Invitation By Hot Dog


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Scene Title Invitation By Hot Dog
Synopsis Ryans informs Lashirah Lee that they will be taking a trip to Russia. Pack your bags, girl!
Date August 16, 2010

Outside Papaya King

It's an old hot dog stand.

Down on the corner of 86th St and Third street, stand a new York icon in the way of food. It looks like a restaurant in someways, but in truth it is a hot dog stand. Papaya King has stood the test of time, having been started up in 1931. It had been started up for the sole purpose of creating fruity drinks, but soon expanded to hot dogs and the rest is history.

This location is where Benjamin Ryans had told Lashirah Lee to meet him around late evening. She won't really find him inside when she arrives. The place doesn't really have seating. However, she'll know he's there, cause his monster of an SUV — fresh out of the shop, though Martin was a little hesitant to hand it back over — sets rather regally, getting looks from passing pedestrians.

Maybe it's also the fact there is a tall man standing, leaning again the hulking beast, one foot, propped up back on the running board. Hands are tucked into a pair of dark blue jeans and he's wearing a cream colored dress shirt. Blue eyes squint a bit as he looks at the glowing neon lights that spell out the word Papaya. He seems almost lost in thought and seemingly unaware of the people looking a him.

Lashirah parks her little coupe, a sportser painted blue, not far from the easy to pick out SUV. She steps out. Leather coat, leather pants, combat boots, hair spiked. One might guess she was out punk rocking before this.

Her arrival is noted, as Ryans pulls eyes away from the the sign to look at the arriving vehicle. Shoulders straighten slightly as Lashirah steps out of the car. He gives her only a hint of a smile. "You look like you're out having quite the time." The words spoken pleasantly, his expression lightly amused as he breaks through that ever present mask.

"I'll never understand you kids and your gothic… punk rock look." Ryans clearly shows his true age with that statement. "Thank you for meeting me. What I needed to say, doesn't need to reach the ears of a certain someone."

Lashirah smirks. "That's why I use it, Ryans. That's why Ashley O'Brien rocks out with a band named Moral Authority. Which is about as anti-government as it gets for message." She smirks. "IT's a me nobody would expect to be me." She leans against the SUV. "Sometimes I don't like to be heard by certain someone's too."

Ryans reaches to take a bag from the edge of the hood and offer it to her, as she leans against the black vehicle. His voice rumbles low, as he says, "You can say no… but… inside is something you'll need for a mission." The bag clearly says Papaya King on it and inside there is a Styrofoam container with a hotdog, but it's only a cover for what's with it that would catch her attention.

A small guide book.

For Russia.

Ryans glances around then nonchalantly as he explains as best he can, his voice soft, so it doesn't really carry. But he keeps it vague, just in case. Call him paranoid, but he's earned the right. "Someone we met recently has asked us to go over seas to assist in a matter." The old agent gives her a matter of fact look. "Doing this, will hopefully solidify relations with them which would be a good thing for us.

"You are my most trusted agent, with combat experience, at the moment, Lee." His head inclines in her direction slowly "It sounded like, from what had been discussed, we can use the hand. If your interested that is?"

Lashirah raises an eyebrow. "Hmm. I hope they are supplyin' to goodies. My passport is good but I don't think it'll get the fun stuff through."

"I don't think it'll be a problem, honestly." Ryans says with a small smile. "We are going to the home of someone I have known awhile. I'm sure he'll have everything we need." There is confidence in his voice as he talks about it.

His head tilts a little as he considers her. "I'm guessing that's a yes then?" A smile pulls his mouth up on one side. "I already got your vacation time approved and someone will be covering the lab for you. We leave very soon, so best start packing those bags as soon as you get home."

Lashirah smirks a moment, as she walks back to her car, motioning to Ryans to follow a moment. She pops open the trunk, two gym bags sitting there, one gray, and one black. "I think I'm ready. Just make sure we have a translator with us huh?"

Pushing away from his car with one foot, the old Company agent follows, looking on with amusement as she pops the trunk. "Very nice. Keep your cell on, I'll give you a call." An approving look is tossed her way, before he glances back at the SUV. "There will be a translator." Spektor will, without a doubt, be able to help with that. Ryans doesn't believe Noah Bennet will go in blind like that.

Brows furrowing at a thought, Ryans' attention turns back to the woman. "I'd stay and chat… or offer you a hot dog. However, between my youngest daughter pitching a fit and destroying my garden… and needing to get information to Huruma… I'm a busy man trying to get all caught up.

"Not looking forward to telling Delia I've got to go out of town on business." A heavy sigh escapes from Ryans' nose. "She's been… cranky lately." And that is putting it mildly.

Lashirah nods in understanding as she closes the trunk lid. No need for prying eyes in there as she pulls out the hotdog. "You already did. Get home… family is something to be treasured." She look sup at Ryans. "After all, we all have our reasons for doing this, right?"

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