It Just Takes Some Time


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Scene Title It Just Takes Some Time
Synopsis Paths intersect at Grand Central Terminal, and two women discuss juggling life and terrorism, and what may come of dreams.
Date August 3, 2011

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station is always a place that amazes Robyn Quinn, every time she sets foot in it. After almost a year, it's still pretty incredible to see the underground complex, and all the things that have come with being there - both the good meetings and the bad, and all the little things she's come to know that she would never really know about otherwise. There's even still a bit of a smile as Quinn walks down the concourse, looking up towards the ceiling.

That smile is why you'd never know that she's actually rather nervous about being here.

Still, her reservations - legit or not - aren't quite enough to keep her from seeing what she can do to help, as usual. That's largely what's brought her here today, bringing some supplies by to be delivered off to pollepel, some simple drug store first aid supplies and a little bit of food, only as much as she can safely into the tunnels in her arms and a pair of coolers on wheeks, dragged behind her. Those have been dropped off, and for the moment, she's mostly milling abotu before she heads off. The last time she was here, she ended up talking to Gillian, and in truth she's hoping to see a more familiar face than Robin or one of the other regulars before she heads home.

As it turns out, Quinn isn't the only one with supplies for the next run out to the island. Lynette comes strolling along, carrying a couple boxes in her arms. They're obviously heavy, but the woman's gotten more accustom to heavy lifting in the months since the riots. The contents are a mystery, but there's some clinking in there that promises that some of this run is entirely for personal use. Alcoholic personal use.

"Quinn," she greets as she sees her lingering, and she takes a moment to set her things down right there on the floor before straightening to wipe at her forehead a little. She's glad to see the musician there, but something seems to be bothering her in general. But not enough that she can't smile in Quinn's direction, "What brings you out this way?"

Quinn actually jumps a bit at the sound of the voice - she's used to being the one to catch people off guard, not the other way around. Luckly, she's able to keep from vocalising her surprise, but when she does turn to face Lynette, there's a hand over her art, and a weak smile forming on her face.

"Christ, you scared the hell out of me," she says with a bit of a quiet chuckle. "I should be glad you didn't decide to poke me or something. If I'd been static shocked I might have screamed." Arm lowering back to her side and a deep, calming breath taken, she offers a wider, more genuine smile as she moves forward, arms opening for a hug. "It's nice t' see you, Lynette! Been too long. I'm here t' drop off some supplies, mostly. Figure I can at least bring things here, since I'm not going by the island for the time being. What about you?"

"I'll keep that in mind for next time," Lynette says with a crooked smile. She eyes those open arms for a moment, as if she might say something blithe about the show of affection, but there's a clear decision to do just the opposite and she steps forward into the hug. "It's good to see you, too. I'm officially here to oversee this next boat ride, and to pick up a few specifics that never made it to the shopping list. But I'm mostly here to fend off going insane on that island."

Quinn doesn't notice the moment of almost hesitation, laughing a bit as she seperates herself from teh hug. "I don't know how you do it. Spend all of your time on the island, that is. I think I'd go positively mad without a record player or some way to charge my mp3 player. I'm jsut made for roughing it." Cracking a wide smile of her own, Quinn's hands move to her hips as she turns a bit, looking back at the wider area of the Terminal again. "Not that I guess I have to worry about it at the moment. I'm probably not going back for a while."

"Well, I am a way to charge my mp3 player, so perhaps I'm made for cheating," Lynette says with a chuckle of her own. She turns and looks the same way Quinn is, curious. She doesn't take much time to look at this place anymore, it's far too familiar. "Oh? There go my dreams of a beachside concert," she teases lightly, turning back before she adds, "Is it getting difficult for you? Going back and forth?"

Juggling terrorist contacts and lawful existence, rather.

"Oh ho! I never actually thought of that!" In fact, Quinn's face absolutely lit up at the idea. "That's silly of me. How could I not think of that?" WIth a laugh, she shrugs it off, rolling her shoulders a bit in response to Lynette.

"I don't know if you heard, but when we went to Budapest… the guy we went to see? His daughter recognised me. Apparently she came to one of my shows while she was here studying this past semester. And between taht and how busy work gets… I dunno. I feel like if I'm start to get recognised that easily, even when I have blonde hair and glasses," she remarks, pointing to her own face - she still wears both of those disguise items even a month and some change afterwards - "maybe it's time to step away, before something goes sour."

"I hadn't heard," Lynette says, and she does seem genuinely concerned there. "Better to back away before a real problem comes up, I agree." She holds no judgment for Quinn choosing her non-exiled life over the alternative; they all have to make their own choices. And have their own reasons. "But I hope you know you're always welcome. If something does go wrong… Well. You know where to go.

"You'll be missed, though," she adds with a crooked smile, "Not that the island is limited in characters, but some have been more pleasant than others."

"Well," Quinn says, looking down at the ground a bit. It's not too hard to hear a bit fo sadness in her words, or see it on her face. "It's not like I'm just, you know… dropping out of the Ferry. This isn't something I ever want t' just stop. This si something I believe in, something I want t' do. Otherwise, I would've stopped a long time ago." She shuffles her feet a big, hands sliding into her pockets so that only her thumbs stick out, both slipped into the beltloops of her jeans.

"I just don't think I'll be running off to the island any time soon. Or here as much. But I'm not done helping. Money, supplies, helping out how I can - I'm still going to be Ferry, you know?" She looks back up at Lynette with a half smile and a shrug. "Maybe I should send Sable out there sometime. She's moer than enough character to make up for me bein' gone. She could probably stand some time away from Eltingville anyway."

"Oh, I didn't think you were leaving the network." But it's unfortunately true that some of them over there are in the opposite situation, where it's become more and more risky to leave. "I just don't want you to think that stepping back means you're banned or anything. If you need it, it's there."

At the mention of Sable, Lynette chuckles a bit, shaking her head a little, "She might make up for several absent, on basis of character. Is she alright in there? I'd be lying if I said I didn't worry from time to time." She's not a fan of the little Evolved community, as it's called.

"I didn't!" Quinn jokingly protests, laughing a bit as she turns all the way back to Lynette. "I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not saying 'byw! So long and thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories' to you guys. I mean, I couldn't even if I wanted to. Most of band is in or knows of the Ferry, and my finacee's in teh Ferry. It kinda makes it hard to seperate myself from thigns entirely, even if for some bizarre reason I wanted to."

The subject of Eltingville makes QUinn sigh a little. "Sable and Delilah are doing fine, as of the last time I talked to Sable. I mean, it's not like they're being held captive there, like some others. No anklets, they can come and go as they please. It's just kinda like living in a really shitty neighborhood for them." Quinn shrugs a bit again, leaning back on the heels of her feet and beginning to rock back and forth. "I tried to convince Sable and Dee they should just move in with me and Elaine. We have an entire bedroom we don't use. I realyl hope they do, it'd be better than where they are now."

"I hope they do, too. It would be safer for them, at least in the short run. If the dreams are to be believed, anyway, it might not be safe anywhere for very much longer. And if you're going to get stuck somewhere, well… not there seems like a good idea." Lynette takes in a deep breath there, her hands moving to her hips, too. She's not a fan of the dreams, either. But then, she's never liked knowing the future. "Plus, they'd have better neighbors."

The dreams. Quinn's expression is a mixed one, given she's never really been sure what to make of things when she has those dream. "Those dreams almost feel designed to fuck with our emotions," she announces somewhat flatly. "Some of them have made me want to cry, some of the scare the shit out of me, some of them confuse me, and some of them make me just… so happy, weird as that is."

A hand withdraws from her pocket, moving to scratch the back of her head. "I started having those dream again, the other night. They were… interesting. One was me, giving my adopted dauhgeter permission to b eone of those kids that came back. The other…" And her face roses a bit, just enough to be noticable. "Have you… heard anything about Rue reently?"

"I'll agree with that," Lynette says with little hesitation this time. "Sometimes it makes me want to punch someone, frankly." She lets out a bit of a huff, and while she doesn't elaborate, it's clear the dreams have been toying a bit with hers, too.

"Rue? I'm afraid I haven't heard anything from her in some time. It's hard to keep tabs on everyone. I'm sure Raith knows more than I would." There's a pause, though, and she gets sort of an odd expression. "I think Rue was in one of those dreams. Of mine. A couple months ago, by now."

"The last I heard, she was still in the hospital," Quinn laments. "Well, she might be out, I'm not sure. It's awful of me, but I haven't had the chance to check. She had the 5-10 pretty bad." Which makes that sad look sit even more noticably on Quinn's face.

But the mention of Rue being in one of Lynette's dream's gets her to look back up and over at the otehr woman, an eyebrow quirked. "Really? I haven't actually heard anything about her bein' in anyone's, not while I was still asking around. That's why I was suprised when she was in mine, I guess. She was gettin' ready for some mission, with Liza and Raith. I was tryin' t' keep her fromg etting too resssed out, makin' sure she was rested before it." Or something like that.

Lynette opens her mouth to reply, but something in what Quinn says makes her close it again. And eyebrow lifts, but not out of suspicion, more just… mildly disturbed, perhaps. "What sort of mission? Do you remember?" She doesn't always remember all the details in these dreams, after all, but some things stick out. It might be coincidence, but she's not sure she believes in that anymore.

"I'm sure she's alright," she adds, after a moment, "She's a strong girl. Active, young. Well taken care of. People have recovered in worse situations." Herself, for example. Well, one of the clones, anyway. Semantics.

"Something about scouting, and killing Heller." There's a bit of a sneer when Quinn speaks the name, but that really shouldn't be a surprise - pretty much anyone in teh Ferry has good reason to hate the man. "I don't know. She was looking over a map of Staten Island? I… don't really remember if there was anything besides taht…" Quinn trails off, looking up at the cieling. "I know she is. Doesn't stop me from worrying. I'll have to go by the hospital tomorrow, see if I can see her."

"There was a train. Was there a train? I can't imagine we'd have many chances to go try to kill that bastard," Lynette says, her shoulder rolling a little in a bit of discomfort. "I think I had a dream about what came after your dream… strange. I never thought about them… referencing each other, I suppose. Although, it's a stupid thing to be surprised by, frankly."

She's quiet a moment, thinking that over and possibly wondering what other dreams might have been connected to each other, if any. "Let her know we're thinking of her, if she's still there. If not, tell her she's late checking in."

Quinn looks at Lynette with a bit of an uneasy expression. "No… I don't think so. I don't really remember what was on the map. We were too busy flirting to really talk too uch about it." As if prompted by her words, Quinn looks down at the ring on her finger, which had - no surprise to her at this point - been absent in her dream. "I just know she was worried about not coming back. Which, I mean… it seemed like her first time doing anything like that, so I don't blame her."

She looks back up, letting out a bit of a sigh. "I will. Last time I tried to go, there was something about no visitors.5-10, though, so I don't blame them. I can only hope she's out an' has been too busy recouping to call me. That better be the case, at least. If she got out and didn't call me, I'm going t' smack her back to the hospital."

"Too busy flirting, hmm?" Lynette gets a crooked smile there, teasing a bit. It seems to pull her out of her funk a bit, her manner a bit easier. "We all worry our first time out. It'll be important for both of you to remember… the things we see in these dreams aren't guaranteed, whatever she saw of her first mission in the field. As it were.

"Although, some of it can be a bit similar. The more personal things, I think we all have a bit more control how those things go." It's not advice, per se, just idle… commentary.

"Yeah," Quinn replies with a bit of a nervous laugh. "What I've seen of that future… I'm not engaged to ELaine. Actually, she an' Sable get married. An' at some point, I guess Ygraine and I did too - we were definitely still dating. But, for the time…" She can't help but waggle her brows a bit suggestively, giggling a bit afterwards.

The return to the more serious tone, though, gets the laugh to fade and her posture to straighten. "I know they're not. Trust me, I've… had to get over that hurdle a few times now. I mean… I guess my life at the moment is the biggest proof of things change I've seen so far." She does eye Lynette for a moment, almost a bit suspiciously, but whatever she's thinking she doesn't vocalise. "I'm not so mch worried about that. The… things in them happening or not. They're stll just unnerving sometimes."

"Free love, baby," Lynette says, her tone playful as she flashes her a quick peace sign. It's close to her person romantic philosophy. Close enough for government work.

"I suppose it is, at that. You two have been forging a new path admirably. So, you're not worried about that. What are you worried about, then? Assuming you are, and not just unnerved a bit here and there." That may be a bit of a tease, too, with the almost knowing smile she puts on there.

There's a snicker that Quinn just can't help but keep down, grinning at Lynette as she just barely manages to keep herself from implying that Lynette should "talk" to Sable sometime. "I know a few people with that philosophy. It works better than some people might think, sometimes," is all she says instead, before letting out a sigh, a thoughtful expression on her face.

"I guess… I'm still worried about the bigger picture of it? Of everything I've heard from the kids, seen in my dreams… there's still a lot that doesn't bode well. Not that I think everything will ever be all perfect sunshine and rainbow farts everywhere. I dunno. It's hard t' put int' words. I'm just worried. I'm always worried."

"Well, look at it this way. Things are going to get worse before they get better, no matter what all the children have changed… from the point we're at now, I just don't see it all hopping onto an upward swing." It is possible she's pessimistic, but Lynette would call it being practical. "So you should be prepared for that, in any case. It'll just get worse… differently. Maybe just a little differently, maybe a lot. I'm honestly not sure which I'd prefer. That's the thing about seeing the future, it's a little useless, if the moment you change something your vision is no longer accurate. And if it is still accurate after you change something, that's pretty much useless, too. And depressing."

"Things will get better," Quinn replies in a tone that almost sounds like it's in defiance of Lynette's assessment and her earlier talk of worry. "I'm not letting go of that. Not now, not ever." She grimaces a bit, letting out a sigh. "It has to. I just… I still worry sometimes." She rolls her shoulders, looking back down the concourse, towards the entrance. "Maybe I'm just being silly. I think sometimes I over think all of this future stuff."

Lynette smiles a little, but doesn't seem to entirely agree about things getting better. But at least she doesn't say so. "I think it's clear which of us is in the running to be the motivational speaker. I think we can agree it's alright to be worried. There's plenty to be worried over. And overthinking comes with the territory. It's hard enough to wrap the mind around time travel and future dreams without everything else."

"There's a song I like to think of, when I stop thing that everything's going to be alright, or I get too worried that things are taking too long." Quinn clears her throat, and possibly to the annoyance of some around, starts to sing a few lyrics. "It just takes some time, little girl you're the middle of the ride, everything, everything'll be just fine. Everything, everything'll be alright, alright~." She coughs a bit at the end, for whatever reason, looking back to Lynette with a smirk. "It helps me from going crazy when I get worried. Helps me stay positive. Doesn’t always work, but… it helps."

The eyebrow liiiifts, but Lynette doesn't say anything until the singing is over, at least. "For a moment there, I thought you were going to break out into song and dance. Or maybe that my life had become a musical all of a sudden. A very strange musical." But she does smile, at least! "Whatever works for you, hun. I prefer the help of my Russian friend over there," she says with a nod to the boxes. Vodka, of course.

"I owould probably do better in life it were a musical," Quinn jokes, shaking ehr head at Lynette. "But I'm a horrible dancer. Ask Rue or Elaine sometime, I have nothing but two left feet, so I think you're safe. At least until Sable decides to bring out some of her stash. Then there's no promises on anything." A wry grin forms across Quinn's face as she looks past Lynette over towards the boxes. She doesn't get it for a moment, not until she remembers the clinking og the boxes. "Oh. Well, in all fairness, that's probably the thing I turn to when the first choice fails. Though I usually pick Scotch."

"All bets are off when the stash is involved, understood. I hope you girls know how to share," Lynette doesn't… seem to be entirely kidding there. "Scotch works, too. Hell, in a pinch, I'll take anything with enough alcohol content. I'll leave the singing to the professionals. Or those under the influence, as it were."

"I've already gotten one person to sing who doesn't normally recently. Don't tempt me, Lynette." There's a beat as Quinn mulls over a response, a grin on her face. "We know how to share," is all she settles on saying, in lieu of much more suggestive statements that had passed through her mind. "Do you need any help carrying all of that, anyway? Before I head off, at least, I can do a bit more to help."

"I will only ever sing if it's slow, sultry, I'm in a slinky dress and there's a piano to lounge about on. For the record." Lynette looks back over to her boxes, considering a moment. "Yeah, grab the top one. Just don't break my vodka. That really does mean war." She smiles over at Quinn, nodding her over. "By the way, as far as ways you can help… clothes. Lots of clothes. Various sizes, styles, what have you. My last dream had me in something I can't even explain how sad it was." She means that. Really means it.

Quinn can't help but laugh at that, and loudly. "Well, I'll raid the thrift stores, then, see what I have in my closet. Maybe I'll call mum, see what she has laying around. I could donate some of my old clothes, if nothing else." Moving to grab the top one, she picks it up with a grunt, eyes widening a bit. She seems to have a good grip on it, but seems to be heavier than she was expecting. "Maybe we can find you that slinky dress!" she jokes. "Or at least something that doesn't make you cringe. I've never really paid much attention to what I'm wearing in most of them. Course, most of the ones I've had, I'm like… old."

"I'd consider it a personal favor." Lynette picks up the other box, smirking at Quinn's grunt. "If you can find me a slinky dress, I promise to put it to good use. Scout's honor." She was never a girl scout, but it still counts. "Really? I haven't been very much older in any of mine. And I always notice what I'm wearing." The idea that she's only had dreams from the relatively near future doesn't seem to spark any worry in the woman, though, she just turns and leads the way back down to where they're keeping the supplies for transport.

'Yeah… I haven't gotten any numbers out of the kids. Well… Adel said something about thirty years, once. Christ, that would put my less than half a decade to sixty. It's still scary to think about." In contrast to Lynette, Quinn's had very few of the relative near future, a fact taht doesn't realy seem of any note to her either. "But if there's anything I hope doesn't change from teh dreams, it's that." She adjusts the box in her arms, letting out a bit of a sigh. "Okay. Where to?"

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