It's About Time


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Scene Title It's About Time
Synopsis Needing a break from Coren's restlessness, Cassidy goes to the Island to visit Mortimer. I'm sure you can guess what happened.
Date June 07, 2009

Mortimer's Secret Hideout

It's afternoon by the time Cassidy is escorted to the Locos' main headquarters. Mortimer informed her that she'd have to be blindfolded, mostly so she wouldn't have to worry about keeping a secret. She's driven there in a black van, and they take quite a few extra twists and turns to disorient her. After a while, they're walking down stairs, then for a while down some sort of tunnel where they knock on a heavy metallic door."

A voice over a speaker, not Mortimer's, can be heard saying, "That is not dead which can eternal lie."

And the men escorting her respond with, "And with strange aeons even death may die."

The door opens, Cassidy is led in, then it slams closed again, locks, and various electronic security systems activate. Finally, the blindfold is removed, and Cassidy is greeted with a rather large room filled with men wearing biker gear and large mask-like sunglasses to disguise their identities, with their designated numbers on the lenses.

The room has a large square bar in the middle with plenty of televisions placed in various elevated areas, playing everything from sports to stock reports. There's couches, pinball, pool tables, and men doing everything from sitting around planning things, getting drunk, a few even playing video games.

Two men who walk by her seem to be in some sort of debate, "I'm telling you, in the current economic climate, we're definitely looking at the fall of the Dow." Then the older man he's arguing with adds, "Are you insane? I've been seeing the economy dip and bounce back since you were in diapers, stop watching so much television."

Oh, and Mortimer's there too! He's wearing his normal prosthetic hand, sitting in what seems to be a red and golden throne across from the bar, wearing his typical 'On the job' clothing, minus his jacket, grenades and all. He's also sporting a small golden crown today, staring boredly at a large television hanging from the ceiling. He hasn't noticed Cassidy yet, since the sports bar/lounge is rather large and crowded.

With the blindfold removed, Cassidy starts wondering if her little outing was such a good idea, but she needed the break from her restless partner. A small amused smile tugs at a corner of her lips as she surveys the man's kingdom. Mortimer especially gets a look over. "Starting to wonder if I brought the boys plenty of refreshment." She pipes up, making her voice loud enough to be heard over the din, her eyes staying on the Loco's boss on his throne. She holds up both hands, which carry her peace offering to Mortimer's men. She offers them over to the nearest guy and jokes lightly. "Take this please, sweetie.. I can't feel my fingers anymore. Carrying five large bottles of Jack Daniels isn't easy. " She made sure not to dress in her business clothes, wearing a worn pair of jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

Various men from the bar quickly rush over, knocking the smaller man over who was originally gonna take the bottles. "Thanks, Boss' Lady!" one of them enthusiastically says, then they all raise their bottles and yell, "Jack Daniels!" which inspires a cheer.

Mortimer smiles at her, raising a hand to motion her over. "Cassidy!" he calls over, most of the men now breaking out glasses to start pouring their drinks, though a few seem unphased, staying at their planning tables or games.

Giving a wink to the men, Cassidy dodges around the various moving in for the free drinks on her way to stand before the /king/. "I can't decide if I'm suppose to curtsy or kiss you." She teases, eyes drifting up to the crown perched on his head. "The crown is cute touch, handsome."

Mortimer reaches out to pull her into his lap, moving to wrap an arm around her waist. "You like the place? The wooden wall tiles are one of my guys' ideas, the red carpet was mine. They started building this place while I was in the hospital, since our other places were compromised."

"It's definitely a guy's hangout." Cassidy comments, glancing at the mentioned features. "Fits I'd say." She settles into his lap and considers him for moment, and arm moving to drape over his shoulder. "Haven't heard anything over here?" She asks quietly. "It's been long enough I'm afraid that crazy bastard is getting ready to do something. He killed his own accomplice." Meaning there was only one for Mortimer to watch for. "No telling what else he's gonna do."

"I'll find him. I'm hunting a guy named John Logan too, I think I told you, and I think I'm just gonna make the criminal world implode on itself soon, I just need more planning. But for now, I'll find your man." Mortimer places his good hand against her cheek, never seeming to touch her with the prosthetic as he leans down to place a gentle kiss on her lips. "How's everything with you? I've been giving you some space, I figured you've got a lot to deal with, stress and all."

"You sound like a very busy man, Mr. Jack." Cassidy murmurs as he touches her cheek, her own hand coming up to touch the back of his briefly before she's kissed. There is a soft sigh from the woman when their lips finally part. "Your right. It has been stressful and a bit boring, but he's needed me." She runs a thumb lightly along his jaw, watching it as she adds. "So I appreciate the space." A small frown touches her lips at a thought, her eye lifting to his. "Especially, after that day on the docks… I… could almost swear that Coren knew about it. Said he dreamed it, but he almost exactly described our meeting." She sounds a touch worried… "It has been… weird with him and I don't know what to think about it. Part of the reason I'm here, is to trying to get a little space from him and clear my head."

"I am, but I've always got time for you." Mortimer starts to kiss her neck, and most of the men seem to ignore it, too caught up in their beer and whatever else they happen to be doing. "Maybe he's some sort of psychic." he says in between kisses, continuing, "And he just doesn't know it. Let 'em think it's a dream, who's gonna believe we're together?" He sighs against her neck, looking up at her, "I've got a private room, if you're really stressed out."

"I.. don't know." Cassidy sounds uncertain, but not about what he's doing to her neck. In fact, hell with his men she's going to enjoy it. "Sometime I read his as well…. But only with him.. " She forestalls his kiss and twists to look at the men in the room. "Anyone else… " Pointing at 27, she lowers her voice so that only Mortimer hears it. "He's upset about something.. He doesn't show it but he is. I would bet it's about you and me, cause there is disgust when he looks at us." She lifts a hand to make him look at 21. "21 there.. he's got so much loyalty and trust towards you..I've felt it from 24 as well…" She shakes her head. "I only realized all this recently. I always called it my gut instinct." Glancing back she smirks. "You.. your emotions scream at me, more so then others.."

"So you're special too." Mortimer tilts his head at 27, eyes squinting, "I'll give him a pass, since psychic powers are cheating. But the second he slips up…" He shakes his head, moving to lift her up as he heads to a metallic door that says Mortimer's Office. "At least I don't gotta worry about you thinking I'm lying about something. And hey, you got something to do before we go in there? we're gonna be a while."

"No Mortimer.. I'd know if you were, your right. It's probably why I'm here right now and not hunting your ass down." Cassidy states matter of factly. Cause it was true, if her gut hadn't told her he was telling thr truth all those weeks ago in the hospital, she would never have given him the time of day. "And no… I made sure my schedule was free for the next several hours, so do your worse Mr. Jack."

"I hope all that training made you as durable as I hope you are." Mortimer opens the door, then slams it shut so it automatically locks behind them. More security systems activate, and Cassidy is greeted with Mortimer's room. A rather large king sized bed with mostly white and dark blue colors, little gadgets and inventions littered on shelves in the small apartment sized room. Since they're underground, there are no windows, but there's a flat screen television on the wall across from the bed, a little kitchen area with plenty of stocked supplies. There's also a little metallic table with tools and mechanical parts laying on it, appearing to be some sort of work area. "And don't worry, the room is soundproof."

Cassidy just gives him a look that says 'bring it' before she glances around at her first look of his inner sanctum. "Wow, Mortimer… I knew your were into building things.. " She sounds rather awed at all the little inventions. Looking back at him, she winks. "Didn't tell me I was dating a smart boy." She kisses him then, passionately. It's been a long wait, she's tired of waiting.

"Top ten in high school, NASA engineer's son, what do you expect?" Mortimer retorts with a sly grin, leading her to the bed as he begins to quickly start raising her shirt, though doesn't break the kiss to remove it completely.

It's about damn time….

Fade to Black

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