In This Climate


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Scene Title In This Climate
Synopsis Jane hits up her best friend to pick her brain and check in.
Date August 18, 2011

Jane's Apartment, New York

For once, Audrey is hitting up Jane's place. Crappy coffee, bottom of the pot in the ubiquitous blue and white greek designed coffee cup, her own more higher priced and better tasting cup in her other hand, she's used her toe to whack on the door a few times to let her friend know that she's at the door.

"Open it up already Pak before I break down the door" She knows her friend is there unless she's not, which is a possibility. "You won't get the goodies I brought you back from DC!" Her dogs are with her too, straining to smell the door on their leashes and look around.

"Keep your panties on," Jane calls back on her way to the door. It's just a few more moments before she's unlocking and opening it to see her friend standing there. "Oo, you brought coffee. And dogs. And the swag better not have been a lie, you know how I love kitchy tourist trap junk."

She ushers the whole lot in, holding the door open wider to give the dogs and easier time of it. "How was the hunting trip? Any bites?" Mixing metaphors, but whatever!

"Front pocket, your swag is there" Inside is a spoon, the handle decorated with whatever littel logo or design they hold for Washington DC. "For your collection. I got a mug back at the house but was saving that for santa to give you for Christmas" Any mentions of bites, mum for now as she surrenders Jane's cup to better deal with Cooper and Felix, turn them loose in Jane's place to go off an smell and settle down. Well behaved hounds that they are. "How goes your own hunting?"

Jane takes the coffee first and shuts the door second. But once the dogs are loose and she's had a sip of her favorite, terrible coffee, she goes digging for her gift. "Very nice, I approve," she says before trotting it off to the kitchen to put it with all the others. Not that she uses them, but that's just where they all ended up.

"Well… decently. Connected Mayes to the Institute and some pretty sick shit going on there. Told Preager. Didn't get fired." That's the important point. "Yet." She trots back out to take a place on her couch, ruffling one of the dogs along her way.

"Shit, Mayes to the institute" Audrey whistles, lifting her cup to takea ship once she's sure her babies aren't going to rip up Janes place and meanders towards the window. All the better to look out, see who's on the street, give in to paranoia. "Hey, put some music on would you? The more revolting the better"

"She's been a bad bad girl. I don't have anything that really ties her to Humanis First, though, which was the point of this exercise. So I'll keep looking. Preager knows I'm digging around now, so hopefully that means I'll continue to not get fired. He even knows about Lazzaro." Jane shakes her head a little there. "That smoky bastard came in and kicked ass so much, it was embarrassing."

The request for music gets her attention, though, and she lifts an eyebrow before picking up a remote and flicking on the stereo. It's some horrifyingly synthesized pop music sung in high pitched Korean, which seems to fit the bill for most people. She even turns it up. "What are we covering up this time?"

She waits till the cat wailing is in play before turning away from the window to look at her friend. "He's in the cradle of the CIA. I was sent to see Avi Epstein. He is Avi Epstein. Someone in the CIA is protecting him, keeping him close, probably using him to a degree or he's using them. Has them by the balls. Something. Lie detector I was with sniffed out him name and then when I gave him the message that Spurling asked me to relay, his facade dropped"

Audrey does not look happy. At all. "Was going to get our ass kicked if it wasn't for dead men rising from their graves and shooting at him to break his concentration and give us the chance to run"

"He is Epstein? Well, that's wonderful." Jane runs a hand through her hair, shaking her head a bit. "So he was trying to keep it going like he was Epstein, you mention the bird, he flips and tries to kill you and — wait. Which dead guy this time?" Because really.

"Heard of Issac Mendez? The dead painter, killed like, four or five years ago" Audrey frowns,looking over her cup towards her friend, tongue flicking against the back of her teeth behind closed lips. Thinking. Wheel turning and Hamsters getting a workout in her cranium. "Dead men walking, means probably another shapeshifter. Unless Spurling was around and brought her boyfriend to keep an eye on things. I'd almost say she did it on purpose, to get me killed, but if Mendez was her boyfriend, was Gabriel Gray, then that wouldn't make sense"

"Sure. The comic book guy." Jane knows at least some of the case history, at least. "Does any of this make sense, really? But, I think maybe you're looking at it the wrong way. Obviously, we've got to figure out who Mendez is, sure. But. If Sylar is the end game," and when isn't he, "you should come at it from another direction. Ask around. See who's connected to Epstein on the CIA side."

"He was in Apollo. But that begs the question of whether it was him, or whether it was the real Epstein who was in Apollo. I need to get in contact with Spurling, see what the hell she was doing, sending me to him and not telling me that it was him" It would have been a completely different scenario, if she had known ahead of time. She could have planned around it. Instead, she nearly got a civilian killed.

"Have to figure out how to do this without the CIA or whomever in it that's protecting him, getting their panties in a bunch. I can't just head straight in and go 'Oh, Agent Epstein is really the midtown man, who's his superior?' that's just asking for a bullet to the head or worse" Worse.

"Well, you don't have to do it all obvious, Hansen, damn." Jane grins there, taking a drink of her coffee. "Just look around. Gaze. Figure a way to tap his department without it being about him. You know. Abuse the system. Do you know how to find Spurling?"

"Go shower in the gym naked again"

Smart ass answer from Audrey.

"There are more interesting places to go nude, you know. Might lure in all sorts of riffraff to question." Jane gives her the waggley eyebrows for that one.

"The first hit was free. She wants to see me naked again, it'll be when hell freezes over" Audrey mutters. "So I dig, I go over Apollo files again. Find a technopath who can break into the CIA and gank Epsteins files and see who's been associated with him, or maybe just burn whatever favors I got left and do it that way" There's so many ways, but all of them will either chance arrest, loosing a job, or perhaps a bullet between the eyes.

"Life was easier when there were no evolved abilities you know?"

"I agree. Way easier. But more boring, you've gotta admit." Jane has never been on to mind a little risk, but then, she's also got a nice family fortune to fall back on, another country to run away to and a serious lack of fear over dying. "Sometimes you've just gotta poke at the beehive a little. Shake the bushes, see what runs out."

"Says the woman who's making the connections between her boss and Humanis First" She points out to Jane with grim lips and straight shoulders. "Shoulda just shot him, in the head while I had the chance" Audrey mourns into her coffee, turning to look out the window again.

"Hey, technically she made the connections I'm just discovering the connections. If they exist. She's obviously up to some bad shit up there, but so far, no link to the group." Jane lifts a shoulder. C'est la vie. "You could still go that route, you know. Especially if there's a sniper that owes you a favor somewhere in there."

"If I can find him. I didn't go check out his place of residence, in case he ran back there. Last time one on one with any of them, never ended well" Ended with her blind for two weeks. Audrey's toe taps, still looking out the window, the individuals on the street, someone walking their dog, a woman chattering on the cell phone. "what have we got ourselves into Pak?"

"Nothing good, that's for sure." Jane tips back her coffee again, before setting the cup aside and turning to regard Audrey for a moment. "But now that you know, you can't just let it sit even if it would be safer for you. I know. You're stubborn. And you want to do the right thing. And in this climate? That lands you in some deep shit, apparently."

"Nope" Not at all. When did she ever let go of anything? "Come on, lets go get a drink, maybe something greasy. Before I go back into work" Spend the night probably on her couch. She likely only left to make this errand, pick the brain of her friend, walk the dogs. "I want some beer, my treat"

"Hell, don't have to ask me twice." Jane flicks off the music, and is apparently ready to go, after grabbing her wallet and tucking it into a back pocket. "Especially if it's on you. But we're playing a round of pool before you dive back into work. That can be on me."

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