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Scene Title Inspections
Synopsis Jane comes to hang out with a pair from FRONTLINE. Challenges are made, gauntlets thrown down, etc.
Date January 07, 2011

Textile Factory 17

It's quitting time. Or as much as quitting time as there ever is at the FRONTLINE headquarters, given that they're really all pretty much on call 24/7 even when their official hours are put in for the day. And JJ has some serious plans for a Friday night in Red Hook.

They include the television and the Wii console.

Dressed for the occasion, he's in Lakers gold basketball shorts that hang low on his hips along with a tight gray shirt that shows off his physique. A few clicks of a few buttons, and his little Mii appears waving at him among the other Miis in the crowd for him to choose from, and off he goes.

Bjorn Borg, eat your heart out.

There is always at least one plus to hanging out at a military post. The boys are cut and like to show off. That won't be going in her reports, tho — actually, maybe it will. Jane likes to keep people on their toes after all.

"So this is what the men of FRONTLINE do on their off hours. What a scoop," she says as she steps in. She, for one, is dressed for work, which means there's slacks, there's a button up shirt, and there's a vest. Her vest has just been embellished with a sort of swirly, rock 'n' roll motif.

Hannah Emerson's "off hours" at the Textile Factory tend to involve not actually being at the Textile Factory. Particularly on a Friday night! But tonight, she's decided to stay in foor whatever reason.

That doesn't mean how she's spending the night is any different.

In the opposite end of the room from JJ< Emerson relaxes in trye fashion fressed in a loose fitting T-shirt, pants, tennis shoes, teh whole casual 9 yeards. Which is probably why she has a tall beer bottle in hand, watching JJ and the game he plays with curiosity. She'd messed around with the Kinetc she'd gotten for ehr sister over Christmas, but video games had never been ehr thing. Still, it was intersting to watch other play, sometimes.

Jane's entrace has her quirking an eyebrow at the new arrival, scoffing a bit. Sje doesn't speak, she just looks amused.

The young man is just about to serve when that voice breaks his concentration, so the virtual ball whiffs right by him as he turns to appraise the newcomer.

"Oh…" he says a little densely, cheeks coloring immediately as he swaps the controller to his left hand. "Hi, Ma'am. You must be, uh…" he can't remember her title. "Our guest!" he adds brightly, improvising as he steps forward to shake her hand. "I'm Jameson Jones. Probably just me — I never really had a chance to play stuff like this as a kid, so you know, it's … delayed childhood or something. Em over there is much too cool for this kid stuff." He nods a head toward Emerson, then nods back to Jane. "You want a beer or soda or coffee or I got some Monsters or Redbulls…"

Jane lifts an eyebrow, blinks once, then looks over at Emerson, "He always like this?" She grabs a chair for herself, spinning it around to sit in it backwards, her arms folding on the back. "But I'll take some coffee, since you're offering.

"Jane Pak. If you're gonna call me something other than Agent Pak, try Jane. Ma'am sounds so stuffy. Actually, Agent Pak does, too. I'm assuming Em is short for Emerson," she says, switching her attention from one to the other. Roster firmly in mind it seems.

"Only when you catch him with lace in hand," Emerson comments with an dry tone, and unable to keep the stoney, serious expression she wears when she speaks she ends up flashing a smile to JJ. "You forgot to swing." The smike fades, though, as she turns back to look at Jane, swinging her legs back down so that she looks at least a bit more proper soldier. In fact, she even rises up to her feet, leaving the beer where it sits. She had heard about a guest on the premises, and back when she was in the field, a guest translated to inspections. Or promotions. The latter would be fantastic, but highly unlikely.

"It does, yes. Sargeant Hannah Emerson, a pleasure to meet you, Agent Pak." She doesn't salute this time, but she does extend a hand in greeting. "Is there anything we can do for yuo today?"

"Yes, Ma'— Jane. You can call me JJ," the young man says, shooting Emerson a dirty look before he turns back to smile and shrug at Jane. Setting the controller down on top of the television, JJ heads toward the counter where the coffee pot sits, pouring a mug and nodding to the assorted accoutrements of cream and sweeteners.

"We have… pink, yellow, blue, brown or white," he says arching his brow as he looks at all the small packets. "I'll let you do the honors of that." He brings her the mug, transferring it to her hand very carefully so as not to spill.

"We're off-duty, as of about twenty minutes ago, just in case…" he glances a little nervously at the beer Emerson was drinking and back to Jane.

"You can both relax a little," Jane says to Emerson, chuckling a bit before she looks over to JJ. "Let's go with blue," she says as she takes her mug. "I'm just here checking the team out, seeing how things are running under the new management. The higher ups want to make sure things are going… smoothly.

"You two enjoying your work here so far? Seen much action?" It really does come off as genuine curiosity, as she looks at the pair over the rim of her mug.

Inspections Emerson notes to herself as she turns back to ehr seat. Looks like her instinct had been at least close. "I think blue is some sort of vanilla," she notes as she settles back in, eyeing her beer. "Smoothly is one word," she replies, and this time she doesn't kick her feet up. She does lean back in her seat as shet akes a drink from that bottle, though.

"Besides regular patrols throughout the city and occasionally helping out on Staten Island, there hasn't been much action. Besides the event that OS handled on Christmas." EMerson shrugs a bit, looking over towards JJ.

"Not a lot of action, but I'm the new kid," JJ says, returning with both blue creamers (French Vanilla) and Splenda plus a red stick to stir it all in with and setting them on the coffee table before moving to sit down as well.

Staring at his feet, he realizes that he's barefoot, which seems a little underdressed with the brass visiting, but it's too late to worry about the state of his apparel. He probably should have remembered the guest might be about when he changed out of his work garb.

"Like she said, just some back up now and then for the other departments. Supply lines, that sort of thing, little bit of this, little bit of that," he adds. "You gonna go out on the line with us sometimes?"

"The most boring blessing there is," Jane remarks with a nod as she snatches up one of the creamers to stir in. JJ's question gets a grin, though, and that nod is repeated a little more firmly, "Hell yeah. If you kids can keep up with a grizzled veteran. You two working the armor?"

As she tosses her packet into the trash, she glances over at Emerson, "I haven't read too much on the specs. Wasn't sure if your ability'd be more useful with the armor off or not."


The bow empty bottle (not that there was much left when Jane got there to begin with) hits the table just in time to cover up a quiet sigh from Emerson. "It makes my ability matter a little less, but it keeps me from getting tired while wearing the armor. And it sure as shit still helps when you get shot." That, she has first hand experiance in knowing. She still hadn't found out anything about teh sniper she'd encoutnered that afternoon. "But yes, we don't go out on duty without our armor, in most cases. I think only twice I've had an assignment where it wasn't required, both involveing matters that Department of Evovled Affairs offices."

"Hell yeah, the armor's primal," JJ says earnestly, broad grin splitting his slightly freckled face. "It's all made to suit you and whatever you can do — you got an ability? They'll make you a suit that works with it. Like mine? The gloves split apart easy so I can touch shit, and then seal it back up and still be all hermetically sealed off like a bag of Lays."

"I imagine it does. Better than kevlar," Jane says to Emerson, "Yeah, don't be too surprised if there's periodically some of that. We don't have a team prepared to handle Evolved threats. Sometimes DHS takes care of them, sometimes you guys. Depends on the threat level. we're like the Marines without medics, only the exact opposite of that."

As JJ goes on, she smiles crookedly, "Fancy. Your generation's incredibly lucky, all these fun toys to play with."

"The evolved threat of making sure the building is closed down is a dangerous one indeed," Emerson replies sarcastically, grinning at Jane. WHich is better than her making fun of JJ, as she almost had done. Like a bag of Lays? Really? Crossing her legs, she sets her hands in her lap, looking voer at her fellow soldier. "My armour doesn't get to do anything fancy, I'm afraid."

JJ grins again at the talk of toys. Emerson knows by now, the tech excites him — all but the robot, which makes him nervous as hell. "Eh, it's fancy in itself. When you got a cool power like yours, Em, you don't need breakaway super gauntlets like me."

He waggles his fingers at her playfully before turning toward the refrigerator to grab a Redbull. Does he need one? Probably not.

Probably not! And they might just explain his demeanor a little! Jane glances between them with a bit of amusement in her face. "Good to see there's some healthy camaraderie in the troops." But her gaze stops over on Emerson, lips curling into a smirk. "Well, next time there's a killer storm on the loose, or whatever else, we'll know who to call."

While she's not exactly eager to go jump into a firefight, it is what she's here to do, so Jane's affirmation, however sarcastic it is, gets a smile and a nod. "Do that. It'll keep people on their toes." BEcause clearly, if something's going to go down, she's not going alone.

Opening his can of buzz, JJ drains a good half of it before tipping his head toward the television. "Speaking of being on your toes, ladies and a-gents," he says, a mischievous grin curving his lips. "Who's up for some tennis? Loser buys the pizza."

"You got it, Red." Jane chuckles then stands up, setting her mug down before she points a finger over at JJ. "You're on, Kiddo. It's been a while since I've had a free dinner. I will warn you, I've not exactly zero problems making a grown man cry."

Hannah jsut sort of stares for a moment, looking at the pair somewhat in disbelief. She wavers for a moment like she's thinking, before she finally rises back up form ehr seat with a sigh. "Might as well make it a doubles game, then. I'm going to go find Ivanov. Here's hoping a controller doesn't slip out of his hand."

JJ's green eyes light up at the prospect of someone to play with and against, and he grins all the wider when Emerson looks at the both of them with that disbelief painted across her features. "Oh, man, it is on. I don't care how fast Ivanov is, there's no way he's touching this," he says, grabbing another controller from a nearby charger and handing one to Jane. "You and me against the losers, boss?"

Jane might regret saying yes.

But there will be pizza in the end.

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