Invading The Castle


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Scene Title Invading The Castle
Synopsis Zoe asks for Robin Hood's help in exposing the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Date May 17, 2009

Linderman Building - Archive

Having done all the could, Zoe hits a wall. The information she needs is there, she's sure of it…and so after thinking about it a few moments, she shifts to her browser and begin a spam search, the topic: ROBIN HOOD. She presses enter, and begins to wait.

Crap! Someone is certainly trying to get his attention. Hood grins as he recognizes the IP address. Hmmm. He remembers Zoe. The girl with the cat and not much else. Well, unless you count all that money. He has learned his lesson about just popping into others computer. He establishes a TCP connection and uses his skill to bypass firewalls and whatnot. May as well leave himself a backdoor while he's at it, as he opens a VIOP session. The voice is somewhat normal sounding, no real distinction other than it has lots of manly bass to it. "Well, hello there stranger. You were looking for me?" the speakers boom. Her web-cam comes alive and the microphone is turned on. Seeing and hearing, always key when communicating.

"I see today we've decided to be manly." she teases, not unfriendly. "I hope you've been enjoying yourself out there in the cyberworld. I'm glad it didn't take me long to get a hold of you. I was hoping I might be able to ask you a favor - but it might be one you're interested in, if you're willing to at least hear me out?"

"I've been out of the loop for a couple of weeks, but I'm back now." the voice responds. "And it's not as if you were being all that subtle now, right?" he teases her right back. Hood doesn't yet address the favor. "How are your plans going for your foundation?"

"That is…part and partial the snag." Zoe confesses uneasily. "Obviously you're familiar with the Linderman Group, and by that extent, Daniel Linderman. He's my uncle - by adoption, but more like a father to me, since he was fourteen. It's come to my attention that he may be involved with some fairly horrible things. Something called the Company. If it's true, it means he's had a hand in Evolved kidnappings, in experimentation, in developing some kind of killer virus…" Obviously from the tone of her voice, she's desperate for it not to be true. "There are files in this system that my permissions simply won't grant access to, and they seem suspicious." She pauses, as obviously? This is where she's hoping Robin Hood will come in.

More silence. Hood is poking around the system. Hidden files potentially mean encrypted files. Nothing he can't handle, but he knows plenty about the Company, since he came from the future. Of course, this isn't information he passes around like M&Ms. Even the green ones. Before she decides maybe he's fled, he responds. "I can look. Do you know where these files are that you are trying to access?"

Zoe is at least able to provide the pathways to the files that have been locked higher than she's authorized for. She's just not able to unlock them herself. Presuming Robin Hood allows her control over the keyboard, she'll get him that far murmuring, "If you can erase my attempts to access the files while you're at it, I wouldn't say no thank you, either."

As if there would be a trail to begin with. He knows his way around and takes a peek inside the specified directory. He doesn't even know what he's supposed to be finding. Of course, neither does she or she wouldn't be asking for his help. He hasn't actually decided if he's going to tell her what he finds — there is some information that perhaps should be kept underground.

Than again, a chance to impress a pretty girl — well, that normally overrides any sort of common sense that a teenage boy might have, if such a thing exists.

Zoe sits in her chair, visibly anxious to see what Robin Hood's going to find. "I hope it's not true." she murmurs. "This - this 'Company', I've never heard of it. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing Daniel would do."

As Hood looks through the documents, he reads. Some of this he's familiar with. It's history where he comes from. The first thing he does is bring up email. There are numerous letters in there, so he gives her control of the computer, "Go ahead and see if there's anything in here while I keep looking for other things. The technopath continues his digging around, finding a few images of interest that he will show her once she's finished purusing email.

Zoe goes through the emails, her face drawing into a frown. "What does Nathan's senate race have to do with the explosion?" she murmurs. "I'm not surprised that Daniel was contributing, but I don't understand…" she continues to peruse, the Mendez paintings not being of particular alarm to her. She knows who Mendez is, and the nature of his paintings - at least, some of them. She leans back. "Were you able to find anything on Adam Monroe?"

Hood digs around and opens up a series of death certificates. One for Trina Monroe - Car accident, 2001; Theresa Monroe - gunshot wound to the chest, though she was fished out of the ocean, 1963. There are autopsy documents popped up as well. "That's all I can really find." he says across the speakers.

Zoe sucks on her lips a little bit. She's visibly disappointed and yet at the same time relieved. "Thank you." she says, after a moment. "I obviously couldn't have done this without your help." For all the good it does her. There's things to be suspiscious of, but not enough to have a determination of innocence or guilt one way or another.

"I've decrypted the files here and just given you full access to them. You should be able to get to anything on this computer now. If you need anything else, just call." As if he had a phone number, right? As he exits the system, he travels back to his computer at the flat, recovering Wade's body as he blinks his eyes open. He's not entirely sure what all that means, but perhaps Zoe does.

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