but… My name is Lashirah Lee. I was a forensics specialist for the FBI, then the Company… Ryans is right, maybe more then he knows. The Company died long before the Institute came along because it fell from what it was supposed to be doing. It was meant to protect people. Not just 'normals' or 'evolved', but both, from the disasters that could happen to each other." She pauses. "Assuming the other little thing I've been asked to do doesn't end badly, I hope to be here on the eighth… and I hope to have helped set up a good line of defenses to… make a raid tactically inadvisable without inconveniencing us too much."

Sable's words bring a shiver to Tasha, since what Sable saw is linked somehow to what Tasha and Colette saw on the tenth. "I'll be in town, but I might not be here at Gun Hill," she says softly, her heart split just as her attention is, between being with Joanna and being with Colette, to try to protect both of them, to keep both of their visions from coming true. Maybe she can bring her mother here — but somehow bringing Colette and Joanna together seems like putting them on the platter for Death, like cookies for Santa; as ridiculous as the analogy might be, it's what comes, and she shakes her head with amused exasperation at her own mind.

Her eyes dart over to Lashirah and she nods slowly. She doesn't say that hopefully her father will keep the government from the building — after all, he knows she lives here. That Colette lives here. But she doesn't know how far or strong his net of influence is. And she already asked for one favor — his granting it cost her her name.

A frown briefly crosses Gael's face as he listens to the round of opening speeches, hanging back near the entrance and staying quiet himself. The Company's ant hill may have been kicked over pretty effectively - even if it someday re-forms, it won't be the same - but the ant still identifies with it. And Lashirah's criticism… well, they're coming from different places, it makes sense that they'd have different views.

"I'll be in town myself," he finally pipes up after Tasha does. "Somewhere. This— What you're all doing here is important, don't get me wrong, but it's… not my first calling."

At meetings, Liza's usually one to pipe up with suggestions or her input, but in this case, she's silent. Listening to those staying and those going, she doesn't look up, picking crumbs of chocolate off of her napkin. Her eyes flicker to those around the room, face mixed with worry and trepidation. She doesn't pipe up, simply watching, and waiting, gaze flickering across the current inhabitants of the room.

The only surprise that Ryans registers at the familiar voice is the flicker of his eyes to that point in the room where she is. His jaw clenches slightly and his head turns ever so slightly so that he can look at the woman. "Family is suppose to worry about family." He murmurs under his breath to the smaller dead dreamwalker.

Even he can't brush off Delia's concern about what he saw. Of course, her decisions has probably altered that, but it won't stop him from what he needs to do, which is probably the problem the father and daughter are having now. "I'm not afraid of the dying, Hokuto." His eyes flickers to her golden one for a moment, before looking at the room. "I'd rather, not for the sake of helping these people, but…" sometimes you can't stop fate.

He turns his attention back to the meeting then, stepping forward to address the group again, though a glance goes to Gael especially, though it is hard to know what the older man is thinking. "If you do plan to be else where for the 8th, keep in mind, that if our building is being raided… there is a chance they all will be raided. So just moving to another safehouse might not be a viable option." It is a cold hard fact. "That being said, I know there is evacuations to a safe location. So all we need to do is survive and get there. The facts, of that are not known to me at this time, but I'm sure as soon as we know, we can pass along that information as well. Til we know… there are two families within Gun Hill besides my team, they will need to be protected."

"Um…" Kendall hesitates, not really wanting to speak up again and having people look at him. Aw, he's shy. "I can probably hide some people unless they've got something that negates powers. Um, not a lot of people, but…"

"No one is being forced to leave," Lynette says to Kendall, addressing the boy first, "And from what I saw, Kaylee isn't leaving, so. Anyone who wants to is welcome to stay and either help with the protection, or be protected. This is still a safe house, and those who need its protection will never be turned away."

To Ygraine, she gives a nod, "That is exactly the kind of help we need. You're hired." To the rest of the room, she just seems to be understanding and accepting. "I understand. This is my first priority, it isn't everyone's. People have places and people they want to be with that day and we all understand that. I just want to make sure everyone is on the same page about what's happening here on the day."

The landlady gives a little smile to Kendall's addition and she nods, "Then be ready to do so."

"I'll be here," Gracie explains with a slow tilt of her head into a nod. "I'm— the trip I took up to Seattle was checking with Ferrymen contacts out there to see if any survivors from the Seattle branch had made it to safety. Director Balfour and his entire network were captured by the Institute. His daughter is still safe, though, and they wanted me to pass that on to you, Ben."

Looking askance to Kendall, Gracie jumps topics. "Negation gas is possible, depending on what organization is handling the raid. DHS doesn't utilize it but the Institute will. If you see men in white, plastic suits with respirator masks get out as fast as you can…"

"But I'll still be here, and I'll fight whoever it is that thinks they can do something like this." Gracie's partly lidded eyes avert to the floor, her jaw set squarely. Revenge for Agent Fitzpatrick isn't openly stated, but to the agents that know her it is all but implied.

Lynette's warm and rapid response to her offer of aid draws a swift and grateful smile from Ygraine… but the matter under discussion swiftly dispels her good cheer. "I should say that if it is in any way at all possible to avoid a shooting war with the authorities, while staying free, that's the route that should get taken. The Ferry's nowhere near an army, and many of us are already known, one way or another, to at least some Feds. If the authorities peg the Ferry as a terrorist group - which they surely will if raiding a Ferry safehouse results in a gun battle - then they're likely to come down on the network as hard as they can. One dead FRONTLINE trooper here could result in a lot of bloodshed elsewhere."

Brows arch as Tasha watches Ryan murmur something to someone who doesn't seem to be there; having a girlfriend that can be invisible makes her wonder if someone else is lurking in the room that doesn't want to be seen. But, it's a safehouse, and maybe that's part of their reason for being there, so she's not going to call him on it. She heaves an unhappy sigh.

"Thank you, Gracie. If you hear anything on the other groups… or of our own, keep me informed?" Benjamin's words are spoken gently. "I've been wondering about her, but I haven't had a time to relax and think beyond this place and stuff closer to home."

Hands spread out even if Ryans' face doesn't really show it, the tone is there, as he states, "We are thankful for anyone that can help, protect the people left and to get them to that evacuation point." Which seems to be the order of business. "My biggest hope is that the people coming here are not the Institute's own private FRONTLINE squad." The mention of that group, is practically growled out by the old man. His hate for those suited soldiers is plain, he makes no attempt to hide it.

"If they come for us… it could be tricky. Their suits are state of the art, but do have weaknesses, but we have tried with the bunker, to take some of that into consideration." Ryans glances at Kendall eyes narrowing at the kid thoughtfully. "There is a chance they could have a negator with them… I know of one in their midst, but your ability will be useful if we get lucky enough. It might be how we get these people out and to safety.

"Once we know who we have and what they can do, we'll go from there." Ryans states simply. "Though, no matter how much you plan there is always room for some sort of snafu."

"Well that's a reason I came here… I want to join Ferryman, not just be protected by them. I can make anything look like anything else… like this entire room look completely empty." Kendall shifts his position, feet going back to the floor so he can sit up straight and attempt to look mature. "I'm not a kid, after all." ….keep telling people that, Kendall, maybe they'll believe you one day.

"We're all hoping it doesn't come to a shoot out. The idea is to delay them getting in so we can get people out, instead of taken," Lynette reassures. "If it comes to something more violent, I would still urge that everyone put getting out as a priority. I, for one, am already compromised as far as the Institute, so I'll be the last one out. No one gets caught, that's the idea." She looks over at Kendall, her lips curving into a smile. "You picked one hell of a trial run, darling."

Liza Messer's eyes flicker to Kendall. There's a tiny smile there. That's something she can sympathize with. She looks back towards the rest of the room, trepidation still wrinkling her brow. She glances back towards Lynette, then Ryans. "I'll do whatever I can to help." She says simply.

Lashirah quietly sighs, and adds. "If the Institute sends people, there will be no choice of 'freedom' without fighting. For some of us, if we're identified at all, we are, at best, to be arrested on sight." She pauses… it's obvious that she's nervous.

Lashirah however continues to speak. "I am willing to help rig shaped charges to draw attention, and blast a few holes in floors to make getting to us a very time consuming process. Particularly as after the first explosion, they will have to either blow up, or check for explosives every last door they want to go through. And that is time consuming work. I can also try to come up with some stop-gap countermeasures to some of the detection techniques they might use to try finding us." She pauses in thought, then continues. "That said, if they send their PERSONAL unit in, well… All bets are off.

Thankfully for Kendall, Gracie Lee has absolutely no say in whether he gets recruited or not, because the look on her face says no way in hell, kid. But that is only offered up to Benjamin and nothing else. In her silence, Gracie offers a look to Liza, managing the faintest hint of a smile at the blonde before she instead chooses to focus down on her feet.

However one member of the meeting is already missing, from Benjamin's perspective at least. While Lynette Rowan may not have directly met Hokuto Ichihara before, the appearance of the red clad dreamwalker suddenly appearing in a whorl of black ink on her sofa is perhaps jarring.

Especially since no one else seems to notice her appearance, perched on the arm of the couch, one leg crossed over the other and hands folded on her knees.

"You should bring your friends," Hokuto's gold-eyed stare levels on Lynette when she makes that suggestion. "The tall one with the big nose and the glowing eyes," Griffin, "he might be a good last-ditch hand to help here if things go sour. Maybe his sister?" One of Hokuto's inky brows raises slowly.

Her crimson smile is crooked, playful, and all too knowing.

"So… avoid being seen, and get the heck out of Dodge if the proverbial hits the fan", Ygraine says gently. "My… vague ideas before coming here amounted to ways of buying time. If you're dealing with an organised group with formal training, you can use that against them. They'll have procedures, safety routines, things that will trigger a "fall back and regroup" order. Sprinkle 'em with paint, as smoke-bombs go off was my idea. And screw with lines of sight - the place is formally in rennovation, so let use lots of construction-worker's plastic sheeting. That generates shadows and noise at the best of times. If there're demolition charges going off as well, this place could be an absolute nightmare for anyone with police training to enter - unknown gas in the air so they can't remove their masks, unknown liquid coming down from above and making them half-blind, cruddy visibility even without that, infra-red screwed up by hot smoke, no sight-lines, and Lashirah's booms and bangs going off. What soldier who's even half-way sane will want to go into that except very slowly, or let his troops risk it?"

A shrug, and Ygraine self-consciously clears her throat. "If the goal's to buy time for a retreat… then we should possibly figure out how a long a retreat will take, and train people in doing it. Like air crew are trained in evacuating a downed aircraft. Get people used to the idea of tackling the stairs in the dark, knowing which floor they're on, and so on…. Even if it's just a couple of trial run-throughs for each person, and putting people into groups of three to check on each other…."

"That is pretty much the gist of it folks," Ryans says voice lifts a little, "Anyone that wants out, needs to do so by the evening of the 7th. Til then, the bunker is finished finally, we need it supplied. I need my team, and anyone willing to help to start working — " a nod goes to Ygraine in acknowledgement of her ideas " — on getting things ready so that we can rig the place up last minute to be very unfun to break into." Of course, Lashirah gets the look from Ryans this time, a small knowing smile touching his lips. Not that the Company agent is looking forward to all his hard work being destroyed… but it also allowed for little things to be added to help in the defense.

"Lashirah… Gracie and even you Liza, I trust you all with the defense of this place, when and if I can't be here." Benjamin starts reluctantly. "I've had placed into my hands, by the Ferrymen, more responsibility then just Gun Hill and with my own vision, I do not know where I will be exactly. It may very well not be here.

"Yet, depending on how much changed, I might very well be." The lines at the outer corner of one eye deepen as Ben offers the room a crooked smile, as faint as it is. "Lashirah, like myself have gone head to head with FRONTLINE even while we were still Company Agents, so we know what you may be up against." The rest of his team, may very well be hearing that for the first time. "As well, as some of the possible abilities…. one being transportation.

"We have a hell of a night to wait for…let's hope in this case that forewarned will save our collective backsides." Ryans looks a touch grim, before his face falls neutral again. "Questions? Concerns?"

Lashirah says, "… While we will try to avoid a shootout, the possibility is very very real that such will happen."

Lashirah says, "Does everyone here who is willing to know how to use a firearm?"

Lynette jumps a bit when the woman from her dream appears on her couch, and she looks around the room at the others, staring a little as no one else reacts. And then, she speaks. Lynette looks back to her, lifting an eyebrow at the suggestion. Unlike Ryans, she doesn't try to reply, she just sort of gives her a look. Because she's cheating.

Unfortunately… she also misses this entire chunk of the conversation, not even seeming to notice questions or announcements or anything. She's just kinda… staring at the couch.

"I… don't think I could shoot someone." Kendall admits hesitantly, as if there'd even be a chance Lashirah's words were even aimed at him. Among everyone in the room, he'd probably be last choice. "So, uh…. I'm a little confused. Are we leaving, or staying, and if we're leaving, where will we go?"

Liza smiles as Ryans mentions her. The trust offered to her seems to perk her up a bit, though there's still a bit of the memory of the last raid. "At least this time we know what's coming," Liza murmurs.

Pulling a cell phone out of her pocket to glance at the time, Tasha rises, making an apologetic grimace. "I've gotta get to class," she says softly, bringing that unopened can of Diet Coke with her. "Thanks for the meeting. I'll pass on the information about the bunker to those who weren't here." Colette, namely. Tamara, though she's probably already redecorated the shelter more to her liking.

The petite teen picks up the courier bag full of her art supplies and textbooks and hefts it over her shoulder, having brought it with her so she could run straight from the meeting to the subway station without needing to return to her apartment. She steps over the legs and between chairs as she sees herself out.

Ygraine shrugs uncertainly. "I… can use one, basically, but I don't like to. And I hope to be elsewhere, I admit. But things like running in supplies, I can certainly do. Just let me know what you need, and I'll try to get it."

Lashirah smiles. "You and me are talking afterwards. We have a lot of shopping to do." the grin on Lash's face is like that of someone planning a horror movie. or a really nasty string of pranks.

"Ryans, have you heard anything from Rebel since you were in China?" One of Gracie's red brows lifts slowly. "We could use his assistance to block out an area of air-traffic. If the raid happens and people can't get to the bunker, slipping up to the roof if we know a helicopter is ready and waiting could make for a good escape route."

Gracie's head tilts to the side slowly. "After all, that's exactly how Akado and Paulson got out of Primatech, and we had home-field advantage there that day. Or," the former agent offers with a look to Lynette. "Does the Ferrymen have a helicopter of their own?"

What a coincidence, Jensen Raith does indeed.

Ryans watches Tasha get up to leave in silence, a nod going to her in thanks, before glancing to Kendall. "There is an evacuation plan in the works, I don't know the details in full just yet, but with hope, we'll hear something as soon as they know how it will all go down." Though by the sound of it, he's not really happy with the wait, and then there is the stuff he simply can't tell them yet.

"And with your ability of illusions, you more then likely won't need to fire anything." Plus, Ryans doesn't want a kid in the middle of a firefight.

Gracies question, gets a grimace from Ryans. "I have not. I'm planning to attempt to get his attention, if that fails… I might risk death to talk to Wireless about what might have happened to him." Though he plans to do that over the lines where she can't stick a knife in him.

A look of amusement crosses his face at a thought, "I have a meeting planned with one of the of Special Activities guys to talk defense, I'll… ask him about the helicopter." Though the idea of the network having something like that —

"You have anything to add Lynette…?" Ryans glances her way, only to find her distracted and staring off at nothing. The man sighs heavily, since he has an idea of why. "Lynette?" He calls her to attention sharply, mainly to call her back to business.

"What? Oh…" Lynette glares at the couch a moment longer, then looks over at Ryans, her brow furrowing for a moment as if the man's face might replay the last few moments for her. Something, at least, was noticed, if only peripherally. "Contacting Rebel is probably not the best idea… at the moment," she says, a frown on her face. She doesn't intend to involve the technopath, at least. "Other than that, I have nothing else. If you're planning on staying to help, let me know, especially if you're modifying anything in the building. And, in case we all don't see each other again before it happens… good luck."

Lashirah smiles to Lynette. "I'll have drawings and blueprints of the modifications to you in the morning."

Ygraine shoots Ryans a curious look. One of her array of Ferry hats is Special Activities, after all. But now's not the time to pry into who he's meeting. "If anyone has anything they need, try to tell me sooner rather than later. But try to make sure that I'm only loading up with stuff you can't get - or can't easily get - yourselves. I've got limited space and time available, and there are other places that're likely to want to call on me for deliveries. But since we know this place is set to get hit, you are the top priority on the list."

Kendall looks relieved to know he won't have to learn how to shoot a gun. "Ok." and now he'll be quiet again, with nothing else to say.

"Thank you." Is offered to Ygraine, with appreciation from Benjamin. "Either Lynette and I, or one of the other residents will be in touch."

He looks over who is left in the room and seems to relax some, allowing a hint of a smile to show. "And thank you to all of you, for being here. I feel better knowing that everyone is aware of what might happen." Ryans takes a step towards Lynette and rests a hand on her shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "I do ask that if you know someone in the building that was not here… please fill them in? The more of us that are on the same page, the better.

"Unless anyone has anything else to add…. that's it. Lynette and I will be approachable, if you need to talk to us about anything you know where to find us." Ryans smiles a bit and adds, a firm, "That's it for tonight, you all are dismissed."

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