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Scene Title Inexcusable
Synopsis Adam and Sabrina have Words.
Date September 8, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

After getting off the red eye, Adam got right back to work. Some of that included Biddy's though went beyond it. But right now, he seems to be going through some bills for the place. He's quiet and rather detatched since the incident and the other people working at the bar appear to be trying to stay out of his way.

Usually Sabrina is keen on staying out of Adam's way except for the occassional meeting to exchange his new dry cleaning for his old. Today she's gone out of her way to come to Biddy's when she knows he's there, surprisingly not in one of her business suits but in a dark pair of jeans with a dark green silk blouse. Her hair has been hastily done in a french braid that ends just past her shoulders and her heels have been traded in for a pair of sneakers. She almost looks normal. "I need to talk to you about last night." That's how she greets Adam. No pleasantries, no fuss.

Adam looks up as Sabrina appears. He sighs a bit and lays his pen down. He leans back in his seat with his hands behind his head and says, "Alright." he says, "Why don't you have a seat." there's a rather tired and resigned look in his eyes as he offers the seat without motioning to it.

"No, thank you." Sabrina replies, staying where she is. She keeps a hand pressed to her stomach for a moment as if needing the help to remain standing as straight as she is. "I'm not going to drag this out and it's not my intention to make a scene. I don't know exactly when it was that you stopped bothering to live but that's no excuse for what happened last night. The danger you put Kaylee in. Calling her over when you knew what that woman could do. Using her name when it was possible there might have been a survivor!" She keeps her voice low but there's an angry edge to it. "It's inexcusable."

As he listens, his brow arches slowly as if this was not the tirade he was expecting to hear. His head tilts to one side as he studies Sabrina. There's a part of him that is replaying the events, at least the part before the firefight started. Sabrina did look like she was being protective, but there seems to be a question in his mind of why. He leans forward, taking his hands from behind his head and laying them on the table, "Why so much concern for Kaylee?" he questions a bit, "You've always been a bit of a self-preservation expert."

"She's a young woman who thinks you care about her. If you haven't noticed, she's desperate for male attention. Fatherly, brotherly, definitely of the significant other variety." Sabrina lists, counting it out on her fingers. "I expected you to eventually disappoint her but I didn't expect you to treat her like a convenience. She has her whole life ahead of her, she's not just some pawn you can throw out into a gun fight whenever you need an answer. You're so—so caught up in your revenge you don't even think about anything else. You didn't even think about what that woman could've made you do. You, the most experienced out of any of us out there. You could've been the one shooting at Kaylee and you didn't even think about it!"

Adam drums his fingertips upon the table now, the look of resignation slowly disappearing from his features. "It's harder to persuade me." he says in reply. "Not impossible, but harder, in a way that it's not harder for any single one of you out there. There would have been time to stop me. That was why I was in front." he now leans forward in his chair, "Further, Kaylee wouldn't have been out there at all, or yourself, if you hadn't deigned to get in the middle of a very dangerous situation and confuse it. That ploy you attempted to make peace is what threw everyone into danger. You should have trusted I knew what I knew. Instead, I had to show everyone that this isn't all some scheme I made up in my head. I even momentarily doubted myself. And all that, because of you. And here, you talk to me about putting Kaylee's life in danger? You put everyone's life in danger. What if she had decided to use you for a human shield? I've had four hundred years to steel my will. It's not perfect, but it's better than yours. Had you considered that? And once the truth came out. Once it was revealed that Susan had been lying to buy her life…what would you have liked me to do? The /only/ possible action was to take her out as quickly as possible. If she could talk, she could kill us." his eyes narrow, "Do you really think I didn't think any of this through?"

"Yes." Sabrina answers in one harsh, immediate word to Adam's question. "I'm not Kaylee and I'm not so easily swayed. Not by you. I told Kaylee to stay back. You called her over. You." She points at him to make sure there is no confusion. "Asked her to open her mind to that woman. Do you really think she would've gone quietly? Of course she would have shouted for people to question you. There's plenty to question, Mister Monroe. Plenty. Had she used me as a human shield, I would have died. I haven't had several lifetimes worth of fighting experience. She couldn't have used me for anything else. She could've used you for much more. I think you've thought this through as to what it means to you. I don't think you factored anyone else into this equation. If you think what I was doing was trying to make peace with that woman, you've as severely misjudged me as you think I have you."

Adam shakes his head, "Then what exactly were you doing?" he questions, "Going the suicidal route to try and get out of your contract? You shouldn't have stepped in the middle." he says, "You shouldn't have gotten involved at all."

"It's a little late for that wouldn't you say." Sabrina intones, voice dry. She searches his face for something but whatever it is she doesn't appear to be finding it and that's keeping a sliver of anger alive. "This isn't about me. It's about you. It's always been about you, but I don't know if even you realize how far you've fallen. What good is revenge if nothing matters in the end?"

Adam replies dryly, "How biblical." he watches Sabrina slowly for some moments and lets out a low breath before he says, "You're not going to convince me to give up my mission, Sabrina." he ducks his head down, "But, perhaps I should spend a bit more time making sure that those around me remain safe and satisfied."

That appears to mollify Sabrina somewhat, though not entirely. "It's harder to persuade you, but not impossible." She repeats, echoing him from earlier. "But that's all I expected you to consider." She rubs absently at the spot on her stomach where she was shot and winces for a moment as she looks off to the side. "What happens when you're done? What does the mission become then? How long before the people you've assembled this time become the next one?"

Adam looks up for a moment, his face is dark, perhaps angry. "I made a mistake with the last group I assembled." he replies. "This is not the same mistake." he frowns, perhaps in thought, perhaps in mood, "There were simply less people to choose from before." he says, "I had to take what I could get. And…well, you see where it got me, where it got the world. When I kill the founders, next I destroy the Company and all the agencies that help it. Until there's not a single trace left of my old mistakes."

Sabrina looks back to Adam, watching him rather intently through all of that like she might have a catalogue in that head of hers of all of his mistakes and is flipping through each and every one. Or maybe she's just ticked about getting shot still. "Just the groundwork for new ones?" She sets her hands on the table and leans in a bit towards him. "I see where it got you. But honestly, where else would you want to be?" She asks quietly.

Adam watches Sabrina, almost suspiciously now. His own look one of a viper that's coiled protectively but ready to strike. Finally, he smiles, the tension leaving him and he's good old jovial, devil may care Adam. "Oh, Sabrina. Why be anywhere else? Aren't we just having the time of our lives so far?" he watches her for a few moments before he says, "Are you suggesting I retire to a French villa somewhere and forget about all this. Turn my back on the world?"

"I think you did that a long time ago, Mister Monroe." Sabrina leans there for another moment before straightening up. "Maybe not the world, but certainly the living in it. You have your fun. You have your revenge, but you watch who you catch up in it. Especially the people like Kaylee who believe in you."

Adam considers Sabrina and nods, "I'll take that into consideration." something that he has been known to say to Sabrina in the past. However, in the end, he picks up the pen and starts going back to the bills, "Oh. By the by, I need you to figure out where Carlos Mendez is." he says, "He's a precog, it's somewhat harder to nail him down."

Sabrina stiffens just a bit since she takes that as the dismissal it's meant to be. "I'll look into it and get back to you." She turns to go and pauses like she might add something else, then shakes her head and starts for the door. Business as usual.

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