It Might Be Something


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Scene Title It Might Be Something
Synopsis Still lacking the information he's been hunting for, Devon contacts Elisabeth to update her on what he has found.
Date May 14, 2011

Central Park

The message had been very direct, lacking in every detail imaginable but the sender's tone spoke volumes. Devon had possibly hit on something. Though he'd let a day pass after his potential findings before trying to make contact, then the message had been simple: to meet at Central Park near the Gapstow Bridge shortly after curfew lifted.

The teenager is already arrived, chances are he'd made for the park once being outside was legal again. He's parked on a bench just off the trail connected to the bridge, overlooking the water, dressed unremarkably in blue jeans and t-shirt and drab green jacket. He leans forward in his seat, forearms resting against his thighs while he stares down at his clasped hands and wrists. A subtle unease shows in his demeanor, as he glances more than once toward the path that runs behind him.

The early morning isn't the best time to be in the park, but Elisabeth can make it work by joining the ranks of joggers and people walking before work. Wearing a pair of sweatpants and a look hoodie, she looks like any other person out here this morning. And though she's cautious, the park's a big place. She approaches the bridge carefully, but he's alone. And Elisabeth is glad to see him being vigilant. She approaches into his line of sight, coming closer once he's seen her. "Hi," she offers as she lowers herself to sit. "What's on your mind?" Because he wouldnt' have called so soon if he didn't have something, right?

"I might have something," Devon says quietly, avoiding preamble and answering her suspicions. His head lifts a little, eyes slanting toward Elisabeth once she's seated. "I met with a woman who was working with Valentin inside the Dome. I have no reason to believe what she offered, but it's the best lead I've got so far." His brow furrows slightly and he sits up, head still remaining bowed. "She's going to tell him I'm looking for him."

Elisabeth blows out a breath, worry clouding her features. "All right," she says carefully. "I'm … not sure I'm liking the sound of this. Ominous doesn't quite cut it."

"Yeah, no shit," Devon says, composure slipping a little. He lifts a hand to rub against his brow, letting out a breath. "Sorry," he continues, sparing a look toward the bridge. His arms fold over his chest when he turns back toward Elisabeth. "She wouldn't tell me more than I already knew, but she'll let him decide if he wants to meet with me or not."

"What do you need?" Elisabeth asks of him. "If you choose not to make this meeting, I wouldn't blame you a bit. I'm not going to ask you to put your life at risk for something so nebulous, Devon. That said, if you wish to make the meeting, tell me what I can do to help you." She pauses. "In all brutal honesty, I'm not sure that he'll be able to give you anything more useful and solid than what we already have."

"I'm going to make the meeting." Devon's frown deepens a little, more in anxiety than anger. "I chose to put my life at risk for a cause already and to follow this would be a continuation of that choice. Ignoring this isn't going to take the target off my back any more than you choosing not to make your statements. That said." He toys with his lower lip, eyes going to watch the water. "I have an idea that may get you further plans, or names, but I need a back up plan if things go down badly. I don't think he'll soon underestimate me."

"What is it that you have in mind?" Elisabeth asks warily. "I'm not going to naysay your thoughts, but I warn that I'm not in the best position to pull your fat out of the fire if shit hits the fan."

"I'm going to get him talking," Devon explains, "and I'm going to go wired. So anything he says will be recorded. I can't guarantee I'll get video of anything, but audio I can manage."

Elisabeth nods slightly. "That will help. Get him to tell you his name, and if he tells you anything else, great. Problem with it is….. you're going to have to make it NOT obvious that's what you're doing. Are you good enough an actor to make that work?"

Devon's head shakes slowly, and that nervous worry returns. "I'm not sure. He knows who I am. I put three holes in him once and I doubt he's forgotten that. At best, he doesn't know I'm Evolved but I'd be stupid to rely on that." He drags a hand through his hair, eyes slanting toward Liz again. "It will be as obscure as I can make it. If you have suggestions, questions to ask?"

Elisabeth sighs quietly. "You need a good reason as to why the hell you want to know who he was working for," she tells him finally. "Because walking in just to ask 'what's your name?' and 'who was paying you?' is just going to get your ass shot. Did you consider that before you asked for the meeting?"

"Funny, I met Odessa and had no plan on how to get information on Valentin." Devon's expression edges toward an amused grin, for a beat before falling away again. "Told her I wanted information and she offered a meeting. I'll figure something out, I didn't plan to go in demanding information. With him, that's a risk not worth taking. —I could edge toward anti-evolved feelings. No one knows of my affiliations, with you or an anyone else. It's not without risk but it's a play I could pull off."

Elisabeth goes taut, her body language stunned. "Odessa Price?" she demands. Because that's not exactly a common name. Not like "Jennifer" or "Elizabeth" or something. "You're fucking kidding me, right?" Oh Jesus. What has this boy gotten himself into??

"She's the one," Devon admits, casting a wary look over Elisabeth. "And you don't need to warn me about her, I'm well aware of her… business. All she knows is I'm trying to find Valentin."

Dear God. "Okay," Elisabeth murmurs, swallowing hard. "Don't…. mention my name to her. At all. Okay? It's…. it could be really bad." The flash of her dream, where she and Odessa were …. co-workers or something. She doesn't want to even go there. She blows out a breath. "This is a pretty deadly game you're playing here, Devon. I can't begin to tell you the depths of the dangers. The Institute is not an entity you want looking in your direction for any reason."

Devon studies Elisabeth for a long moment, remaining silent. Wariness is replaced with worry, though not of his own safety, but for hers. "I'll turn myself in as a terrorist before giving up my contacts," he tells her. "I know it's dangerous, I know I can turn around right now, walk away, and never again think on this conversation or any others I've had. With you or Graeme or any one else. But it won't go away and I'm committed to something far bigger than my own safety."

As she looks at him, there's a quiet assessment in her blue eyes. Her first experience with him was as he pulled a weapon. And now he's offering essentially to give his life for this. And she doesn't even know the young man. "If you don't get back in touch with me within 24 hours of the meeting, I want you to know that I'm not going to just let them have you. Make sure you keep me up to date on where you're supposed to be and when. And if Odessa Price becomes in any way a threat to you, let me know." Her tone is calm but her eyes have a hard look. "There are things coming that none of us can control. I don't even know if what I'm doing right now is going to have any impact at all. And I refuse to lose people for nothing."

Devon meets her gaze easily, a steady look that's no less intense than her own. He nods agreement, a single bob of his head no less sure than his stance on the subject. "I will. I don't trust Odessa Price, and I don't expect a meeting with Valentin to be fair. I'll be in touch, though." And whether or not the actions to expose the real terrorists in the world will have any effect, it's still a cause he'll throw himself behind.

The blonde woman nods slowly and then smiles. "You're good people, Devon," she murmurs. "Keep me apprised, all right? Or if you don't think you can get to me, let Graeme know. He'll do whatever you need."

"Yes ma'am," Devon answers, a smile spreading a partial beat later. He takes a peek at his watch then looks back to Elisabeth, grinning almost boyishly more than smiling. "I need to head off. Birthday stuff planned for today."

She smiles. "Go. Enjoy it." Elisabeth moves to stand up and get back on about her day. "Talk to you soon."

"Stay safe," Devon says, an inkling of concern in his tone, though his grin remains natural. He watches her a moment longer before standing himself to head off in an opposite direction.

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