Invite Love Into This Place


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Scene Title Invite Love Into This Place.
Synopsis Cooper and Eve plot to get Luther out of his funk laid. They're trying to get him laid.
Date December 25, 2017

Resistance Camp

It’s been a long wait.

Even though they are surrounded by snow, at least the two of them have a small fire and some of Lynette and Luther’s moonshine to see them through this very cold and chilly morning. The flask is passed between them as they watch one of the entrance to the camp.

“Pretty sure I saw them come this — Wait!” Thomas Cooper shifts on his rocky perk, just behind some bushes, leaning forward with a pair of binoculars. “There they are,” He dramatically whispers to his companion Eve Mas, leader of the Resistance. “Well, no hand holding or goo-goo eyes, but… OH!” He sits up a little straighter and lightly smacks at the woman next to him, completely missing.

“There it is! I saw it!” Cooper quietly crows. “I knew it!” The pair of binoculars are lowered and he offers them over to his companion with a nudge. “I told you! He likes her.” He sounds rather proud of the fact that he figured that out. “He’s been just a little less growly. And Esposito and Krejci, they said they saw him smile at her on one of their runs.”

Leaning back and unscrewing the cap on the moonshine, Cooper looks thoughtful. “And I am pretty sure she’s into him, ‘cause she refused this!” He motions to himself, using both hands. The action sloshes some of the hooch onto his hand. He gives Eve a look of disbelief, over the matter. He might even look a little hurt. “This, Eve!” He can’t seem to fathom it. Though he seems to soothe himself a little by licking the moonshine off his hand.

Cooper might need to be cut off.

“Breaker breaker one nine, breaker breaker.” Eve’s voice whispers over to her friend as she drinks from the flask and chiefs on the remainder of her joint. “Krejci thought Luther wanted to lie with me and Eli almost ripped his balls off!” Krejci couldn't be trusted but Esposito, “A spark between two star crossed lovers, maybe I can write a book about them after this is over. Dedicate it to Gilly.” A snort at her trying her hand at being an author but nah she’d relax in a cottage on a hill facing twin moons, that was her dream of paradise.

“Donut, Donut, Donut!” Grabbing both sides of his face and steering her gaze at her, “You’re so pretty! Focus man we’ve got a highly classified mission on the line. Hot Hands hasn't had any loving in his nethers since Ol Jane and let me tell you,” there's a look from Eve to Cooper, “Ol Jane is like a pheromone, Luthie was all wrapped up in. Miss Mind here might finally be able to soothe his aching, beating heart!!” Eve slams her fist into the ground and leaps to her feet shaking the flask in her hand getting some of the moonshine on her clothes and Cooper’s head. “We shall invite love in this place!!” A bit too loudly before she falls to her ass next to Cooper.

She might need to be cut off too.

When Eve jumps up, Cooper gets a bit of a worried and panicked look, “Shhhh shhh! Thier going to see you!” He goes to grab for her, but she’s suddenly on the ground. He pulls his hands too him and looks at her wide eyed. Wait. He didn’t do that did he? He glances around worriedly for Eli, before he realizes.

Oh wait, he should help her up.

Shifting to help her sit up again, Cooper moves to help her sit up by relieving her of some weight by plucking the flask from her hand. “I think you have had plenty of that.” He squints out at the scene beyond, “Love? Love is shit,” He’s got two exes for proof of that, “I’m just looking to get the poor guy laid. That stupid cannibal story is bullshit, but he won’t defend himself.”

He goes to take a swig from the flask, only to find it empty. “Aww…” There might be a bit of a pout on his lips. Oh well… He tosses the flask over his shoulder and turns his attention back to the separated pair. It’s like watching a tennis match, as he looks between them. “The real test… Will she or won’t she look back.”

Cooper snags Eve’s elbow to help her upright to watch for the turn. Thankfully, they don’t have to wait long to see Kaylee turn to walk backwards, tucking stray hair behind her ear. That is until she trips. Stumbles, but she recovers!

When that happens, Thomas nudges the resistance leader. “See! Even a hair tuck. Every guy knows the hair tuck is a total tell. Oh, he is so getting some.” There is a wicked and mischievous glint to his eye, when he leans over to Eve. “So what’s the plan? Need to get them into each other’s path as much as possible.”

“Well we did meet him in a cave amongst the bones of his enemies.” Robots and.. such. “And his teeth are way cleaner now.” No bugs! As Cooper helps her up Eve smiles her thanks and burps before she's pulling another flask from in her bra. “Been saving this for when we're in a drought like now. No rest. No stops.” Tipping her head back and the flask with it Eve snickers as liquor pours down her chin.

“Of course she turned have you seen that coat?!” Waggling her eyebrows, Love was in the air. They all needed it. Or to be laid, whichever.

Eve’s expression is positively impish as she leans in close to Cooper and shoves the flask in his hands. “Listen Donut, they have to be in danger. The kind of Mr. and Mrs. tales of danger. They have all patrol and scavenging duties together. Maybe—” she stops and cackles. “MAYBE I HAD A VISION OF THEIR SECURING THEIR MARRIAGE!”

“That is a pretty swanky coat,” Cooper admits putting the binoculars up to his eyes again. “How is it that he doesn’t have more women fawning on him. Got to be the ‘tude.” Lips press together in thought watching and following Luther’s path of travel. “He is also pretty hairy.” Bringing the peepers down, he adds. “Maybe we can get him to shave….. And bath…… definitely bath… maybe several times with a fire hose.”

He watches her drink with a touch of jealousy, but he tries to keep focused on the very srs business. “So, when you say danger… Whatcha thinking?” He squints suspiciously at her. “I mean, I’ve heard stories of what they can do together. Thinking of sending them even deeper behind enemy lines?” He perks a little at that idea.

“Maybe we wait till one is in the shower and push the other in there… I mean.” Cooper waggles is own brows. “Her seeing him without a shirt on… Bet she can’t keep her hands off him!” Okay, maybe he isn’t as good at this as she is. Sometimes, love takes a woman’s touch. “I mean… have you seen that man’s abs?”

Wait.. Cooper realizes with a blink, what he just said and busts out into laughter.

“It's the not showering, we had to hose him down real good when we got him.” They did, “Word on the street is it took two hosings.” Could be true. “The hair is a non issue look at the character it brings to his overall spirit. It's shining from here.” She's sure of it as she takes a swig of the flask and tossing it to Cooper. “DRINK!” Is the loud whisper and snicker as she stares over towards the people in question.

Gossiping like old ladies having tea on a back porch.

“I knew you secretly liked him!!” Clapping her hands on the ground she leans towards Cooper. “Listen here my dear Donut, Rainbow Donuts need love too and I AM IN SUPPORT OKAY.” Shaking her hair around, “What if you all got married?” Just throwing it out there. “His abs are exceptional. Yes, Hot Hands knows how to mold his body into that of the perfect specimen.”

“What?!” The flask is deftly caught at the expense of the binoculars. Thankfully, the Christmas day snow cushions the fall. “Can’t a guy appreciate another guys abs without…” He huffs out a laugh. “Look. I’ve done that marriage crap twice. And that’s what it is crap.”

Taking a swig, he gags and coughs. “What is that?!?” Cooper asks peering at the contents of the flasks. “Know what best if I didn’t know.” He takes another swig and hands it over, retrieving the binoculars. “Besides, I’d rather sleep with Eli if I had to pick a guy. I’m not into….” He waves his hands in Luther’s direction. “That. To be honest, I prefer ladies, thank you very much. Like Vee. Now she’s amazingly flexible that one and not into the complicated relationship stuff.”

He waves his hand as if to wipe away the topic. “Okay… what if we get them drunk?” He looks at Eve curiously. “What if you give him a prophecy about them? Maybe add the whole, if you bath it she will come thing? I dunno..”

“It's the nectar of the gods, jagermeister.” Smacking her lips together with a pleased expression on her face. “Chugchugchugchugchug. Oh college, good times.”

“Watch it buddy!” Poking Donut’s chest, “You not gonna be making googly eyes at my Multi Man. He's supremely talented.” And she wants him all to herself. “Though maybe one of his Omegas.” It was still him though! And that made her wrinkle her nose, “Vee and Donut bending in a tree,” she sings with a snicker, “Sounds like a match made in heaven.”

Clapping the dirt on her side, Eve peers over at Cooper and nods sagely, “We must steal the coat.”


“Once the coat is missing. Then I shall tell him of the vision. Find the blonde, find the coat. She only knows.”

“That’s not….” Cooper stumbles over his words, flustered, “I don’t want….” Whatever point he had been trying to drunkenly make clearly sails over the seer’s head. Though he might not be completely clear on his point either.

Instead of trying to explain or even trying to figure out how to explain what he means, he drops it with another swig from flask. Though after he does ask that she, “Please don’t tell Eli, I said that?” Cause seriously, he’d like to keep enjoying those nights he occasionally gets to have with Vee. Then he leans forward to listen to her plan.

“Okay… “ Cooper starts after she lays down the idea… “Okay…” He says again as he tries to wrap his liquor fuzzied mind around it. “We take the coat in some awesome Mission Impossible kinda way. All Tom Cruise crazy.” He narrows his eye as he works this out. “You tell him about a vision, about his coat and Kaylee?” He’s starting to lose that train of thought. It’s derailing. One eye squints shut as he tries to complete what he was thinking, “Give the coat to Kaylee and say here hold this?”

He sits there for a moment, brows furrowed in quiet contemplation of this plan.

At least until he suddenly brightens and holds up the flask in a salute. “I like it! I’m in!” It isn’t clear if he really understands, but sometimes, you just gonna go with the flow. He starts to take a drink and then stops.

“Wait,” Cooper looks really confused, “How is this going to get them to fall in lov- I mean get Luther laid?”

“Take two of my watch rounds and I’ll forget it ever happened Donut!” Eve loves a good bargain and she leans in with excitement at Cooper’s dismay at Eli finding out. It's all in good fun with her friend though.

“Yes let her hold the coat, guard your mind. Just think of Its A Small World after all on a loop. Miss Mind there will leave that brain alone.” LOVE! Eve grins and leans forward to swat at Cooper, “So your interests lies in more than your buddies loins that's so generous!” Patting him on the shoulder, “We all deserve love hmmm?” Patting the earth they sit on now, Eve sits more straight and stretches her pale legs out, shaking them out as she sways from side to side. “LOVE IN THIS PLACE.”

Lips press tight together at her demands, “One watch and an extra bag of weed,” he counters without much thought, leaning a little closer so that he can roughly whisper at her, like some giant secret. “The really good stuff you like, from that ranch up north.”

The look he gives her after is a flat one, then there is a scowl. “I still say love is overrated.” But secretly, his kinda agrees. “They can keep it,” Cooper grumps like the grinch that stole Christmas. Finally he sighs, “Fine I’ll get the coat…. Get it washed.” He scratches at his jaw. “There is also word of one of those rougher scavenger gangs to the west, maybe you can convince the big guy to go that way for goods.” If he wasn’t drunk off his ass he might have been more aware of how horrible of an idea that was.

Pushing to his feet, Cooper sways at the sudden headrush and then is bending over the bush throwing up some of that hooch. “Hey,” he starts after he is done throwing up, wiping at his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket. “You hungry? I bet the girls at the mess are whipping up something awesome, since it is Christmas.” He motions her to following, taking a stumbling step — vaguely in that direction.

“Deal, deal done my precious Rainbow Donut,” reaching over to pat Cooper's cheek. Eve hops to her feet after with a wide smile.

“We fly! Or you fly! Godspeed cleaning that… regal coat.” Eve would never insult the coat she believes Luther has a telepathic connection with it that allows him to know when people are insulting his coat. Never the coat. “If he catches you and kills you! I’ll be sure to let everyone know about your Rainbow Donut Fantasy! So don't dieeeee.” Wiggling her fingers at the man as she follows after him.

“Yea man, lets eat I got the munchies like a mother.” Rubbing her stomach as she pads along with Cooper the seer whistles as they go, “WE SHALL INVITE LOVE INTO THIS PLACE!

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