Is That What We're Calling It These Days?


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Scene Title Is That What We're Calling It These Days?
Synopsis Lola stops in to Redbird for a favor.
Date Oct 10, 2010

Redbird Security Solutions

Lola cleans up nicely. In a pencil skirt, a white blouse and a blazer, she could almost belong. She added some glasses - just to make her look, you know, more officy. Though her hair is still dyed red, it is up in a clip, and really dyed hair isn't that unique anymore now is it?

She stowed her weapon safely outside - just in case this was a metal detector kind of place. She's super tired of getting in trouble, after all. So why has she come? Really she doesn't know. She just wants to look around and see how far little Dicky Cardinal has come.

Elisabeth is in the office this morning — only it's in jeans and a sweatshirt. Apparently they're either not open to the public or they're far more casual on a Sunday morning. She glances up as the door opens, though — sitting at the receptionist's desk as she is, one could be forgiven for making assumptions. But when she sees who's coming in, the blonde comes to her feet with wary blue eyes. "Lola," she greets mildly.

While Elisabeth's smile is a bit reserved, Lola's is all teeth and dimples. "Aw, hey sugar," she says, greeting Elisabeth like she might an old friend. "Look t'chu back there, all cute'n orderly. Bet you an' Dicky have loads a fun with that secretary/boss fantasy. Never really mah type a thing, really, but ya'll'd be so cute playin' like that." She sets her hands on her hips, a little unladylike in her current garb, and eyeballs the place. "Not gonna lie, pretty nice setup ya'll got up here. Thought I'd pop in an see it fer mahself."

Aaaaannnnnnd there it is. The reason Elisabeth is wary as hell of Lola all the damn time. "I'm afraid you've got us confused with people whose sex lives require games of pretend to be spectacular," she smirks. "I'm surprised you care what the setup looks like, Lola." She gestures around. "It's just an office."

"Flan an' German chocolate cake's both spectacular, darlin," Lola drawls. She leans her elbows on the desk comfortably. "Ain' no law against enjoyin' both from time ta time." Her dark eyes train over the place again, thoughtfully. "Mmm, Ah'm sure most offices got a Frontline cop workin' the front desk, an are run by a reborn ex-criminal. Ah wasn' that interested, truth be told. But Ah got a job nearby an Ah had some time ta kill. Thought Ah'd come over an visit some a mah very favorite friends in the whole wide world."

Friends, huh? Elisabeth looks skeptical. "Well, I'm not working the front desk," she informs Lola. "I'm sitting here doing my own work. Working here would be a conflict of interest. By all means have a seat if you want to. What kind of job are you working?"

"The kind a cop ain' got no desire ta know 'bout, far as Ah kin tell. But there's some good news, too!" She slides herself up on the desk, crossing her legs. Somehow she still can't quite master the look of regality. She just looks a little too laid back in a suit. Not enough to make people suspicious, but enough to make them blink.

"Ah almost got kilt few weeks back. Ain' the good news of course, least not for me. But Ah had ta get registered an the like. Lola Mayeux is on the up-an-up now."

Elisabeth tilts her head. "For what it's worth, I'm not a cop anymore. Got no power to arrest your ass, Lola. And considering the kind of job I myself took you on, it's not like I could say much anyway." Apparently the girl hasn't figured out some things. "So…. being Registered is the good news?" she asks curiously. For most people, it's decidedly NOT.

Lola shrugs. "Well aside from the fact that Ah almost been kilt 3 times this year, yeah it is a good thing. Least every now and again Ah kin use mah real name, instead a lettin' feckin' Kain Zarek pick the most ridiculous names he could fer me. Mary Lou. Ahmma Mary Lou right up his ass once Ah get the chance to." What 'the chance' is goes unsaid, but it's fairly easy to interperate, what with plots against Linderman so prevelant these days. "Ah know it don' mean much ta yer kind, but Ah like mah name and Ah'd like ta not be scared of it, if Ah kin help it. Hey speakin' a which, in all yer days as a cop, ya ever come across a decent forger, or one who might know how to hook me up? Fer a price, a course."

Mmmm-hmm. And now comes the real reason Lola's here, obviously. Elisabeth quirks a brow. "Why do you need forged papers now?" she asks mildly.

"Fer one, Ah need a name that ain' known by a serial killer or that sounds like a chicken shat on it." Stupid freaking Mary Lou Winston. GOD who comes up with that shit? Stupid Kain Zarek. "An fer another, Ah got a business deal in the works. Ah friend a mine - yes, an actual friend, and a mate of Cardinal's too if ya don' mind my sayin - needs some papers. Ah promised her Ah'd help her deliver, an Ah ain' the promise-breakin' sort. Nothin' serious, love. Just yer standard need."

"Mmm-hmmm," Elisabeth replies. "I'll see if I can dig up any names for you," she tells Lola mildly. "Right now, we don't have anyone we use. Forgery's a tough business these days."

"Well Ah'd appreciate it mightily, sugar. Ah relaly would. Ah'd owe ya a favor in return, a course." Not that she doesn't do Cardinal's bidding for free, but still. "Just need two, one fer me an one fer her an that's a day, relally. Ah kin alter the pictures on 'em - shit, who ain' been doin' that since they was 12 - but the rest, Ah'd like it ta be legit enough ta pass inspection." She slides off the desk.

"I can't promise I'll be able to come up with anything. Passing inspection isn't just about looks anymore, it's about digital encoding. And I'll tell you up front, no one out there yet can fake the Registration cards. I already know of people who've been nailed at the checkpoint." Elisabeth watches her. "Tell your friend, she's better off Registering with a really dumbed down version of her ability. Something she can show them that's entirely harmless."

"Registration ain' what Ah'm worried about sugar. Ya kin register under a false name if yer papers are good 'nuff. That's all Ah'm hopin' ta have her do. It ain' a matter so much a bein' afraid a bein' registered. Me an her, we're a dyin' breed. Just the old-time crooks is all." She grins a toothy grin. "But Ah appreciate ya lookin."

There's a moment where Elisabeth debates. And she says quietly, "I'll see if I can find anyone." It's their choice if they want to risk it. It's getting harder and harder to fake that stuff, but it's still doable at the moment. "If I find someone, either I or Richard will let you know."

"Thanks sugar. Give me a call if you need anything." She pauses, looking at her watch. "Well Ah got 'bout ten more minutes, but Ah guess Ah kin head that way now an get mah work done. Thanks again, darlin." She nods to Elisabeth with a little salute, and starts to sashay toward the door.

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