Investor Murdered on Bridge

QUEENS - Hours after his vehicle was found abandoned not far from the Queens end of the Roosevelt Island Bridge, 57 year old businessman and investor David Monette's body was discovered hanging by the neck from one of the structure's steel supports. According to investigators on the scene, there were signs of a struggle and cause of death was most likely strangulation after he was pushed over the side of the bridge by two or more assailants. Although traffic was initially allowed to continue across the bridge in one lane once the body was recovered, it was halted entirely after daylight revealed inordinate amounts of rust and corrosion encrusted around nearby supports. There already appear to be crews on site assessing the extent of any repairs that might be required, but city officials would not speculate as to the cause of the damage or the length of time it might take to deem the bridge safe again for regular use.

Mr. Monette was last seen in attendance of the The Chandra Suresh Memorial Center for Evolved Education's formal dedication with his wife Jana Monette (photo included), 54, who is currently missing. As ever, individuals with information on what might have happened are encouraged to contact the relevant authorities.

OOC: Although access to Roosevelt Island will be difficult for a few days, it can still be reached via vehicle through an elevator system built into the Queensboro Bridge.

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