It'll Be A Short Trip


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Scene Title It'll Be A Short Trip
Synopsis Len gathers up Wendy for a trip out to Fort Hero for an extended stay.
Date November 8, 2009

Logan's been a few hours gone, spending the night in Wendy's place before she started packing. She's unsure what she'll actually need where she's going. Clothes, yes, obviously. But would they let her bring art supplies? Things from her studio so that in her down time she can try and get back into the swing of things? SOme canvases were pulled, blanks, a huge traveling case of her paints, paintbrushes, pencils, anything she could stuff into it. Two suitcases of clothing, nothing spectacular and partying out worthy - okay maybe a few of those - and all her medications. If she was still there past their renewal date, surely Bella and whomever they had on medical staff could refill yes? Winter gear in case she was going outside, her cellphone, ipod, the list went on.

All in all, five bags when all is said and done of varying size because she doesn't know where she's going, the weather, or precisely what she'll being in her off time. And now it was a waiting game. The homeland agent, Denton, was set to be arriving soon enough to escort her. Leather pants, warm sweater in a vibrant shade of blue. Peacoat on over that and leather gloves that hide her hand and it's bandaged state from sight while she idly flips through channels and leaves a note for the housekeep with regards to Logan stopping in when he wants and contact numbers.

Having decided that perhaps it's time for a change, and really, how much of an agent can you possibly be playing cowboy? Len's downgraded his attired just a bit. Baseball cap and a tan T-shirt with a Pearl Jam logo on it as he approaches Wendy's place. She's ready, it seems, to get on with the next stage of her life. To bigger and most assuredly better things. At least to a point where she'll be far an away from any further kidnappings. He's supposed to meet with Sabra soon, though he also has a feeling that perhaps that meeting is being delayed intentionally. He's going to have to press the issue sooner or later because he's most definitely not in a good place right now as far as the Company goes. But, for now, he's still employed and he does what he feels is best for the agency and the country. He approaches the door and pushes the doorbell as he waits to be let in or at least met.

Aha, her ride is here. Note tucked with a corner wedged under the gilt box, wendy's sidestepping her bags to head to the door and peek through the hole to ascertain who the front desk let up. The man from the hospital it is, minus a cowboy hat. So with little todo, the door is unlocked and opened to permit him entrance. "Agent Denton. Welcome to my home"

Len nods his head in greeting, "Miss Hunter." He steps into the place as invited and he ducks his head just a tad to avoid bumping it on the top of the doorway. "You got everything you need? I can start taking it to the van." He brought one of the Company's vans to help bring her stuff. He's going to have to put her to sleep when he transports her, but he doesn't plan on keeping that a secret from her. "Make sure you bring enough to keep you busy." Though by the gathering of art gear, he figures she's already anticipated that.

"I wasn't sure what to bring and I figured, that bringing my pottery wheel was not going to be an option. Somehow, I doubt that I'll be able to cart that or that you'll have a kiln. But i'm sure Bella can get me anything that I need or somehow, things can be gotten to me" Wendy reaches up, scratch gently at her decimated ear hidden beneath a knit hat and her loose hair. Healing itches. "I brought my canvases, portable easel, paints, brushes, things. Uhh.. laptop and the like, but i'ms uspecting that likely, I'll have to let you all look at it before I can connect to anything." Probably. "But i'm ready. I told my parents that I was heading off to Rehab" Which probably tells something about Wendy. "friends got told i'm off to a clinic in europe to get better"

Len has done his research on Wendy Hunter, so the comment about rehab doesn't come as any surprise to him. Even if most of his research consisted of tabloid conjecture, he imagines the photos that accompanied the stories couldn't have been faked. He hopes that whatever Bella has in mind for Wendy will help get this young woman on the straight and narrow. He's already been briefed on her ability, which would most definitely come in handy to those inside the Company. "I'm pretty sure we don't have a kiln, but I am sure that the painting garb will be just fine. Let me start taking this out to the van." He starts to gather up some of the things. "Just to be forewarned, you'll have to be put to sleep during transport. We don't want to limit your access to the outside world, and that being said, we can't risk you knowing exactly where you are."

"When most people say put to sleep, I get the impression it's like, hey fido, don't worry, you're going to a better place" It's wendy's attempt at a joke. She figured that she would just end up blindfolded or some sort of thing. Put to sleep though, that makes her somewhat uneasy. "Will Dr. Sheridan be there when I wake back up?" She's tossing one back over her shoulder, two fo the suitcases are rolling ones and strapped together so that they'll maneuver as one. Leaving tow others for Len to take care of. She intends to make one trip it seems, concious of the fact that someone is helping her out and not wanting to seem like some spoiled social whosit.

"I will give her a call and make sure she's there. Try not to worry." Len takes the two bags and heads out towards the van once he makes sure she's coming along with. She has every right to change her mind, at any point during this excursion. "And don't worry, you'll wake up. We're not putting you out to pasture. Hopefully, when all is said and done, you'll have a better handle on who you are and what you can do. That's all we really want to do. Help you become better at what you do and to get you out of this predicament you've found yourself in." Again, twice kidnapped isn't merely coincidence. She's going to be a target unless she can finally do something about it.

"More like, helping Bella and her Refrain trials. I already have a handle on who I am and what I do Agent Denton. I'm Wendy Hunter. I'm an artist and I can detect evolveds and discern their abilities" But that is neither here nor there, he's, as far as she knows, her taxi service and apparently sandman for this trip. "I appreciate this opportunity to help Wendy. It'll take my mind off what's happened. Just.."

She looks at the van, with her things being loaded into it. "Guess it's good you'll be knocking me out, Left ear's not so good, you'd be jabbering into my near deaf ear. Be like talking to a wall"

Len gives her a grin as the things are loaded and he shuts the doors, walking towards the passenger side. "Well, I had a dog that liked to pretend he understood every word I said, I'd be used to it." Len becomes a bit more serious. "I know you know who are are and what you do. But do you know who you can become and what you could do in the future? You have plenty of potential and if the party girl I've read about is any indication, I think you're destined for far greater things." He motions for her to step into the vehicle and take a seat.

"Woudl you take offense if I said, that you sound so very much like my father when I dropped out of university and took up being an artist and getting high in the back rooms of high brow parties?" She promise Bella and while Wendy's not exactly at times the best of friends, or the best person, she keeps her promises 99.999- percent of the time. SO she opens the door to the passenger side and slips in. It's closed behind her and she sets about to getting her seatbelt on. "I'm in, for the long haul. Whether this is my destiny or not, I promised my friend, Bella Sheridan, that i'd help her and she's done nothing but help me"

Len moves around to the other side and hops into the van and starts it up. "I guess I would only be offended if you ment to offend me. This will be the shortest trip you have ever taken." He's going to help her help Bella. As he reaches his hand behind her head, the prick she feels is very tiny, and the effects of the tranq would begin to work quick. "Hope you like country music," he says as he reaches over and flips on the radio and pulls out of the driveway.

"Country music isn't that bad" Wendy starts to say as indeed, the prick is registered and even though he'd warned her of what he was doing, it still startles her and the quickness of the drug.Her eyelids start to dropp before they lift, and her words are slurred. "I don't… I don't do good around… a lot of… ot-" Whatever he was going to be told, dies on her lips with the closing of her eyes and the deep sigh of medicated slumber.

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