Iraq'd The Fridge


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Scene Title Iraq'd The Fridge
Synopsis A short, mellow meeting between somewhat familiar faces; moreso on his side.
Date June 16 2009

Fourth Floor Safehouse

Regardless of if she needed to take care of Cat the last few days, Delilah has kept up her caretaking of the Safehouse Floor like always; dirty laundry does not wait for miracles! She is finishing up this afternoon, followed around the entire time by a little cleaning cart. One wheel has a squeek-eek-eek, and so when she drags it in a u-turn after locking up an unused apartment- there is a despairingly annoying squeeeeeeeeeee~ as she does so. Then a THUNK as she kicks the kink out of the wheel. It'll stop squawking until the next time it turns, at least.

The rooms are of uneven size. And Leo, being Leo, has sought out the smallest,and divested it of everything he can. There's always that cell-like bareness to any room he sleeps in, and this is no exception. He's sprawled on a cot, dozing. The only other things around him are a cardboard box serving as a nightstand, with a tiny alarm clock on it. By the book that has fallen from his hand, "Huck Finn," he read himself to sleep.

Of course, it is Leo's room that comes last, though for no other reason than it happens to be at the end of the hall. Sleep or not, suddenly there is a rapping on the door of the safe apartment- it is still the afternoon, who would be sleeping?- though thankfully, no verbal warning as to who is there at the door.

Startling the telekine out of violent dreams has its own unpleasant results. There's a resounding boom on the other side of the door, enough to make its hinges creak. Like some beast has launched itself against it. Followed by a moment's silence, before Leo's voice comes, "Who's there?"

Even if there are usually powered people in these rooms, some things are always surprising. Delilah jumps away from the door, hands up defensively until there is obviously nothing plowing through.

"What the fuck… um, yes. I- uh- I'm here to take anything to the laundry, if you have it. Or if you need anything, I can get it for you." Though younger, the voice is the same as the one belonging to a face Leo met quite a few years from now- and exactly the same as that momentary meeting a couple of weeks back, before Ghost had fled from him.

His face is severe, almost cruel in its lines. And the glower he gives her when he opens the door does precisely nothing to help that. It relaxes, after a moment, into a puzzled frown. "What? I….yeah." He reaches out a hand, and a sack full of what looks to be dirty clothes wings its way to his palm. He hands it to her without a flicker. "I ….where've we met?"

It takes her a few moments between accepting the bag of dirty laundry and his question for Delilah to recognize him. Not that he is forgettable- just that she only met him for a minute. "Ah, on Staten, I think. You knew Teo." She laughs a little, warily. "Leo, is that right?" The redhead asks this over a shoulder as she turns to put his bag down in the basket of the cleaning cart.

"That's right," he says, before adding, belatedly, "And, uh, thanks," A nod at the bag, like she might not be sure what he'd meant.

"I'm Delilah, if that's an attempt at pretending you remember me." She tilts her head to smile at him, glancing past his shoulder into the room as if he might have something in there. "And no problem, it's my job. You need anything? I ask everyone- I'm flexible when it comes to errands." Her eyes go back to the young man's face, strangely unwavering.

Leonard just looks…..rather nonplussed, really. "Uh. Food, actually," He sticks his hands in his pockets, and even gets a little shifty-eyed.

"All these rooms should still be stocked, unless you somehow ate all of it." Dee looks him over once, clearly thinking that he hasn't done that. "Unless you don't like what's in there? You a picky eater, or just haven't looked in the fridge yet?" What's up with that face? Did he do something? Shifty eyes are met with a quirked eyebrow.

Leonard glances back over at the fridge. Which has been shoved into the corner. Like Leo's been playing a game of kicking his furniture around. "I…uh. Yeah. I broke it," he confesses. "And I'd already eaten what's in it."

"…..You broke the fridge? How the hell did you do that? Why is it all the way over there?" Though it starts out disbelief, it turns into snorty amusement when Delilah leans past him in the doorway to look inside. "Wow, how hungry were you…" She leans back to look Leo in the face again. "Right. Food. And apparently a new fridge. Any other walking appliances? Vacuum? Lamp? Toaster?"

Leo apparently doesn't. He looks sort of sullenly apologetic, but deigns to explain, "My power gets away from me when I sleep, sometimes. Best to not replace anything until I'm gone, see?"

"Well so long as you ate everything, nothing will spoil!" I'm sorry your power is a destruction zone, her face says, about a second afterward. "Oh, dang, was that what hit the door? I thought you threw something. Cracked the wood 'round the hinges." Delilah hums thoughtfully, running a hand along the doorframe nearer her and speaking up softly. "…Bad dreams, then?"

"Yeah, exactly," he says, flatly matter of fact about it all. "I ….don't dare take the suppressants, so let's just say I don't have any nice things." He punctuates this with a grin that's completely twisted.

"Uh-huh." She nods once, glancing from the apartment to him and back. Dee pays special attention to the grin, but only because it is a new person and a new expression. "Neh, suppresants. Covering up the source of the problem isn't helping. Have you tried sleeping aids? Some of those pass over dream sleep or something. Or you could always try meditating."

Leonard spreads his hands. "I've tried both. I can't stifle that part of the sleep cycle enough, though. Not without more or less going into a coma. Meditating….it helps me -get- to sleep. That's it."

"How about taking your anger out on something that could use some breaking?" Delilah smiles up almost too jauntily. "Could go into demolition."

"It's not anger," Leo says, sadly. "Not so much. I….was in Iraq. I have flashbacks, in my dreams, I guess you could say."

Delilah opens her mouth in an ooohh, looking somewhat flustered. "Sorry. Usually people have bad dreams cause it is pent up anger. They have people that can help with that now, you know-" She is about to suggest he could be sponsored by his superiors, but if he is here, then he must be in trouble, and so she physically and obviously bites her tongue with a grunt. "I'm sorry. I just assumed some stuff. That was kind of rude, I apologize."

Leonard gropes for politeness, seizes on it, scrambles like a bat on a cave roof. "It's okay," he says, finally, having visibly swallowed any number of phrases. "I understand."

On that note- "I should, uh, get moving again. I'll bring you some food that won't need the fridge, alright? I'll probably bring some new towels or whatev er is in that bag there." Lilah smiles and nods to Leo before she puts a hand to the cart beside her. "It was nice to meet you again, Leo. I hope you at least feel a little bit more at ease here. If you need anything, catch me when I come back, or leave a note on the door. There are usually post-its somewhere in the desks."

Leonard offers a rather breathless smile. "Will do," he says, quietly. "Thanks. Sorry about all the ..uh…" A limp wave takes in the not-quite-wreckage.

"I'll let my manager know about it. I'm sure someone can fix it- it could be worse, right?" Dee keeps the polite little smile for now. "See you around, Leo." She offers a little wave before wheeling the cart around towards the elevators.

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