Intrusion Detected At Pinehearst



Scene Title Intrusion Detected At Pinehearst
Synopsis Well, who knew that IT geeks worked during the weekend evenings.
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Inside the internal network actually.

Take control of the atmosphere
Take me far away from here

No longer Robin Hood, Reed is taking a very serious approach to his current assignment. Gather as much intel on Pinehearst, the Petrellis, Linderman, Bob Bishop, Sabra Dalton, and Roger Goodman. Should be simple enough, should it? Then why is he nervous as hell, about to be entering the facility known as Pinehearst.

There is no better loss than to lose myself in you
In a parachute to glide, I am captive in your sky
Surrender has somehow become so beautiful

As he approaches the firewall, he doesn't immediately slip through but tries to gauge from the outside Most of the ports are closed tight, but there was one. Only thing he had to do was encrypt himself to pass through, which he does and once through he waits, almost sure that there's going to be sirens and screaming and a death sentence to follow.
After a few minutes pass, he realizes that he's inside.

Take control of the atmosphere
Take control of the atmosphere
You can take my world you can fill the air
Take control, take control

He keeps the port open, similar to taking a piece of duct tape and placing it over the notch in the side of the doorframe to keep the door from locking and moves on. The security in this building is far more difficult than he imagined, though still not comparable to the security of the future.
After a few minutes pass, he realizes that he's inside.

It's such a beautiful surrender

He easily slips through the anti-virus software of each system as he pulls down documents and sends th em through the port back to the laptop in the textile factory, which he made sure April left on before he attempted this and set up a program to accept the files as he does so.

Move me up through the darkest clouds
Till I've lost in the sun every shadow of doubt
There is no better find than to find myself with you

Even though he's inside, he doesn't take anything for granted. There is another technopath on his heels, or is it two now? He doesn't know for sure at present, but imagines that at some point a showdown will occur. He manages to slips into the domain controller, and find the location of the file server, which he easily accesses. Well, it would have been easy if he hadn't been so paranoid. And like magic, he has access to all the files he wants He begins to dig around, tossing files out through the port.

In a fog you are all I see
I'm inviting you closer with each time I breathe
Surrender has somehow become so beautiful

She has to create the balance in her life, just as everyone else. Victor Childs got Sylar, but at what cost? Oleander Thesputin regained his wife and children, and but only after he lost them and himself — yet still he's afraid to touch them. Miranda Dobson is back and doing just fine, and yet 35 teenagers..

I'll never be what I see on the tv screen.
I just keep dreaming of what I'm never gonna be.
I can't think of a better way to waste my time then try.

Suddenly he senses something — no someone accessing the server and snooping around. He immediately stops everything he's doing and waits quietly. He makes note of each file access and then the intruder breaks the connection and he's left inside the server by himself again. What fool works on a weekend night anyway?

Take control of the atmosphere
Take control of the atmosphere
There is no reason I should breathe unless you're in the air
Take control

He stops suddenly. Something isn't right. He's not sure — shit. He's sure now that someone has seen him in here somehow — someway. IT is now sniffing around the server trying to trace his connection. Which wouldn't really help them considering the connection he's keeping is local to the server and would look more like a loopback. He gathers up as much as he can and makes a run for it.

Its such a beautiful surrender

He already can tell that someone is trying to close the port he jeririgged open and it isn't going to be long before they are able to plug the dam that he let leak. It doesn't matter anyway, whoever was sniffing is on his ass now and moving in to try and intercept him. Crap. The flow of traffic on the network is consistent and there is no congestion this time of the night so the road through is easy. But that port, his only exit is being pushed shut by some four eyed computer geek sitting at a terminal.

Its such a beautiful surrender

He has to drop a few packets, which is going to be a pain in the ass when he gets back to the laptop, but makes a final dodge passing through that open port before it gets sealed by the IT geek. He stops long enough to flip them the bird. Whatever, they're not watching. And it's not like he can actually flip the bird, but he thought about it. Oh, yes he did. Had he a human body, he'd be pouring sweat from the anxiety and the extertion. But as it is, he just stops long enough to get his bearings before moving back towards the laptop, there he dumps the remaining files into the folder for April to sift through later.

And I'm calling out
would you take control

Mutemath - Control

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