...It Pours


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Scene Title …It Pours
Synopsis Bella arrives at her second date of the day, a very different sort of meeting with a different sort of person. Candy helps Bella play pool, and the night ends with kissing at Bella's apartment.
Date November 9, 2009

Fat Cat Billiards

This has rapidly gotten out of hand, and that may be, in retrospect, precisely what Bella was after. She arrives, right on time, at 8:00 PM at the Fat Cat Billiards Hall, a bit upscale, but it's near her apartment, making any progression home easier and less treacherous. She's not risking another uncomfortable tumble this time, either. She's brought a cane, a new cane, not her ominous wolf's head cane, but a standard cane with a nice ergonomic grip. Her dress is casual, nice jeans and a tank top. This is, of course, much too little for movement outside, so she's also draped in a big, comfy looking coat that terminates just above her feet, which are slipped into heels, a small tribute her her vanity, and a defiance against her limp, which she manages well as she steps out of the cab and onto the curb. She looks around, hoping Candy is already there. She's eager to start the evening. To start her second date of the day. When it rains, it pours.

Candy is waiting at the door actually, the young woman dressed in much the same as she always wears. Not particularly caring about what others think, or maybe she just doesn't own enough clothing to make changing a difference. Regardless, she smiles as she sees Bella before she pushes herself off the building. "Evening," she says with a smile.

Bella beams making her way to Candy and stopping before her, eyes slipping up and down her. "I have no idea how to play pool properly," she announces, cheerfully, "I want you to teach me."

Candy smiles a little before she shrugs her shoulders and replies, "Well, I'm not very good myself, but I can definitely try to teach you a little." She turns and then holds open the door for the other woman before adding, "But food also sounds pretty good."

Bella smiles graciously as the door is held, and she makes her way inside. Live jazz is playing on the stage, and the billiard tables stretch from wall to wall of one section, not far from the well stocked bar. "Let's eat and drink first, then," Bella says, waiting for Candy to come in after her.

Candy comes inside, letting the door close behind her before she says, "Sounds like a plan." She grins lightly, before letting the other woman pick out the table that she wants to sit at.

Bella slips her arm into Candy's, leaving no room for argument, and guides them both to a booth table. The waiter drops by with menus, but Bella orders them both beers before she lets the waiter go. The redhead sets her cane to lean against the wall, and leans forward, elbows propped at the edge of the table. "Thanks for going out with me. Truth be told, I've been looking forward to this all day."

Candy smiles before asking, "Why is that, Bella?" She looks towards the waitress as she goes to fetch the beers, and seems of half a mind to stop her and order something else, but she lets that go. Her eyes slide back over to Bella before finally saying, "It really is no problem."

"Because I feel excited when I'm with you," Bella answers, "Because I feel less bored when I'm around you. Because I feel like things could happen, things I don't expect. It's been a long time since I felt that way."

Candy grins a little before she smiles and says in a soft voice, "Well, thank you, I suppose." She grins and looks around the bar, before she asks, "So, how was your day?"

"Good," Bella says. She's not going to go into the fact she was, in truth, on another, very different date. Compartmentalizing is something the psychiatrist is good at. Right now, the rest of the day has been consigned to faded memory. This experience, and the things leading up to it, are all that she'll bother to think about. "Anticipation really adds an edge to one's life." The beers arrive, and Bella takes hers in hand, lifting it, "To this. Whatever it's turning out to be."

Candy smiles as she takes her beer and she replies, "I'll accept that." She grins and lifts her own beer before taking a sip of it. "So… is there anything you hope that it turns out to be, Bella?" Yes, Candy is the one asking questions today, for once.

The beer is good and cold, and it quenches. It won't addle for a bit, but they'd better get some food if she doesn't want it to addle her a great deal. She's on pain meds right now, and mixed with unmediated alcohol that can lead to a somewhat unwise fun time. "I don't know," Bella admits, "I wanted to go slow because I don't want to build up expectations. You're smart, warning me that this might not work. I'll be smart and keep that in mind. But I definitely think it's worth seeing. Whatever happens, I think we'll have a fun time."

Candy nods her head lightly and says, "Well, I don't know how it it'll go. Unfortunately precognition isn't the ability that I have, but… I guess we'll find out how it ends either way."

The waitress arrives, ready for their orders, and Bella requests the caesar salad. A safe bet, always, nice and light. While she waits for Candy to order, her foot slides out once more, scooting up against Candy's foot, pressing. The heel makes this a little more difficult, but it makes the motion all the more deliberate, a purposeful contact.

Candy smiles lightly, and nudges her foot back with her own, before looking up at the waitress and replying, "I'll have the same thing." She smiles a bit, before her attention goes back to Bella.

Orders made, and alone again, Bella rests her chin on her folded hands and tilts her head, viewing Candy with curiosity. "Mind if I ask a personal question?" Whether or not she does, the personal contact beneath the table persists, with Bella's foot lifting and falling very slightly, brushing Candy's foot.

Candy shrugs her shoulders a little and says, "Fire away." She smiles while sitting there with the woman, her own hands folded into her lap while she sits.

"I'm assuming that you're… interested in women. Otherwise why would you be here?" Bella says, laying out her axiom before putting forth the question, "When did you figure it out? It's not always easy. Me, I'm still unsure where I stand. You're… something of an exception."

Candy smiles lightly before she says, "I wouldn't say I figured it out. I've just been attracted to women, and then I met my previous girlfriend, and we hit it off. Never really been wiht a man though." A roll of her shoulders is given before she says, "And besides, girls are so much more comfier to snuggle with."

Of all things, it's this last that Bella blushes at. She hides it with a swig from her drink. "I've really only done friend snuggling with girls. But it is very comfy." She sounds pleased and tickled at the idea.

Candy grins lightly and then replies, "See." She grins and takes a drink from her beer, looking around the club before her eyes og back to Bella.

"You're almost unfazeable," Bella says, with a slanted smile, "I can't wait to find something that will shock or surprise you. That's a new goal of mine. Finding the right button to push." This last can be taken a number of ways, and Bella is grateful as their salads arrive, providing her a reason to not clarify just precisely what she means by that.

Candy grins a bit and shrugs her shoulders while she sits there before she replies, "Not much left that can shake me, I don't think." With that, her eyes go to the salad, and she begins to eat at it.

Bella sets about ballasting her stomach as well, eating with as much delicacy as her hunger permits. She glances up at Candy from time to time, the contact between their feet maintained all the while. As the warm buzz of the beer, aided by her pain pills, seeps into her brain, she carefully extracts her foot from her shoe and brushes her toes against Candy's calf. The touch is unacknowledged by Bella's upper half, which seems content to eat and comment: "Who was your first crush, do you remember?"

Candy shakes her head a little and replies, "Not really. Most stuff before Moab is rather… faded, blurry, kinda hard to recall." She smiles a little and rolls her shoulder, not really acknowledging on her features the touch of the other woman's shoe as her own shoe touchs the foot that remains on the ground.

Bella frowns at this, though it's a frown that's mostly interested. "I see…" she says, then smiles, "Well, all the more reason to build bigger, brighter memories now." She catches the front of Candy's calf between her toes and gives a small squeeze before her foot retreats back into her shoe. Bella grabs her cane and pulls herself to her feet. "I want a lesson!" she exclaims, grinning.

Candy smiles lightly while she stands up, and looks over at the pool tables. "Sure, I suppose. Though, I did warn you, I'm not all that good at it."

Bella waves off Candy's caveat, taking the woman's hand and tugging her towards a vacant table. She points to the cues on the wall. "Get us a pair of those, I'll set up the balls, I at least know how to do that. I think."

Candy grins a little and smiles as she heads over to go get the cues, and some of the chalk before returning. She's rubbing the blue chalk into the sticks as she walks.

Bella takes the time to honestly admire Candy as she returns to the table, where Bella has used that triangle thingy to arrange the balls. She sets the white cueball on the felt and reaches out to take her cue from Candy. "Arright," she says, grinning, "Teach me how to start this. Break or whatever it's called."

Candy moves towards the end of the table opposite the triangle before she says, "Come over here then, and put the cue ball anywhere behind this line." She makes an imaginary line, using the two diamonds on the sides of the pool table. "Then hit the ball at the triangle, and try to break them all. If you sink the eight-ball on a break, you win."

Bella abandons her cane, using the cue and the table instead to alternately support her, until she's at Candy's end of the table. She leans over, cue in hand, setting the ball dead center, then lining up with the stick. She stops there, though. Her form is pretty awful, and she seems unsure what to do next.

Candy walks over and says, "No, like this." She starts to maunever the woman, working on getting her form better, before she finally says, "Now, just bring the pole back, and whack the ball."

Bella seems entirely content to let Candy readjust her grip and position. In fact, the touches, however instructional, are appreciated in their own right. She glances up at Candy. "Walk me through just this first shot?" she says. Gunning for more contact, probably. Shameless flirt.

Candy smiles a little and says, "Sure." Moving forward she leans down to help you with the stick, bringing it back before thwocking the cue ball and sending it flying towards the other balls.

As Candy leans in close to take the shot, Bella lifts her head up so it's alongside Candy's. As soon as the ball is sent flying, Bella turns her head and kisses Candy on the cheek. The contact is quick, even shy, and she bites her lip girlishly afterwards.

Candy smiles a bit and leans forward to give you a quick kiss on the lips as you bite it. She giggles quietly and shakes her head a bit before she looks at the balls and says, "Well… we didn't sink any. So… my turn."

Bella's been out of the game so long, she actually can't help but flush a little. This is weird, in a way. It feels like someone else's life she's borrowing for a bit. But it's also very exciting and very fresh. She bumps Candy's hip with her own, lightly. "Then go ahead, hotshot."

Candy grins at Bella, and then moves over towards the cue ball. Looking down the ball, she hits it towards a striped one. Missing it completely before she says, "See… no hot shot here."

"We'll spend all evening playing this game at this rate!" Bella says, laughing, "How silly of me. Still… help me set up another shot, why don't you? Show me what I should be looking for?" She peers expectantly at Candy, both hands on the cue, head peeking out to one side of the stick.

Candy grins lightly and says, "I think you chose this game for a reason." She smiles lightly and then says, "Sure." She moves forward to help out with BElla, grinning a bit.

"You really think I'm conniving as all that?" Bella says, grinning back. She leans into Candy's touch as the woman guides her next shot. "Okay… so why are we aiming for /that/ one?"

"You are a psychologist," Candy replies, as if that explains anything. "We're aiming for this ball, because at the moment, its the easiest to get in. And no other balls have been sunk, so you don't have to worry about aiming at just stripes or solids."

"That's true, but don't hold it against me," Bella says, and takes the shot. It goes wide, bounces, but then ends up rolling into a corner pocket, purely by accident. Looks like Bella's solids and Candy stripes. Bella squeals her delight, wrapping her arms about Candy. "Best teacher ever! Even my fuckups get the ball in!"

Candy grins and returns the hug while she smiles and says, "Well, still your turn until you miss." She leans forward to steal a kiss from your lips.

Bella goes so far as to press back into the kiss, eyelids closing for just a moment, before she slides away from Candy, circling the table to try and find another shot. She sets it up… shots… misses! Bella wrinkles her nose. "Your turn, right?"

"Yep," Candy says, heading over to the other side of the table to line up her shot and then take it. Scratch off one stripe. "Well, there's one."

As Candy lines up her next shot, Bella sneaks around behind her and slips an arm around her waist. It's not an outright cheat, but it might just mess Candy up if she doesn't catch herself in time.

Candy turns to look at you, and she smiles faintly. "Keep it up, and we may need to just drop it and head to your apartment," she says, sticking her tongue out, before she takes her shot, and misses.

"My, aren't we forthright?" Bella says, smiling crookedly, "Well, I'm certainly open to suggestions, if you care to make them."

Candy grins lightly before she replies, "No, just giving you warning." She snickers, before saying, "Your shot."

Bella rolls her eyes theatrically, then grins and lines up her next shot. She glances at Candy, as if concerned the other woman may try the same underhanded tricks she attempted. Thieves fearing thieves and all. She shoots. She gets it in. Beginners luck. She tries to find another shot. "Aw… there's no way I can do anything with the cue ball where it is. What should I do, in this situation?"

Candy smiles from where she stands before she replies, "Try to hit one ball, to hit another and get it in." She crosses her arms and watches a smirk on her lips.

"Oh, this is just not happening…" Bella says, as she tries to set up this chain-reaction shot. Her prophecy is self-fulfilling. She sends the balls in totally useless directions.

Candy moves over and says, "Those can be the hard shots. Don't take it to hard." She smiles, before lining up her own shot, and sinking yet another ball.

Bella takes a perch at the corner of the table, watching Candy with unabashed appreciation as the woman prepares her next shot. Her good leg swings a bit in the air. "Weird question. When you said, when we first met, that you didn't have a lover, so you could take time to play with me… was that kind of a flirt? I could never figure that out. Because even though you were just trying to run me in circles, it sounds a bit flirty. I mean, I /felt/ like it was flirty."

Candy sends her next shot, but the stick goes wild, and the cue ball ends up hitting the eight ball sending it into the pocket. "Woulda look at that, I lost," Candy says, before she looks back at Bella. "Um… kinda, but at the same time, not really," she answers, honestly.

"That's it? You just lost? It's that easy to lose?" Bella grins, "Well, that's a cheap win on my part, but still." She lifts her cue into the air, "Victory!" she says, with a laugh. She moves over to Candy, leaning against the table as she looks at her, "In what way kinda, in what way not really?"

Candy grins a bit and says, "Yep, it can be very easy to do." She grins before replying, "But… I didn't originally mean it as a flirty thing, but now that you say it back to me, it is rather flirtty."

Bella steps up to Candy, her cue resting delicately in one hand. "So, now, in retrospect, you'd mean it as a flirt?"

Candy grins a bit and says, "Well… maybe." She shrugs her shoulders and says, "Maybe you'll find out later."

Bella gives Candy a plaintive look, "What if I'm impatient?"

Candy smirks lightly and says with a smile, "Well… you'll just have to learn patience, won't you?"

"First pool, now patience?" Bella says, tilting her head, "You're giving me all sorts of learning experiences."

Candy grins a little and says, "Well… learning experiences are good, right?"

Bella's brow wrinkles, "You're infuriating," she says, though she's not genuinely upset. In fact, she's so not upset that she puts a hand to Candy's cheek and leans in for a sudden kiss.

Candy smiles and returns the kiss while she stands there, before she replies, "So… another game? Or something else?"

"I wouldn't want you to suffer another humiliating defeat at my hands," Bella teases, "Something else sounds good."

Candy sticks her tongue out a little. "So… what something else shall we do, Bella," she asks with a grin.

Bella takes a moment to think about this, debating something in her mind. Finally she sets the cue aside and takes up her cane. "Let's go somewhere more private. Get to know each other better. Break some client/therapist barriers."

"Alright," Candy says with a smile. "Got a place in mind," is her next question.

"My place is close," Bella says, almost offhandedly, like it's not a big deal.

Candy grins a little and replies, "Well, lets get walking, if you're good for it."

"You'd have to carry me," Bella says, "I don't want to exhaust myself on the walk back. We'll take a cab. On my dime," she slips her arm into Candy's once more. "Let's get a look at your cab hailing skills."

Candy grins lightly before she says, "Well, lets go get it then." Candy's arm goes behind you, resting gently on your hip as the two of you start to walk from the place.

The cab is swift. Business is slow on Monday nights. As they sit in the cab together, Bella leans against Candy, resting her cheek on the woman's shoulder, a hand resting lightly on Candy's leg. They arrive at Bella's apartment building under rather different circumstances than last time.

Candy wraps an arm around the other woman as they ride through the city to Bella's apartment. When they arrive, Candy gets out, before opening up Bella's door to help her out.

Bella accepts Candy's help graciously, and the two proceed through the doors, past the doorman who is, blessedly, snoozing gently, so makes no comment. They enter the elevator and Bella presses the '5' button once again. The doors slide shut. Bella turns to Candy. "Deja vu, anyone?"

Candy grins lightly before she says, "Well, a little." She smiles and as the elevator dings open, she helps Bella to her apartment.

Bella unlocks the door with much greater ease this time, and tugs Candy in after her. The apartment itself is nice, but in a very bland way. It's extremely IKEA, well furnished and nice looking without having anything in the way of personality. Either Bella has no innate decorating skills, or she simply doesn't care to leave a personal mark.

Candy looks around the apartment before she says, "Well, nice place." She grins as she shuts the door behind her, "So… what now?"

Bella turns towards Candy, brows lifted. "Surprise me?"

Candy grins and says, "Well, I could do a lot to surprise you, but… I don't know where to start."

"Just pick," Bella says, smiling, hands clasped behind her, resting on the inclined cane that props her up from behind, "Surprise yourself as well."

Candy hmms lightly while she sits there before she moves towards the sink and turns the water on, washing her hands it almost looks like.

Bella watches, brow furrowed, curious and interested and essentially perplexed.

Candy keeps her back towards Bella, before finally moving away. Turning around, she holds a little ball of water in her hands, "This surprise you?"

Bella blinks. She is, in fact, very surprised. Then she smiles, wide. She's now delighted. "Beautiful," she says, earnestly, "What else can you do? Show me!"

Candy smiles lightly and throws the ball, letting it splash in your face, before taking it all back, leaving your face dry, and rather clean too.

Now /that's/ surprising. Bella bursts out laughing, then falls back into the couch. She pats the spot next to her. "Sit down," she urges, "And bring your ball."

Candy grins lightly and moves over to the seat to take it, bringing the ball of water with her, but being careful to turn the tap off first. Her eyes watching Bella, as she holds the ball out to her.

Bella scoots up against Candy, one arm sliding around to encircle her waist. Her free hand reaches out to touch the globe of water clasped in Candy's hands.

Candy notes softly, "My curse." She looks at the ball of water almost bittersweetly, before she looks back at Bella.

The moment she looks back, Bella is pressing her lips to Candy's, one hand clasping her waist, the other resting on her upper arm, touch very delicate.

Candy is abit surprised by the sudden kiss, but she smiles and wraps her arms around the woman, returning the kiss eagerly.

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