It's A Damn Shame


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Scene Title It's A Damn Shame
Synopsis Thalia drops by Abby's to keep in touch, drop a tidbit of information about Izzy and implore her to keep in touch.
Date October 22, 2010

Le Rivage - Abby's Apartment

When Thalia dropped by mid morning, Abby was back from the restaurant, her intention to clean up, get some more packing done, sort what was going to go to the new place and what would be put to the side for the ferry folks to come fetch to furnish a safehouse. THe merging of two households is a time old tradition for people who have married. Only, Roberts and Abby's furnishings tended to be on different scales. He'd also had a lot more time and money to acquire his things compared to her, who lost all by the really important things in her life to fire.

The healing Jesus statue was coming, but would be put somewhere else. The cross above her bedroom door? It would go to the new place too, but on the inside of the room instead of the outside. A second room and third room meant there was space for her furniture.

When Thalia showed up, Abigail in jeans and light sweater, fly away strands of blonde in her face, the former business partner was invited in, Rhett kept from leaping up on her and an offer of coffee or tea or what else she could want. "I haven't seen you in ages. Is everything alright out in Europe? Old Lucy's working fine out there?" She took comfort in knowing the name and heart of the business was somewhere in the world.

"Jesus Abs, I haven't seen you in forever." Thalia says as she enters Abby's home and grabs the woman to embrace her. It's always hard to see Abby, or anyone that had a significant relationship with her sister. It reminds her of what she'll never have with Isabelle. Shaking her head to Abby's offer of things, Thalia walks in to sit down and run a hand through her long, dark hair. Light grey eyes study Abby. Dressed in a pair of shorts, thigh high black boots and a dark blue tank top, her leather jacket is placed on the sit next to her.

Abby would notice a few new tattoos, but Thalia pretty much looks the same. "Things are fine in Europe, Old Lucy's over there is bursting with business. We should go together over there and visit sometime, you need to see it." She says to the blonde. "I've been back here for the last few months but with the huge long winter weather and everything I've been doing.. I haven't been able to see you."

"How are you? What's new? I heard about Lucy's here.. damn shame really." Thalia is more than sad that the only place she could really feel connected to her sister is burned to the ground.

"I'm busy, Sweet keeps me busy. I'm moving too, as you can see" Empty boxes flat and waiting to be used, things starting to pile in a corner in their respective cardboard houses with labels on them. A man's jacket hangs on the coat rack by the door. "I don't think I'll be going to Europe anytime soon though Thalia. But when I can find time to go, I'll be sure to stop in and check it out." She doesn't want anything, so Abby takes the moment to sit in one of the armchairs kitty corner to the couch, rhett dumping his head in Abby's lap to seek affection, shying away from Thalia.

"Sure, just let me know when you'd like to come out and visit. I won't be returning out there for a while." She should though, so she doesn't unleash a hell version of a tornado on the city on the 8th of November.

"I'll have to drop by your new place, to see the girls. Brenda still around, I haven't talked to her in about a month or so." The mechanic leans forward as she grins at Abby. "There's so much to tell you. I found Isabelle's diary and that box of stuff you gave me when we first met? I've learned so much about her." She says the last bit with a touch of regret. Some good and some bad.

"Just Brenda is still working, the others have all gone on to other jobs and decided to stay at them. But that's fine, it's not Old Lucy's that's for sure and there's no dancing on top of the bar there." Abigail shakes her head at the though of any of the other girls actually working at the place where short skirts just aren't kosher.

"I'm glad that you found it Thalia. Gives you a bit more insight into her I guess. I'm sure she would have enjoyed you knowing some small part of her"

"Ha! Yeah probably better they aren't working there." She chuckles and ruffles her hair. The mention of Isabelle leaves Thalia with a faint smile. "That guy, Cardinaly doesn't believe me. But when you leave off the grid you're entire life.. what could you expect?"

Thalia sits up straight and tilts her head. "Did you know.. that.. uh.. Isabelle was pregnant.. with a child from a future incarnation from Magnes?"

The look on her face states her ignorance of the breeding state that Isabelle was in when she perished. From a future incarnation of magnes that no longer existed. Oh the groaning Hiro would have over that, she was sure. "I didn't know that. Which makes her death all that more sad. Maybe, perhaps Thalia, you might refrain from letting Magnes know that? As for Cardinal, it's Richard, and folks will believe what they want to believe. These days, surprise siblings seem to be popping up everywhere.

Thalia nods her head at Abby. "I don't think I will then, thanks for your suggestion Abby." She says with a light smile and she shakes her head at the talk of Richard. "Yeah, it's a dark time here. I mean, isn't it always a dark time in this city now?" she shakes her head and looks around the apartment.

'There's dark thalia, geographically speaking and luminarily speaking and then there's dark of the more psychological kind. It's because of the visions and what folks saw in June. Once the city gets over that day and folks try to not let all that happen, then everything will be fine" She says this, inwardly hopeful that everything will be fine." Rhett's groans aren't hard to hear, as ABby sets in to scratching behind ears and the ruff of his neck

"About that.. Abby. I'm gonna really need you to not be here in the city when that day comes. For countless reasons but I'm gonna do something maybe, something that I might not be able to control."

The former bartender looks out the window, sorrow crossing her face. "I don't want you to get hurt. I.. I don't want that on mind." She's been dealing with a lot with her Flashforward. The only person that really knows is Peter.

'I'm in the city. I'm helping deliver someones baby and other things Thalia, nothing happens to me. I'll be fine. Don't you worry. My husband would probably desire the same thing, he just wants me to keep my head down. Besides, I can't" Abigail lifts the pantleg around her left leg, the GPS unit there. "I gotta stay"

Thal leans forward to take Abby's hands if she would let her. "Okay.. as long as you promise you'll be okay." The dark haired woman nods her head and smiles. "Well, I know you're a great wife. Congrats hun." She says and then she's standing. "I have to run, let's not let it be months before we see each other again. Okay?" She holds out her pinky, "You actually need to pinky swear."

It's not that Abby won't take Thalia's hands so much as Rhett's growl when the other woman leans forward, the animal objecting to anyone near her. "I don't think Rhett's gonna let me. He's got a thing about people. But I promise, I'll be fine If anything, I'm more likely to be tucked safe away somewhere. So you get on with you, I gotta finish up here, and drop Rhett at Owain's and head back to the shop"

Chuckling down at the dog, Thalia nods her head and makes her way to the door. "Okay, I will and be safe my fair Nun." She turns her head with a wink before she opens the front door and is gone. Moments later, Abby would hear the loud roar of a motorcycle cutting through the streets, off to wherever it is Thalia is going.

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