It's a Technical Question


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Scene Title It's a Technical Question
Synopsis Bryan stops by Claudine's office, and the two discuss the unknown specifications regarding the newly discovered Trask.
Date September 4, 2008

Primatech Research

Back in the office, Claudine is off in her office. She just finished her twelve hour shift, and now she actually has time to do her 'extracurricular' of being the resident shrink to all Company agents and patients. She's in her office wrinkling her nose as she's dressed in business casual as she hrmms for a few moments while peering at her computer screen.

"Why must the internet fail now?!?!"

"Isn't that what most technology is designed to do?"

It's impossible not to hear Claudine's frustration from the hall, especially with the door open. Bryan is dressed as he was this morning, sans the luggage, but with a file tucked under one arm. "But I doubt shouting will fix it any faster. You might want to call the techs."

It is quite apparent and she hears the familiar voice, letting out a soft chuckle under her breath. She wrinkles her nose as she peers curiously back and out towards him. A soft chuckle escapes her lips as she shrugs her shoulders and nods. "I cant check the database yet..oh well.." she says with a shrug.

"Call them," Bryan says with a shrug. "Or wait a few minutes." He lingers outside the door for a moment later before he leans into the office itself. "Any more information on Trask? Since, well, I won't be able to check my e-mail when I get to my office."

"What I found is that he's a Tier 0 Registered Evolved. Not a threat, though he did freak me out cancelling out my abilities. I guess I took hearing quiet surface thoughts for granted.." Claudine admits ruefully, shrugging her shoulders as she sighs softly.

Bryan can't help but smirk at that, and bowing his head, he chuckles as well. "It's not exactly the most polite thing to do, /Doctor./" Not that anyone in The Company was ever Emily Post's protégé. "But I can imagine when someone turns the background noise off, it would startle you."

"It was a definite startle, but he's harmless, at least to anyone but evolved. Perhaps he should be approached though. He is a member of the NYPD, and perhaps it would be good to have him amongst our forces when we have to go out and find Tier 3 evolved.." Claudine muses.

There is a silence, and Bryan leans against the hallway wall. "I'd like to meet this Trask. Of course, not on /his/ professional terms." Lifting his free hand, Bryan rubs at his scruffy chin. "Do you know where he is?"

"Of course not on his terms, that would mean we'd need to do something about getting you out. I shall see what we can do, though I hardly consider him Tier 0 simply due to his training.." Claudine quips as she runs her fingers through her hair, sighing softly for a few moments.

"Claudine," Bryan chuckles in the tone of an amused, much older co-worker. "Do you mean to say that in a match between an unarmed NYPD officer and myself, you're betting on the pig?"

"Well, I'm sure you can take him on, even with your powers neutralized. Our training goes above and beyond afterall.." Claudine says matter of factly as she snickers softly.

But Bryan shakes his head. "I'd be curious to see if he did neutralize me." He smiles again, but there is a malicious curiosity in it this time, as those fangs are bared. "Yours is all in your head," he continues, tapping a finger to his temple.

"Yes, and yours are in your teeth. I'd think that he's nullify at least the production of those poisons, though I doubt any that your body has produced would be neutralized upon contact with him. But then again,that's just a theory.." Claudine replies with a shrug of her shoulders, wrinkling her nose a bit.

"So you see why I'm curious." But Bryan knows better than to go off nipping at people he hasn't been appointed to bite. Still, for the first time in a long time, he's tempted. "Do you think he could still negate without one of his arms? Or a leg?"

"I imagine he would still be able to. If anything, I bet it's all in his head as well.." Claudine quips as she taps at her temples, smiling a little before letting out a soft chuckle under her breath.

Being laughed at is something Bryan is better at dishing out than taking, and curiosity gets the better of him again. "What?" he asks, a smirk curling one side of his mouth.

"I may be a telepath, but it doesnt require use of my powers to know that you want to bite him now..I didnt know you were so kinky.." Claudine replies as she grins heartily as she runs her fingers through her hair. SHe sighs softly and looks back towards her computer screen, trying to find anyomre information she can about him.

Bryan exhales an indignant snort before he pulls out of the doorway. "You'd be curious too," he says in his defense. But then he's off down the hallway. Paperwork won't do itself, after all.

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