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Scene Title Infiltration
Synopsis The plan: Brian and Kaylee break into a Company repository on Adam's behalf. It looks like they come away with everything they want.
Date August 25, 2009

A 'Company' facility

"Get his tranq gun. And all the little syringe looking things." It's whispered harshly.

The supply closet is opened by being pushed with his back. Edging into the closet, Brian grabs the downed guard by the wrists and drags him bodily into the closet. Kaylee is glanced at momentarily before he looks down the hallway. "There's another down there.. I think we can sneak by him." He whispers, looking down the hallway. They have successfully infiltrated the building. It wasn't that hard, minimal security just as Brian said.

Dressed in all black, Brian grabs at his belt and brings up a small device. Flicking a switch he gives a nod. "Southern hall cameras off." He looks over at Kaylee to check on her progress. "We get down there, we can get the list. Ready?"

There is a small amused smile on her lips as Kaylee, kneels down next to the guard. "Yes, sir.", she murmurs throwing a salute at him, before starting to remove the requested items. Dressed in all black as well, she flips open a bag handing against her hip. Delicately, they are placed in the over the shoulder bag with other tranq guns they had already collected.

Coming along side him Kaylee's grin widens a bit as she whispers. "If he starts to turn. I can make him stop. It's simple." She's nervous and fidgety, but also very excited. Licking her lips, she glances at Brian and nods. "Lets go."

"Then make him stop." Brian says bluntly, peering down the hall. "Make him go back the way we came. I'll slip into that door down there." He gestures with one gloved finger. "And get the information we need. You keep watch. Got it?" With that he reaches out and gives Kaylee's back two firm pats. "Go, go, go."

Winters goes to close the supply closet behind him as they step out into the hall. Holding the little 'camera' device he flicks another switch as they make their way down to the intersection of hallways and the locked looking door.

Giving a nod, Brian moves down the hall quietly. Coming towards the end of it he goes to his knees, then lowers himself to check to make sure the guard really is gone. Even though Kaylee gave him the all clear, it was good just to make sure. Shuffling forward, he motions for her to keep watch. Out of his little backpack a small drill is taken out.

The tool operates almost soundlessly as Brian goes to work the locks off of the door. Glancing over his shoulder once or twice to make sure everything is alright.

Not really worried about that guard, Kaylee knows he'll keep going. However, she does keep an eyes out for anyone else. Taking a deep breath, she listens with her ears and her mind, searching for the next guard that could come along at any moment.

Brian gets an anxious glance now and then as time seems to stretch out. She's not use to all this sneaky sneaky business.

The aforementioned guard might be out of range to do anything to the pair of them, but the would-be thieves aren't off the hook quite yet. There is nothing down the end of this hallway, and it is silent down the next— Kaylee's telepathic abilities might pick up the presence of yet another human mind in the vicinity, quiet as a mouse at first, but growing in 'feelability' as the person it belongs to makes her approach.

And the approach itself isn't hard to detect. Not in the least. Klick, klick, klick, klick, -klick- — crisp heels, paced in a stride that becomes more audibly vehement the further down the corridor they come to the two. Finally Elle herself dramatically rounds the corner into square-on view, blonde hair flouncing on her shoulders with each step, eyes half-lidded with a combination of curious displeasure and — well, mostly displeasure. Besides the heels, she is in a black, shapely pencil skirt and long-sleeved, V-necked, violet blouse. There is no hint that she recognizes either. "Welllll. Now look at you two."

Brian throws a look down the hall as the woman approaches. The lock is coming loose and then, yahtzee. "Agent." Brian curses, going to stand up quickly. The door is kicked in after a moments notice, Brian wheeling in, "Come on!" He shouts to Kaylee.

As soon as both Kaylee and he rush into the office the door is slammed quickly, Brian going to slam his body against it. "The computer there, get it on. Quick!" He hisses. "I don't know what she can do, but we don't want to find out."

Tensing, Kaylee feels the woman coming and even starts to straighten as the woman comes around the corner. The blond telepath is winding up for something, when Brian shouts at her breaking her concentration.

Turning on her heels, Kaylee hurries into the room as directed and moves to drop into the computer chair. She starts the computer, booting glancing back at Brian. "What am I looking for?" She sounds strangely calm for the situation, as a gloved hand starts to move the mouse.

"Didn't you hear me?" More sharply, Elle's voice floats down the hallway above a continuing backdrop of klick, klick, klick. Down by her side, a globe of electricity -erupts- in the hollow of her left palm, erratically fizzling as its outline vacillates. The other arm continues to swing in the jilted, casual arc of someone just walking along, but the left — the left is held quite still, concealing what it holds. A growing halo peeking around it on both sides might give it away, though.

"I think you do want to find out what I can do. That's what you're telling me, at least, unless— maybe— you stop." There is the most neutral of expressions on her face, almost careless, but also a cool, reserved gleam in her eyes.

"It should be on there, here plug this in." Slamming his back against the door, Winters tucks his hand into his little baggie before tossing over a device that looks somewhat like a thumbdrive. "Put that in, then start looking through the desk, the files. Anything that looks remotely important, just grab it." Winters commands hastily.

His hand grabs at the pistol holstered on his belt. Unfastening it, it's brought out. A silencer is slipped out of his pocket as well, his eyes search the room as he screws the attachment on quickly. A small window in the upper corner of the office. They might fit. They might have to fit.


After catching the thumb drive, Kaylee's eyes scans over the screen. Couple of clicks and she gives a little hop in her seat. "Found it!" She declares as she sticks the thumb drive in the port and starts downloading things. The list and anything else that looks interesting to the blond.

Once that is started, she starts going through the drawers and such, grabbing anything that looks like a file and tucking it in her shoulder bag, glancing back occasionally to make sure her partner in crime is okay.

There is a visible sigh from Elle, who does not stop or slow her stride. Some people just don't know how to effing listen, do they. "Can't say I didn't warn you—" Reaching the closed doorway Brian and Kaylee had newly broken into, she swerves in front of the threshold, keeping her elbow loosely locked by her side but letting out a crackling BLAST of electricity from the matching underhanded palm.

High amps, low voltage. There had been more to Elle's years of rigorous experimentation than just giving a little girl hard times for the hell of it; there is also a reason why daddy has her routinely practice. The raw, explosive discharge that travels from the center of her hand towards the door is loaded with current; fat white streaks will snake and crawl all over Brian's back through the metallic surface once it hits. If she has her intuited calculation right, it'll leave a mess of lashed, charred skin and surface burns.

It certainly looks like she's out to punish.

She can only sit there a moment in horror as Brian is hit with the electricity. As the door swings open, Kaylee snatches the thumb drive and stands. Her hand is thrown out there and she practically shouts a "«Stop.»" throwing her ability into it until she feels a sharp pressure, hoping to buy her a few moment to help Brian to his feet and then make for the window.

Elle's hand hovers right over the handle of the door, fingertips once more picking up soft, circular glows of blue in anticipation of destroying its lock; Kaylee does the job for her, though, when she jerks the door wide open. The second action the telepath takes is also appropriately unexpected. The smaller woman ends up pressing a hand to a side of her head in reaction to the pinpoint pressure, clawing off a wave of disorientation.

Whatever Kaylee had done, it seems like she has Agent Bishop out of commission for at least a few precious moments. Lines of electricity jerk down all sides of her wrist, though, collecting into another bright, hungrily massing, white star in the seat of her palm.

"The window!"

The shout is violent, and so is Brian's body as he practically flies through the air. One black clad arm hooks itself around Elle's neck, Brian's much larger body yanking the smallish woman up against his body before he goes to bring both of them sailing down to the ground. Brian on top, of course. His pressure around her neck is tight, his free hand going to grab onto his wrist and pull hard.

"The fucking window! Go!" Brian screams over his shoulder, while planting his knees on either side of Elle, placing him in better position to maintain the hold.

Kaylee is at the window even as Brian screams at her, thumbdrive now secured, pulling and tugging it open. There is a slight roll of her eyes as she gets it fully open. Leaning out she does a quick search, before she turns back towards Brian. If she didn't already have a mild headache from her attempt to use her ability, she might have tried again. All she can do is to start hauling herself up onto the sill to sit, pausing long enough to check on her partner and shout.

"Let's go, handsome."

Elle crashes to the floor when Brian's arm puts her in a headlock and she is landed solidly on top of, far slighter frame pinned without physical competition or struggle by the heavier, taller man. As best she can over the pressure of fingers around her throat, Elle is as calm as a breeze when she says the next thing, but her voice nevertheless squeezes out in an airy gasp and wince: "Get off me." The look in her lidded blue eyes is startling clear, cold — conveying a far more private meaning to Brian than anything she could possibly say.

Grabbing his hand in both of her own, Kaylee uses her weight and a foot propped against the wall to help haul the man through the window. There is a grin on her lips as he lands outside, her voice a soft whisper, "Yes.. let's get out of here. I need some Mortrin." She gives him a wink. "Congratulations, cutie. You just succeeded in doing what Adam wanted." Course she doesn't mention that Adam might not be very glad that Brian drug her with him… Details.

Increasing the chokehold, Brian reaches back to his belt. His gun is far across the room, but one of the stolen tranq guns is pulled out swiftly. Bringing the tranq gun up, he lets it trace around her back before placing it against her neck. Leaning in close a soft whisper is given before a schoomp is let out. The tranq firing out of the gun.

Pushing against her, Brian goes to stand before backpedalling. Glancing over to the window then back at the downed Elle, Brian takes a moment to scowl at the sheer pain, the tenderness of the so recent burn practically reverberates through him. Then he's running for the window, jumping up he goes to grab at Kaylee's hand, pulling himself through.

"Let's go." He murmurs.

'You smell nice?' Really? That's what Brian has to whisper to a bemused Elle when he leans down closer towards her face? Her eyes go suddenly wider the moment just before the schoomp; after it, her head lolls backwards onto the floor from its previously lifted position, blonde hair draping in a partly-crushed fan. Her hands, which had wrapped themselves around Brian's larger ones in a vain attempt to wrench them off her neck, drop too.

All energy drains from her body in a half-crumple, limp as though as she had randomly chosen to take a very awkwardly positioned nap right on the floor. Her eyelids are closed.

In the shadow of her still, turned head, something dark and pointy and dart-sized sticks into the floor, still quivering.

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