Is That An Arrow In My Face Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?


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Scene Title Is That An Arrow In My Face Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
Synopsis The title says it all. Curt's out playing with arrows while Minea and Veronica come to tell him the good news. He gets to be shot at again.
Date August 14, 2009

Camp Hero State Park

Camp Hero State Park comprises over four hundred acres of virtually untouched woodlands — featuring oaks, beeches, pines, cedars, native dogwood, and mountain laurel — wetlands, and ocean bluffs. A handful of roads cut across the parkland, providing access to a multitude of trails — permitting hiking, biking, and horseback riding alike. Winter snow allows seasonal cross-country skiing; in warmer months, it is a common picnic destination; the park has its very own baseball field in the northwestern corner. Anglers, surfers, and shell-collectors also frequent the beaches.

Veronica had been grabbed by Minea as they headed out to Curts last known sighting. A range out in the grounds surrounding the fort. Not so much because Veronica was also assigned on the Tanner Case, but because.. well come on. The guy had been shooting targets with her face taped to them! Someone had been so kind as to slip one under her door. Not her most favourite moment of returning to duty and she had yet to converse with Director Dalton. "Hey! Lu! Where are you!" Tank top, black jeans, boots and belt, the older Brunette is sticking close to Veronica. Stray arrows do happen. Sometimes not so stray.

"He's cool about you returning. I talked to him about it," Veronica assures Minea as the walk across the grounds. She's in jeans, a black tank top and tennis shoes, her hair in a pony tail. Somewhere in an office she's stowed the light blazer she usually wears to hide her holsters, but out here there's no one to hide them from, and it's freaking hot in August in New York. "Acted like I was being immature and naive by not understanding double agent work or something. You'd think I was the one who pitched the fit when you supposedly defected."

THUNK. An arrow appears in a tree about two feet to Minea's left. "Follow that." comes the answer from ahead. Silly bastard is all 'hidden'… by standing behind a tree shooting at targets with a compound bow. He's pretty good, either that or Minea's face always had those big fiberglass shafts sticking out of it's eyes.

"You weren't the one scrawling Traitor across my face and putting bullets through my forehead" Minea mutters. And then there's an arrow, and it's sticking out of her head. You know, the one that's a picture of her. "Oh, so mature Lu. I'm surprised you haven't gotten a full upper body composite and shot some through my boobs too. Put the bow down"

Veronica's not in the mood for playing cat and mouse. "Come on, Curt. Quit playing Most Dangerous Game and come out already. Minea's got information on a case, and Len's put us on it." She scans the trees for movement. Knowing him he's covered in bushes and pretending this is the jungle. "Pretty please with a cherry on top?" She rolls her eyes at Minea.

Curt shakes his head, "I can hit you in the eye at fifty paces, but your boobs are entirely to small a target to make it realistic." hey, she wants to start with jabs, he'll throw punches right back. "Besides, I have left over targets from when you were all traitory and sucked. Had to use them somehow." SHUNK. Her nose sprouts a yard of shaft. "I'm standing right here!" he waves his arms madly. "Jesus, I know I'm all about camo but yeesh!" which he is. Still, he grins a bit when Vee doesn't even see him, though to be fair it's because from their vantage point his little 'range' had him hidden behind a tree. Nothing to do with his stealth skills. "What do you two want, and if it isn't a threesome of wild monkey forest sex, I'm prolly not gonna be into it."

"How about hunting and taking down a evo who melts people with her eyes and is hell bent on killing only other Evo's. Do I need to mention that two of the victims so far are five year old twins?" Minea finally see's him and makes off towards the older, much older individual. "I'll have you know Curt, I pined every night for you. I mean, who else will I fake moan with in my apartment and make sex sounds if only to make Magnes blush?"

With a roll of her eyes, this time aimed at Minea, rather than at Curt, Veronica begins to climb toward Curt. "He probably will try to get her phone number, marry her, have little anti-evo Evo children," she says under her breath. "And really, yuck, enough on the fake moaning. I don't need to imagine what he sounds like even just pretending to have sex, all right?"

Curt eyes Minea, "Vee?" he suggests helpfully. Then he eyes Vee, Minea's words wiping the smile out of him. "She killed kids?" his tone suggests that there are a number of things he'd like to try out on this woman, few if any of them are legal, even in most of the middle eastern nations. Curt mad. He's all for slaughtering evil Evo's, but kids? Little girls? Quick way to put Curt in the killing mood. "Shut up." Vee's words get her a cold look. "Kids really? I mean I'm a dick but you think I'm /that/ much of a dick?"

"A pair of five year olds. Somehow she'd found out that they were Evo. I get the feeling that they hadn't even manifested yet. I need to get with my contact again but.. She's not discriminating. Just blatantly killing anything with the Suresh Linkage Complex. She's got a dangerous ability though, and that's where you will come into play."

The younger agent actually looks hurt when her partner shoots her that glare. She gives a shake of her head as her brows knit together. She lets Minea do the talking as her arms cross her chest defensively. With her jaw set, her eyes move from Minea to Curt. "Apparently Curt gets to be bait, and little will she know that she'll actually be committing hari kari?" she asks Minea.

Curt actually seems to soften just the slightest bit at Vee's hurt feelings, but it's not that much. "Tell me why we don't just shoot her from afar with a great many bullets?" he asks, "Not that I don't mind killing the bitch but just cause the wounds don't stay doesn't mean they don't hurt and being melted sounds like it's Grade A Suck."

"Len's idea. It's a last ditch attempt. That and Len wants her alive. He thinks she might be useful for something and I don't think he means converting her to an agent. So you want in, or were you just being a smart ass? Cause if you want in, then I need to get with my contact and send Len my his wish list and see what else can be scrounged up. Then, I need to make some ID's and we need to start laying a crumb trail for the bitch to follow" Minea's thumbs sink into the sides of her front pockets. "Seems Ms. Samantha Tanner has a hard on for one Teodoro Laudani. Bad hard on. Like, she's playing with targets with his face on them likely"

"So not so much the hari kari… unless we have to," Veronica says after Minea explains. She doesn't know much of the plan in the works, just that Curt's power is the one they wanted, and she's the sidecar to Curt's motorcycle, so to speak. "Damn. It's so much fun shooting you. I was hoping to do it again." This is said to Curt, all feigned sugar and syrup.

Curt glances down the range to the pincushion face of Minea, "I can imagine." Aww. Poor Minea face, all shot full of arrows like that. He pokes at Vee with the arrow that was notched to the string a moment ago, "Hush you." he menaces with a broadhead, "Alive? Really? She kills kids. What redeeming quality could she possibly have that would outweigh her being without a face?"

"But I wanna shoot him Vee" Minea faux whines to the other female agent. "You got to do it last time" But, that's all the silly she'll get. "I don't know the workings of his mind. But I'll warn you. My informant can't be hurt. He's an invaluable source and it's taken a long time to build up what we have. I've known him since before I joined the company. Be straight with him, he'll be straight with you. In fact, it's Teodoro Laudani that we're working with. I worked with him in regards to.. the unexplained tag's. He's a possibly former member of Phoenix. he went rogue during the time traveler debacle we just went through"

"He didn't want Doyle killed the first time I had him either," Veronica says with a shrug about Len. "Probably figure a mind wipe and re-programming so to speak, and they've got a good weapon on our side, but… you know, I'd worry about the homicidal maniac thing cropping back up and biting Len in the ass, myself." She shrugs. "All right. So we're working with Laudani, or is he just the informant?"

'With" Minea fills in.

Curt frowns. "So we bag and tag the evil melty woman. I don't suppose there's any reason we can't pluck out her eyes is there? I'm just saying, better safe then sorry and that prolly won't kill her we do it right."

"So we have a plan, besides just try to take her down, and then shooting Curt if it all goes FUBAR? Or are we making that once we team up with this Laudani guy?" Veronica says, ignoring Curt — if Len wants Tanner alive and intact, well, that's what they have to do.

"Making it up once we get in contact with Laudani. First I wanted to pass it by Len" Veronica knows this. "He's for it and assigned you both to come with me. Could be a few days, could be a few weeks, but I'll get Laudani and we'll meet up some place neutral"

Curt eyes them both, "Well this mission sounds like buckets of fun. I hate it when they send me to bag and tag. I miss the more direct approach." he draws and fires another arrow, putting it between Minea's lips.

"Ask to be on Kill Squad and be done with it then," Veronica says dryly with a shake of her head. "Call us when you get a hold of Laudani and get the green light, then," she tells Minea.

"I'll leave messages with meet times" That's not Minea's real lips that he shoots and she can't help but be impressed by how good her is. "Kill squad sounds right up your alley Lu" She unhook her hands, starting to pull out the arrows from the picture. "I'll get you pictures of Tanner to play with. You can stop using me"

Curt eyes Vee, "Who do you think trained them?" he asks quietly. "Been here two decades remember? No one wants a guy like me on a squad that has that many bullets flying around. Train 'em? Sure. Go with 'em?" he shakes his head. Though Vee would know a goodly portion of Curt's file is redacted, which suggests he was on a Squad at /some/ point. "Anyway, I think we dealt with Doyle well enough. This girl should, hopefully, go as smoothly. All else fails we'll let her melt me, and one of you will have to deal with what's left of me afterward. I volunteer Vee." he eyes the target at the end of the range, "I still have bout twenty of you left. I got a good deal at Kinko's."

"Doyle 2.0 went well. Doyle 1.0, the 'let's get him alive' version, went great until the transport lost him thanks to some buddy of his playing Superman or something." Veronica is still bitter about that. "So hopefully we can do better with Tanner 1.0 and not need to do the 2.0." Her eyes flick to Curt, waiting for the inevitable question, knowing he probably doesn't get the software jargon she's using.

'There's no tanner 2.0. She's purely analog" Minea informs. "We'll get her the first time. You have me this time" Not that they didn't do good themselves. But three is better than 2. "I need to go. I need to requisition supplies. Give me some new names for you guys and i'll get you ID's made, she's apparently a tricky bitch to catch and we'll need to lay trails" and with that, she's going to leave the two of them together out in the woods and head off towards the fort proper.

Curt eyes Vee, "Why the 'point oh's'?" he asks, "Why not just Doyle 1 and Doyle 2?" Yup. Curt's great with a bow, a gun, a knife, stealth, jungles, desserts, planning opperations, can even make a radio out of a coke bottle and ring of keys… but he still can't text on his cell phone and if you ask him what 'twitter' is he'll say it's what Vee does every time she gets a look at him with his shirt off. He calls out, "Corporal Donnie Lee." he calls out after Minea, "It's a cover I've used before, set me up as an ex-vet, they're easy to fake a power for and if she's looking to hit Evo's a homeless ex-vet is the perfect target. Especially if his power is grow plants or something harmless." he's been bait before.

"Because all the cool kids are doing it," Veronica tosses back to Curt and begins to follow Minea back to the base buildings and the semblance of simulation. Bows and arrows are so primeval.
Veronica says, "wow"

She can hear Vee tromping behind her. "Connie Lee it is" It's a purposeful gaff of his name. And just before the two women veer out of sight, Minea hangs back enough to come even with Veronica and slips a hand around the other woman's waist and gives a little overacted moan and gasp worthy of a woman named Sally.

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