Is It Secret, Is It Safe?


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Scene Title Is It Secret, Is It Safe?
Synopsis Pro Tip: 'It' is Delia.
Date November 26, 2010

Pollepel Island

During the day, very few people are allowed outside and for good reason. One being the various boats that pass by at any given time. From personal water crafts to patrol boats, tho the former is a little rarer in this colder weather.

It also still means that Special Activities has to be on it's toes, watching each boat that passes and hoping they don't decide to take a detour.

Benjamin Ryans has spent a good couple of hours on the west side of the island watching as the boats pass, listening to the distant hum of their engines. Enough time has been spent in that cold weather that when he is finally stepping back into the castle his cheeks are reddened from it.

Thankfully the rest of him is fairly bundled up in his blood stained duster, with a thick, dark gray cable knit sweater under it. His hands are thankfully protected from the cold by a pair of leather gloves and his head has a beanie over it, making him look more like a scruffy vagabond.

As he comes in, it seems someone's been waiting for him, because Lynette is there with a mug of warm coffee in hand. Apparently it's for him, as she stands up off a wall and comes striding over to offer it up. Unlike usual, the woman doesn't have her usual crooked smile.

In fact, she looks a little worried.

"All quiet on the western front?" she asks, her words still trying for that half-playfulness, but her tone falls short.

The sight of the coffee is a welcome one, Ryans taking little time to strip off gloves so that he can wraps large hands around the warm surface. "Thank you, you're an angel." He gives her a small smile, though it doesn't exactly reach his eyes, those just seem tired. "So far so good out there," is the rumbled answer, before he falls silent studying her.

"You look like a woman with something on her mind," he observes quietly, before taking a sip from the mug, letting the liquid work on thawing him from the inside out.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"The angel of warmth and caffeine," Lynette says with a light chuckle. But she leans back against the wall as he calls out her mood. She takes in a slow breath before she gives him a nod. "I'm not exactly sure how to explain it all… but it's about your daughter. Delia."

She takes a moment to glance around before she looks back to him, "Does anyone know where she is? If she's safe?" Her hands move to her hips as she speaks, then drop back down to her sides again. She's nervous. Maybe she's worried about the dreamwalker.

The old man goes still. Surely that is a sign that he knows that something is amiss. Lips press tight and he looks down at the mirrored surface of his drink. "I — don't know about safe, but — " Ryans slowly glances up at Lynette again with a pained expression."Her 'body' is back on the mainland, someplace safe, being kept alive."

She can tell how much it hurts him to know that. "Her mind?" Ben's head shakes slowly, eyes closing against the twist of guilt. Guilt that he never knew til she was gone. "She's out there somewhere in people's dreams, unable to get back to her body."

"Okay, well, I have a fun little extra to add for you," Lynette says, brushing a piece of hair out of her face. "I'm pretty sure the Institute is looking for her. And I mean… in a more specific and driven fashion than they have been already." She lifts a hand, though, before he can respond, "I think he wants to help. And he really could help. But regardless of his intentions, the people he works for aren't going to care one way or the other. So whoever has her — And don't tell me, just in case — whoever has her needs to be very, very careful."

Benjamin's quiet, not saying much at the moment, his gaze shifting to stare at an unknown point. He's unreadable, except for a slight furrowing of his brow. Only Huruma would know there is a cold hard knot of worry settling in his stomach and the broiling of rage underneath that. "They get their hands on her, they could potentially have me backed into a corner."

And wouldn't Harper and Eldridge like to have Ryans over the proverbial barrel.

"Tell me about this man you're talking about." Eyes narrow a little at Lynette, moving a step closer, mug still clasped in both hands. "I need to know about this person… good or bad."

"Yes, that thought did occur to me," Lynette says, just one hand making it to her hip this time. "Which would be enough for me to bring it up on its own, but I also feel sort of firmly about not letting people fall into their hands in general."

The topic of the man in question, though, that makes her pause for a moment. How to explain…

"He's… complicated. He's a dreamwalker as well, though, which is why he could help. Actually Delia met him in a dream of mine when they both decided to come strolling in. I think he frightened her. But, whatever he's done or is doing… he was good to me. He was the only person who was good to me when I was in that hospital," she says, her gaze falling to the floor. "But as far as whether you should trust him with your daughter… I suppose if I thought she was totally safe, I wouldn't have mentioned it at all."

He makes a noise, something like a soft grunt in agreement at that last statement, coffee lifted to lips again as he turns thoughtful. "I know who to pass the warning too." He finally says gruffly. "Though, I am thinking about going to the mainland to see where she is and check in on her care."

Ryans is fairly certain that Raith can hold down the fort for a few days, until the old man can get back. "It is bothering me, just to sit back and rely on others." He's never been really great at that, especially when it comes to family.

"Of course it is," Lynette says, that crooked smile making an appearance finally. "We are talking about you, after all." She reaches out a hand to rest on his arm, although that crooked smile remains, "I'm pretty sure we can handle things here for a little while, at least, so you can go look after your daughter. Just be careful, alright? I didn't realize what that dream was until later, and maybe it was just a dream… but with her missing off in dreamland, or whatever, and him being there… if it's coincidence, I'll eat my shoe. And this is officially the only pair I have anymore."

His hand moves to cover her's, skin still warm from the mug, and lingers there. "If I go, it won't be for long, if I can help it." Ryans gives her a soft smile now, but it's a sad one. "There isn't much I can do for her, just make sure her body is getting the care it needs."

It's bothers him he can't do anything for her, not like a true physical threat. Those he can handle. "I wish Hokuto, wasn't so…." what kind of word, would best describe that particular dreamwalker's availability? He can't think of one right away, so he just waves it away.

"Maybe she'd be able to tell me what needs to be done, to get Delia back where she belongs." Ryans sighs out, tone rather bland. The chances of Hokuto stopping by for a chat are pretty slim, really.

"…Insubstantial? She does seem to like to do that whole… mysterious visitor routine, doesn't she?" Lynette looks up at that sad smile and her free hand reaches up to brush his cheek. It's brief, and those fingers are cold, but it's the thought that counts. "I'm not sure what we can do from here, either. But maybe she'll show up to someone, if she needs help."

Although, Lynette does know… one way to get a dreamwalker's attention, be it Delia or Hokuto. But that thought is tucked away. As much as she'd love Refrain to be the answer. "These mental abilities, so difficult," is what she ends up saying, her tone wry.

There is a warmth in the expression that briefly makes it through that neutral mask at the touch, but it's gone all too soon, much like the touch. Then again their situation doesn't really allow for much intimacy. So Ben find solace in the warm he gets from the hot coffee.

"Abilities in general are a headache, especially for those who have none." Ryans comments, but he smiles a little to soften the edge to that comment. "No offense," he adds with a tight smile.

Lynette smirks at that comment, her hand dropping back to her hip. "Well, tell me how you really feel, darling," she murmurs, but in good humor. "You say that as if you aren't ten times more efficient than any of us." And by efficient, she means badass. But, she takes a moment to playfully fluff her hair as she adds, "Except me, of course."

Lynette is rewarded with a soft chuckle, which rumbles in his chest. "Of course." Whether that is an agreement or not is another thing, but her comment has succeeded to lighten the gloom in the much older man. There are just some things you don't argue about with a woman who can electrocute you.

Sometimes, you just have to let them have the argument.

His hand reaches out to snag her's before it can fall, fingers curling around her smaller hand. Gently, he curls her hand so that he can press lips to her knuckles, blue eyes watch her's before letting go of that hand. "Thank you, for the new and…" he holds up the mug, with a hint of a smile.

His chuckle makes her smile warmer, more genuine. She can't help it. And when he takes her hand for that kiss, Lynette chuckles a little herself, but there's just a little flush to her cheeks. "You're very welcome," she says when she looks back up at him again. "I would have brought it sooner, but I didn't want to comb the island for you in the middle of the day. I know enough about myself to know I lack the stealth," she adds the last as a little self-depreciating humor.

"You would do just fine," Ryans states with flick of fingers dismissing her comment. "I'm not exactly what you call stealthy, but I do well enough."

He's silent then for a moment, a sip taken from the mug that is getting woefully low. He glances at it, silently disappointed that it's almost empty. Only way to really fix that and so he offers a hand to her, palm up. "I think I could us another cup of coffee. Accompany me to the kitchen?" He asks a brow lifting slightly and he can't help but smirk, knowing how silly it is, but… signs of the times.

"Asking me out for coffee," Lynette says, mirroring that smirk as she takes that hand, fingers lacing together, "Next thing you know, you'll be asking me to sit next to you at dinner." She teases, but there's a warmth there all the same. It is, after all, a difficult place to have a date, this island. But seeing as how she tugs him toward the kitchen, that must be a yes.

Amusement manages to work it's way to the surface as Ryans allows her to drag him along, only making her work a little bit for that forward momentum. "Well, I mean…" His tone is a little lighter, more humor filled as he rumbles, "… I didn't think of that, but if you insist…

"How can I say no to such a lovely lady?"

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