Investigating The 6/10 Incident

Associated Press
July 2, 2010

In a press conference today following a meeting with key intelligence officials, Homeland Security Operations Director Matthew Parkman revealed that a joint task force from the Department of Homeland Security and intelligence analysts from the CIA is being put together to investigate the June 10th blackout incident in New York City. Parkman informed members of the press that the incident that occurred on June 10th, where an estimated 2.5 million individuals shared a minute-long mass hallucination, has been determined to have been the cause of an SLC-expressive human's ability gone out of control.

Analysis of data recovered from weeks of investigation into the incident has revealed new insight into the event. "The area of effect of the hallucination, as best as can be determined, appears to be a localized effect likely emanated from an epicenter of Evolved activity" Parkman said early in the press conference.

What remains to be seen is exactly who may have been responsible for the incident. The Department of Homeland Security has been sifting through the Evolved Registry searching for individuals with appropriate abilities that could have been responsible. However, Parkman warns that an answer is not likely to be found in the Registry, and that Unregistered Evolved activity could very well have been to blame.

The discussion soon turned to the task force being formed to analyze the information about the hallucinations themselves. Parkman urged during the meeting, "While we're not ready to say unequivocally that the hallucinations may have been precognitive or in any way true, we have learned that there is a consistent narrative being played out within them. However, the factual nature of the visions themselves is still up for debate and without knowing the nature of the ability in question we cannot make that sort of judgment."

Furthermore, Parkman went on to say, "The nature of these visions is what is in question, but I can safely say today that whatever they are showing — whether fact or fiction — appears to unilaterally take place on November eighth of this year. The joint task force established to investigate these visions is currently assessing the possibility that they may have been an attempted terror attack, possibly by extremist groups such as Messiah."

The joint task force is expected to continue aggregation of the visions and information pertaining to the mass hallucination through the summer.

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