Inconvenient Introductions


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Scene Title Inconvenient Introductions
Synopsis Christian and Minea meet up. The start of something good. Possibly. Maybe.
Date December, 2 2008


In a random street, pre-ordained by forces too omniscient for two lowly military related people to comprehend.

Not once had these things ever been convient, you know like four in the afternoon at someplace you had to go anywhere. This was infact a perfect example as far as Christian was concerned, as never once in his life had he felt the urge to visit a liqour store at anything even romotely this late of an hour. "splendid."he muttered, as he enjoyed his field expedient irish coffe.

He didnt even really like bottled coffee, it was typically far too sweet but it would look entirely too bizarre for him to just sit here and not have something to do. He had actually planned on pretending there was a mechanical problem, but now that he was here he was feeling entirely too lazy to do even that. Casually, he sets the coffee aside as he seats himself on the curb. Checking his watch before settling in to watch as pedestrians mill about.

Government issue Tahoe. aka, big black SUV pulls up. Gotta be the new person right? Minea Dahl opens the door. It's been a long drive and instead of being able to check into a hotel until she can rent a place in this town, she had just enough time to make it to her hook up. A moment to check and make sure she looks fine, no obvious hair sticking out, a tall woman in beaten brown leather jacket, jeans, and black shirt gets out of the car. Her equiptments left inside, there's not a point. Beep goes the lock and she's looking around for who might potentially be her contact.

Christian gets to his boots in sort've a slow press, draining his coffee in the process."Hey darlin."He offers a sly little smile, trying atleast to play his part. "Ya'll dont know any good bars round'ere do ya?"The Tahoe was actually the clue here, rather than anything else. Black SUV, and a woman at this hour meant he had even odds.

Minea studies him, playing the part of wary woman in a strange neighbourhood at night. "No, I'm not much for drinking in public sir" Another beep turns on the car alarm.

Christian just smiles for a moment, before producing a card from the inside of his jacket. "I'm Chris, heres my contact information. Its good to see you, I heard you do good work. Would you call me sometime tomarrow, so we can set up something of a more amenable time to discuss things at lenght?" He leaned back against his bike. "You'll excuse me if I dont seem terribly eager at the moment, things are a little wild security wise right now."

"If I didn't do good work, you wouldn't be getting me" There's a mutal exchange of cards, requisite contact numbers. "Your excused if you excuse me, I've been in the car all day. Anyone else who's card I should be looking to get or is it just you this time around?" Christian's card is tucked away, Minea's eyes habitually looking about.

Christian lifts his hands almost defensively"just me right now, I'll introduce you to the other kids in the sandbox tomarrow when I give you the briefing to get you up to speed. Ya'll just take it easy for the night, if your half as frazzled as I am aint nothin gonna gel no matter right?"

"Best western, numbers on the card. I'll call" Minea answers, and just like that, she turns around. Beep beep goes the suv, she opens the door and gets on in. Short, sweet, simple. There'd be more to discuss tomorrow. For tonight, it was time to find a paper and see what was available quick.

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