Industrial Redevelopment On Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, New York — It seems that not even in the wake of a catastrophic weather disaster can stop the industrial machine from rolling towards progress in New York City. The multi-billion-dollar Maxwell Development Corporation has just signed a seven billion dollar construction deal with the city of New York to begin reconstruction and redevelopment plans in Staten Island's abandoned and severely damaged industrial region of Port Ivory.

Board Chairman Daniel Knight of Maxwell Development Corporation recently headed a bottom-dollar purchase of the abandoned Howland Hook Facility on the north-west coast of Port Ivory which the development corporation is refurbishing into what will be a hub for redevelopment plans up and down Staten Island. The Maxwell Corporation plans to extend their development projects to all major city infrastructure across Staten Island from Howland Hook once the facility's renovations are completed in the fall of this year.

With financial and material backing from the United States Government, this contracting position by Maxwell Corporation signals the second largest push to redevelop Staten Island following its abandonment in the wake of the explosion of 2006 and the deadly radioactive fallout cloud that threatened much of Staten Island and New Jersey.

When asked about the potential dangers of conducting business on Staten Island, Knight stated that he was "not concerned at all," and further added that he "trusts completely the security teams from Stillwater Solutions contracted to protect the construction workers as well as the men and women from the National Guard that are helping revitalize this city in its time of national crisis."

Plans for the expansion of the reclaimed zone are expected to be completed by the beginning of 2011.

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