Instant Attraction


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Scene Title Instant Attraction
Synopsis Aimee and Trevor's Auction Date for Charity Turns Out To Be More Than They Expected
Date April 30, 2011

Francisco's Italian Cuisine

[DISCLAIMER: This is actually the second half of Aimee and Trevor's date. Unfortunately, MUSHclient's 'log session' feature epic failed me and the first half of the date has been lost in the annals of RP history. But rest assured, this scene was just as enjoyable as the first!]

The cool evening air brings a light breeze into the outdoor setting of Francisco's Italian Cuisine which brings the fragrance of the hanging planters of flowers to those seated here.

Trevor and Aimee sit out here enjoying the warm weather and each other's company. The dinner was part of the date that Trevor came up when he enter the date auction at Tartarus, during which Aimee purchased him.

The evening so far has been nothing short of delightful, as far as Trevor is concerned. He's been fascinated by Aimee on practically every level so far. She's beautiful, smart, Evolved, and probably has much more to her than that. He's also revealed to her a few things he wasn't sure he was going to tell her tonight, like the fact that he's a reformed bum and recovering alcoholic who now works for the very charity that the date auction was going toward. Even with these revelations so far, she's still sitting across from him looking no less elegant.

The fried calamari sits between them as Trevor picks at a few from time to time, but his interest is mostly on her. The calamari is at a risk of getting cold. "I have a confession to make," Trevor says with a grin. "I've always been a fan of musicals. But, I'm actually kind of picky. I didn't like Rent and Mama Mia was ok. I like the fantasy ones, like Camelot and Cats, when that was still around. I've only been to a few when I first moved here from Boston, but I was pretty hooked. So when I wasn't wasting my money clubbing and partying, I would sometimes go to a musical. By myself mostly, as weird as it sounds. Guys don't typically go to musicals by themselves. Usually there's a girl that drags them along."

Trevor isn't the only one enjoying the evening. Aimee may not have known who she was buying when she offered up the money, but she's pleased and full of smiles. True she's generally a happy person, but a date with an attractive, interesting man? Well, things could definitely be a hell of a lot worse.

The word confession has her brows arching, her head tilting, but when he continues she laughs softly. "There's nothing wrong with that. I'm aware there are stereotypes for men who enjoy musicals, but I've never really paid much attention to stereotypes in general. Besides, I love the show Glee, and several of the men on that show are in musicals."

"I've heard of Glee, I just haven't gotten around to watching much T.V lately. Tweaking the websites and trying to brush up on rusty computer skills has taken up a lot of my time. I'll have to check it out though." For Trevor, anything Aimee enjoys is worth checking out at least once. "So what hobbies do you like to do?"

"Hobbies? Well. I play music. Flute and piano. Mostly classical or soothing sorts of music, but I can do other genres when the mood strikes me. And I like…this is going to sound really dorky, but I like making things. Arts and crafts," Aimee answers, sipping at her water. "And you could probably get some of the Glee episodes on Hulu. You should try it sometime since you like musicals. They're very talented singers, and I'd be the first person to complain if they weren't," she says, grinning.

Trevor grins at her. "I certainly wouldn't want you for a choir instructor." Although he would certainly be hot for teacher if he did. "I could always have it on in the background when I'm programming, although it might not always fit the mood. I'll give it a shot and see how it works out."

The waitress comes up to them. "Is everything going well, here?" She asks. "I'm fine," Trevor says. "Did you want anymore of the calamari?" He asks Aimee.

"Oh no, I'm fine, thank you," Aimee says, smiling to the waitress before she looks back to Trevor, the smile shifting to a grin. "I would probably be the world's pickiest instructor, yes. I'm very picky about my music too, the music I listen to. Because of that, when I find good musicians, I stick with them. Like Robyn Quinn. She's a wonderful musician. As are her bandmates."

The waitress takes the plate of calamari. "Your entrees should be finished in a few minutes," she says before she heads off to check on other tables.

Trevor smiles at her and chuckles a bit. "That's probably more than I can say about the bands I listen to. I stay away from the metal music, but I like Three Days Grace, Tool, Nine Inch nails, and Apocolyptica. You might like Apocolyptica. They're a group of guys that rock out on cellos. Sometimes they bring in guest singers, but their original claim to fame was playing Metalica songs on the cello. They're pretty impressive."

Aimee frowns in thought for a moment before she nods. "I think I've heard Apocolyptica. Another I like, on occasion, is Within Temptation. Their lead singer has a beautiful voice, though at times it can be a little too much for me." She smiles. "So what are your hobbies, that don't involve the computer or music?"

Trevor smiles. "I know Within Temptation, they're really good too." Aimee's question has him thinking for a moment. "I'm sorry. It's just been a while since I've done much of anything else." Frankly, it's like looking back on a different life now. "I like movies every now and then. I was pretty big into ice hockey back in the day too. Chicago Blackhawks. They usually make the playoffs, but don't think they've won a Stanley Cup since I've been born. I remember," he smiles at the memory. "my dad taking me to a game. He told me to bring a baseball glove to the game to catch the hockey pucks. Sometimes during practice, the players would flip some over the glass to the kids. I was 12 at the time and Chris Chelios flipped one to me and he signed it after the game. He was our best defender. Then he got traded to Detroit. I was so pissed. But that was still a good game though."

Aimee smiles as she listens to him relive his childhood, nodding now and again. "Maybe, if you'd want to, we could go to a game sometime. Or to see a musical. Something fantasy-ish. I admit to being partial to the cliched Phantom of the Opera, though, so that's a possibility you might have to deal with."

Did she really just come up with ideas for another date? With him? Trevor can't help but beam. "Yeah, absolutely! All of it sounds good!" Whoa, calm down dude. She's an awesome woman, sure, but keep your composure or you might scare her away. He takes a breath and drinks some of his water. After setting the glass down, he smiles at her. "Hockey games can be loud. There's sirens that blare when goals are scored and screaming fans. I think we should go see Phantom of the Opera first. I think that would be something we could both enjoy. We could save the hockey game for later or just watch in on T.V."

When he gives his answer Aimee smiles brightly and seems to relax a little. "That's wonderful. And I know they're loud. But a lot in New York is loud. Watching it on TV could be good though. Get the food we want, have volume control, and a couch is much more comfortable than the seats at the rink."

Trevor can't help but have his eyes fixed on her. Did she just come from somewhere in his wildest dreams? Just then the waitress comes with a tray with two plates on it. She props up the tray stand to lay the tray on it and puts the marinated lamb tenderloin in front of Trevor and the plate with the shrimp alfredo in front of Aimee. "Please let me know if you need anything else and enjoy your meal!" She leaves with the tray and stand. Everything just smells good. Trevor takes a bite of this lamb, savoring the taste. "That is really good. I'm really glad you won me at that auction, because it would just be sad to eat this awesome food with anyone else."

Aimee picks up her fork, but before she can spear the first shrimp with it she's beaming at him. "That's so sweet, Trevor. I'm glad I won you too. I've enjoyed this a great deal." She pauses to sample her food, closing her eyes and looking blissful at the taste. "I went to that auction expecting to just give some money to charity, and perhaps to suffer through a night with a man who might be potentially dull or one of those grabby-handed people. I didn't expect to enjoy it."

Trevor smiles at her. "Well, then," He raises his glass to her. "To pleasant surprises!"

The smile is returned, and Aimee lifts her glass as well. "To very pleasant surprises," she says, tapping her glass to his lightly, before she sips.

Trevor sips his water as well and resumes eating. It may have been an awkward silence earlier on in the evening, but now, Trevor is perfectly at ease with being in Aimee's company. He eats about half of his plate of food before setting his silverware down. "Man, that was good! That's going to make for some awesome leftovers." He glances to Aimee. "Now we just have one question to answer: desert or check? I'm fine either way."

The question is considered as Aimee eats more of her pasta. Finally she grins a bit impishly. "I'm a woman. I simply must have some desert. Want to split some tiramisu?" she asks, head lowering slightly, in an almost shy fashion.

If looks could kill, Aimee's little shy girl look took Trevor's breath away and probably had his heart skip a beat. He smiles at her. "Tiramisu it is."

He motions for the waitress who comes over to them. "All finished?" She asks. "Yes, and we'll be having desert. A tiramisu to split please. Oh, and I need a takeout box for this, please." "Sure thing!" The waitress comes back with a box for Trevor to put his food in and moments later, she brings out the tiramisu and two forks.

"Ladies first," Trevor says, offering her the first bite.

The smile returns, and Aimee shares it with the waitress before returning her attention to Trevor. "Such a gentleman," she says sincerely, before picking up a fork and taking a bite. "Mmm. I always love this dessert, and this restaurant makes it fantastic."

Trevor waits for her to take the first bite before taking a forkful himself. The tiramisu is really good, and it just seems to add to the blissfulness of the evening. This has to be the best night of his life and he's had to endure so much to get to this point. It was worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears. The best part of it was, it wasn't over.

After dinner, they arrived at the Laugh Factory for a night of comedy. The show was pretty good overall. They had a host comedian who was ok, just a local amateur trying to make a name for himself and sell his demo CD. But the main act was quite hilarious. It was a comedic hypnotist who asked for volunteers in the audience and would put them in a hypnotic state and ask them or make them do embarrassing or silly things. Aimee and Trevor didn't volunteer themselves, but laughing at those that did was quite entertaining.

After the show, Trevor hailed the cab outside and the two got in and drove to Aimee's apartment complex.

Offering his arm to her, Trevor walked Aimee up to her apartment. "Well, my dear, I had a fantastic evening!" He says with a bright smile.

"I did too. It was a great night, and more than I expected from an auction," Aimee says, smiling. "You'll call me sometime soon, for the musical or hockey game?"

"Absolutely," Trevor says, still smiling. He knows better than to push his luck to expect to be offered an invitation inside. It was a perfect first date and it should stay that way. "I make up my own hours for the most part, so I'm pretty flexible as far as scheduling. I'll definitely call you."

"Wonderful. I look forward to it." Aimee unlocks the door, then pauses with her hand on the knob. She turns back to him, smiling. "Thank you, for tonight." Then she leans in, aiming to brush a kiss over his cheek. Nice and chaste, perfect for a first date.

Trevor closes his eyes and accepts the kiss on the cheek. "Sweet dreams, Aimee." He gives her a smile and a quick wink before he starts walking down the hallway toward the elevators. There was a time in his past "first dates" would have ended with something much more than a kiss on the cheek. But this was a new Trevor who had learned much from his mistakes. For the new Trevor, a simple kiss on the cheek still made him feel as light as a feather, and that nothing in the world could weigh him down again.

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