Into The Dragon's Mouth: Part V


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Scene Title Into The Dragon's Mouth: Part V
Synopsis Peter and Sylar clash in the Bronx.
Date September 19th, 2008

Primatech Research — Outside

A thunderclap accompanies a powerful punch, and Sylar rockets through the air, crashing to the ground, slowly staggering to his feet. He had survived an atomic blast thanks to the powers he stole from others, and now, weakened, Peter finally possessed an opportunity to rid the world of Sylar forever. His expression is stoic, a tense and chiseled look of contempt. "No where to run, Sylar." Peter's feet hover just a few inches off of the ground, his smoldering and heat-baked jacket cracked and peeling as thermal wind lifts up pieces of the garment into the air like ashes rising up off of his body. "Nowhere to hide this time." Curling his lips back into a snarl, Peter clenches his jaw and narrows his eyes. "This is how it ends…" The skies have long been clouded overhead, a turbulent wind whipping through the city streets, flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunder high in the heavens above. "Not with mercy…" Peter raises his hands, the whites of his eyes beginning to shed light as the skin of his hands turns an orange-red color, swirling with motes of yellow as his bones begin to glow, "But with a bang."

In an instant, Peter vanishes from where he was hovering, leaving a whirling twisted of flames and smoke before reappearing in front of Sylar, one fist reeled back. He lunges forward, striking with all of the strength he gained from Jessica, his fist colliding with the telekinetic forcefield, sending Sylar tumbling backwards across the ground. "I'm not afraid anymore!" Before Sylar can get his bearings, Peter vanishes again, reappearing to the side of the serial killer, striking again, a thunderclap echoing from the stroke of his fist slamming into the barrier, sending Sylar flying through the air again, pulverizing the side of a building as he punches him through the side and out a plate glass window on the other.

"I'm in control!" Peter flexes his arms, a surge of flames rising up and over his body, eyes blazing with atomic fire, "This time, I'm the strong one!" Peter flies through the hole in the building, smashing Sylar with a blazing fist, sending him reeling back, smashing against the side of a parked car, tipping it up on two wheels from the impact, glass blowing out of all of the windows. Sylar flies through the air before smacking the street with a crackling snap of the telekinetic barrier having been overtaxed.

"No more running," Peter moves on ehand, whipping the wrecked hulk of the car out of the way, sending it cartwheeling down the street in a shower of wreckage, "No more hiding," Thermal winds blow upwards from the ground, causing Peter's short hair to blow wildly, "No more killing!" As he walks, the pavement melts around his feet, tar bubbling and steaming from each radioactive footfall.

Reaching down, Peter grabs Sylar by the hair, lifting him up as he watches his skin begin to redden, hair smoldering from the touch. "Any chance for mercy you might have had," The ground trembles, concrete cracking around the pair as throbbing pulses of telekinesis sputter and waver, "Any hope I might have kept that you could be redeemed…" Peter raises back his fist, sweat rinning in steaming rivulets down his glowing skin, "Died when…" He's out of breath, chest heaving, arm shaking.

Sylar cracks a smile, despite the pain, despite the searing heat, "You don't look so good, Pete." A cruel and satisfied smile comes over his lips. "You look a little tired…" Sylar leans his head back, watching Peter struggle. "You go and get a little too worked up?" He clicks his tongue, raising one hand to wag his finger back and forth chastisingly.

Peter swings, trying to punch with the force he had before, but with a wafting explosion of thermal wind, the flames on Peter's arm subside in a sweltering blaze, ashes from his jacket falling down all around the pair. He breathes in heavily, eyes blinking through bleary unfocused pain, "S-Sylar…" Clenching his jaw, "I'll — " Peter slouches, falling to his knees with a crash. the throbbing of the uneven telekinetic energy washes away from him, and now it is Sylar who holds Peter, grabbinng him by the collar with that twisted smile. Thunder rumbles in the sky, and a rain finally begins to fall over the smoking streets. Steam rises up from Peter's body and from the baked and hot tar below.

"Pete, Pete, Pete…" Sylar shakes his head, grinning all the while. "You should've read the story of the tortoise and the hare," His nose wrinkles, amused despite all of his injuries, "It's got plenty of pictures and — " A gunshot rings out, and Sylar spins in a circle, letting go of Peter as the bullet tears through his shoulder. Staggering, Sylar grasps his arm, watching as a long-haired woman comes charging up the street with a pistol, opening fire again. Sylar scrambles on his hands and knees, bullets ricocheting around him as he clambors across the pavement. Not strong enough to call his telekinetic field up, he cuts his losses today, and does the one thing that all good cockroaches do — scatter. The rain had hit the smoldering hot pavement, creating rolling banks of fog and mist that rose high into the air. It only took a brief sprint of get out of his attacker's immediate line of sight. She dared not follow him into a trap, like Peter had.

"Damnit!" She calls out, stalking up the street, holding a walkie in one hand. "Sylar and Petrelli were having a little lover's quarrel," Her eyes tip down to Peter, unconscious at her feet, nudging his crumbling and burned jacket with one foot. "Petrelli's down, I've got him. What should I do?"

The rainsoaked woman pauses, looking down at Peter with an interested stare, "Yes sir." Claudine's hair is tossed by the strong breeze and matted down against her brows by the pouring rain.

"Looks like we finally got you…"

"Peter Petrelli."

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