Is That All?


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Scene Title Is That All?
Synopsis Cat comes all the way out to Staten Island on her own boat to ask Hana for information. Hana isn't exactly pleased about the trouble she's taken.
Date February 11, 2009

Outside the Primatech Paper Facility

This is unfamiliar territory for the panmnesiac Ivy Leaguer, but not such that she won't traverse on her own. Getting out to Staten Island wasn't a problem, Cat has finances and acquired a boat of her own to make the journey and others to come in the future. She comes out armed, being aware the island is hostile territory now. .40 caliber pistols with silencers attached and extra ammo are on her person. Word is sent to Hana along the way, so the technopath knows she's coming and has an estimated time of arrival. Surprising her by showing up is not a thing Cat wants to do, at all.

In time, Cat is approaching the former Company facility, alert senses feeding information into her brain for permanent detailed storage.

The Ferrymen run a semi-regular route between Staten Island and the rest of the world, something Phoenix members are free to make use of; if Cat had asked, Hana would've suggested she not run her own boat. But Cat didn't ask, and Hana wasn't interested in the details of how she was getting out here. She just accepted the announcement of 'I'm coming out' with terse consent, despite the short notice. Now the woman waits, standing near one of the neglected trees that remains from the facility's prior landscaping. Dark eyes follow Cat's approach, and the technopath inclines her head in a curtly polite greeting. "Cat. What do you need?"

"Hana," she greets in return. "I'm interested in what can be learned about the Homeland Satan prison system." Cat stops a few feet away from the operative. "Thank you for seeing me here." She adjusts the New York Yankees cap atop her head, hair outside it is tied into a ponytail. Clothing on her frame is cheap and worn as if older, in keeping with what Teo told her regarding how to blend with the locals when group efforts to locate Trask are undertaken. But that's not her mission right now.

Getting to work on liberating the unjustifiably imprisoned is.

"You shouldn't be here," Hana remarks, though the statement of opinion is without rancor. Whether she means Staten Island or here here is irrelevant, and the technopath doesn't attempt to enforce it, either; Cat can make her own mistakes.

"The system?" Hana echoes. She shifts her weight, gaze flicking somewhere indefinite beyond the musician. "We already have some of the older design plans," she points out. "I can attempt to find more details." There's a hint of impatient annoyance in the technopath's words; is the request for information really why Cat's here?

There is regret, on hearing it said she shouldn't be here, despite the inclarity. There are few whose disapproval rate as high or higher than Hana's with Cat. Such statement makes it unlikely she'll return to this location in the future, but she's here now. "Please forgive my presence," she begins. "You've come to Manhattan before, I felt it best to reciprocate and come to you." And from here she comes directly to the point.

"We don't know where our people are, thus we need as much information as can be gotten on all the facilities, as well as locating them. Putting together an operation to get them out may take time, so the first priority is finding a way to get a message in which lets them know they aren't forgotten. That in itself may become a larger scale function, as I'm advised sending word to specific people may only serve to show they've been located and cause them to be moved."

One dark brow arches. "It is best," the ex-operative disagrees, "to minimize exposure. Especially now. No matter the care you take in coming here, there are risks." Hence Hana's displeasure. A shift of posture turns into motion as Cat continues, outlining the goals she seeks. The movement stops abruptly when she talks about messages, and the glance the Israeli woman casts towards her companion is faintly incredulous. "A message? You don't ask for much, do you?"

There's a heartbeat's silence; Hana turns, walks the few steps back to her original position, whirls about to face Cat again. "I'll see what I can find." Her tone suggests she doesn't expect it to be much; her expression says the same. "Is that all you wanted of me, Catherine? The information?"

She watches the technopath as she speaks, replying when silence settles. "The time it may take to mount an operation is unknown. Letting them know they aren't forgotten or abandoned is to be hoped for. If it's neither possible nor wise, things are as they are." Cat's features show gratitude what she asks for is even listened to, let alone considered.

"It would be advantageous as well to learn the names and locations of persons who can be influenced or coerced to aid us in such matters."

Then the final question is addressed. "I would like the benefit of whatever training you might see fit to give me."

After a moment, Hana looks away, her expression inscrutable. Her thoughts, most likely, elsewhere. Perhaps spinning out how best to attack the requests Cat has made; to the latest, Hana offers a clipped nod. Or maybe drawn to someone else. "Training has been on the table for a very long time," she remarks distractedly. "There will be a session in Krav Maga this Saturday. If you wish to come, I will give you location and time — after they have been decided."

"I'll be there," Cat replies. "Thank you for your time." Her own eyes rest on the woman with so many tools in her box. She displays as neutral an expression as possible, but the very practiced could tell her reverence for the technopath. The eagerness to learn and avoid seeming weak in her eyes, to stay clear of causing offense despite what may seem burdensome requests.

Dark eyes refocus on Cat, and after a moment, Hana inclines her head. "You're welcome." It being evident that the meeting has reached its conclusion, the technopath turns away altogether, striding through the overgrown lot towards the abandoned, fire-scarred facility. She shares nothing further of her thoughts or opinions; it would serve no good purpose. Catherine already knows coming out here was maybe not the best idea.

Bennet had a proper awareness of security matters. And that recollection, that comparison which sticks in Hana's mind, is what rankles most of all.

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