It Fits


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Scene Title It Fits
Synopsis While trying to track down relatives of two suspects, it's a lackey who comes with something important.
Date June 22, 2010

Fort Hero - Flora's Office

Sometimes, the life of a company agent isn't all glory glory, out on the street, tazers in hand and tracking down the Evolved, coming home with them strapped to the front of the black SUV like some prize six point buck that you shot out in the woods after six hours of sitting the freezing cold. Sure, it boost the ego and gives you the warm fuzzies in as much as Company Agents will even admit to warm fuzzies. For some, they do get a kind of high from doing it. For others, it's all in a days work.

Sometimes though, it's going through the little boring mundane things. Like tracking down the family of a suspected Evolved that you want to capture/arrest/have a little conversation with. This is what Flora, who drafted Maria to help her with are doing. Inch thick folder split between the two of them, having worked with the governments IRS, census department, you name it, they scrubbed up the list of potentials down to the top handful of sheets.

"No, no ma'am, I'm jus-" Flora is cut off on the other side of her phone, a telemarketers headset on her head, breaking up the lavender scarf that holds her hair back. She's not your visual definition of an agent. "No ma'am, I'm looking for a jacob stack, or a Mary-Anne. You don't happen to have any relatives by that name? I'm trying to track them down. There's some unclaimed money for them and we're trying to make sure that they get it" So far, Flora's been striking out.

One by one, working from the folder before her and the names within, Maria makes calls. Phone work isn't new to her so much, in her Naval days she spent a good deal of time tracking down executives and lesser employees of firms on contract. In serial fashion, she enters a number and pleasantly id's herself as "Miss Delgado", then pursues the conversations with varying degrees of success.

Failure. That name is stricken off with red marker. This is not the Stack family that you are looking for. The button pressed by a forefinger with pale blue nails on the end, Flora looks into her coffee cup with disdain. Empty.

Not happy.

She waits though for Maria to be finished her call, for the good or for not. Seems to be for the not when the person on the other end makes noises about them having no such relative in or around New York, these too are not the Stacks that you are looking for. That leaves all of the Stacks in New York State.

"Should we get some coffee and come back and figure out what state to work on next? I mean, How many Levi and Josephine Stacks are there?"

"Stack isn't an unusual name," Maria answers musingly as she rises from her seat, "but Levi and Josephine are. Even so, among three hundred million people even the unusual names pop up a lot." She seems amenable to getting coffee, in that the diminutive woman rises further from her chair. And speaking of unusual, when Maria rises from her seat, she literally rises. By the time she stops, two feet of empty space are under her.

It'll be a quick run for Coffee, time is a ticking if they want to get this information before the two pop up onto Law Enforcement radar again. There's a glance to the use of ability, but that's about the extent of recognition that Flora gives. Veteran agent, she's seen that before, and plenty more.

"True. Just think we'd have an easier time of it. How many Josephine and Levi Stacks with children named Jacob and Mary-Anne could there be" She points out. "What do you think about this theory that one of them is a hemokinetic? Stands that if one of them can teleport, genetics say the other is evolved too"

"It fits," Maria answers as motion resumes toward the goal of coffee. One of the uses she's discovered for airborneness is safely carrying that hot beverage. It sloshes less and is easier to keep from spilling when one doesn't have the vibrations from placing feet on the ground while carrying it.

It Fits. State the obvious there. There's a turn into the break room but they're stopped by a yell from down the hall, a lackey of the company sprinting down the hall. "Agents!" which of course means not only Flora turns her head, but the others in the hall do too who are going through, seeing if it's them that is being called after. But it's Maria who is and a piece of paper is offered out to the floating agent.

'Death records for the Stacks. Josephine and Levi. Took a bit of digging, but apparently they died in the midtown incident" Other people have been busy too it seems.

Halting in mid air, she turns to face the man and accept the paper he offers, reading it quietly first. "Interesting," Maria then murmurs. "Thank you." Moments later the document is offered to Flora and she's back on the coffee path. "How do you take yours?" she asks.

"Three sugars, one cream" Flora takes the paper in turn, blonde brows scrinching together as her eyes go over the information that was just handed to them. "You getting the coffee and I'll meet you back in the room? Keep making the calls and see if it will get us somewhere. Maybe this will get us somewhere" Maybe not, who knows.

"Aye aye," quoth the airborne one, who then goes about acquiring coffee. In due course Maria makes her way back to the phone center, demonstrating the benefits of carrying such hot liquid while not in contact with solid ground.

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