Into The Dragon's Mouth: Part II


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Scene Title Into The Dragon's Mouth: Part II
Synopsis Helena, Alexander and Eve head to Cell Block A to free the detainees imprisoned there.
Date September 19, 2008

Primatech Research — Cell Block A

"No, I…Yes sir. Mohinder Suresh." Along with the voice of the Homeland Security Agent in the hall of Level Five come his footsteps. But rather than walk slowly down the hall inspecting the security for each and every cell and it's unique inhabitant, Parkman is pacing. "No, sir, I don't know where he — sir, I don't know if your secretary told you, but I'm Agent Matthew Parkman. Yes. I would like you to find Mohinder Suresh. I understand that you're the American Embassy — that's why I'm calling you. Just get him to call back at this number. … Would I be calling you if it wasn't a possible emergency?" Obviously flustered, Matt grimaces with tightly closed lips and flips his phone shut with perhaps a bit more force than is necessary.

Matt sighs, at once glad to be off the phone but also upset that he has has to continue to wait to get the answers that are just beyond his reach. If only his mind would reach that far. Clearing his throat as much for the others on the level as for himself, the agent goes back to his inspection, squinting at the edges of the glass and the bolts on the door of Huruma's cell.

The presence of Parkman is definitely a surprise. The good doctor is dressed with a white labcoat over her white blouse and pinstripe skirt. She pulls down her golden frames and lets out a soft chuckle under her breath. A wry grin curls onto her lips as she heads on over towards him and bows her head a little, having overheard bits of the conversation.

"Mr. Parkman, nice to see you again.." she says with a cool, icy tone. It wasnt exactly the best first impression before, with the telepathic feedback and all. "I'm Agent Salonga, and I believe, I'm the one who was set to give you the tour of Level 5. I just finished evaluating a few of our patients, so I figure I should explain my position. I'm the resident psychiatrist and counselor of the patients and various Primatech we begin the tour then?"

Never one to disregard or ignore her surroundings, even the tapping of one pair of feet in the halls can catch Huruma's attention. When those footsteps come with an unfamiliar voice, she is already quite fixed on watching the large glass wall from the far end of her cell. Still clad in the cotton undershirt and what undergarments she had been wearing under her uniform, the tall woman is crouched in place, unmoving.

Then another set of feet comes, and both pale eyes refocus on the glass when both of them sway into visibility in the window. Matt and Claudine now have the stranger in the cell watching them like a hawk, which with jaw set and pupils like pinpricks, makes Huruma seem all the more bizarre.

Parkman's presence is also a surprise for Elle, who hadn't been expecting to see company walking through the hallways of Level Five. She is in a black blazer with a gray t-shirt underneath, skinny jeans, and kitten heels that give the effect of muted 'clicks' down the floor of the corridor. Following behind her is a taller woman - handcuffed, but otherwise looking unharmed and normal. The cuffs are a safety precaution, and a somewhat ironic one, given what Niki's task is to be. As usual, her stride is visibly a breezy one, but other than that Elle's carriage feels and looks neutral.

She slows a bit, aware of Niki behind her, coming into vision between the cells of Huruma and Adam. It is possible to view her through the respective windows, though necks will have to be craned, since she's hovering just beyond the edge. "Salonga? Who's this?" The unmistakable voice cuts into the air, feminine and keen without trying to be.

Niki is walking at Elle's side. Her hands are cuffed in front of her, since she's being transferred down the hallway. And then she comes into sight of Matt and Claudine. Thankfully, it isn't Jessica; she's not that fond of Matt. But that doesn't mean anyone else knows that. She looks over at the two other people in the hallway, curiously.

Something is going down. It's obvious to anyone with half a brain — and if something is going down, Adam wants to know what it is. The man has wandered to the front of his cell to stand proudly in front of the window with his arms crossed, a thoughtfully annoyed look on his face. He glances between Huruma and the people in the hallway, taking stock of who's who without a word. This is.. unusual. Mr. Important on the phone is also calling for someone who's name is known to anyone with ears in the Company.

When you live as long as Adam has, you develop a sense of intuition that others lack. Something is indeed going down at Primatech Research, but it's a mystery whether or not this something has anything to do with Agent Parkman's presence. At the end of the hall, a bright blue light blinks to life, filling the entrance to Cellblock A with a pale glow. Huruma and Niki might not know what it means, but Adam — who was a free man with Primatech was still drafting the floor plans for this facility — will. Claudine, Elle and Matt, too.

Somewhere, there's been a security breach.

Tour? Matt didn't need a tour. He squints at Claudine, then narrows his eyes with suspicion before lifting a finger to point at her. "You're the one who was sneaking around my building." Straightening, Matt turns from the door frame to look at Huruma. She wasn't here the last time he inspected this level. Interesting. Well, it won't be difficult to get her file. "I don't need a tour. I know my way around. Thank you."

But it's not Claudine's fault. Parkman's just a bit more stressed than usual, what with Mohinder either acting strangely or having found the ability to be in two places at once and Molly in danger. No sooner does he say this and turn, however, than the siren goes off. He snaps his head to the end of the hallway, immediately on edge. Turning back around to face Claudine, then looking past her to Elle, Matt takes a deep breath and does what he does best — his job.

"You two, stay here and keep an eye on things. Get her," he half-growls, because even if she's Niki she sure has hell looks like Jessica, "back behind a thick door and glass." Matt then pushes back his jacket to grab his pistol from his holster and rack the slide. In another second he's gone back down the hall toward the door and Cell Block B.

"Mr. Parkman, this is Miss Bishop." Claudine says matter of factly, sighing a little while idly running her fingers through her hair. She'd say something else, but the alarm definitely catches her attention as she facepalms a little. This cant be good, and she just blinks blankly, looking over towards Matt. Does he have that kind of authority? She just looks to Elle while she reaches into her labcoat. Yes, she has a gun too.

More voices. More feet. More shadows stretching over the hallway. Huruma lifts slowly to her feet straight from her crouch, eyes glued to the sheet of crystal clear glass. Now standing, the dark woman moves silently along the edge of her cell as to get the best view of everyone in the hall.

When the blue glow appears, Huruma's eyes dart towards it like a moth to a flame. While she does not know what it means at first, the strange man's reaction does give her a nice, big hint. Oh! Finally, something interesting. All of this draws Huruma closer to the glass wall, eyes reflecting off of the blue light in the hall, and the edges of her lips curling upwards into in a smirk.

Elle is stunned for a moment, drawing her steps forward until her halted figure is clearly visible between the two cell windows. Her stare lingers after Matt. "What kind of authority does he think he has?" she raises in a snap. "He's not Company—" Blue alarm light cuts her off. Her jaw tenses and parts slightly, her eyes sharpening to focus mutely - here, there, glancing for possible indications in her surroundings. Yes, she knows well what this means. "…What's going on."

Niki looks to Elle as the alarm lights and sounds. She frowns, as she looks to the other blonde. "What's going on?" She seems a little rattled, to put it mildly. "Who was that?"

This is even more interesting than Adam could have dared to hope for. If they haven't changed the codes since his day with the Company — well. The man is suddenly a lot more attentive, and his palms are soon pressed against the glass between him and the hallway. "Now would possibly be the time to overthrow our captors, whatever it is." Always dreaming of escape leaves you with limited conversational options.

Soon enough, she undoes the safety on her handgun and looks over to Elle. Claudine hrmms for a few moments, slightly unnerved by Huruma's icy stare as she sighs and shakes her head, and it's then that she remembers she has a walkie talkie. So that's what she's going to try, grabbing it to see what's going on top.

"This is Agent Salonga down in Level 5. What the hell is going on up there? There was no scheduled drill.." at least, not that she was aware of.

As Matt disappears, swallowed up by the glow at the end of the hall, a low grinding sound vibrates through Level 5. It's the freight elevator, and unless it's carrying ground support to help secure this floor of the facility, Elle and Claudine will probably be expecting some unwanted company in the next few minutes.

A moment later, Claudine's walkie-talkie crackles to life and she receives a terse response from the voice on the other end. "Salonga? Is my daughter down there with you?" It must be Bishop.

Huruma passes her attention to the cell across the hall, and the man now holding his palms to the window. A slow, deliberate tilt of her head shifts her eyes back away. Whether she heard his words or not is up in the air. Regardless, she is very likely thinking the same, exact thing.

"What's wrrrong, little birds?" Huruma's voice carries out of the cell slats, smooth, deep, and taunting the women outside with every syllable.

Ahh. It's the bossman's voice. The young Filipina mmhmms and nods before pressing the 'talk' button once more. "Yes sir, she's down here with me.." and then she hands it to Elle, just so she can talk to daddy.

Elle's hands are bare, and remain so as she turns her icy gaze on Claudine and her walkie-talkie. She is not carrying a handgun, and is not known to bother to do so. Niki's question is ignored, as well as Huruma's, though hearing the latter's makes her blood run with a surge of irritation.

The phone isn't grabbed, but it is plucked sharply from Claudine's offering grip. "…Daddy? What is going on?"

With no answer, Niki is looking more and more nervous. She looks over at one of the cell door windows, apparently just looking at a reflection. Of course, anyone who knows her knows that might be a bad thing.

"Daddy's not going to be able to save you from whatever's up there, princess." When in doubt, distract. When distracting, be /annoying/. Adam has learned that it is a very effective technique. He slaps one hand against the window, hitting it in such a way that the resulting *BONG* is impressively loud.

"It's going to be all right, honey," Bob's voice reassures Elle, straining against the static of the walkie-talkie, "I want you and Agent Salonga to stay right where you are. I have my hands full up here, but you should be—" Whatever he was about to say next is interrupted by a staccato burst on gunfire on the other end of the line, and the signal abruptly goes dead.

That's probably not a good sign.

Claudine actually looks over to the MPD and feels bad for her. She smiles warmly and motions for the back, "You might want to get in a cell, it might be safer.." she advises the other blonde before hrmming for a few moments, getting her gun ready. Part of her is annoyed by the chauvinistic outlook of the elder, but hey, it looks like they might have to be the heroes in the end.

The young Filipina looks over to Elle, hrmming for a few moments. They're the same age, but since Elle has been with the Company longer, she's got seniority. "I'm following your lead, tell me who I need to put into a coma and I'll do it."

The power suppression that Huruma had been given more than a day ago had begun to wane, but only now does she test it once more.

She can feel you, out there in the hall. Across the block. The others through the thick cell walls, coming closer and closer.

Huruma can feel Adam's annoyance, Elle's irritation, Claudine's apparent nervousness. It feels familiar again.

The speech from the little speakers is certainly not lost on her, either. Once the sound breaks, Huruma replaces it with a laugh- loud, melodious, and malevolent, her dark lips peeled back into a toothy smile under the lights. A static feeling of more uneasiness and fear buzzes against the brains of the women in the hall.

Claudine does know the electric blonde well enough to know that she might have to run up when the sounds of battle can be heard. Her eyes widen a little as she hrmms for a few moments and takes a deep breath. "There's one upstairs, three coming towards us. You might want to get some zappage ready, girl.." she says matter of factly.

No. It is not. Elle wouldn't have obeyed the order to 'stay right where you are' anyway, but her eyes widen in shock. Then unnerved pain, almost in the same instant. "No—"

And she's running, the walkie-talkie clutched to her chest in a clawed grip. Her hair zags behind her; she hears Claudine, and obliges a second later by tightening her fingers, catlike. The soft blue there glows between her squeezed fist, melding with the blue of the alarm light like a hungry, hidden sun. She has to get to him.

Al is very much down with the IRA chic today — black balaclava to hide all but the red brows and the blue eyes, black t-shirt, black fatigue pants, AK-47 out and at the ready. He's the first in to the cellblock, coming around the corner at a brisk trot. On sighting the Company folks, he bellows. "Everybody DOWN!" Maybe he won't have to shoot anyone. That'd be nice…….Fat chance. He punctuates the order with a physical reminder - a concussive shockwave designed to take them all off their feet, making a little flinging gesture with the hand not on the rifle. Very Qui Gonn.

Helena drops to one knee, and in concert with Alex, sends out a forceful sweep of wind. What might resist the telekinetic push will hopefully not prevail against it before she rises and waits for Alexander to advance.

Eve drops as well and studies the three women in the hall and her gaze centers on the woman she calls Jessica, "What the hell? I know her" she mutters quietly and cocks her gun, gotta be ready. Her dress blows in the wind and if she wasn't wearing those leggings, people would have gotten a whole lot of Eve that they might not have wanted to see!

The handcuffed blonde looks back at the sudden shout, and man-with-rifle. And then gets gusted and slammed right back into the wall. She manages to stay up, by grabbing onto the nearest door handle, and steadies herself. "Don't shoot! I'm a prisoner!" She lifts her hands up to display the handcuffs to validate her claims.

Compared to the boring agents in the hall, the feeling of confidence from the strangers is like a boil straight through Huruma's nerves. Ohoho. The woman behind the glass wall has her eyes open on the scene unfolding, her own palms pressed against the window. The woman's expression is almost gritted, her razor-cheekbones and jaw pulled tight.

The PARIAH trio(and her fellow detainees, for that matter) will be feeling a new twinge of courage right about now; the effort is certainly not Huruma's best, but it taps within the mind and heart nonetheless.

A few seconds behind Eve is Dr. Mohinder Suresh, his arm in a sling. Dark eyes dart between Alexander and Helena, to Elle and Claudine and then back again. At first, he says nothing, then points one finger directly at Adam's cell. When he does speak, it's in a voice that's more clipped than it usually is. There's no time to waste, and he knows it. "That one first," he barks. "Alexander, you should be able to rip the door off its hinges."

It's unfortunate that Elle's position places her nearer to the PARIAH intruders than anybody else; however, Claudine's warning had given her a split second to think on her feet. The combination of both attacks blows her backwards a good several feet, though she lands with little damage other than putting out a flying hand to stop herself.

"What have you done!" is the scream that rips itself away from her throat. Even before she's fully righted again, the spots of blue — which had flickered as impact hit — glow suddenly strong. A forked detonation ZZZZZZTs out at Alexander in a long stream, who she had spotted first.

The combination of the gust of wind and the strong telekinetic force sweeps her off her feet. Fortunately, she wasnt on the stairs yet, letting Elle have the lead and so she's only falls onto her stomach and is pushed back a bind, skidding across the floor. She oomphs a little, definitely annoyed, and she's about to say something when Elle makes with the McZappity on Alexander.

And that's when the shooting begins. Her eyes widen a little as thank goodness she was already knocked to the ground, as the bullets just spray over her. Fortunately, this gives her the time she needs. Elle is an experienced agent, and she should be fine, if not, Dine will take care of her later, but for now, she has to take care of the terrorists.

Gauging the threats, the young Filipina's eyes grow dark, her pupils becoming dark as she delves into Helena's mind. The instant mental contact is made, takes a deep breath and focuses, using what's normally for therapeutic purposes into a tool of torture and pain. Helena should hopefully find herself in a mental dreamscape, as if her very own experience in reality is completely gone, with Claudine in complete control. It's like the opposite of Alex's Jedi tricks, but more Sith inspired…

What luck. The 'blind' firing takes Elle right in the stomach, causing a very strangled 'hrg' sound to be heard. Blood squeezes from the patchy hole that's suddenly appeared in her shirt, running in rivulets through her fingertips — the walkie-talkie had dropped and clattered off somewhere. She is still conscious, though sent in a sprawl as strength suddenly fails to sustain her weight, and remains so as the sickly sight collects at her abdomen. No blackness is coming to take away the pain, even.

Helena blinks a moment when she realizes that somehow Mohinder and Eve got down the hall — well, Mo darted for Adam's door, but how did Eve get ahead — it doesn't matter, because she realizes that somehow, it's now Claudine by Adam's door and Elle is — right behind her! "Shit!" she hisses, dropping to the floor and clutching Alex. Around the pair, mist begins to form, obscuring their figures.

Niki looks about. Gunfire all over the place. This is less than good. Hopefully the people here are on the right side, since her only contact here just got shot. She heads in the direction of Eve, Alexander, and Helena, hands over her head in the "don't shoot" pose.

So much is going on. Adam vaguely registers that he's been singled out for something, but it is shuffled away in his brain once the violence starts. Instead of panicking like many prisoners might, he stays right at the window and watches the conflict eagerly, his gaze particularly drawn towards Elle. This is… interesting. And it looks like a complete clusterfuck, judging by how it appears to be being handled. "I could do better," the immortal grumbles to himself. At least the Fairy Princess seems to be down and out. Then — "Hey. Hey! Let us out!" And he's banging on the glass.

If she were not in control of herself in this particular moment, the sight of blood might be far more riling for Huruma; she seems to bristle, spidery, slender fingers pressing sharp nails onto the glass when Elle goes down with her new gutshot. More gunshots only serve to get the tall African's heart beating faster with excitement.

These new ones hit close to home, embedding and slicing through the glass window with threatening rings. In what Bryan might happen to call 'fate', were it something else, the lowest of the shots sends a long, jagged crack through the glass between Huruma's hands, passing right in front of her nose. In the second post-crack, a smile flickers over her face, white eyes narrowing with an immensely pleased expression.

Taking a couple of steps back, Huruma moves forward again with her arms and fists aiming for the area of the crack to test it. It widens, shards of glass slipping to shatter on the hallway outside. She moves back again, one-hundred percent certain; Huruma's next swing pounds both powerful arms into the glass with an even heavier blow.

CRASH. The glass gives way, cascading into the hallway in a crackling shimmer. It takes no time for the woman inside of the cell to stride right out of it, fresh, superficial cuts now winding on the edges of her forearms. The new expression on her face is one of triumph, mixed with a twinge of anger.

A piteous groan issues from the ground. It's a child's moan — Elle's moan. Her hair hangs over in tendrils, all but obscuring her bowed head. Her posture is quite still. She seems to be looking as though she's holding her entrails into herself; her knees had landed or been forcefully shunted beneath her.

Though she stays kneeling, blood pools first into the seat of her jeans, then in tinier cracks to the floor. Anybody near her? Don't slip.

Mohinder, who has in reality been hanging back, narrows his eyes at Alexander and Helena on the floor, and then at Adam behind the glass. "If you want something done," he growls under his breath, "you have to do it yourself. Typical." Shouldering his rifle, which he has not yet fired, he raises his good hand and levels it with Adam's door. Slowly, he closes his hand into a fist, and the metal begins to crumple inward. "I am letting you out," he snarls at the glass. "For someone who's been locked up for the better part of thirty years, you'd think you could stand to be patient for just a few seconds longer!"

Al is conscious. But really no good to man or beast, at this point. He's making little keening sounds in the back of his throat, and trying to force himself out of the fetal curl his muscles have more or less forced him into — it's almost like a seizure, as nerves continue to fire off at random. Happily, he's finally dropped his hold on the rifle — it's clattered to the floor without more random firing.

The young Filipina was focusing on the task at hand. She wasnt even fully using her powers and she wasnt paying attention when all of a sudden, three bullets are sent in her direction. Seriously, who shoots someone who looks like a doctor on the ground three fricking times? For cereal. Manbearpig.

The third bullet grazes her arm and that is enough to break her mental control so that Helena can finally see things for what they should be again. At least, she hasn't revealed all her cards in this battle. Her eyes widen as she looks over to the blonde and chews on her bottom lip. Claudine slowly crawls towards Elle, reaching out for her walkie talkie while dialing for 911 in her cellphone with her other hand. There's a trail of blood following her, and wont she have a fun time explaining this all to the med school later on.

Once she grabs the walkie talkie, she yells, "Two agents down. Agents Bishop and Salonga are down. There's too many. Level Five Prisoners escaping. Send medical assistance and backup NOW!" Too bad she didnt get to do anything with the cell other than dial.

Helena blinks, as if suddenly she snapped awake from a dream. Which is accurate, because she did. "Alex," her voice rasps gently in his ear as she tries to pull him up, and the mist clears. Only now Eve's back where she belongs, and that's Mohinder…with a blink, she stares because he totally COULD NOT DO THAT BEFORE. "We need to find…" This is wrong. All kinds of wrong. Outright sideways. "We need to pull back." she says, adding something soft in her comm.

Eve shakes her head at what is happening around her and she studies Huruma, and then looks to Helena as Mohinder does something, he shouldn't be able to do? "Shit" she checks her bullets in her gun and looks at Elle and Claudine on the floor. Striding over, she kicks the radio from Claudine's hand and then backs away slowly towards Helena, "Hel I—", everything stops for Eve as she spots Adam, the woman blinks and then walks faster to get back behind Helena, "He is the one from the dream, the samurai!" she hisses and grips her gun harder.

Niki grabs for the rifle that Alexander dropped. Or at least, looks-like-Niki. Because it's been Jessica since that little interlude early on when she was looking into the reflection. Handcuffed, yes. But Jessica knows how to use a rifle. Her first choice? The lock on Adam's cell. She flicks the selector to auto, and shoots the hell out of it.

The time for patience is long past. With the door slowly starting to creak its way off of its own hinges, Adam disappears from the window — and starts ramming his shoulder against said door. Bam. BAM. BAM. Adam wants out now, please. "Someone had better have a sword out there!" Because God knows the blonde man wants to start cutting things up. This particular statement has the added benefit of helping to substantiate Eve's latest claim.


Between the crumpling, the shooting, and Adam's efforts, the door stands no chance. It flies off its hinges and clatters to the hallway floor with a groan, and Adam steps out after it. This seems like a perfect opportunity for a one-liner like 'I'm back' or something similar and lame, but it's a little to hectic for that. "Jessica! Grab the fairy princess and let's run!" …and let PARIAH act as the cannon fodder.

Breathing deep now that she is out of her cage, Huruma's eyes remain narrowed as she observes this chaos; her feet move forward, catlike, picking over the broken glass all the way to where the floor is clean. White eyes meet any of the other ones that look to them. Picking up her pace, she is a moment from slipping past Claudine and Elle, when— Adam asks something quite interesting of the other apparent prisoner. Change of plans. Huruma heads straight for the Company duo.

Claudine will feel a preemptive shiver up her spine, followed by a shock of sudden fear. Huruma already looms behind, arm curling into a fist before sending a solid backhand for Claudine's head. In the aftermath of the swing, connected or not, her other arm lashes out to grab Elle up; once she has a grasp, the arm that had aimed for Claudine rushes back to help toss her over the taller woman's shoulder. Then? Huruma is headed right for the door, Jessica, and for all intents and purposes, an escape route. I've got your Princess, let's go.

As Mohinder steps back away from the door, away from Niki, away from Adam, he begins to change. His skin lightens several shades and, gradually, he gains several inches of height. A few heartbeats later, a lean man with dark hair and very pronounced eyebrows stands in the geneticist's place, his figure illuminated by the faint blue glow emanating from the end of the hallway. "Eve," he says, ripping the glasses off his face, "help Helena and Alexander."

Yeah. The two Company ladies are sort of a pair, aren't they — crumpled together like they are on the floor. In a misty haze of pain, Elle moves her eyes to Claudine's face as the Filipina woman approaches on hands and knees. Talking is absolutely out of the question, and so she thinks it instead. It's weak, but it's not getting any weaker.

Dad. Have someone find Dad.

And what what what. Elle attempts to raise her head, the strands of her hair sliding backwards off her face. And then she is grabbed. From somewhere deep in her, a shallow, mangled cry tears out of her as she is wrenched upwards and tossed over Huruma's shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Such rough treatment will not be doing wonders for her stomach. But there is no struggling left in her, aside from several swings of feeble fists.

Alex makes an noise nearly impossible to describe — somewhere between a squeak and a sigh and a gasp. Like someone stepping on a guinea pig. Isn't that who the other guys are here to kill? I can totally help! Only….not. Because while he can't really get his muscles under control, leaving him scrabbling in Helena's grasp, his control of his power is equally erratic. But that doesn't stop him from trying to reach out and grab Sylar by the throat. Your lack of faith? Disturbing.

The steel will of the young telepath allows her to keep her resolve. She's still bleeding and she starts getting up, nodding towards Elle. She knows she's no real physical threat to anyone here and with all the Level 5 prisoners escapings, things are effed.

Claudine takes a deep breath as gahs, getting backhanded, but at least she dodges, or rather, she wobbles forward and doesnt get hit. She looks up towards Eve, quite angry as she transfers her rage. If anything, Eve will hopefully feel immense pain to the point that she'll fall, or collapse, or something. "Bitch, back off…"

Helena hears something over her comm and her face turns white. Gesturing wildly, wind raises and whirls out toward 'Mohinder' in an attempt to knock him back. Sadly, this may also sweep up anyone who's in its path, as there's just no fine tuning a sweep of hurricane force wind. Hell, it might send everyone skidding back. "Eve! It's not Mohinder, that's Sylar! SHOOT HIM!"

Tick-tock? Tick-tock?

Eve's eyes widen and her mouth trembles. She shakes her head and throws her head back, seeing Sylar seems to have awakened something inside of her. Her eyes go the milk-white and she cants her head to the side and her expression becomes one of pure hatred. Her gaze doesn't fall on anyone else. All she hears is the ticking that has been haunting her since she had the dream of this. She levels her gun at Sylar and prepares to shoot, "Sick bastard!"

Jessica looks to Elle, but Huruma seems to have her. She looks to Adam. "Let's get the hell out of here!" She waits a moment for him to be past her, and then sprays the hallway. Coverfire, mostly; she's trying to get people to duck and cover while they run.

…Alright, then. At least Elle has been gotten, which is what matters. Adam nods at Huruma and then Jessica — but speed is of the essence. He quickly slips into the main portion of the hall and starts sprinting for the door at the end of it. Time to go! He's not going to stop until he makes it to the upper levels, and once he gets his hands on a weapon there's going to be hell to pay.

Adam has left.

Jessica has left.

Huruma and Elle have left.

Once again, Sylar raises his hand, his clothes and hair whipping in the wind generated by Helena as he fights to remain on his feet, leaning forward against the force pressing into him. It's a losing battle. "I'm not sick! You're the one who's sick! Following Petrelli around like a bunch of stupid puppies, doting on his every word and gesture. If I wanted to kill you, don't you think I'd have done it by— nngh!" He staggers backwards, trying to wrench free of Alexander's influence. This whole choking thing? Not as fun when he's on the receiving side. His concentration lost, he flies backwards, skidding across the floor on his back.

It's sheer desperation — Alex's hands are clenched. But he's recovering, heartbeat by heartbeat, and his grip on Sylar's throat tightens as he regains his strength…

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