Innate Immune Response


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Scene Title Innate Immune Response
Synopsis Magnes and Yana pick 'lab rats' for testing, devise a cooperative vector, and yet another display of emotional unavailability.
Date March 13

Yana's Apartment


It's later in the afternoon, and when Magnes showed up this time, he asked for the coffee so he could set things up. There are five small stacks of paper are clipped together and laid out across the table, and he's sitting on the couch in front of them in his jeans and black suit jacket with a white shirt and black tie.

"So I've been looking into people who adhere to a strict routine, and who'd actually deserve this sort of thing." He taps a finger against each paper stack. "These are all mid-level business men who are secretly engaged in unsavory practices. First I followed internet rumors, then I actually used my ability to spy on them a bit. They're engaged in things from buying out and closing down youth centers, to keeping sweat shops of children overseas to manufacture products. They all have a mostly solid weekly routine that I've managed to map out for each day, it mostly involves going to and from work, affairs, and things like that. They'll be easy to infect and easy to keep track of as long as you keep their schedule close."

Yana has so far prepared several tissue cultures in the makeshift lab she has, the study that she often keeps closed. It really isn't necessary for her to make tissue cultures to study the virus, as she can simply perceive whatever detail she desires about the virus by concentrating. Though it is a matter of keeping up appearances and pleasing the higher ups who, as far as she knows, have no idea about her ability. She is hard at work documenting her findings by the time Magnes arrives, keeping it in a leather bound diary rather than on a flash drive or computer. Too many technopaths these days.

She listens to the proposal of the various individuals he presents. Only 1/3rd of what he says actually registers in her range of caring, really. When it comes to science, most of those details she could be less bothered with. "Tracking them, and having access to them are the most important factors. Their transgressions are of little consequence." she waves a hand dismissivley. "I would think these are people who have somehow wronged you. Otherwise, most of what you just said is pretty moot. To be honest, I am not the least bit partial as to who I infect. Age, gender, social class are all factors that make no difference." Meaning, people are lab rats, when it comes to these things.

"To be honest, I did want to make a list of people I wanted revenge on, but the only one who's still alive and that I actually know the location of… well, I don't want you to be near him, for your own safety." Magnes moves a hand to gently place it on her shoulder as he continues. "These people aren't personally wronged me, but they contribute to things in the world that I possibly have the power to stop, but can't for the simple fact that no one can just be a superhero and swoop in to save everyone. These are the people who contribute to the constant guilt that I have to deal with… being able to do something to them at all makes me feel a little bit better about the things that I can't do."

To her, wether someone is a hero or a villain makes absolutely no difference. Though if she had to choose, Yana would prefer that the heroes would take a long walk off of a short pier. They're known for sticking their noses into things that don't concern them in the name of justice. So shortsighted, and unable to do what needs to be done for what she considers the greater good. "Well, I suppose if you feel that strongly about it.. And since they're as good as anyone else, it will work. More importantly, do you know what their abilities are. It is pretty important, as there are a few abilities out there that are capable of discerning what mine is, which a nasty surprise and oversight like that can be crucial."

"I made sure that they were all registered as fairly standard things. Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Kinetic Energy Redirection, Empathic Super Strength, which essentially means that he's about as strong as whoever he last actively, um, empathically touched. Oh, and finally there's Nerve Excitement, the ability to overload someone's sense of touch through the nervous system." Magnes takes his hand back and crosses his arms, looking over the papers. "I'll be going with you as protection, I can more or less take all of these guys pretty easily, except maybe the nerve one."

"Infiltration, Magnes. Viruses don't force their way in, usually the battle isn't waged until they are actually inside the host body. The initial infection is usually subtle and veiled within some everyday action that we rarely consciously think of. A handshake, a kiss, or simply breathing in another's presence." Yana shakes her head slowly, finding herself a seat at one of the stools at the counter to have a look at the information. "If we do what we should do, properly, then you won't have to take anyone. It's all just a matter of how best to get close to them. A trap in waiting. Something dazzling or sweet scented that they can't help but be curious about. All just to get them close enough. While I can change the infection vectors of a virus to simple touch, the natural vectors are still in place, meaning H5N10 can just as easily be transmitted by being in contact with people. It's easy when a virus has the capability to be airborne already."

"Or…" Magnes holds his hand up in front of her face, prompting her hair to raise slightly. "A simple few drops of water to the face that just happens to have blown through the air." He smiles as her hair lightly lowers when he raises his index finger. "The magic of gravity. We could easily do this with very little sneaking around."

Yana's brow arches a little as the idea is presented, and it sheds a new kind of light on something she had considered an initial random factor. "Exactly how detailed is your control of gravity. One of the things that is outside the scope of my power is direction, Viruses have not self propulsion, so wherever the wind blows is where they go. You can only hope they hit their target. However, if you can direct small traces, it'll up the likelihood of infection taking. Then all we'll have to worry about is the person's immune response."

"Well, I have no idea how heavy viruses are, I can't really detect germs because they're so light and small they're way below my scope. But, if you put the germs into a trace amount of liquid, say a few drops that no one would notice, I could easily control the direction within around ten feet of myself, and I'm capable of letting things go so that they keep moving in a particular direction even when they leave my field." Magnes raises a hand to rub his chin in thought, then he's raising his finger in a sudden eureka moment. "Wait, that's it! I can control the direction of my gravity, and you can detect viruses. You could easily tell if the viruses are moving in the direction of my gravity, then with a bit of practice we could coordinate the movements."

"Yes, that is true. I can detect viruses just about anywhere. If you can't directly affect germs, then you won't be able to affect virions in the same manner. Influenza is usually transmitted through the airborne route. When a person coughs or sneezes and someone else inhales it. A mist of liquid would be a suitable vector, barring a handshake or actual physical contact. Which, I would go as far as to say is a preference. It is always the polite thing to do to greet with a handshake of sorts when meeting people. I personally expect a degree of manners for a gentleman to take my hand upon an initial greeting. There are methods I employ to produce that result as well. So there are two methods of transfer. The second we can fall back on." It all fits into the scope of her information right now and Yana starts to put it all together like an elaborate equation.

"So then you think we have a solid plan?" Magnes pauses briefly, hand reaching for the back of his neck as he often does when he's a little nervous about something. "And uh, I did pretty good with this? I tried to be quick but thorough, since I know you're anxious to start."

Yana shakes her head solemnly, "No, what we have are details for the plan. And not all of the details either. I still need to review the information you've provide, possibly set up a few strategic pieces and insert myself into their lives in some way. An appointment for charity work or something along those lines." a hand flits back and forth through the air, "I'll probably need to get to know them personally on some level as well. Take away any suspicions." she nods, "It is a good start, for sure. Though something we well need to take our time with. If I am anything at all, it is patient."

"Just let me know how to help at all and I will. I worked very hard on this. Oh, and there's a new book I'm going to start reading." Magnes reaches into his jacket pocket, then pulls out a small book and holds it out to her. "The Feminine Mystique. Bella suggested I read it, we're exchanging book recommendations now so we can discuss them later."

Yana looks up at the book almost like a foreign object. "I haven't read a book in almost ages. Not for ignorant reasons, but I really don't have the time for leisurely reading anymore. I can't remember the last time I had it. That specific title I'm not familiar with, but I can certainly draw my own conclusions as the the content based on the title and the source." If Bella gave it to him it had something to do with women, and was intended to open his perspective about them. "As usual, we're looking at total disaster or education when you finish that."

Magnes cracks a smile, then laughs lightly and shakes his head. "You should be more careful, that almost resembled a joke. I think she suggested the book because the topic of my romantic interests came up." He turns his gaze away from her briefly to say that, then clears his throat and focuses on her with a straight face. "I'm firmly decided on what my love life will be. It's kind of what I told you, but taking your advice to me as well. You can be the emotional aspect, and we can go to dinners and shows and stuff. And then I'll have someone for the physical aspect… does that sound terrible or does it make sense to you? Since I know that you said you'll most likely never have any true romantic interest in me."

It is assumed that Yana does have a sense of humor, when she flips the switch to turn it on that is. Though right now it is one of those moment to where a humorless person just doesn't seem to get it. His insinuation that she made a joke draws a blank look from her. She shrugs the moment off, guessing if he finds it funny somehow, then that is on him. Though it is met with her usual indifference. "It sounds very complicated. Almost like you're trying to divide yourself into two people. What does Bella say about this outlook? Any danger in you developing dissociative identity disorder? That could be interesting for you to have an evil side and a good side. Interesting, but exhaustingly annoying. I'm not quite sure what kind of emotional fulfillment you believe you'll get from me, as emotionally unavailable as I am. What is wrong with being emotionally attached to this other girl?"

"Bella thinks that I should only pursue this if I'm aware that it could all explode in my face, which I am very much aware of." Magnes' tone becomes a sincere yet cautious one when he begins to speak again, resting his hands in his lap. "Honestly? You offer me emotional fulfillment on a different level, I have to have a certain level of self awareness when I talk to you, and I have to really concentrate to know what you're feeling at the time, and hope I'm at all accurate. But at the end of the day, I don't know, I feel a sense of stability with you, and I am attached… I want to be emotionally loyal even if you'll never offer a physical side to this. Hell, if you asked, I'd probably be physically loyal too, but I know you're not asking that so I'd rather have some stable physical relationship to supplement this." He motions a finger between the two of them, indicating them as 'this'.

Yana stares at him pointedly for several seconds, unreadable expression, "It's really astonishing, the necessity you put on finding and defining emotions and relationships. Perhaps someone with a heart and hope for happy endings might find it endearing. I personally don't understand it. But that could very well be due to the fact that I brutally killed that part of me some time ago. Science and emotions don't mix. Not successful science, anyways." She is missing some kind of prop, a pair of glasses or something to push up on her nose. She is a little incomplete in some way, though she doesn't look like she is going to correct it at the moment. "Usually anything that I display is a glamour. It doesn't do to have people knowing that you really don't care. Or are rude in general."

"You know, I've been around you enough to know that you aren't always being sincere. Keep in mind that I'm friends with Gabriel Grey, aka Sylar. When you start to reveal your fangs, it's very hard to hide them again. The reason I never say anything is because I accept it as a part of you, I know that you don't really care about a lot of things that most people would." Magnes stares at the table with those papers laying in a neat line across it, his tone shifting from his deeply sincere tone, to something more casually serious. "I know that you don't have some inner princess waiting to be saved, and that you have no interest in me or any other living guy. I know that above all else, science comes first to you, that's all very clear to me. I don't have a desire to distract you from your passions, my only real dream with you, my ideal relationship that I could have, is somehow supplementing your passions."

"As long as you can recognize that." Yana nods, "I don't think I could tolerate you deluding yourself with some kind of child-like notion. I still believe that you are drawing some kind of self inflicted tragedy, designing an ideal that is probably far to complicated to even try to pursue, the likes of which, Bella should probably try to talk you out of, but I don't have the time to devote to proving your design to be very wrong for you. You'll figure it out for yourself"

"So far we've already been doing everything I can see us actually doing, I could live without ever touching a woman again if we could keep doing this." Magnes crosses his arms, closing his eyes in a contemplative gesture. "Though I can't lie, there's no woman I'd rather be sleeping with more than you at this point."

It's alien to her almost, being intimate with another. It seems like it has been so long since she even desired the touch of another person. It's all a bunch of hype to her at the current time. Quite overrated, and not one of the things she needs. Keagan has even suffered a lack of any type of affection, as Yana doesn't even give out hugs. "That's unhealthy." she states rather bluntly. "You're going to develop problems ontop of the ones you already have. You really should get over your tendency to set yourself up for failure, and accept it with open arms. A martyr for your own cause isn't much of a martyr, they're just tragic and sad. But then again, I don't think much of martyrs either."

"I don't think of myself as a martyr or a failure. We can choose who we're seen with, who we're intimate with, and who we marry, but we can't choose who we truly want and feel for." Magnes holds his hand out to her, mostly a gesture to her rather than asking for something. "World domination, power, knowledge, true love, these are all things that most people will never have no matter how badly they want them, and yet they practically salivate over the thought of having these things. Does it make them martyrs for having passion for someone or something? That they'll push the very limits of their ethics just to please this person? Sometimes striving for what you want or making the person you want happy is enough."

"I didn't say you were a failure, I said setting yourself up for failure. Actually failing as opposed to being the fail. Bella spoke about the situation probably exploding as a result. You freely admitted you were aware that it most likely would, which means you are setting yourself up for failure and accepting it as a whole. It is good to begin with the end in mind, but depressing when the end is tragic." she slides out of her stool, getting to her feet, "It doesn't look good on your social resume. You want to avoid being known as that person. But I think you miss what I'm saying. Wanting those things isn't want makes you a martyr. It is knowing that there is disaster at the result that does that. I imagine you haven't even considered other options, not once, too."

"If by other options you mean other women, my brain doesn't really view things that way. I can't just interchange my feelings that way." Magnes looks up and opens his eyes, looking up to face her "I'm… not quite sure what other options you might mean, but I'm always open to whatever thoughts you might have."

"Other women, yes." Yana nods, "Possibly one that still has her emotions. They still exist, and they're looking for someone to keep them from turning into women like me. Most of them don't have a choice, after a certain age. My change was voluntary. Perhaps I'm old fashioned in that my passion died along with my husband, but that, I suppose, is how I was raised."

"There are plenty of women out there who would want to date me, but they're not what I want, they don't have the things that make you fundamentally who you are. It takes more than refined social training to be Elvira." Magnes' hand slides behind his neck to awkwardly rub it a few times. "I know I can't beat your husband, Elvira. I don't want to. I don't want your passion or lack of passion, I just want you as you are and however you choose to be, and I already have that. As great as it would be, sleeping with you isn't going to give me any more of you than I have now, at least I don't think so. You keep thinking that I want something that you're not, and that isn't the case at all."

"Oh, I'm sure there are women out there that have what I have." Yana nods, "You probably haven't met them yet, no, but they exist. I personally think you are a bit short sighted on what you want. You don't really have any vision, or rather you have tunnel vision, unable to see anything but what you set your sights on. Or something like that." she shrugs a little, gathering up the intel on the individuals. "Anyways, it's neither here nor there."

"Call it tunnel vision, but you shouldn't sell yourself so short on being worth the effort of desiring." Magnes stands and stretches, then starts heading for her bathroom. "I need to use the restroom, then I'll need to get going so I can prepare for tomorrow."

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