It's A Stupid Plan


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Scene Title It's A Stupid Plan
Synopsis Kaylee asks Brennan and Megan for help caring for the people that could be freed soon. It doesn't go anywhere near how she had hoped.
Date February 10, 2010

Hotel California

The biting cold of the New York winter seems to be everywhere in the old rundown building, it's been empty for sometime, the operator's where abouts unknown. It was a good a place as any for what the Ferry would need it for. Uncertain when she was first told to use this location, but now that she's here, she understood why. With the cubicles and the location, not to mention it would not be much off a loss if something happened.

Now she needed the medical professionals and currently that's who she is waiting for. Bundled up in a thick winter coat, gloves, scarf, they whole thing… Kaylee stands just to the side of one of the grunge covered windows, arms crossed and a shoulder resting against the wall, watching the heavy snow fall outside and waiting for Megan to bring Dr. Brennan to her. The young blonde was actually a touch terrified of facing the man, even after there seemed to be a bit of a peace at the meeting.

A laptop sits on a rickety card table with the lid open, but the screen dark. Kaylee was almost not looking forward to trying to make the law abiding doctor understand what was going to happen and the part she needed him and Megan to play in all this. It would be far from an easy road.

The safehouse's location is once again being kept from Harve Brennan. Blindfolds are your friend. When the car arrives, Megan is dressed for the outdoors in snow boots, a hat and scarf, heavy coat. She's nearly unrecognizable except for the profusion of copper-red hair that hangs below the hat. She leads Brennan into the building carefully, letting him take the blindfold off only once they're inside the main door. It makes the snow-covered stairs a little dicey, but she's trying very hard to keep the doctor safe. And by extension, his family too. The less he sees, the better. "Kaylee," she greets as the door is opened to them and they're all inside. "God, this weather is abysmal. What's going down?" she asks as she brushes off her shoulders.

Michelle's gonna kill him.

Michelle's going to kill him and Brooklyn is going to be under two feet of snow instead of just 5 inches. Maybe she doesn't need to know? Maybe it's just a really long lunch break right? Maybe. Michelle's still gonna maybe kill him. Brennan trusted Megan and where she was leading him, steps sure if not at least slow and toes thumping each step before he made it in beside her and up. Eventuallyt hough, the blindfold came off with a squint and batting of eyelids to adjust from total darkness to some and Kaylee with her laptop is eyeballed.

"Well. I"m here"

"Hey… Thank you for meeting me here." The blonde telepath is facing them both when they enter the main area of the safe house. Loosening her scarf so that they can see the tired and worn expression on the womans face, blue eyes standing out more agaisnt the dark circles. "I promise there is a reason for it." Looking between them both, she takes a few steps forward, the floor creaking lightly. "There will be people brought here that will be need of medical attention. I — have no idea what condition we'll be getting these people in, but I can tell you… there will be some major detoxing involved."

Her head turns slightly as she gives the doctor her full attention, "I know we had a bad start, Dr. Brennan and I want to apologize for things I said to you that day in Summer Meadows… Working at a bookstore I've had time to brush up on some reading." If you know what she means. "So I know.. that you do know."

"I don't know how far down the rabbit hole you want to go Doctor.. but I'm willing to tell you everything about this situation, as long as you can keep the details safe and under raps. I know your a straight and narrow kind of guy, but this is not that type of situation." Kaylee gives him a small tired smile. "But, I'm trying to do as you asked… And ask you up front for your help, but I need to know how much you'd be comfortable knowing. Plausible deniability can be a good thing at times. "

There's a sharp look at Kaylee when she speaks. "Detox? Kaylee…. detox is something that requires some serious oversight. Especially if you're talking cold turkey and Refrain." Which Megan assumes the young woman is, given the people that the Ferry works with most. "What the hell are you into?"

"I see you found my book then" That doesn't however make him too thrilled. "I also know that you intended to steal the vaccines Kaylee, and I have a pretty good idea now how they did make their way to the ferryman after I spent a weekend with Eric who at least apologized and admitted it." Brennan rubs his hands, chafing warmth back into them. "But I'm a man who believes in seconds chances and since we'll be working together on the Summer Meadows negotiations, I'll hear you out, here. No promise that i'll so.. chasing a white rabbit, but I'm willing to hear you out."

He looks over at Megan, pressing lips together in the cold and then back to Kaylee. "Megan is very right. Depending on their condition, there might be very little to be done outside of a hospital. rehabilitating a body and detoxing it can be very dangerous. We're talking cardiac arrest, dehydration, intense pain in some cases, seizures, strokes the list is endless. Things that… you can't handle outside of a hospital, should NOT be handled outside of a hospital. I hope you realize this. I get the sense that you're group-" he still doesn't consider himself a ferryman "Won't let people suffer needlessly but…"

A glance is all Megan gets for the moment, but Kaylee is waiting to hear from Brennan first. Then a nod at his words. "I understand there is risks, but a hospital might not be an option for the safety of the victims we are rescuing." She admits blandly. Stepping over to the table, she pushes the power button on the laptop before pacing away from it, giving it time to boot up. The blonde seems to consider how to explain.

"Has anyone told you about a clandestine group called 'The Company?' If you spent time with Eric," And Kaylee did notice the name change. "Then there is a chance it was mentioned and what happened to him." Her gaze goes to Megan to see if the name means anything to the red headed woman.

Megan … frowns a little. Her knowledge is pretty limited too, by choice. But she's at least heard of it. No real details. "Why don't you go ahead and just tell us what we need to know," she tells Kaylee quietly. "The relevant portions to the decision we have to make here. If we choose to take on this particular situation and people die, Kaylee…. that's bad. It's our licenses."

I've been told about it. I can't deny what others have gone through, but nor can I sit and say I've experienced it, or acknowledge that there's some secret prison somewhere as well that caters to the holding of those with evolved abilities. Again, what Megan said, Just tell us what we need to know, because it is our license on the line if we decide to help but frankly speaking Kaylee, the safety of these people, whoever these people are, may very well hinge on the proper support, medical and professional wise and if you think that just Megan and I can solely provide…" He's already doubting.

"I understand that Megan…" Kaylee says firmly, moving back to the laptop. Bending over enough as she brings up a picture of a woman and a large man. Being that both have worked at the Seresh Center they might have seen her. "But to understand what is happening you need to know about the people the Ferry and some associates are about to go up against."

Motioning to the laptop, Kaylee starts to explain her voice a mix of bland tones and exhaustion. "Isabella Sheridan, Company shrink.. and if I understand it… She could be taking people from a Refrain AA meeting." Arms fold across her chest, as she watches both carefully. "Beginning of December, one of the Ferrymen disappeared, Pastor Joseph Sumter. He…" The telepath has to clear her throat, head dipping down some, before continuing. ".. was going to these meetings cause Humanis First used Refrain on him." Swallowing her head comes back up slowly. "He was taken by Sheridan. She has been experimenting with Refrain cocktails.. Meaning, who knows what mix of drugs have been thrown through his system… since December."

"She's been using this AA meeting as a front to find her test subjects and kidnap them." Kaylee glances at the image of the woman in question. "The Company isn't exactly known for being… straight forward.. in general they will do what they want.. and… cover it up. So we're going in to get these victims." A glance goes to both and sighs. "Putting these victims in a hospital makes them vulnerable to being snatched up or worse by the Company… cause with what they are doing, this testing.. I'm not sure they would have EVER let these people go." There is a pained expression as she says that. "I ran with one of it founders.. so I know a few of their dirty secrets.. this is par for the course."

Hands are spread before her. "Putting them in a hospital puts them in the open… Puts you in more danger then coming to a secret place. Joseph was a guest of Humanis First and tortured.. and now he's a victim of the Company.. I don't want him out there to be kidnapped again." Taking a deep breath she adds. "And Colette is going to need protections since she took it on Herself to go in for recon… which is how we got the photo of Sheridan." Eyes close for a moment and her head shakes slowly. "We haven't heard from her.. so… she maybe one of the victims we're recovering." Arms out to her sides in a helpless gesture she simply says. "If you have a better idea of how to protect them and get them the help they need.. I'm willing to hear it.. "

Megan is familiar with Pastor Sumter's story — no one in the Ferry is in the dark about that one. She winces visibly, and then scowls ferociously. "She's been culling victims for an unsanctioned human experiment from the Suresh Center itself?" she demands, outraged and furious. And then the news that Colette is taken too hits her, and blue eyes are dark with rage. "Jesus Christ… if you have proof of what this bitch is doing, why hasn't someone arrested her yet??"

Brennan's sat in on a few of the meetings, he even remembers Colette coming up to him and inquiring about this specific person. Bella's image is regarded on the screen and the skin around his nose turns white with anger. Maybe this is what Kaylee wanted him to feel, maybe it isn't, but forefinger, thumb and middle finger tap on the table.

"God damnit. As if this is what the Suresh Center needs. Someone using the meetings for this purpose. I've been to them, and never seen her around them. It's another guy who runs it, someone who's had experience with AA and helping these people. Kaylee, the Center needs to be told about this. It's perverting the purpose of the place which is to be a safe place for those with evolveds abilities to come if they need help either medical, mental or physical." For that matter.

"Why have you not said something? Before this? Wait a minute, are you telling me, telling us that you and others are going to go in and try to rescue them? WHat the hell is going through that hare brained head of yours? If they're people with this much power Kaylee what the fuck do you think you're going to do? Telepathy them into submission? Much less if you get these people out. What then? Kaylee, they're human beings and like you just said multiple drug addiction if what you're saying is true. Multiple addictions cannot be fought in a safe house with an IV of saline Kaylee, god damnit girl, what the hell are you thinking?"

"Think about who she works for Megan… the Company can easily cover their tracks in this and may have a way to do so, while the cops are stalled at the door." Kaylee explains blandly, giving her a matter of fact look. "We need to get those people out first… then if we want to expose her we can… but… then there is Danko, strings could be pulled and she could be out again. "

"We turned Danko over to the authorities, after catching him.. and — Oh look — he's out where he can start killing us all again." Kaylee's voice thick with sarcasm, as she looks between them both. "Danko was a killer.. and he's free. I'm not feeling confident of the system and the safety of Colette or Joseph. She gets out she may work to cover up loose ends."

"The reason nothing was said was we didn't have anything solid till recently." Despite the anger of the others, it's enough to keep the telepath calm, her expression fairly neutral. Moving to look out the window again, she says softly, "Colette gave us the last of what we needed… Though I'd have rather gotten it by other means."

"As for what I'm thinking Dr. Brennan." Her head turning back, to look at him, the filtered light, making the dark circles stand out more, a woman in desperate need of a good nights sleep. "I'm thinking about the safety of the people this woman is using." The young woman's voice continues to be calm, eyes moving quickly between the two. Feeling some one else would have done this better, but she's trying. Trying to step up, do some of the work, and not hide behind others. The results are not heartening for the young Ferryman. "If you tell the center.. the word will get back to her. You go to the police… you sit back and do nothing. All of this condemns these people."

"So yes.. a group of us are going in and getting them out. Getting them out of there is better then leaving them there for more experiments and surprise means we get them out alive." Kaylee holds up her hands and closes her eyes as she tries to school her thoughts. "I'm not sure what else to tell you. We need help. Hospitals are a huge risk. The Company will cover it's ass… " She makes this sound like a bad thing. "They have their fingers in everything.. much like Linderman does.. who is himself a Company founder."

Hands drop and Kaylee gives them a sad smile and a resigned look, "Look, I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have bothered you with this. I had hoped for help…. I understand and I respect that your worried about your licenses. But I can not risk them being hospitalized." Pushing away from the wall she closes the laptop lid, picking it up. "It's a risk as well.. but it's the safer of the two."

There she goes again, the condem word. It riles the physician and gets his hackles up, shaking his head and Negation rising to the fore much like his wife's atmokinesis did. Only there's no chance of snow.

'The the fuckign Company, this boogeyman, will cover their ass, but Kaylee, you're a fucking kid and you sure as hell don't have a PHD attached to the end of your name or an MD. You can't begin to fathom the medical complications that can arise from this. All you see is people being hurt and a need to stop it but not thinking of the consequences. Just of getting Colette out of whatever hair brained scheme she thought up and this Pastor. Noble it may be, and stupid. Down right stupid. What if people die in OUR care? What will you do with the bodieS? Have you considered that these people might not want to remain in ferryman care after? That they'll prefer a hospital but be unable to tell you that? Christ Kaylee, have you and your little group thought this through properly?"

Brennan shrugs off Megan's hand, his own coming to his hips as he starts to pace the room. "God damnit. Lot of little chicken with your heads cut off. The lot of you. Hare brained. Stupid, idiotic and bound to kill people instead of help them and don't you dare play the 'if you don't help them you condemn them' card on me. You're a kid and you haven't seen half of what Megan and I have seen. To you, right now, as I see it, you're just thinking about getting them out and saving them. But you can't save them only to kill them afterwards. Do you not understand that? You don't have the medical manpower. I'm not specialized in addiction and I can't get my hands on the necessary medical equipment, much less the drugs that can help ease them. You NEED to take them to professional help Kaylee, if you go ahead with this stupid plan."

Lips pressed thing, and head continuing to shake, he's thinking it over while staring at the younger woman. "And breaking them out? How many people will die then? Consider them collateral damage? You need to go to authorities, people you can trust. go to the suresh center. Shit Kaylee. Go to Praeger, we can go to him. But you can't take justice into your own hands" He looks over at Megan. "This is not what I thought the Ferryman were about. Taking shit like this into their own hands"

"We don't know how many people." Kaylee says with a slow shake of her head. "Joseph and Colette are the only ones I know about. But there could be Moab or Company escapees… People we've been helping cause of being wrongly held…. We don't know." The laptop is help against her chest, head tilting a bit as the hums go silent and she can only nod to it. "I don't know what to tell you Dr Brennan. I really don't. You have a lot more faith in a system then I do."

"Megan.. " Kaylee is already distancing herself some. ".. this place is probably compromised.. part of the reason they sent me here… Less to loose. In case things go badly."

"I may be younger then you.. and I may not have gone through half of what you all have.. and I may not have a PHD… But I am still taking these people's interest to heart." Kaylee shakes her head slowly and starts to walk out past them. "May not seem like it… but I have a lot vested into this whole thing. I want them safe." Her expression is…. sad… "Somehow.. I think if it wasn't me.. if it was one of the others… you'd listen. This was a mistake. Don't worry.. Take some comfort in the fact, I'm not the one running the show.. I know I'm not smart enough for this. I was just trying to help. We'll figure this out.. and I'll let them know what your suggestions are."

Megan snaps at the younger woman, her tone a whipcrack of authority that has made fully trained surgeons who outrank her by three ranks pull up short and take notice. "Stop it! This little act isn't going to fly with me, Kaylee. I was on the ground with a fucking automatic weapon when HF hit Beach Street, so can your passive-aggressive bullshit and get your head out of your ass." The redhead is clearly pissed at being given this whole whiny woe-is-us-it's-okay-if-you-can't-help response. "This has nothing to do with who is telling us that you're going on a fucking suicide run and everything to do with what needs doing: You're telling two trained medical professionals that you need medical assistance with an unknown number of people who have been drugged up with an unknown variety of pharmaceutical cocktails all of which include Refrain, a drug we barely understand. And we're telling you is that a safehouse with no heat, no power, no windows, and just us for personnel on this is not going to cut it. We need a better place for them to be, and we need better equipment and as many trained backups as we can get. Because detox is not simple under the best of conditions, nor is it something to go into lightly. We need to be prepared for the condition we're going to find them in, and they're going to need psychiatric help on top of it all. They've been held prisoner. Now if you can't get over yourself enough to actually talk logistics and facts to us, that's fine — I'll just go straight over your head to the Hangar."

"And only a little kid would think that just because you brought the request to me, that it taints it. Guess again Kid. I'd still think it was a crazy thing and you need to stop thinking you and your opinions are that important to me." Spoken to her back as Kaylee's taking off. He listens to Megan go off on Kaylee, still unamused at it all "Doesn't matter Megan, no matter what our answer would have been, they're still going to bring them out on the illegal side of things, and try to detox them. You know we have no choice but to help. She knows that we have no choice but to help which is why she came to us." He's more than a little disgusted but active negation sadly keeps that from being heard. Or anyone elses thoughts for that matter. "We need to go to Grace period. They need to know about this, since they have the ability to get us what we'll need"

"You know why I'm being passive aggressive? You don't… so don't fucking judge me that way." Kaylee turns on Megan glaring at her, her tone cold. "When I get angry…. I don't always have control on my ability. I don't think Dr. Brennan does either.. the humming is gone.. that or he jsut flat doesn't trust me. But I've spent years do anything but getting mad. But I literally do not know what to tell you people to get you to understand. Go to the Hanger get me thrown out.. But damn it Megan I want them safe not dead. Not thrown in some dark hole to cover Company tracks. You… I thought you'd understand the most, you helped with those kids and defended it.. you know what's at stake. You know what these people go through."

Her head snaps over to Brennan her her eyes shiny with tears, practically shouting now since she safely can. "I came to you cause we need the help. I was trying to get it without them getting into worse problems. They go into the hospital…" She glances at them both. ".. I almost certain someone will come for them… they will disappear again or be dead. I don't want that. But your right.. your the professionals… what the hell else ground do I have to stand on.. none."

She gives them a helpless look. "I literally do not know what to say. Go to the senior members. That's fine. Maybe they can get you a better safehouse if you insist on it and what you need. Or maybe they will take the risk with the hospital." Kaylee glances at Megan and then Brennan before leaving. There isn't much more she can say that won't make it worse.

Megan rips the winter hat off her head and shoves an agitated hand through her hair. "Fuck," she says succinctly. "Give me what you've got. I'll…. " She looks at Brennan, then back. "We'll do what we can." This is so much a bad plan. Beyond bad. And Megan hasn't got anything else to offer. They're going to do it, and they're going to need the help if Sumter or Colette or whoever else they bring out are even going to stand a chance of surviving. "Is there anything in the laptop that we need?" Because why else was it here?

"I think what's she succinctly said between the lines Megan is that the senior members of your organization don't have a clue or know what they're planning" He swats a hand in the air after Kaylee, dismissing her. He's never claimed to be perfect with his own ability and doesn't care that the telepath is negated. So be it. She'll have to get used to it at the meeting whenever he ends up looking at her. "Come on Megan, forget the laptop. We need to find these seniors and see what they do have available instead of…" This place. God it wasn't even sanitary.

Pausing on the stairs, Kaylee glances back at Megan. "All it is.. is the images of the place these people are at.. and the woman in charge. I wasn't sure how much to tell you, so I brought it in case I needed to show it all." Her glance to Megan is apologetic. "But… at least you know what the woman looks like." There is a shrug of her shoulders. "I think we're hoping to find out what they were on when we go in.. gather the information along with the victims.. Bring them here.. where it doesn't put them at risk or the group… assess the situation and go from there." A glance goes to Brennan, but she doesn't say anything.

Moving to take the laptop from Kaylee, Megan says, "I'll get it back to you. When you go in, if you *can* find out what they have been doped with, do it. It could save their lives." Her tone is grim. She's not feeling like this is going to end well. "Getting Sumter off the Refrain the first time was touch and go at best. Adding in other drugs makes me … more than concerned, Kaylee, and Grace needs to know what's going down. I'll let you know by the morning where they need to be brought. Because here is not it. We can triage here, but that's it."

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