Intimidation Tactics


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Scene Title Intimidation Tactics
Synopsis Kaylee runs the prints of Agent Toussaint and runs into a road block. It's good to know Liz has her back.
Date September 21, 2020

SCOUT Bullpen - NYPD

“Amy huh? And this is the Department of the Exterior you said?”

Kaylee’s voice drips with barbed and completely fake politeness even as she angrily scribbles down the name on a scrap of paper and angling a look at the woman standing next to her. “Don’t worry Amy, you gave me exactly what I was looking for,” she croons back with the same threat-laced sweetness, “Oh… and if you could just let your agents know… if they don’t want inquiries… then just fucking tell me who you work for the first time I ask.” That last bit is edged with anger, before she hangs up on the woman and quickly adds a middle finger salute with both hands at the receiver.

“Sorry,” Kaylee says as an aside to Elisabeth as she relaxes back into her chair, without any remorse for that. However…. “I apologize if Wilson or Donovan chew your ass over this.” That she would feel bad about, she was on leave still after all.

Though, admittedly, Kaylee hadn’t been overly surprised when her desk phone rang the moment the print results came up. Seems Agent Toussant’s identity was Classified at a federal level, well above both their heads. “That was a cease and desist or we’ll tell your boss call.” Though Liz probably figured that out herself. “Still we know who he works for now…” Which was the point of it all. “Though not much more…” she murmurs eying the roadblock still mocking her on the screen.

"Fffffft," Elisabeth retorts. "My fucking squad room, my fucking business." Sitting with one hip perched up on what, to her mind, is still Kaylee's desk, the lieutenant swings her foot and looks thoughtful. "No, we really fucking don't," are the next words she growls. "The Department of the Exterior is the fucking space agency… among other things, I'm quite sure. They are officially supposed to be dealing with — literally from their own words — 'non-terrestrial' affairs. But I will say one thing…. they're about to get a hell of a lot of scrutiny." As part of her job, she does have to know the departments of federal investigations in case she has to call upon them. That's just not one that makes any sense.

There is a low, almost indistinguishable hum coming from the audiokinetic, the first time in months that it's shown up anywhere that Kaylee knows about. "Cease and desist or we'll go to your boss my ass. Do they know who your fucking boss is? It's not like I don't have a reputation for putting my nose where they don't think it belongs. And now…"

The smile has an edge of feral to it. "Now, my lovelies, you've piqued my curiosity about why the department of 'non-terrestrial interests' is involved." Elisabeth has had far too many 'non-terrestrial' shenanigans in her life to not think their interest is purely academic.

“Maybe I am an alien,” Kaylee says with a bitter laugh. Leaning her chair back and rubbing her face, she sighs heavily. “I don’t even think I ever heard of them till now.” It was confusing and frustrating.

“Oh… and speaking of spacey things…” Kaylee laces her fingers behind her head, “I looked into it, there were no auroras over that part of Canada the night we crashed. I can’t rule out some sort of space time shenanigans or cloning, when I went from my bed to an Institute coffin over Canada in only a couple of hours.”

There's a grimace from Elisabeth at that idea. "Honestly… space time shenanigans would be right up all of our alley," she sighs. "Space cops also policing the timelines, maybe? I mean… when I got home, DoEA was involved in that, but… maybe all that shit, like the Compass tech that came through years ago and all the keeping an eye on us and shit — maybe all of that runs through the DoE now. Richard's always been sure someone in the government was still doing things like experimenting with the Compass tech and shit. Maybe that's them."

Her foot continues to swing as Liz ponders. "I still can't wrap my head around how whatever happened happened to all of you, worldwide, at the same time. Some of you were not local, from what I gathered from Izzy."

“Part of me wonders if Corbin or Nicole could run them with better results,” Kaylee comments to her sister-in-law, with a sigh. ”But… it’s bad enough I am risking my own career, do I let others put themselves on the line?” Lips press tight in thought as to what her next move is.

“But, yeah…. You’re right it is up our alley.” Kaylee agrees with another sigh, leaving forward to shut off the monitor and the offending roadblock. “And what makes the most sense. For all we know, they were bringing the clones to put in our places, when it crashed. The motive all this is what’s eluding me.”

Elisabeth clasps her hands together and continues to think. Her expression is somewhat opaque and she says quietly, "It's definitely time to grab your brother on this." She looks at Kaylee and says, "There are reasons we work the way we do. Long-term strategy is not something I'm good at — I fucking hate chess with a passion. And to see what's coming, you have to be able to look at the big picture, think three steps ahead of the assholes. Sometimes I can do that, but I swear to God, your brother inherited something from his mother. Dad says he's the most intuitive puzzle-solver he's ever known. If you're looking for motives, Richard's the one who will be able to look at the pieces and find how they connect."

She smiles just a little, looking down. "Back before," Liz murmurs, "people didn't seem to really believe me when I said I was the tactical mind. But it's true." She looks up at Kaylee. "I don't like trying to outthink the machinations of twisted minds. But tell me what you need and I'll make it happen. I'll get the right people into place with a plan to accomplish — or thwart — whatever needs dealing with."

Drawing in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Elisabeth glances toward the glass wall of Wilson's office. "You keep digging. Anybody wants to play the 'does your boss know what you're doing' game, you point them my way." She offers her sister a wicked smile. "Smart money says they tell you what you want to know so that your brother and I won't come knocking on their doors. Subtlety is not my preferred form of combat." She certainly can USE it… she wouldn't have survived the politics of some of her jobs if she couldn't. But she has zero qualms about making a lot of noise.

There is a smirk for Liz and affection too. But the mention of Richard gets a slow shake of her head, “He’s stepping back on this one. I think he’s just trying to keep me busy.” So she doesn’t slip back into a catatonic state, probably. “So I need to feel out this one myself.” Her head wobbles a bit, before she amends, “For now anyway. If I really need something, I’ll definitely go to him.”

Pushing to her feet, Kaylee looks at her desk and suddenly looks sad. She might miss it some. “Thanks for letting me sneak in.” Not that it was really sneaking. “I need to wrangle Lou into helping me make the final arrangements for the Canada excursion. I like Sera, but I need more subtlety with this trip.”

"Do not for one fucking minute think you're done being a cop." Elisabeth's tone is sharp as she moves to stand and hug Kaylee. "You be careful on the trip, and you make contact regularly. If you disappear, I swear to God, I will tear both countries apart." It's meant to sound teasing but there's a grimmer undertone to it — Liz is worried.

She's not going to feel easy about Kaylee haring off yet again into the wilderness.

Kaylee still looks downtrodden, pushing her chair in, but not letting go of it. “It won’t be the same if it’s not SCOUT, though,” she admits quietly. “And I’m not going to tread lightly. I’ll do anything I need to, just so I can get it back.”

Leaning on the chair back, Kaylee looks thoughtful, “Luckily, I have a reason to go. The Canadian government is looking for bids on moving that big ass bird.” There is an impish curl to her lips as she lowers her voice so only Liz can hear her. “I’ll use that as an excuse to take in a team. I might bid on the project to buy us more time.” Leaning closer to Liz, she adds playfully, “And don’t worry. I’m taking Hahn and Luther. I’ll be well protected.”

A single brow quirks upward. Elisabeth has a high opinion of Luther, generally speaking. And Hahn definitely is a person she has trust in, especially after Detroit. "Good. You'll be okay. If you're taking Seren, keep an eye on them…" She can't help but worry for Seren. Detroit was a lot for them to handle.

She winks at Kaylee. "I'll see what I might be able to dig into from this side on the department itself, okay?"
“I appreciate it,” Kaylee says relieved for the help from that side of things. “No matter how small, it could be the missing piece we need to solve this.”

Glancing down at her watch, Kaylee’s eyes widen with a hissed, “Shit. I’m gonna be late picking up Carl.” She didn’t get a lot of time with her son, so every moment - no matter how short - was precious. Even with cops milling about, the former telepath hugs her sister-in-law quickly and rushes for the door. “Text you later,” Kaylee calls over her shoulder.

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