It's Broken


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Scene Title It's Broken
Synopsis Staten Island, that is. At least that's what June tells Aude.
Date August 22, 2009

Staten Island

Fresh off the boat, checking the time. Dressed in dark colors appropriate for her little voyage later this evening, Aude's made it over to Staten Island. Really, this place could be bombed proper and she wouldn't care. The rumors of the evolved population of criminals on this island makes her skin crawl. Even more so as apparently, there's evolved safe houses here. Aude's taking her time to pick around and look around.

It appears that June cleans up rather nicely. Things went well during the evening and the morning at Thalia's place. June showered and was given a fresh change of clothing. Nothing too fancy, just t-shirt and jeans but they seem to fit her just fine. With Thalia out and about this morning, June stepped out for a stroll. As she walks down the side walk, she's been counting the light posts as she walks by. She doesn't seem to know that she's counting out loud. "Sixty seven. Sixty eight. Sixty nine. Seventy." She stops as she sees a window with a crack in the window of someone's house, so she steps up and places her hand on the crack, then walks away, leaving the crack repaired as she resumes her walk. "Seventy one. Seventy two."

Staten island is home to crazies as we… wait a minute, did she just.. Aude blinks, eyes narrowing. Fucking Evo. "Hey" She calls out to the other woman, heading towards her. "Did you just fix that window?" Yeah, great introduction but, Aude's wanting to know who this person is.

"Seventy four. Seventy five." June pauses as she hears someone speak. Her ponytail bobs as she turns around to look at the woman dressed in dark colors. "It was broken. But now it's not. It looks much better that way." As if she certain she's answered the woman's question, she turns and starts back down the side walk. "Seventy six."

"Sister, there's a lot broken on this island" but there she goes.. and it reminds her of that homeless girl from the park and other places. Tamara something or other. "Hey" Aude tries to catch up. "What's your name? Where you from?"

Interrupted again, June stops and walks back towards the woman and looks at her. "I'm certain I don't have a sister, so I think you might be confused. I like trying to make it look better." The island, it seems. "It's okay, I don't mind." June blinks her blue eyes a couple of times as if something comes to mind. "Why are you dressed so dark? You should wear something pretty."

You'd swear they were from the same looney bin. How many crazy evo's are there wandering around the city? "Do you need help Miss? I'm a cop. I can take you to a station and get you some help if you need it"

June gives an inquisitive glance towards Aude, then shakes her head. "I need to be here. This is where the fixing is to be done." It seems the woman is intent to wander the island fixing whatever she feels is broken. "But you can help if you want. Can you fix things too?" she asks as she glances at the cop. "This place is very broken and it needs help. I'll stay here."

"I arrest things, occasionally fix things that are wrong" She could cart the woman off right now, forcibly register her. But it's Staten island and technically that's not her jurisdiction. "listen, you need to be careful. Do you have a place to stay here?" She could pass on the address to the guys she was meeting up with later. The petite officer study's the other woman, watching her.

"I do." The paper is taken and shoved down into her jeans pocket carelessly. She doesn't elaborate on more than the fact that she has a place to stay. Which she does now. She starts to walk off then stops, and turns to look at the cop. "You should find who broke it here and arrest them then, right?" It makes sense to her at least. June then turns and heads back down the side walk resuming her pole count. "Seventy seven. Seventy eight. Seventy nine. Eighty." If Aude doesn't follow her, when she reaches the street corner, she'll make the left turn and walk on.

Aude doesn't follow. Aude just watches the woman with a frown before she takes off in the other direction. The woman said she's from here. Which mean she can set the others on her. The petite officer just carries on walking, an occasional glance back to the direction that June walked off in.

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