Irish Floozies And Redheaded Sluts


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Scene Title Irish Floozies and Redheaded Sluts
Synopsis Quinn gets Nadira to invent a drink on a whim, seemingly to indulge her joke.
Date July 13, 2010


It wasn’t too often that Quinn worked this early in the week, but tonight she was taking to it with gusto – it had been a good night so far, much better than the last evening she had spent at work. Tonight, despite recent stresses and some unsavoury occurrences, she was really enjoying herself, getting really into the performance tonight. The light show is brilliant and flashy, more so than usual, bright and eye catching as colours flash and change on a whim, the lesson she’s received form Ygraine, and practiced on since, was turning out quite well in this instance.

Tonight, also, is the first time she’s worked alongside Nadira, and really had an opportunity to talk to the Egyptian woman – and that’s an opportunity Quinn’s not going to pass up. Hoping down from the stage once it comes down for her break, she slides up to the bar with a smile in her face, clad in her red and black corset and silk skirt, making no small dramatic moment out of her arrival. Laughing, she slides up on to a seat, motioning for Nadira. “Heeeey!” she yells over the music. “What’s up!”

It had been a good night for the Egyptian woman as well, given the not-so-small collection of tips she's got behind the bar. As Quinn heads over, Nadira can't help but grin. "Seems you've been having quite a night. I take it you're in a good mood then?" She leans against the bar, though she glances at the bottles behind her. "You wanting a redheaded slut, or does something else suit your fancy tonight?"

“Mmm. Sure, why not. I’ve been good the last few times I’ve been at work.” She leans forward a bit, eyeing Nadira with a grin. “I- today was good, at least. This weekend had a few dim spots-“ To say the least - “But I’m doin’ good today. What about you? Have a good weekend? A hot date?” she teases, sticking out her tongue at her co-worker. Probably anywhere else, such brazen talk of such things might be frowned on, but Quinn had a feeling Melissa really wouldn’t care.

Nadira grins. "No dates this weekend, I'm afraid. Though I suppose that's only because I didn't go through the effort of setting one up." She moves, beginning to pull together the bottles for Quinn's drink, preparing to mix it. "What about you? You're in a good mood today… some special someone make your day a little brighter?" She fills the cup up, pushing it over to Quinn gently. "Well, even if not, here's a redhead to make your day just a little brighter."

“Ah, not today, no. Maybe I’ll see someone tonight, though,” She remarks with a smile, head propped against her palm. As the drink is slid over to her, she grins and takes it with her free hand. “I think this’ll do for now, though,” she says with a wink, taking a sip. “Hey, I was wondering. How good are you at actually makin’ drinks?” A pause, and her head tilts. “Not, like, mixin’ them. I know you’re right good at that. But, like… creating drinks.”

Another grin from the Egyptian, and she leans in closer to close the distance between the two of them. "Ah, so you prefer a little more experimentation, do you?" It's mostly that Nadira's trying to get a rise out of her before she backs off, reaching for a rag to wipe down her prep area. "I've got a good sense of taste when it comes to drinks. What're you lookin' for?"

Quinn actually blushes a little bit when Nadira leans in, a nervous smirk crossing across her face. “I’m open t’ it,” she teases with a wink – probably another thing she wouldn’t get away with anywhere else. “Particularly with a drink. An’ I dunno. Somethin’… sweet. But with, like… somethin’ distinctly Irish about it.” She laughs, leaning forward th e other day. “Friend a’ mine made a joke about Irish floosies an’ redheaded sluts the other day. Thought I’d make a little joke outta it with a drink.”

"Oohhh.. I see." Nadira remarks. "Well, an Irish floosy. Gotta have something Irish in there… so there's always irish cream." She seems thoughtful. "Unless you'd rather go the fruity route."

“No, I think the redheaded slut’s fruity enough with the peach,” Quinnn remarks with a smirk. “Irish crème might be right good. I love the stuff m’ self.” She nods, and then looks thoughtful. “Maybe somethin’ dark and heavy, but sweet? I don’t really know much about mixin’ drinks, not sure how well that’ll work.”

Nadira's already pulling out the Irish creme. "Well, you can go fruity with this. Ever tried an Irish French Kiss?" She smirks. "But dark and heavy.. hm.. alright. How about this?" She peers at the stuff in front of her. "Irish creme, butterscotch schnapps, and some cinnamon." She proceeds to mix it up, pouring it into a cocktail glass before tasting it. "Mmm, almost like a cookie, that one."

This is why drink names amuse Quinn so terribly much. “Given’ a few to some deservin’ ladies,” Quinn remarks with a grin, laughing afterwards – and not really realising what, exactly, she’d said to Nadira. And then she sits up a bit, peering forward at the mix. “They make butterscotch schnapps? I know that t’ get sometime soon. An’ I love cinnamon. Put it in my coffee all the time. Mind if I have a taste?”

"I'd say they were lucky ladies, then." Nadira remarks, then offers the drink over. "Give it a try. I think you'll find it satisfying. Won't knock you on your feet too quickly, but it's certainly delicious enough that you won't realize you're off your feet until it's too late."

Quinn laughs nervously at first, even as she takes the newly mixed drink in hand. Eyeing it for a moment, she takes a sip – and then immediately follows it with a gulp. “Whew! Wow, Nadira, that is good. I dunno about a cookie, but it’s right tasty. And you put that together yourself, just now? That’s pretty damn impressive!”

"Maybe it's just the cinnamon and creme that makes me think of it." Nadira muses, then grins. She peers at Quinn. "Like I said… I take my job very seriously. And I am to please." She carefully puts the bottles away. "Which is a dangerous combination, I might add."

“Mm. It’s certainly a wonderful mix. Nothing I would have thought of on m’ own. Which makes me quite glad t’ have you around, Nadira.” She grins, taking another sip of the drink. “If you don’t take your job seriously, what’ the point? That’s why someone’s gotta do somethin’ they enjoy, right?” She nods, and her head tilts. “An’ pleasin’ people’s always nice too.”

Nadira looks around the bar, taking a moment to mix a drink for a nearby customer before returning. "Well, some people just do it for the money, but it's all about the passion of it. It's fun to watch you up there when things are slow. You're into it. You do your best to show these people they made the best decision they could have all night to come in here and dance the night away. I make sure they get their fill of drinks, and by the end of the night, employees and patrons alike have enjoyed themselves. Couldn't ask for something better."

“See, you get it,” Quinn says with a point of her finger, smiling. “I completely agree, there’s few things better feelin’. Granted, I like bein’ up on stage t’ begin with, but the feeling that appreciate that effort rides just as evenly, you know?” Quinn leans back a bit, an appraising look on her face before a smirk forms, looking like she wants to say something, but isn’t. A moment longer passes, and she shakes her head. “I’m really glad we’re on teh same page about that. I’ve seen some stuffy-ass bartenders at other places I’ve done DJ work. Borin’ sods they were. I get enough of stuff people workin’ at a bookstore in the day, I don’t want it when I get a drink.”

Nadira smirks. "I don't think coming and getting a drink from me will ever get boring. That much I can promise you." A pause. "You work in a bookstore, too? Sounds like you've got a bit of a money issue, if you have to hold down two jobs." There's another pause. "Somehow I don't think they tip the DJ the way they might a bartender."

“Good. I like it that way.” Quinn smirks again, nodding before she settles a bit more comfortably into her seat. “This, actually, is my second job,” Quinn notes with another point of her. “I’ve been workin’ at the bookstore for a few years now.” She wrinkles her nose, shrugging. “I’m not really sure I need two jobs. Before I took this one, I was workin’ full time at the bookstore, and my mom was sending money t’ make sure I get through the month with rent and electricity. But I only work here a few nights a week, so I couldn’t just stop workin’ there.” She takes another long gulp of the Irish Floozy – it’s almost gone now, and realising that, she offers it back to Nadira. “You’re creation, you can finish it if you want. I promise I’m not contagious.”

Taking the drink, Nadira finishes it off before she looks back to Quinn. "Tips are emergency funds, I think. You know, a regular paycheck is your stuff for bills, but tips… they're there in case there's an emergency." She sets the glass aside to be washed. "You ever find yourself in an emergency, Quinn, my tips are yours too. You understand? Just in case. Don't go overanalyzing. I just know how life can get complicated and you're a good person. I do what I can for good people." She moves to clean the glass.

Quinn blinks several times in rapid succession, entirely caught off surprise by Nadira’s offer, looking just dumbfounded for several moments. “I… wow,” she finally says, leaning forward with just the widest smile on her face. “After an’ offer like that, I could kiss you, Nadira. Thank you. I don’t think I’ll ever need t’ worry about it – Lord knows I seem t’ have enough money t’ cover the bills and buy new instruments. But if I ever do… thank you. It’s nice t’ know someone’d have my back.” She blinks, an amused chuckle to herself. It seems she’s got a few of those these days.

"Like I said. For emergencies. You never know when you might just need a supply of cash." Nadira notes, offering a smile. "Like I said. You're a good person." She puts the glass away, now that it's cleaned, and glances back to make sure no one's waiting on her for a drink. "I've found it a bit useful myself, from time to time."

“I wouldn’t think t’ call in that favour for anything else,” Quinn says with a shake of her head. After a moment, she reaches over and grabs her original drink, some of the peach-and-cranberry concoction still remaining. That doesn’t last long, and as Quinn gulps it down, she looks back up at Nadira with a warm smile. “What, tip money? I imagine that’d be all the time, really.”

Nadira shakes her head. "No, when I mean it's there for emergencies, I mean all of it." She peers towards Quinn. "Emergency funds. I keep all of it purely for emergencies. I don't mean an emergency 'I've got to have some doughnuts' fund, either. I mean it. It's there for the unexpected. So it's not all the time, but it's there. I've seen some pretty difficult things in my day." The bar is wiped, a focused maneuver that seems almost natural to her. "So I know why something like this is important."

Quinn nods slowly, still smiling. “Oh, I know. Trust me, Nadira, I’d never misuse an offer like that. I’m… not that kinda person. At least, I try not t’ be.” She follows Nadira’s hand up and down teh bar as she cleans it, leaning back a bit. “Maybe I should look int’ setting something up m’self, instead of just spending all my extra money. I mean, I save some, I’d be stupid not to, but… you know.”

Nadira regards Quinn for a moment. "Spend it on what you think is best. If you have a little extra, saving it is good. Practical." She moves, reaching down and handing a beer over to a customer before peering back. "Don't spend your life worrying about saving, though. It takes the fun out of it." She looks back at her tip jar. "Keeping it in cash is a good idea, too."

“Mm, fair ‘enough,” Quinn replies with a nod and a smile. “You’re just full a’ smart things tonight, Nadira,” a grin on her face as she slides her drink glass back over to the Egyptian woman. A beat passes, and Quinn smirks, nodding. “You know, I think we should hang out some time. Like, outside work, you know? If you’re up for it.”

Nadira offers a nod. "I think that could be arranged. I do more than just offer good advice." She smiles, coyly. "I'd definitely be up for something like that, especially considering I'm still adjusting fully to the city. I could use more socialization. Outside of work, that is."

Awesome!” Quinn says happily, almost shouting over the music. Something she hasn’t forgotten about and really should be getting back to sometime soon. But for now, sitting at the bar a bit longer is fine. “I’m sure we can find somethin’ fun to do. I mean, I could take you around the aprts a’ town I’m familiar with, if nothin’ else.”

"I could always use more places to visit. New York is quite the city. Plenty of places." Nadira nods, glancing back at the DJ station before looking at Quinn. She just wants to make sure she doesn't keep her too long. "It might be nice to chat further."

Quinn follows Nadira’s gaze over to the DJ station, and then looks back to her with a nod. “You’re right, I probably should get back t’ it. It was nice talkin’ to you know, though. I’ll catch you at the end of the night, maybe we can work somethin’ out then?”

Nadira offers a nod. "Sounds like a plan. Go enjoy yourself up there. Rock it out for me, I'll be watching." She offers a wink, turning to get back to her bartending. Perhaps she'll recommend some of the patrons pick up an Irish Floozy.

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