It's a plan, not a date


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Scene Title It's a plan, not a date
Synopsis Laina and Tahir make a plan to meet up Friday night.
Date March 10, 2011

Magnes' Apartment / Tahir's Apartment

Laina sits on the couch in Magnes' apartment early Thursday afternoon, fingering the hundred dollar bill she was given the previous evening. She flips it over once. Again. Should she call the number? She's not naive enough to think he really wants her to call and thank him. It's obviously a pickup. Does she want to call this guy who throws around hundred dollar bills for pieces of cake he doesn't even eat? This guy who just went through a breakup? But, on the other hand, Laina is new to the city and wants to meet new people. And what can it hurt? It's just a phone call, maybe coffee. And he is kinda cute … %r%r Laina takes out her cell phone and dials the number on the bill. "Hello? This is Laina, from Oh So Sweet, yesterday … "

"Laina?" Tahir's voice is actually a little questioning… and slightly distracted. There's something going down on his end of the phone conversation, as to why he's sounding a bit off. That something is called Madden 2011. Tahir's got his bluetooth in, so he's coming through crystal clear! And so is the video game in the background.

"Oh!" Tahir says after a moment, as if he just won the lottery of thinking. "Hey. How are you? Did you… I didn't get you in trouble with that tip, did I?" Tahir sounds very much worried about it.

Laina smiles a little to herself at the video game sounds in the background. She wonders if it's one of the ones on Magnes' shelf. Brushing the thought aside, she replies, "Nah, the twenty was enough to cover the bill. Thanks for that." She chuckles. "Do you always tip in hundreds?"

"Only when I want to cover up my complete and utter embarrassment at being dumped in front of an entire bakery?" Tahir sounds as if he's just trying to make himself sound cooler than he actually is. "Listen. I hope it helps. Really. I know how waitressing can be a drag sometimes. So… you're very welcome."

"Actually, it hasn't had a chance to become a drag yet," Laina says, with a smile. "You made my first day very interesting."

Tahir has turned down the television so that the game is not really capable of being heard anymore. He's much more interested in the conversation that's happening right now. "Well, I'm glad. Now every other customer you have will have to live up to my epic tip." Tahir sounds like he's trying to make a funny, but the sorrow from his break up is still very much lingering in his tone. "Make sure you spend it on something nice for yourself. Working in a place like that and managing to keep yourself as hot as you look? Definitely worth some self-inflicted special treatment."

Laina laughs. "I'll be spending it on something very nice for myself … rent." She has a feeling she's the rebound girl in this little drama, but she doesn't really care. It's not like she's looking to go steady with this guy. So far, she hasn't even agreed to go out with him. It's just harmless flirting.

Tahir laughs, not even trying to lay it on thicker than it already is. He's not wanting to push this too far. Flirting is always just flirting. Besides, they are on the phone. What could happen? "Ha! Rent is definitely a good cause. I very heartily approve of spending the money on anything that keeps you in the city for a longer period of time. Increases my chances of bumping into you again."

"Well, you know where I work," Laina says, still smiling. She wonders if he's going to try for something more concrete, or leave things ambiguous. She decides to leave it up to him.

"Now, now. I can't keep showing up at your job. That's pretty much a felony, if I remember correctly." Tahir realizes how that might sound. "Not that I've ever done that whole stalking thing. I just mean… ugh. Nevermind." Tahir's embarrassment is pouring through the phone. "All I'm trying to say is that if I ever see you again, it won't be soon enough."

Laina laughs at the awkwardness. "Ok, then. Well, if you're not going to see me at my job, where might we expect to bump into each other?" There's a definite note of flirty-ness in her voice.

"Oh, I dunno. Maybe at a club or something. Y'know, a place where you can let your hair down and I won't be completely overdressed." Tahir is chuckling and has managed to pause the game by this point. He's that interested in this conversation. "I'm afraid the only thing I own are suits." He's just assuming she's old enough to get into these types of places. It's not like he was checking for ID when he was looking at her ass.

"So, got any particular club in mind?" Laina asks coyly. "I don't know the city that well."

"Of course I do, Laina…" Tahir smiles a bit. As if there's something more hidden behind his voice as it comes through the phone. "… You should come to Tahir's Place." His grin can be heard through the phone also. "It's perfect for what I have in mind. That is, if you enjoy cozy little spots to get to know someone better as opposed to huge venues…"

"Sure, give me the address." Laina says, completely oblivious to the fact that the guy she's talking to's name is Tahir, and that he's referring to his own apartment. "When do you want to meet? I'm working tonight from 4pm to curfew."

Tahir rattles off the numbers to the Dorchester, without mentioning it by name. Just because it's fun. "Laina, I would suggest a little black dress for this place, personally." There's a slight pause, as if letting that 'suggestion' sink in or something. "We could meet tonight, if you want. I'm flexible."

Laina smiles. "I have an earlier shift tomorrow. Let's meet tomorrow night instead." She has the address written down on a piece of paper.

"Awesome. Sounds like a plan." Tahir quips right after this agreement of statement, though, to make sure that he keeps this as neutral as possible. "A plan. Not a date. I'm still getting over my horrible breakup, you know." There. That should get rid of any feelings of reboundness that this girl may be having, even though he's saying it in a joking manner.

Laina chuckles. "I'll see you tomorrow at around 6." She hangs up the phone, still smiling.

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