Interested In Ending It All?


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Scene Title Interested In Ending It All?
Synopsis Elisabeth lays out some information for Hana.
Date June 14, 2009

Elisabeth's Apartment

It's relatively early in the day when Hana shows up at Dorchester Towers, dressed — almost incongruously to those who know her — in a forest-green blouse and dark gray pants, with a lightweight, wolf-gray jacket over the whole ensemble. Beads of water dot the waterproof jacket's surface; her hair is damp from walking in the rain, but the Israeli pays it no mind. The rap of her knuckles against Elisabeth's door is crisp and sharp in the quiet hall — rat tat tat.

The officer was waiting; the door opens nearly instantly. When Elisabeth lets Hana in, the other woman can see the areas of drywall where new reinforced door locks and new windows have all been installed in the apartment's main room. They still lack a coat of paint or two and are somewhat glaring against the rest of the wall. "Hey, Hana, c'mon in," Liz invites easily. She's got coffee waiting on the techopath, her own already poured and sitting on the counter of the breakfast bar. "Coffee?"

Hana dips her head in response to Elisabeth's greeting, stepping in through the open door. "Please," she agrees, at the offer of coffee. The technopath meanwhile unzips her jacket and shrugs out of it, placing the damp garment on the coatrack. She is, as usual, carrying a minor arsenal and failing to remember the fact — not that either of these are surprises.

Hana's turn back towards her host is aborted as she sets sight upon the recent construction. Dark brows arch, then draw in just slightly, the woman taking in the modifications and considering their ramifications. "Is something— " Someone? "— specific bothering you, Elisabeth?"

Elisabeth closes the door behind Hana and slips around her to head toward the kitchen to pour a second cup of coffee. Glancing up at the walls, she grimaces and then smile. "No… it's a preventive measure more'n anything else. I've been…. walking a pretty fine line lately, and it's about to get razor-thin, I think. So I asked The Asshole upstairs," the guy who BUGGED her place, "to look into what he could do the secure the place a little better so that I might have a minute warning to be able to get Anne here to get me out if things go south." She shrugs, setting Hana's coffee on the counter in front of one of the stools there, and comes around to slide up into her own chair with the gesture that invites Hana to join her. There's milk and sugar already sitting on the counter, as Liz has doctored her own coffee extensively.

Hana nods as she moves towards the kitchen in Elisabeth's wake. It's a good idea, even if she would have never asked him to do it. Then again, Hana's most effective security measure is her lack of a single residence — or indeed any true residence at all. Sitting down at the counter, Hana folds one hand around the coffee mug and sips from it, eschewing the additives provided. "And what can I do for you?"

Sipping from her coffee cup, Elisabeth swallows and drops her words into the silence. "I think I need more help than you can give, but … I don't know where else to turn her. A friend came to me not long ago and asked for some help with a background check on someone. So I did it in my off time, and it led me to Philly. To an apartment of one Maury Parkman, the father of one Matthew Parkman…. a man who also happens to be one of a dozen founders of the Company. His apartment was a treasure trove… I now have the names of all the founders in my possession."

Hana looks at Liz across the coffee cup, her gaze shuttered; it'd take a sharp eye to spot it, but for a moment the woman is very, very still. Then she deliberately raises the mug to her lips, breaking that poise with another sip of coffee. Nothing happened; nothing to see. "What do you intend to do with the names?"

And Elisabeth is watching Hana very closely indeed — it's not like the other woman's opinion of the Company is in question. "I intend, Hana, to get Matthew Parkman's daughter out of Arthur Petrelli's custody by any means necessary. And if that means visiting each of these fucking founders in person and blasting their identities and the Company's ass into the public eye with a tac-nuke, I'm going to do it. But I'm not entirely sure I can do it, honestly. The information I have is minimal — names, locations of some. And I don't even know if you can help. But we need more information on these people and their roles before any of it can be used."

"Give me the names, and I can find them," Hana assures Elisabeth. She sets the coffee cup down on the counter, hands resting lightly on the surface's edge. "If Arthur Petrelli has split from the Company, he's not likely to care what you do regarding them — but I can find them."

Elisabeth studies Hana quietly and then nods. "I have names and locations of almost all of them," she admits softly. "I have a contact who's planning, along with me, to go visit at least one of them — she's a biochemist or something. We're hoping she may know where the other half of this wretched formula is so that we can retrieve it and keep Petrelli from getting his hands on it." Liz doesn't know what Hana knows about the stuff that Helena brought back with her, so she just doesn't bring it up. "There is one who is missing, totally off the grid. He may be dead, but he could either be underground in the Company or he could be on the run from them. If it's the latter…. well, he could be REAL useful."

The technopath nods slowly. "What exactly do you want from me, Elisabeth?" If it's not locations. In fact, of what Liz has said so far, Hana doesn't see where her participation is really relevant at all. She picks her cup back up, taking another drink of the coffee.

Actually, it's a good question. "Two things," Elisabeth replies. "I want to see if you can track down the missing man anywhere. And…. I wondered if you alone or between you and Robin Hood, we might be able to dig up enough links and enough information now that we know exactly who to look at to bring down the whole fucking empire behind the Company. Interested?"

Hana's eyes narrow slightly; she doesn't touch the subject of 'Robin Hood'. "More than interested," she admits to the woman beside her. The coffee mug is placed on the counter again, the Israeli's attention steady upon Liz. She doesn't explicitly demand anything — but the expectation is implicit.

Interested is an understatement.

Elisabeth proceeds to lay out for Hana the information that she's managed to get her hands on. "About half you probably already know. Arthur and Angela Petrelli, Kaito Nakamura, Robert Bishop, Charles Deveaux, Daniel Linderman," she says, getting up to go pull a sheet of paper from her desk. "The others are Susan Amman, a DA in Reseda, California. Harold Fletcher, a surgeon in Ontario, Canada. Paula Gramble - AKA Sarah Barton these days - a bookstore manager in Seattle. I don't know what she did before that. Carlos Mendez — Cat believes him to be Isaac Mendez's father possibly — disappeared off the grid in 2006. Victoria Pratt, a bio engineer in Searsmont, Maine." Elisabeth pauses. "And Maury Parkman, currently somewhere in Manhattan kidnapping his granddaughter for her ability, we gather."

The names are committed to memory, and to digital storage besides; Hana is taking no chances with losing or misremembering any of this. Not that she would be likely to do either, anyway. "I'll see what I can turn up."

Elisabeth nods and makes sure Hana also has what little she has on the rest of them. "Maybe they've been careless enough somewhere out there in cyberspace to leave enough footprints to let us pull it together," she sighs. "Cardinal and I are making a run to Maine shortly to see Pratt in person. Where we go from there… no real telling." She considers. "If you have any thoughts on a course of action, by all means, feel free to volunteer them. At this point, …. " Liz pauses and says quietly, "Considering what they're running around doing to people we know — Abby, Parkman's kid, to just name two. Completely innocent people who don't deserve Tyler Case turned loose on them. Helena's …. working her own angles, but I'm done, Hana. I want it done."

Hana inclines her head. She already said she'll do what she can, and the woman sees no need to repeat this; rises from her seat instead, estimating that the meeting is probably just about over. "Be careful, Elisabeth," the technopath instructs.

Elisabeth merely nods. Maybe she just feels the need to justify her movements here. "Believe me, I'm doing the best I can." She hesitates. "Have you had any online contact with R.Ajas?"

Hana turns away, begins to walk back towards the door, only to pause as Elisabeth continues. "I know him," she affirms, looking over her shoulder at the detective.

"Is that good or bad?" is all Elisabeth asks. "He's contacted me in the past."

"He is — an ally," Hana clarifies, before showing herself out the door. Collecting her jacket before she leaves, of course. Not a friend — but Hana bestows that distinction on few.

Elisabeth smiles and walks Hana out. "Okay," she replies as she opens the door. That's all she really needs to know. Hana's opinion counts on this one. She doens't need friends, but she does need to know whether to trust the text messages.

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