Islands In The Stream


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Scene Title Islands In The Stream
Synopsis Len finds Minea at his favorite haunt and offers an apology.
Date August 30, 2009

Karaoke King

When you feel yourself being wound too tightly, you either do something about it to get yourself unwound, or you continue to wind yourself up until you've no choice but to snap. Len knows at some point he's going to snap. With everything going on around him, and the load he's chosen to take upon himself, he knows will soon take him to places he has not been in a very long time. Of course, when Len Denton is feeling like he needs to cut loose, there's no place he'd rather go than Karaoke King.

He is surprised to see, when he pulls in with his Jeep, that Minea's vehicle is there in the parking lot. He parks next to her and heads into the place, finding her sitting at the bar. He walks over and talks for a moment to the DJ, then walks over and sits next to her and orders a beer, ".. and give her another of hers." he says, indicating whatever it is that Minea may be drinking.

Her's is a tonic and lime. Nothing alcoholic. The woman's taking a break from finding Felix to fill out a familial duty which is buying a gift card for her brothers. Since she got a message that two of them would be descending on the city in a week and change. SO when someone that is her next up boss, sits next to her there's an inward wince. Even more when he tells the bartender another for her. "Not drinking. I'm working, just.. picking up something for a family mmeber"

"Have you heard anything? Found anything?" he asks as he takes a whole of the bottle that is placed in front of him and takes a swallow. Len swivels his stool so that he can lean his back against the bar and still look at Minea.

"Nope" Minea answers, taking a sip of the bitter concontion. "Not a drop and the odds of finding kitty are pretty slim. IF they haven't killed him by now" Let's roll the wheel of emotions and see where we are shall we? SPin spin spin and look, it's guilt with a side of self loathing. "But i'll die trying"

Len's elbows find a comfortable place on the bar as he is leaning back and he takes another drink. "Look. I owe you an apology. I was angry. I shouldn't have taken it out on you. You're a damn find agent. But even the best have a bad night now and then." There's someone up on the stage killing "Crazy Train." Seriously killing it. It causes Len to wince a couple of times. "It has not been a good week, and not looking to get any better. I was feeling it the stress and took it out on you. It wasn't professional, and I apologize."

No, really no need to apologize, you were just doing your job. You agent took initiative, and ended up… doing a stupid. Epic stupid. "I'll find Kitty. Then you can get my papers drawn up and arrange whatever is necessary for an agent leaving the company. Thats twice i've fucked up, three times if you could Hiro Nakamura on Staten Island. I'll go back to pushing papers and making the worlds agents safe, one passport at a time" Minea glances over her shoulder at the cat yowler. Better than the last, but not by much.

"Shit. I'm not drawing up any papers. You want to quit, then quit. Everyone screws up, Dahl and you know that. I'd have no agents if I fired everyone who screwed up." A particular bad note is sung that causes Len to shiver, then tilts his head back. "I'm going to need a few more of these if this song goes any longer, bartender." he says as he waves his empty bottle and sets it on the bar. "Did I ever tell you the time I shot the mayer of Sweetwater Texas during a hunting trip?" He says getting back on subject.

"You shot him on a hunting trip Denton. A lot different than bagging a high up in the Humanis First organization and then proceeding to be responsible for that much damage and some deaths of some pretty important people. Oh, lets not forget all the people at Columbia who will inevitably die of complications from Radiation exposure. At least I know I'll die from cancer and not of old age" She really should be drinking and with a glance to her clear liquid contained drink, she pushes it towards the bartender. "Dos equis" She should be going out, to the graveyard and meeting up with moose and squirrel. Or heading out there soon. "I'm supposed to be heading to the boat graveyard to talk with some informants. Trade them information on Feng Daiyu for what they can give me on Humanis First and Danko"

Len shakes his head. "Wasn't quite that simple. And Columbia was not your fault, nor Sawyer's, or Lu's. Columbia had to be done. Don't even put that on yourself. You did the right thing. And you took Tanner down, so she's not out there killing. A screw up, is a screw up. It doesn't matter whether it's at work or not. You will not be the last one to screw something up. Just put it behind you and move on." Len's second beer arrives without much fanfare, unless you count the bonehead crooning to something Limp Bizkit-ish. "Whatever you do, be careful and makes sure you take someone with you. I don't care if it's the janitor. Just make sure he's sober." So that leaves out Frankie the Janitor for sure. "Let me know if you find anything that can be acted on."

"I'll skip the pep talk please, i'm too old for them. Save it for Kitty if I even come close to finding him" Bring someone with her. Not likely. That would just get her killed, likely. Maybe. She's counting on the other person, possible pair to at least restrain themselves. High Hopes. "For gods sakes Denton, go sing. Because unless somehow, i've been given an isotope and you came to find me and give me the rah rah speech with the apology, you came here to sing"

Len glances up at the singer and shakes his head, turning back to Minea. "Look, don't knock my pep talks. Just be careful. Or I may have to slip you an isotope just so I can find your dead body when someone kills you." Sing, huh? Apparently that's what Len had in mind when he showed up here. The announcement is made. "Up next, Len and Minnie." He turns to grin at her, "You want me to shut up, come sing with me, then go take care of business. I've got the perfect song queued up for it." He says as he stands from his bench, waiting for her to join him.

"Christ Denton" Her tongue darts out to lick her lips and touch the lip of the beer bottle and take a swig. "I did promise did't I" She might regret that promise. But she pushes away from the bar, dragging the dos equis with her. Jeans, white cotton shirt, jeans belt and boots, hair loose. She looks like, random woman instead of secret clandestine agent du jour.

Len leads the way, grinning at his small victory. "Yes, you did promise. Besides.." he says as he reaches for the two microphones and offers one to her. The strains of a familiar song begins to play as he continues. "I can't be Kenny Rogers without a Dolly Parton." That song? "Islands in the Stream."

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