Interview or Interrogation?


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Scene Title Interview or Interrogation?
Synopsis Fedor meets with Sonny's alter ego of Connor Kinney to see if he's Phoenix material. Sonny struggles with upholding his alternate identity as Fedor throws questions at him. The doc's not so sure he wants to become a terrorist after all.
Date March 6, 2009

Staten Island - Inland

This was highly abnormal of course, typically you'd never make a meeting like this in the field when you had an operation so close. This isnt normal work, for a normal organization however so a meeting had been arranged. Like, a year ago even the building had been a small clinic nestled in sort've a generic corperate plaza. It'd never done well, had always been a shoestring affair but with the bridge gone so they went too. He was confident Sonny would know where the place was, and realistically not many others would.

So there Fedor sat, T-shirt, ballcap,shorts, vans, backpack. You know the typical skaterpunk uniform, complete with skateboard and shotgun. He was sitting down at the far end of the hallway, in the armored cage that had once held all the medications and scripts the place had. His skateboard propped up against the emergency exit to one side, as he sat in an old folding chair and waited. Peering absently at the dull glow of his cellphone, before tucking it away.

Not Sonny, rather, Connor Kinney - a doc who is by all records a doctor who has fallen from grace. Once upon a time, he was a respected general practicioner, but Dr. Kinney worked too far out of his medical expertise for the establishment's liking.

The real man behind this identity is, of course, Sonny Bianco. He's the last person to feel at home on a place like Staten Island, or in a neighborhood like this. The weight of a pistol rests against his ribs, beneath a down jacket. He has to keep telling himself that his current identity isn't a threat to anyone, and that Teo has vouched for this guy. He pushes open the door and calls out, "Hello?"

Theres a momentary pause, before Fedor calls out. "I'm in the back, Doc. Come on back, its just you and me in here right now. Dont stand around at the door, its a good way to get both of us shot or otherwise involved with individuals of a distinctly unsavory nature."He rises, slowly from his chair. Letting his right hand hang just a touch behind his hip, and let the shotgun vanish behind his dim form.

"Look, this place doesn't exactly feel safe to me. What's this all about?" Connor moves further back in. He takes note of his surroundings and treads carefully. He's not exactly a great hand with a gun, but there wasn't any way he was coming to Staten unarmed.

Fedor peers quietly for a moment, looking Connor over curiously. "Teo said you were a doctor, who was only halfway useful. He told me, I should make you useful. Do you want to be useful Doc, do you want to help the cause? Do you believe in evolved equality, or are you really just playing around in the deep end because your bored? Were you born rich so you became a doctor out of some nieve wish to give back, or are you a poor kid just trying to make a buck?"

"I'm not a kid, I'm not naive and I'm not rich." Well, two out of those three are true. The identity of Connor actually looks about four or five years older than he actually is. "I want to help. I have been helping. I'm guessing if you know Teo, then you also know the Ferrymen."

Fedor nods softly, the ferrymen huh. "I'm the school teacher, I make people useful and I get things done. Now do you want to be useful doc, or do you want to be safe? The two tend to be mutually exclusive, when we're talking about a terrorist organization. "he glances towards the back exit, before slipping through the doorway and into the hallway proper with Sonny.

"I would think that the fact that I was even willing to come here answers that question." Connor digs his hands into the pockets of his jacket and shifts his weight from one foot to the other. "I don't want to kill anyone. But I want to do what I can for Teo. He's…" a beat, "…a good friend."

Fedor smiles, just a touch, lifting the shotgun to rest its barrel against his shoulder. "And is that a moral consideration, or one more to do with bravery? Be honest now Doc, I'm not just asking questions at random. I'm not a medical doctor, but lets be honest with one another. One professional to another, Your profession is health and mine are secrets. I'd like you to remember, that Teo trusts in my professional integrity so I'd appreciate it if you did as well."

"Morality," says Connor rather abruptly and without hesitation. "I'm a doctor. I don't harm people. Not unless it's in self defense. I can help. With information. With medical care. With infiltration." He considers Fedor for a moment, or more specifically, the shotgun.

Fedor nods softly, but the shotgun isnt anything too special. Its a beat to fuck M37, easily ten years old and short enough to qualify for a riot gun. Former NYPD issue of course, but they'd been out've production for awhile. "And do you mind, if I ask you some more questions about that Doc? I know some doctors find it, disturbing to really air out what they'd murder for. I find it very illuminating though, so if you'd permit me?"he half turns back, hooking the folding chair with a shoe before sliding it out into the hallway. "Please, have a seat. Make yourself comfortable, and know your the safest man in the city."

"I don't murder. And I don't think what I'm offering to do would require that I hurt anyone unless they attacked me first. Look," Connor extends his hands and eyes the chair, then glances up to Fedor. "What is this all about? What's the point of this meeting?" He runs his fingers through his hair and pushes the strands back out of his face. Then he slumps into the chair. His jaw sets. This situation is clearly making him uncomfortable.

Fedor offers the shotgun over, buttstock first with a wry little smile. "Relax, Its not like I'm going to judge you. Teo asked me to evaluate you, and help you with any shortcomings I find. That means your only half useful, because right now nobody trusts you. This isnt your fault, this is nothing to be ashamed of. Your at the same position everyone is, before they spend some time with me. Now, would you like to know more or can we get started on the basics?"

"The Ferrymen trust me, Teo trusts me. You're the one who doesn't. And I don't trust you either. We don't know each other." Connor inhales a sharp breath. "Let's get on with whatever it is you want to do. I'd like to get out of this place as soon as possible." This isn't the way that Sonny Bianco would react in this situation. Then again, he's not supposed to be Sonny Bianco right now. Connor Kinney has a much shorter temper and irritates quickly.

Fedor sets the shotgun aside after a moment"So you'd kill a man to save your life, what about somone elses life. Is it still murder if you kill a man to save another, what about if you do it premptively?"His gaze is soft, far more so than most kids his age. Granted, Sonny of all people should know how untrustworthy one's eyes are around here.

Connor leans one elbow on his knee and pinches his nose. "I don't see how this is relevant. I can't really know what I'd do in a situation like that until I'm in it. And I'd do everything in my power to make sure I'd never have to make these kinds of decisions. Unless you're planning to send me in to kill someone, I don't see the point of these questions."

Fedor waves his hand "No, your a doctor. I wont ask you to take a life, without the presence of an extreme circumstance. Life is precious, and its worth more than a test. I'm asking, because I need to know your limit. You know, some Phoenix people are missing correct?"

"I've heard that, but that's as much as I know. I've tried to keep out of things past the Ferrymen. But lately, I've found myself wanting to help more. Hence," Connor extends his arms again, then lets his hands drop. "I'm assuming they're either being held captive here on Staten, or this is where they went missing."

Fedor nods softly to that "Thats right. They're being robbed of their liberty, and their dignity and are being forced to do distasteful things. If murdering an evil man would free them, would you do it? Is his life more important than their dignity and their liberty?"

"Look, I thought this was going to be about my powers, not my morals. I told you, I don't know if I'd kill unless I was faced with that situation. If you want me to answer that yes, I would kill, then you're looking for a colder man than me. I'm not the judge of who is an evil man. I'm not the one who decides who gets to live." He stands. "If this is all I'm here for? Then you've got your answer. I wouldn't go in with the goal of taking someone out to free others. There's got to be other ways."

Fedor shakes his head softly "Sit back down and relax, this is one small part of why your here. I'm not here to judge you Doc, I just want to know where your limits are alright? I'm not going to try and turn you into a killer, I'm going to try and figure out what your good at and what your willing to do. Sometimes, for both out sakes this may require I ask alot of questions. If you cant handle me asking questions, then perhaps your not ready to contribute."

"I think I need to reconsider this. Maybe I'm not ready to contribute." Connor exhales slowly. "Look. All I told Teo is that I wanted to help if I could. Beyond what I do as a doctor for the Ferrymen. If that offer's going to put me through the wringer, then maybe I have to rethink it." He sets his jaw again and rubs at the back of his neck. He doesn't sit down again. "Use me or don't. That's up to you guys. I didn't realize the offer was going to mean I'm psychologically profiled."

Fedor narrows his gaze just a touch, just a fraction. Why the fuck was the Doc so god damned nervous. "I think you need to relax Doctor, and sit back down. Now, can you defend yourself? What about, can you pick a lock or get out or handcuffs? Have you ever been arrested or detained against your will?"

He's not nervous, he's agitated. And feeling overwhelmed. Connor shakes his head to both the instructions and the question. "No. I'm just a doctor," a beat, "I've…studied aikido. But I've never used it outside of a dojo." He grits his jaw and stares off into one corner of the room.

Fedor nods softly "Excellent, now whats your specialty? How familar are you with vetenary scripts, if you had access to a vetenary office do you feel confident you'd be capable of performing basic to intermediary surgery? Do you know how to put somone under, are you familar at all with tropical diseases and conditions?"

Connor rubs his face and exhales a long breath. "I'm not a vet, so no. And I'm a surgeon, so yes. I went through medical school, so I can diagnose. What does this have to do with anything? The Ferrymen have a file of all my medical qualifications."

Theres a moment or two worth of pause "Your extremely agitated, so I'm starting to think either your trying to hide something from me or your under the influence of something. Now before you say a word, I'm not here to interrogate you. I dont want to know anything but what you want to talk to me about, so before we get onto the practical end of things. I'd like if you took a moment, and if you have any questions about who I am I'd be happy to answer them to the extent that I can without endangering anyone. Thats only fair, if I'm going to act like the spanish inquisition right?"

"What makes you think I'm under the influence of anything, or hiding anything? I'm just not comfortable with being interrogated. You asked me if I'd kill. That makes me worried. That makes me question whether I want to be involved with you at all. And you're not exactly inspiring confidence. You may say you're not here to interrogate me, but that's exactly what you're doing." Connor rocks back a step. "Forget it. I'm out of here. If Teo wants my help, he knows how to get ahold of me. I didn't realize my offer was going to mean my morality and skills were going to be dissected." He starts for the exit.

Fedor hmms "Your very unreliable, is this how long it'd take a cop to peel your story away and give up your peers? If this is what your all about, then go ahead and walk out the door. If your just nervous, and want a moment to collect yourself then have a seat and we can finish up."His gaze was passive, if he had an emotional tie either way it wasnt evident.

"Look. I'm not ready for this. I'm just a doctor who wanted to do a little more to help. That's it! I don't want to commit to a life of terrorism and covert ops. I just wanted to lend a hand." Connor stops moving towards the door, but he doesn't come back either. "I've got no training in covert ops, fighting, any kind of radio equipment. I've fired a gun a half dozen times in my entire life. I can't resist torture or interrogation. So you're ultimately going to find me unfit. So why don't I save us both some time, huh?"

Fedor just sighs, before lifting a hand to rub at his jaw. "Look, Doctor. I'm called a school teacher for a reason, I'm here to teach you enough so that you can stay free and safe. I can turn anyone I want into a shooter, it takes fifteen minutes and a target. I'm not trying to turn you into a killer or a terrorist, but can you at least concede my point that it would be useful if you knew more? I'm not saying if you did more, just if you were more educated in how these things work. "

"Look," Connor sighs. "I didn't realize how involved this would be when I offered to help. I have to think about it. Think about whether this is something I want to do now that I have a better idea of what you'd expect of me." He stares off for a moment and exhales a held breath. "I'm a doctor. All my training revolves around not doing harm. This is a leap for me. But from what I've heard, you could use the help."

Fedor lifts a hand defencively "Stop. I dont want you to hurt or kill anyone, but I think its important you know the basics of how to avoid getting yourself and your patient locked up. If you hadnt noticed, what your offering to do is a felony. I'm only trying to equip you with the tools to ensure you can help people, instead of spend the rest of your days behind bars. If the concept that we dont want you arrested, is too radical then why dont you go home?"

"And I've been doing it for awhile now. I'm not new to working with the Ferrymen. I've broken the law to give care to people who couldn't afford it, or couldn't afford a specialist. I'm aware of the danger and I know how to cover my tracks. Medically." Connor tries to make himself relax. "It's not my medical aid that I'm here for."

Fedor shakes his head "no, but do you know enough to know when your being tailed by the authorities? If you were being followed, how much aid could you render whilst you and your patient were in jail? Your a valuable commodity, we dont want you getting arrested now do we?"

"I haven't gotten arrested yet," says Connor. "So I must be doing something right. Besides, I think the authorities have bigger targets than a doctor who's giving aid where it's needed. But again, this isn't about my medical practice. This is about me doing more, right?"

Fedor nods "Doing more with your medical practice. "Fedor steps closer, offering a plain card with only a phone number. "Call me, we're going to talk some more and I have an opportunity for you to do your work. I'd suggest you look into acquiring some materials around vetenary scripts, occasionally its all thats available. I also have some reading material of a medical nature for you to read over, but we'll get to that another night alright?"

"It wasn't supposed to be about my medical practice at all," says Connor. But he takes the card just the same. "I can't promise I'll help you if you contact me. I have to think about it. And if you're talking medication, I have ways of finding the proper supplies. No one should have to take horse pills." The card is tucked away and the doc turns to go again, this time for real. He has to think long and hard about whether this is worth it.

Fedor watches Sonny go, before snagging his shotgun. He snags the chair, retiring to the little scripts booth in the back for another hour or two. Making his exit long after Sonny, and through the back entrance.

Via Cellular Technology

Ring-ring-ring-ring goes the phone, Caller ID might report Fedor's number.

Click goes the other phone, and the distant click and blur of wind and moving feet assures Fedor that Teo is somewhere outside and alone. "Buona sera."

"It's Fedor, I just talked to your doctor. He is, well do you want me to be entirely frank or optimistic?"

"Both, signor," Teo replies. "I want to know in what capacity he could be used, if at all. Not everybody's cut out for every department of duty, si?"’

Fedor there isnt much wind noise, but the grey noise in the background might well be skateboard wheels."He's very rich, very spoiled and absolutely terrified I'll find some secret he's hiding. He has absolutely no, well lets call them ground skills? He would be fine, but I had him coming apart at the edges in just two questions."theres a pause "just his definition of self defence, and if he'd ever been arrested. Use him sure, but not for anything sensetive. A woman could probably charm him deeper, but he really just has no self confidence."

There's a long breath outgoing, not disappointed; not even surprised. Teo says, "Yeah. Sounds like the guy. Okay. Thank you very much for your time. I talked to Cardinal just now— he'll be getting back to you on times and dates and details of shit. I'll talk to you again to verify."

Fedor hmms just a little, as he eases his longboard to a stop. "thats perfectly fine. I think what your doctor needs, is a crisis situation where he rescues himself. This is the main reason pilots undergo survival training, the survival training itself is pretty useless but the feeling that you can save yourself is very important."

"I'll take you under advisement, signor, but I don't think that's my job." Teo generally only pauses when he's thinking very hard about something: in general, he can talk your ear right off the side of your head. He's pausing now, a conversational lull distinct despite the incessant crescendo and stutter of background noise. "Figure he's good in capacity of a field doctor for now, then. Phoenix doesn't have any espionage projects it really needs done, anyway. That it?"

Fedor shrugs on his end, the sort you can really hear but ya sorta know he's doing it. "Keep him away from the field, if he got picked up I'm not certain he could keep his trap shut for five minutes. Anyway, no nothing else Teo. Everything alright with you? How did your little attempt at diplomacy go?"

Despite that he'd mentioned Cardinal would carry word back, honestly, Teo isn't doing something right now that especially precludes talking. "Good. Muldoon and Logan agreed to let everybody in their cages go, if the fighter I choose wins on Wednesday night in Pancratium. I don't trust him, and I'm not willing to risk it. I know our man's going to win the scrap, but I want the terms enforced— figure you guys go and light up the warehouse the same night. Make sense?"

Fedor oofs, brows raising. "well are you planning to hurt Muldoon and Logan personally if they don't keep their word? I mean even if its just torching their car or something, if they jerk us around we'll need to get your people and ensure folks don't start thinking your a pushover. I mean can you imagine trying to run an arms deal if word got out?"

"Don't know, don't care," Teo replies. "I'm not giving them the chance to go back on their word and, you want to know the truth, I'm not planning to keep mine in the slim-to-none chance my boy loses. I'm not the one with a reputation to cultivate, signor. We take the warehouse. The negotiations are just being polite."

Fedor nods softly. "Well, I understand. That's certainly wiser than what you've said before. Now, I'm going to go Teo. I hope you have a pleasant evening."and then foreign voices rise from the din, before -click-.

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