It's Elegant And Yet...



…and the rest of the Old Lucy's staff

Scene Title It's Elegant And Yet…
Synopsis Old Lucy's walls get a refresh of wallpaper. Not your ordinary wallpaper.
Date January 23, 2010

Old Lucy's

"She's gonna fire us all, you realize this right?"

There's ladders everywhere, trays of warm water, rollers and exacto knives. A sign across the door of Old Lucy's reads "closed for renovations, open again on the 25th, sorry for the inconvenience" The lights are on though and the smell of wall paper everywhere.

"She won't fire us. She'll just laugh" Brenda assures one of the newer employee's as she helps a bouncer work the fresh panel of wallpaper up. "Trust me"

"Where on earth did you find this in the first place?" One of the other girls across the room asks, working a knife to cut around a fixture to make a hole for the baseplates. "Do they even mass produce this?"

"I know a guy, who knows a guy. They have it over in this really upscale bar we went to the other day. I had to pay them 200 dollars to find out where THEY got it from. Seriously, I think she'll like it. It goes with the place. Fuck, Izzy'd have been all over it so it means that the boss lady will be for it. Even the other boss lady" Tanya answers

"yeah well, we gotta get this done in time for the wake. Or we really WILL be fired so lets buckle down. I don't want to be here till 3 am. God, when this curfew ever lifts, it's gonna be a hellacious few days getting back to the schedule, but at least we'll get paid more" Brenda grumbles.

"She'll flip. I'm telling you. She's such a prude"

"She's not that much of a prude, look what she owns? If she does then we'll paint over it. I don't think she'll notice at first frankly, it's so small, and from a bit back it just looks like acrobats or something. It's elegant. It fits"

"It's…" The new girl tilts her head and looks at the fresh panel. "Interesting alright…"

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