Info Dump


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Scene Title Info Dump
Synopsis In which various people share information, in one way or another.
Date December 22, 2008

New York Public Library

Late hours are generally the only time anybody spots Diego's ugly mug around this little Pheonix compound, and today is apparently no exception. There is something slightly different than normal, however, given that he's wearing his casual wear but still is shackled with… a briefcase, and other implements of business destruction. He's taken residence at a small table, whatever happened to be handy and available, though he hasn't actually deposited any paperwork before him.

"Thirty five.. thirty six.. one hundred." Is gasped out as Brian's bare chest slaps against the ground. The muscular young man is covered in sweat, two feet are set on his back. His own feet. Another Brian is seated in a chair next to the Brian doing push ups, a book open in his lap.

One hand on the book, his other hand absently stroking the head of Diego's dog.

There is the sound of soft footsteps coming down the main floor stairway, and here's Helena, barefoot in sweatpants and t-shirt declaring Sleepy Hollow High is #1 drifting down them like a ghost. The area around her is suffused with warmth, for she always carries the nicest of weather. Upon seeing the dog, "Capone!" she starts to trot forward, adding, "Hi, Brians." And after a moment's peering, "Hey, Diego."

There is little sound from whatever area in the library Cat has occupied at present. She is visible, however, seated at a computer terminal and typing away as she updates the organization's info from her memory of what Doctor Ray shared the night before. Occasionally she stands and uses a scanner to bring photographs into the compilation. Should she be looked at, her features show a stoically businesslike expression. It is for her what has been the greatest sort of solace since the abduction: a chance to keep busy.

Diego looks up at Helena's presence, his attention drifting in its own way towards his own canine companion. "Attention whore." He chides Capone. Brian gets his own little moment of Diego attention, but if he was going to say anything- well, he just doesn't. That just leaves Helena. "Hello, Miss Dean. I understand that Capone is irresistable, but if you could spare a minute I'd like to show something to you. I assure you Caps will still be here afterwards."

One of the Brian flicks Helena a two fingered gesture. A peace sign. As gangsterific as he can manage. Then he goes back to petting Capone. Though when Diego speaks, his eyes climb up to the other man. Then over to Helena again, giving a little dip of his chin to her.

Helena blinks. "What's with the 'Miss Dean'? Helena, please." But obligingly, she walks over, leaving dog and multiple Brians - one of which gets a hair ruffling in passing - to go and join Diego over at his study table. Her expression is solemn and attentive as she takes a seat. "What have you got for me?"

Diego pulls out a leather case, which he flips open. Inside are sheafs of paper- some plain white, some graphical. The sheets range from artistic graphic renderings of barely recognizable streets- they look more akin to Paris than anything from pre-Bomb New York -to detailed blueprints. Flipped open to the front page, with one of those graphical renderings. Across it reads the title of the project. "I'd like to introduce you to the Central New York Reclamation Project." He leans back so that she can peruse without him hoarding over it. "I'm contributing personally, but… this is bigger than any one person- or business, as Stillwater is also, independent of my assets. I'm starting to gather resources from additional investors. Anyway, this isn't whats important to you, or Pheonix, so I'll try and cut to the chase. We're going to purchase large tracks of reclaimable real estate, restore it, and sell it off. Well, we're going to sell off most it. I'll keep some as private holdings, as I assume other investors will as well. Again, I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible- anyway, some of these 'holdings', I intend to offer to Pheonix. Storage facilities, housing, garage space… its not limitless, but it would provide a more permanent type of establishment when completed. That is, if you're interested. Given the financial gains I expect and utility of similar holdings to myself and Stillwater I'll be going ahead with it either way, but it seems a golden opportunity for Pheonix as well."

Helena considers the schematics thoughtfully. "Conrad is actually already on his way to completing a deal on a new piece of property for a central HQ." she says. "But additional safehouses and storage facilities would not go amiss in the slightest." She pauses. "There's a really big project coming down the pipe." she says frankly, "And you'll be getting the particulars soon along with everyone else. It may not make everyone happy, but it has to be done. Tell me what you need for this, but understand that it may have to get pushed back while the incoming crisis is handled."

Brian's lips are forced into a small grin as Helena pets his head. Dipping his neck back for a moment, he looks after the girl for a moment. Before leaning down to touch the other Brian. And they merge. The reading one's clothes fall to the ground as if he were never there. The shirtless Brian going to take the shirt that has been dropped. "What's going on, Hel?" He asks, mid shirt putting

Diego looks at Helena for several seconds before responding. "As for this project, I don't need anything. Its just money gathering. I don't want any from you, just wanted to offer Phoenix appropriate facilities before I hold my press conference announcing the project." He pauses then, awaiting her answer to Brian's question.

Ohboy. She looks up at Brian. "The sheer volume of information is a bit overwhelming. Cat's being gracious about updating the Catabase, and once it's complete, everyone will be able to access it and get the whole enchilada. Otherwise my brain will beat itself telling everyone what's going down multiple times. I can't even wrap my head around all of it. I can tell you this much - it concerns Volken's group and putting a stop to them." She looks back to Diego. "I wouldn't object at all to additional resources. Let me know which buildings you're willing to cede to us, and we can determine how they're best used."

Brian frowns slightly. Volken's group. Elias's group. He doesn't say much in response now, he just goes to sit and watch the girl and Diego for a moment. Placing his elbows on his knees, he sits there…

Diego looks between the two at Helena's explanation. "I'll keep you aprised. I meet with Petrelli and some other players soon. Once I get some more details we can discuss what I'll be able to lend Phoenix." As for the rest, there's not much to ask questions about, so he keeps silent on the other subject.

Helena blinks. "Petrelli. Angela Petrelli?" she asks, and looks hesitant. "Be very careful around her. She's got her fingers in a lot of dangerous pies." She looks up at Brian. "Why are you frowning like that? These people want to kill all the Evolved. When you hear about what they're going to do, you'll understand the steps we're taking are a good thing. I promise."

"That's not it," Brian says dismissively, waving a hand. "You just seem stressed out." He says quickly. Closing the black book, he stands and places it in the chair he was seated in.

"Nathan," Diego comments idly. He watches the byplay between the two of them before adding in any of his pennies. "Without divulging too many details and, ya know, exploding your brain… how much force are we talking about exerting here?"

They're getting into the territory of talking about stuff that really should wait, or she's going to end up explaining things a zillion times. "Just wait." Helena says. "And be satisfied with - alot, and not just us. The level of genocide Volken and his group has planned borders on epic."

While the group is in conversation, Cat reaches a point where she takes a break and moves away from the keyboard. Her eyes seek out the blonde, and on sighting her she makes a gesture with her hands asking her to come to the terminal. It seems she wishes to show the blonde what's been entered thus far, and perhaps let the others also view it.

Back to the frown. He goes back to sitting, tilting his head. "Hmm." He lets outs out. His gaze going to Cat. "Hel. Cat wants you." Brian points out quietly.

Diego continues to listen, but apparently does have anything immediately to add to the mix. This is further demonstrated by him snapping his fingers, which results in Capone trotting lazily over and getting scratched behind the ears.

Helena rises and moves over to bend next to Cat, her blonde hair falling on the brunette's shoulder as she peers at the monitor. "This is wonderful, Cat." she says quietly. "Let me know when it's complete and I'll put out a notice to everyone to access the C-base."

A deep frown is given when Capone skitters away from him. Sad day. The young man goes to stand up. His hand goes into his pocket, flipping out his cellphone. He checks it, then flips it back into his pocket. Giving another glance around, finally his gaze lands on Helena.

"It's what I do," she answers simply. "I was there, I heard and saw, which is a complete record." She flashes a brief grin. "Except for photos. Maybe he can invent a device where I can just think things into the record." Cat goes back to typing, letting herself become lost in the work again, it being both something which keeps her busy and perhaps also serves as her best means of striking back for the loss.

Helena straightens. "I know." she says with a faint smile, and returns to Diego and Brian. Her fingers are waggled to Capone in offering to lavish affection. "Brian, you've got that frown again. What is it?"

A little shrug. "I died. I'm allowed to be sad whenever I want." A joke. Though, he keeps a straight face. He gives an exasperated sigh, shaking his arms a little bit as he turns to face Helena. "Do you want to do something? Like.. Get out of here, not think about Volken, or Petrellis, or plans or whatever. Just for a bit? I'll buy you booze or something." His gaze goes beyond her to Cat. "Cat?"

"Yes?" she answers, looking up to turn toward the man and answer him. Cat's attention is his, she looks at him curiously.

"Soon, maybe?" Helena offers. "I want to wait until Cat's finished, at least. And I just - I don't want to push my luck, to be honest." Presumably, Capone has accepted her affections.

Brian gives a little shrug and a dismissive gesture to Cat. "Nevermind. Go ahead and finish." A little sigh given. A little boy told he can't go play at the park. He tucks his hands into the back of his pockets, his eyes slowly swiveling over to Diego. "Heyyy."

Capone is a fairly traitorous canine- generally moving on to whoever is offering him affection most earnestly. Right now, thats not Diego, so he moves on to Helena fairly predictably. "Booze sounds good, I'm not even gonna lie to you right now."

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