It's All In Your Head


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Scene Title It's All In Your Head
Synopsis Pizza shop is closed, but Magnes is awake, suffering from loss of evolved gift. Also, they make pokemon bedsheets in queen size. huh. That's a surprise.
Date January 18, 2009

Brooklyn - Above Panucci's Pizza

It's late, a bit after midnight, and rather cold out. Panucci's is sadly closed for anyone wanting pizza tonight, all lights off, but the Closed sign in the door's window has a message right under it, it reads: "Magnes' door is around the corner, ring the bell." and there's a black arrow pointing to the left, at the alley.

Helmet tucked away, Abigail follows the directions on the door. Pizza places that closes at midnight? That's odd, but then.. it's Brooklyn. So it is that she carefully goes to the alley, careful, wary of it possibly being a trap or not.

Interestingly, Magnes is skating up to his door in the back, wearing the Robin hoody and contacts. He pulls his keys out, appearing down about something, then he turns the knob and opens the door, not yet noticing Abby.

"Magnes!" The blonde calls out, from the ground, looking up.

Magnes almost appears to not hear her, then he comes running quickly downstairs when it registers, opening the door and looking over at her. "Abby! I'm so happy to see you! Um, I don't mean to alarm you or anything, but I sorta lost my powers…"

Lost his powers? Abby's head cocks the side. "Say again?" Search his forehead for signs that indicate Sylar paid a visit. Though, you know if he had, Magnes wouldn't be talking to her.

"Yeah, um, wanna come in?" Magnes asks, leaving the door open for her and walking in, then up the steps. To the right before one actually goes up the steps, is some sort of hall with pots and pans in it, and up the stairs is a door, presumably his room. "This girl who has a power like mine, she says powers have limits, then I realized I never thought about that before, and suddenly I couldn't use my powers."

'So because someone you met said you had limits.. you can't.. anymore?" Thats disconcerting. "Just a moment, gotta secure my scooter" Turning to go lock things up, but is soon back, following in behind Magnes.

Magnes opens his door, it's one room, and a door off to the left of the apartment door that leads to the bathroom. He has posters, /lots/ of Superman, some Spider-Man, Robin, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern… just assume the whole Justice League is on his wall. Though, oddly, he has Lois Lane and Wonder Woman right above his bed, on the ceiling. There are piles of comics in containers, an entertainment center with an alright sized television and plenty of videogames and DVDs, and lots of other assorted boxes of nerd stuff laying around. Is that a wooden book shelf of graphic novels?

"Yeah, that's basically what happened, I guess. I realized powers have limits, and now I can't use it." he explains with a frustrated sigh, removing his hoody and revealing a red Flash t-shirt with a yellow lightning bolt in the middle, with his metallic Earth chain around his neck.

"Make yourself at home." he yells her as he throws his hoody on to the bed, a rather nice queen sized bed with Pokemon sheets. "Um, those sheets are old…"

Oh crap. his apartment was one room, everything in one but unlike her old one, this one didn't have a divider to separate when she wanted to. SO it is, that Abby stands inside the door when it's closed, one hand going to the back of her neck, rubbing at it. Holy comics batman. Everywhere. She cranes her neck just to get a look at everything. "Have you tried realizing that, you know.. putting your skates on and just.. having faith that you know.. You can keep doing, what your doing?"

"I don't know, I guess I just figured if she has a similar power, she knows what she's talking about, so I believe I have a limit." Magnes walks over to the bed, not skating over the dark blue carpet, he just sits down and pats the bed next to him, turning on the TV. Oh look, late night Urkel. "I mean, I'm not like you, my power didn't come from God or anything, it's not like I can just believe in it and make it work…"

"I met another person Magnes, who can do what I do, in a way. Did you know that?" Carefully she picks her way over, sinking down to sit on the edge of the bed. "Just because she could do the same, doesn't mean that you both have the same limits. Does she need her skates to do it?"

"Oh, hey, you're right! She wasn't wearing skates!" Magnes quickly stands up, then jumps to the ceiling and lands on his hands and knees, rolling around up there (Avoiding his posters), excitedly. "We don't have the same limits!"

And just like that. So is solved Magnes issue. "But you could probably learn from her, see how she does and works with her gift" Abby offers softly, craning her head to watch him on the roof with a smile on her face. "The other guy, doesn't need to pray to god, to use his gift, he just.. does it. She doesn't need skates. That's not saying that it's wrong, that you need skates just that for now, maybe you do. And maybe, some day in the future you won't need the skates to flip gravity to your needs'

Magnes hops back down, undoing his skates and removing his shoes so all that's left are Reboot socks. He crosses his legs on the bed and smiles over at her, then blushes and looks away. "You know, you're the only person in the city who I trust enough to take my skates off with. And um, see, you can heal people without your ability…"

"I can't Magnes. I can only heal people by touching them, I didn't heal you. I just pointed out that, no two people are like, well unless your twins, but that, you know, what works for one, doesn't for the other" The southerner points out, looking to the skates. "some day, you won't need them to do what you do. Doesn't mean you still won't want to use them, but, you'll be able to do it without the skates"

"I really believe you when you say stuff like that, I always feel like you're um, enlightened, or something… But you're wrong, you can heal without your powers." Magnes forces himself to look over at her and make eye contact, swallowing hard. "You can heal with your words, you can inspire people, give people faith. That's healing, and not everyone can do it…"

"Far from enlightened Magnes, just common sense sometimes" Abigail murmurs. 'Came to get some pizza, but it looks like the store was closed downstairs. Usually at work around now, but I had the night off and felt like treating myself to pizza"

"A lot of people don't have common sense!" Magnes quickly points out, laughing and standing up, slipping on his sneakers and walking to the door. "You really want pizza? Well, we may not be going out, but I still feel compelled to do crazy things for you. So I'll go make you a pizza. Wanna watch?"

"No, and even those that do have common sense, it temporarily leaves them" But he's offering to make pizza and Abigail's shaking her head. "It's closed Magnes. The ovens are off. It's not big a deal, really. I can have pizza later today. Your boss will be upset"

"You sure? I mean, I don't want you to be disappointed or anything…" Magnes rubs the back of his head, then walks to a book case and pulls out a few volumes of something. "Sorry, I'm just not sure how to deal with a situation like this. I mean, if a girl wants something, and I can risk getting it for her, shouldn't I do it?"

"Pizza, is not worth the risk. I have a frozen one in my freezer at home. I just thought i'd come out here and have your pizza. Don't worry Magnes, I'm not that disappointed. Just means I'll have to head out here earlier next time I want some" Abigial points out, getting up from the Pokemon covered bedsheets. "I should let you sleep, you probably have a nice long day of work tomorrow"

"Oh, you're leaving?" Magnes asks with a hint of disappointment, then holds the small stack of graphic novels out to her. "Well, take these with you. This is all the volumes of Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. It's basically mostly from Mary Jane's point of view, kind of a high school drama version of Spider-Man."

"I probably should. This is your room, and it's a little more than awkward" But comic books. She can read them. When she has time. "I'll try and get through them, no promise. I'll order pizza at the end of each one, deal?" The comic books are taken, counted, shuffled with tremendous care into her purse. "Have faith in yourself Magnes. No matter what this other Gravity manipulator says. Sure you have limits, we all have limits. It's a matter of finding them, mastering them. You have one. Right now, you need your shoes. But your limit" Abby reaches over, tapping the middle of his forehead. 'Your only limit, is right there"

Magnes' cheeks instantly go red when she taps his head, then he just nods once. "Thanks, Abby, and take your time with those books. It was nice having someone up here, the pizza shop is a bit lonely since I'm the only one in here every night." he explains, revealing the actual source of his disappointment that she's leaving, then opens the door for her.

"You should go to the movies some night Magnes. Then you wouldn't be alone up here" She stands at the door, zipping up her jacket. 'Bring pizza, tonight, to the bar. I'm off at 11. We can go celebrate my birthday. Get a coffee or have another rooftop picnic" She offers."

"I liked our picnic, and I'll bring something. What's your favorite pizza?" Magnes asks, wanting to make a mental note, then he looks down the stairs, and to her again. "Um, Abby, you want me to take you home? You get hurt a lot and, well, it's late…"

"Bacon and pineapple. That's my favourite, what's yours" Though Abigail shakes her head. "No, it's okay Magnes. I'll make it home fine. I'm pretty sure there will be no dead men flying out of eleventh story windows this morning to upend me. But thank you"
Age set to: 20.

"Alright, just be careful. And my favorite is the meat lovers pizza, with pineapple." Magnes laughs, walking downstairs to open the other door for her. Despite her saying she'd be fine, he looks out the door first anyway.

"I'll be fine Magnes. If you like, i'll even call when i'm home. So that you know that i'm home safe" Only fair, she does for Teo and the others. "Good night Magnes, Good morning as well. Take care, see you at work" Deemed safe by him, she ducks out, careful of his comic books in her possession, heading for her scooter.

"Yeah, call me whenever you want, Abby. I mean, if you're ever in trouble, I'll totally be there like Superman!" Magnes assures as she leaves for her scooter, sighing with a tone that suggests he really doesn't wanna let her go.

"I will Magnes" Abby answers back, sliding the helmet over her head and the face shield down. Within a few minutes, everything secure, off she goes, on her little vespa, making for home.

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