Innocence Lost


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Scene Title Innocence Lost
Synopsis Lawyers, Niki learns the truth, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!
Date January 14, 2009

Police Precinct

Darius is told that Niki's lawyer is here. What fun. He's still dressed in his SWAT style jumpsuit though the accoutrements are gone save for the low slung pistol holster on his right thigh. He arranges for the man to be brought into the traditional waiting area and there goes to meet the mystery man.

Paul comes in and smiles, the lighting in the police station just right to make him, and Abby look very professional. He offers his card to the officer that steps up, "I am Paul Heart, Miss Saunders lawyer."

Inasmuch as Abby can look professional in jeans, and scooter jacket, blonde hair spilling this way and that, a denim purse over her arm. She looks downright hobo next to Mr. High Priced lawyer. BUT, apparently, it's all in the lighting, so it seems. The healer remains quiet for now, letting Paul do all the talking.

Darius accepts the card and gives it the briefest of glances before slipping it into a chest pocket. "Darius Johnson, scout officer." His eyes shift to Abby and then to Paul. "Did you have any questions before you see her?"

Paul nods, "I will need her file, what she is being charged with, a list of witnesses, and whether or not bail has been set yet." He smiles softly.

Silent companion, that's Abigail Beauchamp. Not a stranger to Darius. She meets his eyes when he glances over her, but doesn't say anything. Jsut staying in the 'professional light'

Niki is in the holding cell they've put her in, in oh-so-fashionable jailbird orange. She's just sitting there. Hasn't moved since they put her there. Tears roll silently down her cheeks.

Darius returns the smile with a professional expression devoid of favor either way. "First, I'll need to confirm that she's accepting you as legal counsel. Then I'll go into those details. There are some pertinents to your case which make it unique." He looks to Abby. "You'll need to stay here for the moment. At least until her lawyer allows." Assuming he becomes as much. "This way, sir." He opens the door behind him and gestures inside.

Paul follows him in, the lighting in the interrogation room, makes him look very trustworthy, almost a ray of hope in the depths of despair.

"Thank you Officer Johnson, I'll be seated over there Mr. Heart" Looking for a seat, somewhere, bide her time. Keeping an eye out for Elisabeth. Eye out for Darius, eye out for William most of all. Pick at her thumbnail.

Darius gives a knock to at least give Niki a chance to comport herself. Maybe to announce to the people behind the glass to pay attention, too. He opens the door a full second after and steps inside. "Miss Sanders. This is Paul Heart. He claims to be your legal counsel." He glances to Paul, then back to Niki as he awaits confirmation or denial.

Niki looks up, and blinks. She nods, slowly. That's the name Liz gave her. "Yes," she says, finally. "That's him." She wipes at the streaks on her face.

Paul smiles softly, "Miss Saunders, I am here to help, and to clear up all this confusion for you.

Darius nods. "She's charged with felony assault on a law enforcement officer and attempted murder. There are other charges pending but those are the most germaine. I'll just give you a few moments. I'll be just outside the door if you need me." Then he steps outside and closes the door.

Niki corrects automatically. "Sanders. Niki Sanders." She looks back at the lawyer. "Did Abby call you?" she asks. She hadn't been sure if Abby was going to abandon her or not.

Paul nods slowly, "Yes Miss Beauchamps is waiting outside, if you wish to see her.

Paul disappears but Darius comes back out. over go the blue eyes that have been so recently on him, Abigail, watching him.

Darius leans on the wall next to the door and looks back at Abigail. He doesn't say anything. He quietly watches her while keeping his ear tilted for sounds of 'thuds' and other unhealthy noises.

Niki hesitates a moment, but then nods. "Yes. I'd like to see her, please." she says, looking back to the lawyer. She has no clue what the legalities are, just right now she feels the need for support.

Paul nods, "I would suggest you not admit to anything at this time." He smiles, "I will ask her to come in." Paul moves to the door and knocks on it.

'She okay? Do I need to heal her? Niki I mean." Asked of Darius, shifting her feet where she sits. "Hows Elisabeth?" She's a whole bundle of slightly tired, nervous, worried, everything.

Darius shakes his head at Abby's questions. "Nobody was hurt." He allows at least before opening the door and looking in. "All done?"

Nobody was hurt, thank god for small miracles. Means Jessica was hiding, playing the silent card. If Not that she was sure SCOUT would call her. There's a thankful nod from Abby to Darius before she looks to the door, craning her neck to try and see in. Paul and Niki in the interrogation room, Darius at the door and abby sitting in a chair, outside, waiting quietly. But then Paul's asking for Abby and the young blonde is up in a heartbeat, making her way to the door, looking in.

Niki's looking up, looking for some sign that there's someone who hasn't abandoned her. When she sees Abby show up in the doorway, she looks like she's going to cry, and blinks it back. "Hey there." she says.

Paul smiles softly, and steps aside, to let Abby in and give them a moment together.

"Hey" Comes quietly. "I brought him. Like I promised" She shuffles into the room proper. "No tears, come on Niki, your strong, you'll get through this. Mr. Heart will see to it" Abby gestures to the Lawyer. Abby's abandoned Jessica, but not, in some fashion, Niki. Likely Jessica was planning on that.

Niki smiles a little. "Abby…I'm glad you're here. I don't know what's going on." She moves over to give the other blonde a hug, unless prevented.

"Mr Heart, niki, will try and help you. Just.. be strong okay? Things.. happen for a reason. I'm sorry, that it happened to you, but.. it has, and…" Abby wraps her arms around the woman when she approaches, if allowed. It's tight, fierce. She'd come to enjoy, appreciate Niki, even with the double edged blade that was Jessica hovering off to the side.

Paul smiles and nods, then moves to sit back down at the table. "Miss Saunders, did they tell you what you were charged with?

Darius is just watching the interaction from the doorway. There's no allowance for privacy with 'guests' even if the lawyer allowed it. Now the hug? That's not happening. He coughs pointedly and points Niki back to her chair.

Niki stops at the cough, and looks a bit stricken. "Can't I give her a hug? You already searched me for everything." Her expression's distraught. Right now, contact would be a big help. "They said I attacked Elisabeth."

'I wasn't there Niki, I don't know" She only knows what jessica told her. "I couldn't say one way or the other whether you did or not" except that Elisabeth looked like a mack truck hit her head on. She takes the cough as a warning and gives an apologetic look to Niki, offering her hand at least to the woman. If that's allowed.

Darius doesn't look like he's inclined to allow any physical contact between the two. Hell, he's probably bending a few rules just letting Abby in there. "Sorry ladies. I'd love to have a heart but you can talk. That's all. Its for your safety. Both of you." His eyes flit to the lawyer briefly.

Niki's shoulders slump, and she moves back to sit down again. There's a long sigh. "So…what do I do?" she looks to the lawyer. "I don't even know what they're talking about."

Paul smiles softly, and offers his hand to her. "Well Miss Saunders the police are going to ask for a statement, you are going to tell them the truth, and then hopefully they are going to let you go. If not, then we are going to have to fight this. Perhaps it would be best if we took a few moments to talk, in private?

Abby can take a hint. "I'll be outside Niki, till they tell me to head home" With that though, Pauls request for dismissal, Abby turns to Darius, a motion to the door, so that she can get out. leave the pair to their discussing.

The other blonde looks back, and offers a faint smile. "Thanks, Abby…" And then her attention is back to Paul and Darius. "The truth? The truth is that I don't know what any of them are talking about!"

Paul nods, "officer, can you give us a few moments?

Darius nods to the pair and departs the room again, closing the door, and placing himself by it 'just in case'.
Niki looks back to her lawyer. She rather hopes he's got SOMETHING to get her out of this. Or some good news. She could use some.

Back to her seat the blonde goes, leaning her head back against the wall, closing her eyes. Long night, again, maybe. Her nose twitches. "Jessica's not going to come out"

Paul says, "So Miss Saunders, tell me what you remember about the last 48 hours?"

Niki looks back. "There wasn't anything unusual! I worked yesterday at the bar till 11, then I came home and went to sleep. Got up this morning, made breakfast, worked out, took a nap, and then the police were breaking into my place!"

Paul nods, "They claim that you, or a woman looking like you went over to the home of a Police officer, and beat her up in the middle of the night. They are charging you with felony assault on an officer Elisabeth Harrison
Niki looks upset at that. "Liz is my friend. I wouldn't attack her. Not to mention she's a cop! She'd kick my ass nine ways from Sunday."

Paul says, "Well your friend appears to be the witness against you. Several other people saw the bruises she took, broken ribs and such, but she is the only eye witness, why would she be framing you for this?"
She shakes her head. "I don't know! She's my…I thought she was my friend. She made up this story about multiple personality stuff."

Paul says, "She isn't the only one speaking about that. Miss Beauchamp told me that you should not be allowed bail, she pleaded with me not to offer it to you. She says your a danger to everyone. And that if you are let out you will kill her and Miss Harrison. I don't know why she would ask me these things, but as your lawyer, I am not going to conspire against you under any circumstances. I want you to know I am on your side."

Niki stares back at that, and looks poleaxed. "I…no. Abby wouldn't do that." She looks really distraught at that.

Paul nods, "I thought it was rather odd myself, tell me do you think these two women could be conspiring together against you? What do these two women have to gain by doing so?

Niki shakes her head. "I don't know!" She's upset now. "I don't HAVE anything. I don't even have furniture at my place! I've got a few hundred dollars in the bank and that's it!" She stands, agitated, and starts for the door. "Abby! Why did you say that?!" The upset at her friends' betrayal has her wound up.

Abby's head jerks up and eyes open while Niki starts her yelling. She can't make out what the woman is saying, but she knows it's not normal talking. Up she goes, to make for the door to the room before she can be stopped by those near her, just the officer at the door. Did Jessica come out?

Paul sighs and leans back, letting her vent some.

Darius gives Abby a warning look and holds out a hand in the classic 'stop' poise of traffic cops. To the door, he calls. "Everything alright in there?"

Niki is feeling frustrated, angry, and betrayed. And in that frustration, she slams both arms up against the door. She's not really expecting anything to happen; it's like a person punching the wall if they're angry. But something does happen. The door shears off the hinges like they were made of plastic and goes flying. Hopefully nothing is in its way.

Paul rises as the door fly's away. He steps forward /toward/ the super strength lady he's been told is off her rocker, and a psychopath. "Miss Saunders?"

Abby pulls up just short of Darius's palm, looking to the door in question when he calls out, only, you know, instead of someone saying something back, there's a door. Jessica, is the thought that flies through Abigails mind, and throws her hands up as if they could stop a swiftly moving door.

The door makes a sudden arc upwards as if deflected and impales itself in the ceiling much to the surprise of the desk on the floor above. Thankfully, steel girders keep the door from completely shearing through to the floor above. Darius' gun is in his hand and he's aiming it at Niki. It wasn't even a thought so much as reflex. Yes, he's standing in front of the doorway now. "So much as flinch and you'll have thirteen extra holes." The look on his face says he means business and wasn't terribly surprised by the removal of the door. Startled, maybe, but not surprised.

On the other hand, Niki is rather surprised. She looks at the open doorway…at her arms…and up at the door embedded in the ceiling. "What the hell??"

Niki looks so vulnerable to in the light, with that expression on her face. If it weren't for what just happened one might think she was exactly what she claimed. Paul walks up and puts a hand on her arm, "Miss Sanders?"

No door! Wrong, door in the ceiling. Abby's white faced when death is deflected. Not only that, There's no… death and mayhem, ripped limbs. Just Niki standing there. "Niki?" The healer lowers her arms, just behind Darius, watching round eyed and just as startled. Her gaze goes to Darius then. What.

"Nice and slow." Darius' back is to Abby and his gun isn't lowered. "Step back and have a seat. Sir. Please step away from her." His eyes are sighted along the barrel and that is aimed for Niki's face. Its a Glock, standard service issue .40 that cops are using these days. Better staying power than a 9mm with more rounds than a .45. His finger is on the trigger and the safety is off.

Niki trembles a bit. Stress release, plus there's a man with a gun pointing at her. "H-how did that…" She swallows hard. "Don't shoot me." She backs up, hand fumbling behind her for the chair; she doesn't want to turn around and take her gaze away from the man with the gun. "I didn't know that would happen, I swear to God!" she says emphatically.

Paul steps to the side, letting Niki find the chair, "It's ok, Miss Sanders, you didn't know, I am sure the nice police officer understands, don't you officer?

Even Abby takes a step back, planting herself against the wall behind the scout officer, watching Niki in the room, Paul's voice, everything. A flinch when Abby takes the lords name in vain but that's par for the course. Wisely, she refrains from saying 'language' when there's a cop with a gun.

Darius doesn't shoot her. That's a good sign, right? "I understand that she has a fair shot at an insanity plea. Assuming she doesn't make any sudden moves right now." Lower gun? Not even close. The barrel tracks her every movement. "Now everyone's just going to be calm and relaxed." About now a few officers are wondering just what the hell that explosion was and are surely coming to investigate. The guy in the observation room is out of it and looking very alarmed from Darius to Abby to the exploded doorway. His gun's in his hand but not aimed at anyone. Shock is very much in his system right now.

Elisabeth has arrived.

When the door blasts off the hinges and into the doorway, the alarm is immediately raised in the precinct and uniformed and plainclothes officers begin evacuation protocols. It looks like complete chaos in the bullpen, though it's actually very organized chaos. Elisabeth Harrison, who walked Trask out when he had to leave (against her better judgment — she really wanted him to stay until HomeSec arrived to take custody but he'd injured and the night exhausted him) and then stayed away to make legal and medical arrangements to get what amounts to a freakin' elephant tranquilizer administered to Niki for transport purposes, is on her way back to the interrogation rooms with a paramedic in tow to administer the injection when the alarms begin. And *SHIT*… because she was afraid of all this. She yells to the paramedic, "Stay behind me!" and hauls him to the hall where the interrogation rooms are, pulling her pistol out of its holster and crouching behind the corner to look around it and see where people are in the hall just outside interrogation room one. She waves three other uniformed officers into position across from her and hisses to them, "Not until I call it!"

While the others are getting escorted out, Niki is in the room, looking over in surprise as she stares at the mirror. "What?" She looks at it. "They're right! It WAS true. It WAS you!! You have no right!" Her voice is all but a shriek.

Bolivar has arrived.

Oh shit… again. Elisabeth winces. Oh this is not going to go well. When Darius dodges past her with Paul Heart and Abby in tow, Liz covers his back. Then she tells the paramedic, "Give me the needle. Does it need a vein, or can I just jab her?" When he replies "just jab," Elisabeth nods and takes the needle. With the 9mm in one hand and the capped syringe slipped into the wristband of her watch just to keep it handy on the back of her wrist, she starts to move forward. She looks to the uniforms who will be covering her as she approached the interrogation room. "If she comes out of that room and is not under my control, you are under direct orders to take the shot. She doesn't leave this precinct." It's the hardest call she's *ever* had to make, but Liz doesn't flinch when she says it to them.

Jason Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith is having a bad day. This is his default setting, so possibly not to be taken overly seriously. At least he had Nina Lou with him at the precincthouse today, a great shaggy heap of joy whose serene presence stemmed the urge to slap Baxter out of the air with a chair and take off Einheart's head with his own locker door. He couldn't really say it was a relief when Harrison's voice crackled across the intercom, but everybody noticed. Even Nina Lou, who started growling, ticking like an organic bomb despite his order for her to sit and stay.

The hallway door bursts open, releasing the tiny, scarred officer and three more uniforms in tandem. Weapons out and, behind them, a glimpse of the greater room going to battle stations behind them. The PD isn't quite a well-oiled machine, but it isn't falling explosively apart at the mention of an Evolved prisoner outbreak, either.

Niki is not really too aware of what's going on out there. Because right now, she's busy with a conversation. "I don't care!" She shrieks, still having a one-sided argument. "It's a lie! It was all a lie! What else?!" She demands. "Was it a lie about D.L.? Was it a lie about Micah!?" The table gets grabbed, and flung through the mirror with such force that it quite literally embeds itself in the wall of the observation room.
Well, the table-flinging makes Elisabeth pause in her attempt to move forward. Yeah, this is about to get ugly. She glances over her shoulder at the cops backing her up, and then looks relieved to see a few more burst into the hallway. She repeats her order for Bo's sake. "She doesn't leave this precinct. I'm going in there." And then, keeping in a low crouch to approach the door, she holsters her 9mm and stops in the doorway. Lacing her voice with every bit of calm she can muster, Liz calls into the room, "~Niki, I'm coming in. You've got to *CALM DOWN*. I know you're mad at Jessica. Nothing she says is going to be a good enough explanation. But *I* need to talk to you.~"

If Bolivar had enough patience to type words on the Internet— and was a little less dyslexic, or whatever— the letter string omgwtf might have popped stupendously into his head at the din coming out of the prisoner's interrogation room. Holy fucking shit. It sounds like falling trains in there. Two black eyebrows almost jump through his hairline as Liz starts making crazy words about going in— "Harrison, you psychotic bint—" But it's too late by the time he's eight syllables in, she's already going and then she's already gone, an embarrassing reminder of why he prefers situations where the primary interaction is ammunition. He spits a curse, letting the other uniforms configure themselves ahead of him as he tightens his grip on the AR-15 somebody stuck into his hands.

Niki is looking over at one of the shards of mirror still standing. "What did you do?!" And then Liz is there, and Niki looks back at her, her expression nothing but grief and fury. "What did she do, Liz?! Did she take my son from me?! Did she take my life from me?!" Furious. Pure, white-hot rage.

Elisabeth hears Bo's comment, and if things weren't so desperate she might even laugh at him. Yeah… she's nuts. Clearly. Walking into the lion's den. Her attention, however, has to be entirely on Niki. She continues to lace her voice with soothing undercurrents, trying to pull Niki back from the brink. "~NO, sweetheart. She didn't. I swear to you on my life, she didn't take Micah or DL. They died in the Bomb in Midtown. You were all in Times Square, they stepped away from you to get something to eat while you sat nearby. I swear to you, there was *NO* way for her to help them. All she could do was save you. She has done a lot of bad things, but she would never, ever do anything to hurt you. Do you remember what I said to you? She is the gatekeeper. Your mind created her to keep you safe, and she does that job with ruthless efficiency.~" She keeps her hands in sight, out and up a bit so that the syringe tucked into her watchband isn't visible right now. "~Niki, listen to me. Breathe for me, sweetheart. Take a deep breath.~"

The tension in the hallway is so thick that breathing kind of hurts. The circumstances under which Bolivar functions at his prime, wonderfully. He's placed himself in line of sight of the interrogation room, without real investment in the idea that the door would be the only way out. He drew this conclusion from both the whole falling trains phenomenon and the fact that there is a door in the ceiling not far from where he's standing. Despite that hanging back with a gun is second nature to him, he finds himself swallowing the throttling compulsion to join Elisabeth inside the interrogation room. She isn't supposed to be on the fucking front lines either.

Niki looks back at Liz, all torn apart, crying and torn…and then the shift happens. Stops, straightens, and tells Liz "It's under control." She's not happy about it. But this way keeps Niki the safest. And for better or worse, that's always her priority."

Oh…. *good*. With a sigh, Elisabeth remains at the door with her hands in sight. Just what she wants. Dealing with Jessica. "I *told* you that keeping it from her would be worse in the long run," she says quietly. "Let me sedate her. You know you're not getting out of here. The guards have shoot-to-kill orders if you go out this door."

That they do. The dog-trainers also have shoot-to-kill orders, coincidentally. Bolivar is frowning so hard it's making it a little hard to see out from under the bend of his eyebrows. Noticing this, he stops frowning quite so deeply. It helps that Liz's words warrant skeptical eyebrows. Right. It's under control isn't something you want to hear from a woman who caved in your friend's whole right side, particularly if you don't have a lot of those. Friends. "Mujeras locas," he mutters under his breath. "Que el jode?"

Jessica looks back at Elisabeth. "You don't need to sedate her. I have it under control. And if you sedate me, you're just going to have to deal with a hysterical Niki again." She's nothing if not pragmatic. "Did I look like I was going anywhere?"

Elisabeth grits her teeth, and then nods slowly. "Fine, then. Homeland Security can decide if they want to deal with you or hysterical but sedated Niki. I don't much care as long as you stay put," she tells Jessica with a hard tone. "Find a chair, sit. The guards are on the door, and DHS is only about ten minutes away." She backs up toward the hallway.

"So, this is what late-stage superhero cancer looks like," comes the voice from behind Elisabeth, Bolivar's voice and native accent as flat, stable as the line of the LMG in his hands.

Jessica smirks a little. "He's right, you know. You're in here. I could kill you before your fellow officers could put me down. I could have killed you that first night. But, no need. I am curious to find out what your fellow officers are going to do once they find out you're secretly a member of a terrorist organization, though."

She should have put up the silence bubble, but frankly Liz was so focused on dealing with Jessica that she didn't think to. Now the bombshell drops, and Elisabeth smirks at the assassin. Her tone never wavers, and she doesn't even blink at Bo's appearance at her back. She replies so that it carries deliberately down the hall. "Ever heard of 'undercover work', Jessica? You think they'll be unhappy that I'm keeping an eye on questionable activities out there?" Thank God there are only six cops in this hallway counting Bolivar… and they're all uniforms who flat out know that SCOUT does shit sort of off the books. Then she says, "And you know what? I'd rather deal with hysterical Niki. *So*… you can voluntarily undergo sedation, or I can just have them bring a tranq gun and do it long distance. Cuz I don't trust you not to run off and kill the Homeland Security agents sent to escort you."

Maybe it's terminal. Bolivar hopes so. Through the narrow gap he's afforded, he stares at the MPD subject with an expression on his face that approximates Kelvin zero, his teeth gritted around the urge to help the prisoner give him an excuse. He's never needed more than a little bit of room.

Jessica looks back. "Mmm. I'm sure that Homeland Security will back you up on that, once the phone call I put in to the Company IDing people gets checked out. Face it. You tried to play both sides against the middle and you got caught. Hmm…gee. I suppose they'll need a witness to testify to things. Got to love federal deals." She's smirking. Jessica's as willing to use social warfare as anything else in her fight, and right now, that's the best weapon he has.

Elisabeth shrugs and says mildly, "I'm not undercover for Homeland Security, I'm just undercover for my captain. And I'm pretty damn sure he'll back me up." She's not, but she sure as hell projects that she is. She gestures for Jessica to hold out her arm. "Easy way or hard way?"

Right now, Bolivar has put a temporary hold on his dislike of all things Evolved in favor of trying to telepathically project the phrase 'The hard way' into Jessica's mind. Possibly, if he studied his motives and thoughts closer, he'd realize he suspects the psychopath is right — and that he isn't particularly interested in letting Elisabeth pay for her sins at this particular juncture, but he isn't studying his motives and thoughts closer right now. He is peeved. Wants to kill something. It happens.

Jessica smiles. "No. I mean that once the Company calls Parkman, and Parkman checks up the info I sent on? I'm imagining your police career is probably done. Maybe they'll set you up with a nice cell right next to mine. I hear that's what they do with Evolved criminals." She holds out her arm.

Elisabeth shrugs and says mildly, "Whatever, Jessica." She moves to step forward. "If you put your hands on me or in any way attempt to take me hostage, the officer standing in the doorway is going to open fire. Through me if he has to. Abby's in the lobby, so I'll be fine. But Niki won't. Officer Smith has an excellent head shot record," she says coldly. And then she moves within range to inject Jessica.

Jessica smirks a bit. She'll wait till Elisabeth is right up close, and then, just for amusement, she looks to her. "Boo." But she doesn't do anything. She just lets herself enjoy her…moral victory.

Admittedly not with AR-15s, but Bolivar isn't about to point that out to anybody too stupid to figure that out. His expression doesn't change, though the angle of the rifle's muzzle does, slightly, following the window of opportunity as it floats around off the corner of Elisabeth's shoulder, Jessica the sharp focus of all of her attention.

Elisabeth doesn't even bother to jump. It's not worth it… .she's already faced Jessica. She knows the blond could kill her before Bo can pull the trigger. Really, her instruction was just to make Bolivar feel better so that he WOULD pull it if Jessica tried anything. She sticks the needle into Jessica's arm. "G'night, Jess," she says mildly. There's enough tranq in the needle to drop a 280 lb man… she hopes to hell it's enough…. and not too much!

Goodness. Well, the thing is, Jess really doesn't have any enhanced resistance. And she's a professional. She feels it start to hit her like a ton of bricks. "What did you do?" she asks, eyes wide. She weighs less than half the amount the sedative is calibrated for. "Call…the medics." And with that, her eyes roll back and her knees give way.

"I'm sure she's fine," Bolivar says. "Do you have more?"

Elisabeth grabs for Niki and calls around the corner, "Nelson! Get in here! It was too much! Abby!!!" Yeah… tactical error, and she realizes it as soon as Jessica panics. She told the paramedic 'superstrong' and he assumed resistance higher than normal.

Which, of course, brings a whole new slew of issues — cuz well, we just drugged a prisoner, overdosed her, and hopefully Abby can counter it.

Grudgingly, Bolivar gets out of the way as medical personnel begin to clatter coming. It would have been a terribly convenient tactical error, as far as he's concerned. There's chairs sticking out of the walls and ceilings everywhere! That is a good excuse to shoot a super-strong psycho woman up with a lot of drugs. Nevertheless, he isn't about to argue, choosing instead to sidle into the interrogation room and keep his weapon pointed at the woman's rapidly paling face.

Elisabeth's remorse at listening to 'oh yeah, super strong means we need stronger tranqs!' knows no bounds. Nelson, the paramedic, races in with a syringe of a counteracting agent to the tranquilizer because it had been understood from the start that it might be too much — so he was standing by. Jessica/Niki are at risk, though, and it takes about an hour or so of constant monitoring and Abby's abilities to stabilize the blond assassin so that she's merely unconscious and out of the woods. Homeland Security agents arrive only a few minutes after all this goes down, so there's a lot of explanation that has to be done in that hour, but ultimately they trundle off with an unconscious Jessica Sanders in tow, fully briefed on the situation, her condition, and the multiple personalities. Paul Heart is told he can file whatever papers he needs to and also told where she'll be. And finally, finally, the long day is over.

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