Initial Discount


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Scene Title Initial Discount
Synopsis Adam asks Brian to come in for an assignment. Brian takes the assignment and is an ass in general.
Date August 10, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Ambient lighting blankets the establishment in a soft luminescence, glowing in tones of appealing orange from the front face of the bar and low hanging light fixtures overhead. Old style brick walls given the pub an appealing depth, reflecting the tone of lights in a more amber hue down upon the lengths of the polished, wooden floors. The bar counter of lacquered dark wood stretches along the northern wall, the forefront for shelves of numerous liquors and the substantially sized LCD televisions spaced liberally behind it. The screens flicker with the latest games and news as the labeled spirit bottles wink from lighted shelves with a beckon of their own. Barstools and high tables welcome tipsy patrons to their support, scattered with throughout the barroom with a few wedge into the darker, quieter, and more secretive recesses. Over the bar are a few banners of sports teams, most notably one of English football club Manchester United.

The thick wooden door to the west is fitted with a single neon sign sponsored by one of the brews on tap, glowing in the door's center window to shed its light onto the sidewalk outside and summoning in new customers when the bar is open for business.

Adam called for a late meeting with his newest employee. He told him to meet at Biddy's in order to discuss an assignment he had for him. Once Brian arrives, assuming he does, Adam is sitting at a corner table along with Michael. Michael probably looks a tad defensive, since he has shown to not care that much for Brian. At any rate, Adam sits there sipping a glass of water.

So much lost time.. So many holes in his head…

The ignition to the bike is cut off abruptly, the rider sliding off it smoothly. His bikers jacket is tossed off and laid carelessly over the seat. The helmet is slid off and held in his left hand as he enters the establishment.

The blue glow remained in his hand for nearly an hour, so mesmerizing…

The door opens to Biddy's and Brian enters. Wearing a pinstripe suit, with a few buttons at the top of his white shirt undone. A yin-yang medallion hangs at the tops of his chest from a leather thong. Jade green and black..

"Not tonight." The Refrain was shoved back into the dresser.

"O Captain, my captain." Brian mutters as he practically slams his helmet against the table. Keeping his palm on the top, the man goes to slide into the seat opposite Adam. Michael doesn't get so much as a look.

Adam glances quietly for a moment as the helmet is put loudly down on the table and then looks at Brian quietly. There's a thoughtful few moments before he leans forward. "Well, you came to me and said that you were the man I could count on for the right price. So, let's see if you can earn your keep." he says. He watches slowly before he says, "Are you aware of the Company?" he asks plainly.

"I assume you're speaking of Intel." Brian muses, tilting his head thoughtfully at the other man. "Or perhaps Microsoft." Bringing one elbow up he sets it on the table, cupping his chin.

Leaning in he frowns a little bit. "Not even going to offer me a drink?" A glance to Michael now. "A water would be great. Please." Then his gray eyes swivle back over to Adam. "I may know what entity you are speaking of." A little shrug. "What do you want of them?"

Adam leans back slowly as Brian muses. Michael frowns a moment but Adam shrugs, so Michael gets up and noisily goes about getting a glass of water that may or may not end up with something in it. At any rate, Adam drums his fingertips upon the table and then says, "Two things, actually." he says, "They keep extensive records of Evolved. Some even top secret, as it were." his head tilts to one side in an obliging manner, "I want those records. I want their lists. I want their files on highly classified or dangerous Evolved." he purses his lips a moment, "The second is more physical, and who knows, perhaps even more easily obtained. They have these nifty tranquilizer guns. You might even remember them." he smiles faintly, "I want a bunch of them. As many as you can manage and, of course, the ammo to keep them useful."

"If I was a secret organization concerning top secret Evolved issues.." He closes his eyes slowly as if disappointed. "And I had extremely sensitive information. I would go to great lengths to keep that information protected, and separated. I can get you files, Monroe. Your 'lists' but you should know stealing an entire Company's database of all their information?"

He gives a shrug, glancing over his shoulder at Michael. "It's not a question whether or not I can do that. It's simply impossible. That's like asking me to go steal you all of Bill Gates' money. It's just not that simple. I can get you some sensitive information, sure. Just realize what you're asking." He spreads his hands out. "Tranq guns. Fine."

Adam frowns a moment as he considers Brian briefly, "I don't need all their files." he says, "To be honest, I know most of what's in their files." and have access to even more, "But their lists I'm interested in. There's been interesting things happening around this city. You were at one of them, in fact. I met an interesting man there." he leans in again, putting his hands together, "He's too powerful for the company to have never heard of." he says, "I know they have something." he pauses, "And some sort of serial killer in the Bronx and.." he twirls a finger, "The world is alive with interesting evolved, Brian. And some of them might be useful. I'd like to know as many of them as possible. If not personally than at least by name." by this time, Michael returns with a glass of water, spilling a little bit in his too hard placement. Then he goes to sit down again.

Leaning back, Brian appears as if he doesn't even notice the spilled water on the table. Reaching forward the glass is pushed a little bit away from him. Looking across the table at Adam, Brian gives a nod. "I saw him. Earth mover." Brian says, looking impressed. "I assume you offered him work or something like it. How did he respond?"

Adam considers a moment as Brian responds, "I think he's more than that." he glances at Michael, but Michael doesn't respond. He then looks at Brian, "He showed some…interesting side talents as well. At any rate, I didn't get a chance to offer him a job. He left too quickly." he pauses, "I don't even know if he's employable, he's clearly crazy. But someone with that kind of power…even if he's not on my side, I want to know who he is and how he might best be directed."

"Norman White." Brian murmurs, looking off to the side, a bit distracted. His fingers tap idly at the black helmet under his hand. "Crazy is a very relative term." A soft sigh is exhaled. "I'll get you your 'list' and tranq guns." Leaning back he steeples his fingers. "Ten thou for the 'list' unless I get more information than I bargained for. And one thousand for every tranq gun. If I have expenses, they are billed directly to you."

Adam arches a brow as Brian says the man's name. He didn't think Brian was close enough to hear what he said. But, at any rate he listens to the expenses and nods, "Fine, fine. And if you get it to me quickly, I'll even give you a bonus." he responds. "I do hope you're as good as you say you are, Brian."

"I hope you're as wealthy as you say. I'm giving you a first-job discount. Here on out, prices increase." Brian explains before scooping his helmet back. "Oh." He pauses, "I want to know your people as well. If one of them could be of value in my operation, I need to know about it." Winters explains while scooting back in his chair. "Or should I talk to Kaylee?"

Adam tilts his head for a moment as he considers Brian and his first job discount, "An interesting strategy. Usually people end up lowering their prices for long time clients." he pauses for a moment and says, "Well, without knowing how you'll do it, I really couldn't tell you who would be useful or not. And….why would you talk to Kaylee?"

"She's a part of your crew, is she not? Knows your people? More relatable, seeing as there isn't a gajillion year age difference." Brian gives a little smirk before sliding out of his chair. The helmet is grasped firmly and placed under his arm. "Good to see you Adam. Always a pleasure."

And with that he turns his back on the table, the glass of water he had Michael get him goes completely untouched.

Adam tilts his head to the side for a moment as he watches Brian leave. His brow arches and once he's gone, he turns to Michael and says, "I don't trust him. Maybe he'll get me what I need, maybe not. But we'll have to talk to Kaylee."

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