Inappropriate But Effective


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Scene Title Inappropriate But Effective
Synopsis Nearly compromised while investigating Great Kills Harbor, Griffin, Kendall, Lynette and Ryans, "Team Bittern," slip away with an unorthodox distraction, as well as the name of the harbor's dockmaster.
Date May 2, 2011

Great Kills Harbor

To call any particular assignment handed out by the Ferrymen 'safe' is rarely, if ever true. But anything in the service of Special Activities is automatically flagged as dangerous. And what place in New York City could be more dangerous than directly under the military's nose?

Great Kills Harbor is important for two reasons. The first is that it's in the Reclaimed Zone and more or less firmly under the government's control. The second is that it is right next door to Eltingville, and for that reason, an excellent place to learn more about both. It's also an excellent place to get arrested and promptly disappear. Dangerous, remember?

The volunteers aren't quite walking into the lion's den. It's more like snooping around the entrance to the den and hoping the lion isn't home. Or, more properly, that the lion isn't paying attention. The military is unquestionably 'home.' They may not be paying attention. Besides that, the clandestine nature of this assignment, this 'sneaking mission,' means that the volunteers have nothing else to protect themselves with other than forged identifications that should (probably) stand up to scrutiny , a couple of subcompact Glocks and a snub-nosed .38 caliber revolver between all of them. And, of course, Griffin Mihangle.

He, along with Benjamin Ryans, Kendall Cunningham, and Lynette Rowen can only be too aware of the danger as the enter into the harbor proper, having infiltrated the Zone undetected so far, greeted by construction crews rebuilding housing along the water's edge that has fallen apart, as well as the sites and sounds of a functioning shipyard and a more-than-casual military presence.

The 'plan' is simple: Get in, learn useful information, and get out again without drawing attention of getting caught. The real plan is more or less the same as it always is with these things: 'You are in a highly dangerous area where you could reasonably die at any moment. Go.' The procedure is left entirely to them to create as they go along.


Kendall is along for the ride as the escape route, as it were. He's pretty nervous, given that he's going out on a Dangerous Mission. But hey, it's the best time to prove that he can hack it! He's even going in with Ryans, who seems to be pretty important in Ferry. Possessing a fake ID in his pocket, he follows the others, trying to look casual. Well, as for looks, he's not quite the same as he usually is, just in case. He more or less looks like a mix of several different actors blended into one. So vaguely familiar, but not any one person that comes to mind.

To those they come across, Special Activities' co-head is Richard Blaine. An ID Ryans has had from before, an ID that even the Company hadn't know about. It had been his saving grace a few times in the past year.

His normal gear is left behind, leaving him look more or less like a normal man. With a tee and dark hoodie, jeans and a pair of work boots. Hopefully, with the scruffy features and long hair he won't even look as he once did when the Company fell. Hell, he looks twenty years younger then his wanted poster.

"Alright, people." His voice rumbles softly, as he glances around them as all the work ongoing with mild curiosity. "Eyes open."

Griffin doesn't actually seem to be here. His face is definitely not present, at the very least. In fact, there is one less member of the male gender here than there actually should be. See, Griffin, when asked what he wanted to look like tonight, waved a hand and told the teenager to have fun, so long as he came out as something resembling a human.

He really wasn't expecting to be made into a beautiful blonde woman.

He looks a bit like Julie Benz right now, wearing a comfortable outfit of jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. It's mostly what he's wearing underneath the illusion, but tailored to fit him…er, her. He/she quietly walks behind the others, hands tucked into his/her hoodie pockets, eyes darting around. He really, really wasn't expecting to be made into a woman.

At least it negates any chance of him being recognized.

Lynette walks along with Ryans, hands slid into the back pockets of her jeans, a leather jacket keeping her mostly warm. She has her fake IDs, too, and her illusioned disguise is subtler. Change in hair color (brunette), severer features, just enough to not scream Lynette Rowan.

"As always, fearless leader," she says, her tone almost teasing as she smirks up at Ryans, "This is one of those… we'll know what we're looking for when we find it missions, isn't it? Good thing for you I just love being a nosy neighbor."

Being opened to civilians has it's disadvantages. Namely, it allows people in who maybe shouldn't be there at all. But it's a necessary evil, since it allows real work to get done. And there is plenty of work being done. There isn't much in the way of warehouses, and in fact, the few thatare around don't really look like they're in any condition to be used, but there are still plenty of containers being moved around and organized a short distance from another collection of houses in the process of being either rebuilt or demolished. It's hard to tell at this point.

In the direction of the docks, short buildings and some trees conceal most of what there is to be seen, but the bits that are visible over their tops reveals a mix of civilian and Naval ships. More civilian than Naval, maybe. A closer look is necessary to determine that, even though it's almost a sure thing.

Further down the walk is a squad of armed soldiers- probably Marines- on the lookout for trouble and not seeming terribly interested in finding it. As long as the team doesn't stray too close, they shouldn't be any problem.

And near one of the warehouses are a pair of men arguing about… well, something. 'Earshot' is not quite the distance they're in, with the associated noises of the harbor not helping to make it more audible. There seems to be a name that comes up a couple times. Hard to say what it is.

Kendall can't help but smirk at Griffin every time he sees 'her'. Well he did ask for a disguise, and what better than to completely change genders? But anyway, Kendall needs to pay attention. Right then. He also needs to be alert for trouble, as well as the whole recon thing. Don't mind him, he's supposed to be here. Relaaax. It does help that he made himself look a few years older as well, since he'd probably stand out more if he were a teenager.

Unlike Kendall, every time Ryans looks at Griffin it's with a flat and unamused look. Which might explain why the former agent isn't looking the man's way much. Head is turned towards Lynette as he talks, it looks like he's having a conversation with her, when he's saying to them all…

"We want to avoid those soldiers at all cost." The arguing individuals is what has his attention. He turns his head a touch more to look at the other two, but he's steering the group towards the raised voices. "You two go take a look at the docks. Be smart about it and cautious." There is a warning in his tone as he does. Meanwhile, he and Lynette will be casually moving closer to where the argument is happening.

It's rather odd, knowing that everyone sees you as a rather short woman. People aren't quite looking at him in the eye, when he normally stands nearly a foot taller than the woman he is disguised as. She-Griff idly fidgets at hair, glancing about. Eyes land on the ships, especially the Naval ones, locating them. Judging his surroundings from behind his facade of short blonde woman.

In general, Griffin tries to look like he…she belongs here. Like a woman doing…whatever it is that tiny women are supposed to do out here. He's not quite amused, himself, but…well, at least he won't be recognized as that guy who broke up a Christmas party. A glance is cast toward Ryans, followed by a small nod. And then, he's meandering toward the docks, pulling a cigarette out of his/her pocket and lighting it up. Splitting off to smoke a cigarette away from those who don't like it, possibly.

Casual is something Lynette can do. She slips an arm through Ryans', because how better to look unthreatening than to look like you're a bit enamored with your companion. It doesn't take a lot to pull that off. And it helps her keep from casting wary glances at the soldiers and the general area like she really wants to. Still, she has a tight grip on Ryans' arm as they stroll closer that's more for the danger they're blithely walking into than for a show of companionship.

The team splits up: Divide and conquer shall be the plan of action.

Closer to the docks, the sounds of the ocean are obviously louder. The ships themselves, despite largely being self-powered cargo movers, are not that much louder. And just as it almost seemed like a sure thing before, it definitely is now: The number of non-military ships outnumbers the armed ones. Most of the warships, however, are not Naval destroyers, but rather smaller, faster cutters bearing the emblem and colors of the United States Coast Guard. A sensible decision, given that there 's not nearly as much room as there is on the open ocean for a large ship. Score one for… Team Kenffin? Team Griffdall?

Team Roans, meanwhile, arrive within good hearing distance just as one of them men throws his arms up. "Look, it sucks, but I literally can't do anything," he says in exasperation, "You need to talk to Schroeder. And while you do that, you can't leave your stuff here, either. Leave it with the Guard, or something, I don't know." What else can the other man say? "Fine. Where's el capitan?"

Kendall notices Lynette getting all snuggly with Ryans, and turns to Griffin. "Heh… I'd suggest we do the same but you'd probably rip my head off, huh." guess it'll just be the two of them strolling along together. "So, what exactly are we supposed to be looking for? Just anything that catches our eye?" he mutters.

It's easier for Ryans to keep that flat look on his face, it's much more difficult to put a small smile on his face. Her hand slides through his arm and he rests a hand on hers where it lays on his arm. The smile pointed towards her, even if he's listening to what the men are saying.

Schroeder? El Capitan?

Lynette can see the question on his face, but that silent question isn't for her… more to himself shifting through his memory. Doesn't ring a bell, but it does have him listening intently for the location for this person. His hand tightens a little on Lynette's.

"Your guess would be correct. I'd probably throw you under a boat, just for good measure. I guess I would be a lesbian?" It's odd hearing a woman's voice come out from the illusion, too. She-Griff frowns, glancing around the docks with one hand in his pocket, while the other one is smoking his cigarette. "We're checking for any connection to the concentration camp." he mumbles in a lower tone, so that only Kendall can hear under the noise of the harbor.

It's team Griffindall, by the way, because that somehow sounds like something out of a Tolkien book. Or something like that.

Once satisfied that there are indeed more civilian ships than navy ships, She-Griff turns, puffing on her cigarettes as she focuses her eyes, looking to see where 'her' companions ran off to, then back to Kendall. "Keep an eye out for anything suspicious." Perhaps the kid has better eyes than him.

Lynette draws just as much of a blank on recognizing the name, but then she was never in any government organizations herself. Secret or otherwise. She's listening, too, although her eyes are more on Ben than anything. She's new at this scouting thing, but staring at the people you're eavesdropping just generally seems like a bad idea.

"He's…" The first man, the one who apparently won the argument, lifts his hands again as if to point out a direction, and then doesn't. "Somewhere. Look, you'll find him. He's the dockmaster, someone has to know where he is. Now would you get out of here? I'm busy, and I don't want to miss 'Gunsmoke' again." "Fine, fine, jeez." That's that. It's useful, too. Dockmaster named 'Schroeder.'

The most obvious connection for Team Griff… Ken… whatever is that at least a few of the ship captains getting cargo unloaded- and there aren't too many to begin with- Seem to be conversing with selected Marines about, things. The second indication might be when a Marine and a couple of his buddies casually stroll past them. And then suddenly stop, with the one apparently saying a toothy, "Hi."

"Nice day for a walk, eh?"

"Don't get your hopes up, she doesn't like men." Kendall pipes up, glancing at Griffin. "Trust me." he considers himself a halfway decent actor as he pretends to be disappointed. "I mean, would you believe that? Looking like she does?" ok, so he might get hurt later because of that, but hey.

There is a subtle glance in the direction indicated, before Ryans is steering Lynette away from the men. Information processed and stored for the moment. "That's something at leas—" He trails off after a glance over where the rest of his team. His hand tightens even more as she steps away from her a little to get a better glance.

"Damn," is hissed softly from Benjamin, a glance at Lynette and then significant look in the direction of the other. So much for staying away from the Marines.

Oh. Oh God. Oh God. Why, oh why, couldn't Griffin told Kendall to make his nose smaller? Maybe change his hair color and eye color…that would've been enough to throw people off the scent, probably. Instead, he is a god damn woman, and now…now, he has some Marines looking at him like they want to remove his clothing with their eyes. Is this how women feel when they recieve unwanted attention

This perspective gives him a newfound respect for women, and the shit they put up with.

She-Griff stares at the Marines, almost shocked for a moment. Kendall's remark, however, prompts a sharp look from the tiny woman, who promptly reaches out to punch Kendall in the arm (somewhat hard, too), offering a slightly nervous laugh. "Don't be silly," he/she says in a nervous tone, offering an equally unsettled smile to the Marines as he/she puffs at that cigarette.

She clears her throat. "It's a nice day for a walk, yes. I always did like the docks." He's doing his best to sound charming. Hopefully Kendall's illusion added that part in. Play innocent, that's right.

Lynette lets herself be led, of course, not wanting to draw any attention. But then they turn to spot the other half of the team doing nothing but drawing attention and she quite literally facepalms for a moment.

She steps along with Ryans, trying not to frown too much as she looks over toward Kendall and Griffin. "We can't just leave Kendall dealing with the military," she notes in a whisper, apparently believing that Griffin can take care of… herself.

There are worse ways to draw attention, for sure. And possibly starting a fight with armed Marines is most likely the worst one right now.

The Marines, meanwhile, seem to feel that, hey, all in good fun. They even chuckle a little bit. "Well, that's how it goes with nice days," the apparent Maringleader says before glancing over his shoulder at one of his pals, "Aint it?" "Yup. Weather warms up, and suddenly it's a nice day for walking," is the reply before the conversation bounces back to the first Marine, who's attention bounces back to Kendall and Griffin. "Nice day for walking. Unless you don't have your residency permit. Then, it's not a very nice day for walking, if you get what I mean."

Do they get what he means? Kendall does, and he's quickly checking his pockets for his- here they are- papers, which he promptly makes available for inspection.

There is moment that Ryans seriously considers doing just that, some of these young people on missions… but… but the rational side of his brain tells him that maybe, just maybe Lynette is right.


A long sigh escapes from his nose as he slowly nods thoughtfully. "Probably right." He then starts moving that why, but slowly. Very slowly. Snail crawl at first. Watching. "Let's see how they handle themselves first." He murmurs, pretty much being a lookie loo. Curious glances their way. Since anyone is gonna watch soldiers harass people.

Papers? Yup. Papers. A much more charming smile is offered from the small blonde woman, who reaches into her pocket and pulls out those papers she was sure to tuck in there. These are offered out with a much more easy smile. "Oh, I definitely get what you mean. I wouldn't want to be walking around out here without these permits!" She-Griff sounds a little corny.

It's not like he's used to dealing with government types with anything other than violence. He's thankful, at least, that Kendall's illusion covers up that eerie glowing thing his eyes do when he is using his ability. Those poor military fellows have telekinetic appendages floating over their heads, waiting to strike, though held back by some rationale. Maybe right now would not be a good idea to rip apart a bunch of Marines.

Here's hoping the papers work.

Nodding to Ben's decision, Lynette doesn't move any faster than the pace he sets, but it's pretty obvious at this point that she's getting anxious. Military types and she haven't been getting along lately. They're all lucky she's without her electricity at this moment, because she'd probably be sparking a bit.

Do the papers work? Yes, and sort of. It's a lot like being ID'd out front of a night club. The Marine begins to scrutinize Kendall's forged permit, interrupting himself to give Griffin's- no, really- little more than a glance before declaring, "Looks good," and turning his attention back to Kendall's. Maybe there's something about this being a woman stuff after all…

It's lucky, maybe, that the Marine decides, 'good enough.' It's not so lucky that a big part of the reason he decides this is because one of the other Marines has taken notice of Ryans and Lynette, and directed his buddy to take a look for himself. Reactions are mixed, but mainly seem to be a question of, 'Do I do that guy?' Kendall's document are shoved back to him, and both he and Griffin are forgotten. The Marines start walking at a briskly casual pace towards Ryans and Lynette. This is bad?

It's great to see the two passed, up… in fact he's relieved. However… "Wonderful," is murmured under Ryans breath as the men turn towards them. If it's not one thing, then another. All relief melts into a hard ball of worry.

Again he's thinking.. Damn.

"Best face on, my dear," is softly said to Lynette and then Benjamin is offering the marines a bit of a smile as they approach. "Gentlemen." Is offered cordially. "Fine evening." He looks at each man in turn with the curiosity of someone who may not know they are in trouble. With an unspoken question as to what they might want.

When she first notices the men coming there way, she turns toward Ben some, looking downright frightened for that first moment. It is very good she isn't sitting on her right ability because this moment would be more than just shaky hands and shallow breathing. She nods to Ben's words, though, and lets out a slow breath to steady herself as she turns back to the Marines.

She manages a smile, too, but she doesn't add her greetings. Her hands slip back into her back pockets and she steps a little closer to Ryans, letting him handle the talking.

She-Griff relaxes almost visibly as the Marines seem to turn their attention on to something else. That was terrifying. Perhaps the special treatment of them hardly caring about his…her registration is nature's way of making up for the unnerving stares of men who are undressing you with their eyes. That was extremely uncomfortable.

He/she tenses, however, when their new destination is noticed. Oh, they're going for Ben Ryans and Lynette Rowan. Oh, that's even worse! Quietly, she-Griff begins to trail a bit behind the marines, pretending to be extremely interested in one of the ships. Kendall is summarily dragged along by the wrist with a not-so-comfortable grip. He won't forgive those remarks easily.

Kendall works quickly to avoid being dragged for long, but the point is made. Probably, at any rate. The boy has enough sense not to vocalize his discomfort, lest he clue the Marines in that they're being followed and arouse suspicion.

"Yeah, fine evening," says the Maringleader, stopping in front of the other Ferry operators. He regards Ryans, and then Lynette, and then Ryans again. "Sorry, but, I just can't get over this feeling that we've seen you around here before. Mind if I take a look at your permits? You, do have them with you, right? Be a damn shame if you didn't."

"Of course." Ryans offers politely, reaching back to tug out his wallet. It's older and worn black leather, devoid of any ID that screams Benjamin Ryans. Only Richard Blaine here. The paper work is extracted and offered. It's offered over after he unfolds it a bit, smoothing out some of the wrinkles in it.

He glances at the paper and then the men waiting for the verdict rather patiently, brows lifting a bit. "There you go."

Lynette, too, is pulling out her papers to pass over and trying not to let her hands shake too bad when she has to hold it all out for them to take. Keeping the nervousness out of her face is a lot easier, but it's clear she's uneasy. Tense.

Quietly, Griffin hangs back and points at a boat in the distance, smiling over at Kendall as she squeezes his wrist a bit uncomfortably, before finally letting go. He/she is certain to keep himself between the illusionist and the military, his vectors hovering over their heads as he waits for their reaction. "Look at that boat, it's enormous!" She-Griff points at a rather large barge.

One of the Marines looks back and notes Kendall and Griffin briefly, and then loses interest. The Maringleader, however, takes his time scrutinizing Ryans' false papers. Perhaps for a little bit longer than anyone is really comfortable with. "Looks, in good order, Mister Blaine," he finally says, "But you know, I'd really, really like to take a closer look. Just a, just a bit closer. We have some pretty good equipment over at our command post for just such a thing. You don't mind coming with us, right? Just take a minute."

The smile never leaves Ryans' face as he watches them with interest. Though it fades a bit with the question, confusing creasing his brow a little. "Something wrong?" Clearly he can't understand why these paper could be any problem, by that tone. Of course, he does know. Which is why he won't be going with them if he can help it, even as he says. "Not that I have a problem going with you guys."

The papers are not that good and unfortunately he doesn't have a race card to pull on this one. Any cards really. Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this. He can only hope Kendall is on the ball, as Ryans glances past the soldiers and his brows lift slightly. "Ah… guys?" Hopefully, Lynette follows along as well. He points over their shoulders and takes a step back, hand tightening on Lynette, pulling her back some.

She-Griff is still pointing at that barge with the resolve of a child, firmly fascinated by its…largeness, aparently. Though his/her eyes are most definitely on his comrades, separated by the marines as they are. It is definitely time to go, and whie he/she is still pointing, vectors are being summoned and unfurled, waiting to assist in the inevitable escape.

With Kendall's help, Ryans' plan actually works. Likely not in the way he was anticipating, however, for there are two separate reactions, first from the Maringleader, who simply asks, "Really, Blaine?" and from the Marine who had earlier looked at Kendall and Griffin earlier, who follows Ryans gaze to the apparent point of interest and shouts, "BEAR!" Which absolutely gets everyone's attention, particularly the Marines accosting Ryans and Lynette, who all whirl around to see a very large, very hungry grizzly charging at them. And although, rationally, what they are seeing is impossible due to the extent range of the grizzly not including New York City, rational thought is hard to accomplish when the thought at the front of the mind is, 'BEAR!'

Under the guise of escaping from the 'bear,' Kendall books it in the direction they originally entered the harbor from, not only to get away from potentially angry Marines, but also to avoid catching any bullets that happen to go stray. Lynette has a similar idea. Exit: Stage fucking anywhere.

Clearly, Ryans will have to talk to the kid about proper distractions in the middle of the city, but he will reluctantly admit that it does the job. It's good enough that Benjamin is able to turn and run for it. For all they know he is running from the damn bear. A bear in New York. He doesn't have fake the fear really.

He's hoping they can just get the hell out of there alive. Ryans won't stop til he can get out of sight of the soldiers, hopefully with the others not far.

Well. That's a bear. An improperly placed bear, but hey! That should be a good enough distraction to get the guards to stop worrying about bringing Ryans out to their building. The little blonde woman blinks a few times, then quickly follows suit with Kendall and Lynette and Ryans. Run run run, as fast as you can! Thank goodness for the vectors there, keeping him from stumbling with his bad knee.

Escape is assured, really. For the moment, the Marines have a far more pressing concern on their mind, and by the time the illusion fades away (admittedly, not that long a time), Team Bittern has put enough distance between themselves and the harbor that, combined with the ensuing chaos over the sudden appearance of a bear, of all things, the Marines will have no hope of following them, and will only ever be reasonably certain that Richard Blaine was, in fact, Benjamin Ryans. Or at least that he looked like Ryans. Depending on how much they collective decide to edit the report they will make.

'We saw Benjamin Ryans and almost had him until BEAR' is not exactly a convincing excuse for losing him.

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