It's Just Dinner


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Scene Title It's Just Dinner
Synopsis …nothing more. After accepting Yana's proposal to play a role, she and Devon sit down for sushi and discussion.
Date May 17, 2011

Swanky Sushi Bar

Only a couple of days had passed since the very interesting proposal had been posed, and from Devon came nothing but silence since the meeting. Not unusual, their encounters had been rare and by chance. But on into the second day, that silence was broken.

After following some sound advice, cleaning himself and doing everything within his power to sterilize against the chance of spreading any infection from Studio K's producer, the teenager had made his move. The morning had greeted Yana with a delivery, a bouquet of spring time flowers fresh cut and delivered to her door. The note inside was written simply, in Devon's own hand, Yes.

Later in the day, he'd called. The request was simple and boyishly hesitant in its request. Devon had found a restaurant he'd thought would be to the woman's liking, a sushi place, informal yet intimate at the same time. He's arrived early, as he's wont to do, groomed and dressed in a gray-blue sweater layered over an off white collared button down and slacks of a deep charcoal gray. The teen's hands rest in his pockets, eyes watching the road in anticipation of Yana's arrival.

She had expected him to contact her for a meeting somewhere in order to give him her answer. Though Yana can say she as amassed a handful of unlikely events that didn't go exactly as she expected. When expectations fail, even small ones, it only slightly annoys her. A pet peeve of hers, through no one's fault but her own, due to her nature. Still, his manner of acceptance was met with a bit of surprise from Yana as she finds a bouquet delivered in front of a smiling goofball who nearly cheesed his way into walking away from her door with H5N10. Where do people that chipper come from? And please tell her they will be the first to go when people start dropping like flies.

The flowers stand out a bit in her otherwise earthy colored apartment. However, she placed them in water on the counter in the center of the kitchen where they will no doubt be seen when someone gets in the door. A strategic move in her little game.

Given New York traffic and distance, Yana's limo pulls up right on time in front of the restaurant they agreed to meet at. Christopher stepping out of the vehicle and wandering to the back to open the door and let her out, Yana steps from the vehicle, her black Manolo Blahniks first, with a sweep of her legs, followed by the rest of her, lifting out of the car with the air of Christopher's hand. She has gone semi-formal for the occasion, which for her is a step up to formal, wearing a black silky dress, with a crystal ornate band around the waist, something simple yet elegant, and certainly not made with cheap fabrics. Seeing Devon standing there, the woman smiles, "Ah, Devon. I hope you haven't been waiting long. But you're prompt, and you waited outside. Nice work." she praises, "Thank you for the flowers, by the way. They were lovely."

As the limo arrives, Devon takes it on cue to step forward. Christopher isn't even acknowledged as he extends a hand, to guide Yana from curbside to restaurant. All with a pleasant smile that isn't exactly reflected in his eyes. There's a nervous air to him even now, though muted as he takes efforts to keep himself in control and composed. No easy task with so many warnings and events of the last week still fluttering around in his head.

"Did you like them," the teen asks of the flowers as they approach the door. "I'd thought the best way to send any message was with flowers." Releasing her hand, Devon pulls open the door for Yana to enter first, following close on her heels after a gesture to send her through. A touch of fingertips, hesitantly light, brush on her shoulder as he moves alongside and toward the hostess. "Just two, please," he directs with a faint smile, "at a table? Perhaps one with a view of the river."

It should come as no surprise that Yana can sense his nervousness like an animal senses fear. Initially, she doesn't say anything about it, as formalities are to be addressed first. Christopher doesn't do much else than help her out of the car, it is up to Devon from then on, which his response is acceptable as Yana takes his hand and steps up onto the curb. "You know your stuff." Yana smiles to him, stepping up to the door, and doing her moments hesitation for him to open the door for her. With a polite thank you, she passes the threshold to the restaurant.

It is when there is a touch to her shoulder that Yana's gives a twitch. She doesn't have the room to get angry, as he isn't really aware of her issue about touching without her permission. And in this case, this is simply something she will have to swallow, as Devon doesn't know the truth about her ability. Rather than a correction, Yana smiles to him, her heart a flutter, but not due to him. The worry that her power will slip, setting her mind to thinking of the possible outcomes and things she would have to do to correct the situation. As well as how angry she would be with herself for losing control. It is one of her neuroses. She'll unravel it all later.

For now, she just lets him lead the way, and with patience she waits to be escorted to the table. At the mention of a view of the river, she kicks it up a notch, "Oh yes, that would be lovely." she tells the hostess in addition.

As though stung, Devon's hand pulls away from Yana's shoulder. He is unaware of her rules, though the reaction could be attributed to his own social awkwardness. Likely it could be reactionary to the crash course in unpredictable meetings as well. He doesn't glance toward the woman at his side as his hand slips away, offering a further and prompting smile to the hostess instead.

The hostess, a little Asian woman likely of an age with Devon himself, double takes over the pairing. However it's not something she'll concern herself over, shaking her head to dismiss the thoughts before directing the way to a table.

The arrangement is set against a windowed wall, overlooking the street and Hudson River. Not quite the prime seat location, but a decent enough view as it were. Devon draws Yana's chair back for her to sit and, once seated, help edge it in nearer to the table. The hostess meanwhile lays out menus and brings in two glasses of water, as the teenager edges around the table to seat himself.

She does owe him a bit of explanation for her light cringe. It isn't that she feels bad, but she considers for a moment what his feelings might be about the reaction, and how to best put him back at ease. "I'm sorry. You just startled me for a moment. I've been a bit more jumpy with the things that have happened to me in New York: I've witnessed a murder at the hands of an Evolved, almost blown to smitherines at a gala by Humanis First sending in a human bomb, was somewhat attacked on the subway, have had my hand burned by this wretched girl with a destructive power, and have been dangled over the edge of a high building through means of what could only have been telekinesis. So, I've developed a bit of a complex." Yana is lying about the complex, but everything that happened is quite true. With all of the Evolved based events that have happened to it. It's a wonder she released a virus to start start taking out non-Evolved. Part of her motive is revenge after all. This is all spoken in a low voice to Devon as the waitress moves ahead a few spaces, Yana reaching over to place an apologetic hand on the boy's arm. "It wasn't anything personal. Relax, don't be so nervous." she whispers with an assuring smile.

Yana expects that Devon will pull her chair out once they get to the table, and when it is met, she seems quite pleased, settling into her place with another polite thank you. The menu is taken up, and unfolded for her to look at, perusing the contents, "The Firecracker is quite good here. I'm not certain if you have had it." she comments to Devon.

To her words of explanation, Devon is rather numb. Though he can completely understand being jumpy, his own experiences of hardships has dictated him to be similar. Unless he initiates contact, there generally isn't unless trust has been won. No easy feat, to be sure. And though nothing further is said on the matter, Yana can feel a tensing in his arm beneath her hand.

Then, settling himself into his own chair, Devon looks at his menu. "Honestly, I've never been much one for sushi. Or sashimi." He hasn't much of an appetite anyway, but does go through the motions of perusing the menu. "I've heard the tempura is good, however."

"Oh, you have to try it, it's delicious: red bell pepper, with cilantro, cream cheese, and salsa in the center. This place actually takes a bit of caviar to sprinkle over the top to give it the most exquisite taste of juicy salt." Yana seems rather proud, or even a bit thrilled about her description. "They bring it to your table, wrapped in foil, cover it in alcohol and then set it afire to cook the outsides just a bit. It's fantastic. I had it just the other day when I was entertaining associates of my father, from overseas."

"I'm not much of a big eater, so one is more than enough for me. What with after appetizers and the like." Her hand lifting giving a bit of a dismissive spin throughout the air. At this point, she is peering at Devon a bit, with a question in her squinting eyes, inspecting him a little, "Is everything alright, Devon? You seem perhaps a bit.. disconnected? Is everything going alright at work?"

Devon manages a smile as he listens to the description, something small but easy. Pleasant. "That sounds… different." His tone lilts upward to add question and further display his inexperience with sushi. "I wouldn't mind trying it. My parents tried to expose me to different foods when I was younger. Raw fish was never one of those, nor caviar."

His eyes go to the menu again, at the talk of appetizers. He should probably be aware of what things cost, his income isn't disposable and he can't rely on friends to carry the weight of this game. Devon toys with his lower lip, dragging teeth over the flesh with just enough force that might cause one to think it should break and bleed. It doesn't, though, staying as sound as ever, though he does almost miss Yana's question. Owlishly, he looks at her again and nods. "Yes. Yes, I apologize. It's… things have been busy at work. Everything is alright." Not really, but she doesn't need to know that.

Sushi is expensive. For the purposes of eating it everyday it is, in a place like this. Likely a good roll runs anywhere from 15 to 20 dollars. Yana is of course unconcerned with the cost. She could take care of it if it were too much of an issue. Not to mention, considering this is just an ruse being played out with Devon, she is stitching up some of her more difficult qualities. The woman is high maintenance to be sure, though she can choke that back a little for the sake of the cause. She just smiles at the sound of reluctance in trying the new food. "Here, I'll go ahead and get that for myself, and noting else, and you can get what you want and try a piece of mine. It will be plenty for me." she closes her menu, having decided.

"Well, I apologize that I might have made things a little bit more difficult for you in general. I just…" There is a moment of hesitation in her voice. The kind to where one is trying to gather their thoughts, after sorting through emotions for them. "I suppose I owe you a bit of explanation. To be honest, if this whole epidemic hadn't started, I would have never risked coming forward like this. Quite honestly, who would have thought that weakness detection would be useful against something like this." The woman smiles so easily. It is light and.. kind of sheepish. "I.. used to be married. To a wonderful man. And I played the part of a very devoted wife, forgoing many of my dreams and goals I had set in the younger part of my life. Gregori.. had gone off to a camping trip, with some of his work friends. Well naturally, camping isn't my thing, so I opted to stay home." Yana breaks within her story, speaking with a lighter tone, but very direct about not going camping, as if she wouldn't dream of ding it.

"When he came back, he was of course a bit of a mess, face thick with days of growth. He needed a shave, badly. Well, after I got him to shower, and sat him down to take a straight razor over his face, I noticed the bumps about his neck shoulders and back. They were of course.. mosquito bites." Yana hesitates, pulling her hand up, covering her mouth and feigning difficult to continue. No tears so far, but she seems.. disturbed. "I told him of course to get them checked out, but he assured me that they were just bug bites, and not to worry. Well.. eventually he started getting sick. And that is when we discovered that he had contracted West Nile." Yana closes her eyes, pressing her lips together firmly.

Taking a deep breath, she continues, "It was awful.. Standing by and watching him deteriorate because of a virus. A virus that I could see, but could do nothing about. Back then, I didn't have the knowledge and skills that I have now even begin to develop a vaccine for such a virus. I lost him." she closes her eyes, "And since then, I have devoted myself to my craft. Learning everything I possibly could about viruses and how to destroy them." She flattens her lips against each other and looks up at him, forcing a smile as best she can. "That is mostly why I want to come forward now. But.. if I simply just create a vaccine, I'm almost certain that work will take it right from under my fingers and find some way to— Well.. I don't know, but I don't feel right just handing it off to them. That's why I want to do this, to get the word out there that a cure can be created. I feel that I owe it to Gregori…"

And the award for best actress goes to….

If Devon hadn't been instructed to watch, if he hadn't been an actor himself, and prone to distrust, he might have missed subtle cues. It doesn't take much effort to display compassion and worry, his own apprehension lending well to the other emotions. His brows draw together over her story, tongue dabbing at his lips as he finds a lack of words to suffice in sympathy. The teen starts to reach forward to lend a comforting hand, akin to that small touch to his own arm, the comfort she'd tried to show only moments before. His hand stays after just lifting, considered and calculated to let the action fall short.

"I'm sorry," Devon offers, the concern in his voice not at all feigned. "For your loss. For… Feeling as you do." His own love for the government was plainly offered when she'd made her proposal. And though he still thinks the "founder" of the vaccine could be made a pawn, there's new factors to weigh in. "I…" He flounders for something to say, something appropriately fitting of her proclaimed experiences. In the end, he simply murmurs, "I'm sorry."

However, there's no doubt in Devon's mind that the woman isn't telling a truth, not all of what she's said seems to be a fabrication. But how much is yet to be seen. Chewing over his lower lip again, he watches Yana for a moment longer, mind trying to pick apart her story and find some hidden meaning within it all. "It's a noble cause, Doctor Blite, to feel that way. To want to help people," he says, to fill the space with a tiny, but sincere praise. But why now, and truly why hesitate unless she really is afraid of his assumptions for being used?

She doesn't look like she is going to cringe or tense as he lifts his hand to almost touch her. And she has to fight herself hard in order to not do so. "I'm not noble, Devon. I'm terrified. I'm really putting myself in the line of fire by coming forth with this. If not for this virus, I would have just sat in silence and continued to work the daily grind. We all deserve to be heard, and to receive recognition for being contributing members of society. Plus, I have non-Evolved members of my family.. Christopher is non-Evolved. If I lost him, I have no idea what I would do. He has been such a dedicated friend and help." She gives him an almost lost look. "I stopped crying over it years ago. So I could focus on what needs to be done. It's also why I'm rather elusive when it comes to romance. This thing with Magnes.." Yana shakes her head, "I was just at a loss for anything else to do. I've been up front with him about it, I have told him countless times of my desires and lack of want, yet he continues to be selfish. Things were just fine when I was teaching him. Why they had to change is beyond my understanding."

With a sign that she is relieved to get that all off her chest, Yana sighs, actually allowing a sensation of calm to wash over her to make it as much of a reality as she plays it to be. "But anyway.. Thank you, thank you for doing this. I don't think it will have to be for very long, and there really isn't anything all that sketchy about what we do. It is perfectly fine for us to have dinner, for you to behave like a proper gentleman and bring me flowers. If anyone sees anything inappropriate out of it, that is a presumptuous construction all their own. I do feel like I should warn you though. I've heard from several sources that Magnes can be a bit.. unstable. I'm not quite sure if he will resort to violence over this or not, so be careful. I won't let him try to hurt you if I can help it."

"I'm not concerned with how others would perceive my act of courting you," Devon states, honestly. Because, really, that's the least of his concerns. "But how they might view you. Legally nothing can be done, the age of consent is seventeen. And I may appear younger and lack some of the experiences of someone nearer your own age, but having been surrounded by people older than me since childhood I'd hope to think my maturity could pass me off as somewhat older than just seventeen." It's said, smoothly, and to cover any doubts for why he might have hesitated.

If her warnings catch him off guard, Devon hides it well. A brow raises slightly and he grins, almost cocky. Almost. Violence he can handle far better than social graces, but it reveals a card he hadn't expected her to have. Threat to himself is a little worrying, and further threat that could extend to his family. "If it comes to that," he replies, more easily than anything else he's responded to thus far, in spite of the troubling exposure, "if. I will handle it."

"Oh, don't worry about me. As I have said, it just has to make people think what they will think, and are often quick to jump to. The reveal as to the reason why.. while only partially true.. will punch the whole point of this in home a bit more. If anything, I'm simply indulging a boyish crush by being gracious. It isn't like I'm going to lure you back to my place, which could spark a few things that we don't want, so it is best that we meet somewhere in public. Besides," she relaxes, "It isn't so bad keeping each other's company. Once you relax a little that is." she offers him a wry smile, "I'm not going to bite, or jump you. In fact, if there is ever anything you needed, or wanted to talk about, I'm here."

The woman had rather taken him for a bit of the physical type when it came to altercation. His bravado in the idea that there could be violence is amusing, which brings her to lift her water to her lips and take a sip, pondering a question. "Let me ask you something, Devon. You're unmanifested, correct? What ability do you hope to manifest? Or what ability would you most desire?" she shrugs her shoulders, "Just a hypothetical question, I'm curious."

Her assurances aren't exactly shrugged off. More appropriately he nods, grin melting toward an understanding smile. "Thank you, Doctor Blite," Devon says with a slight bowing of his head. "I appreciate the offer. For now, I'm… doing alright. It's been a little hectic at work with… various things. But well manage, we always do." It may not be entirely true, but his perceptions aren't easily shared, even with those he trusts unquestioningly.

"Unmanifested, yes," the teen says with a small roll of one shoulder. "Honestly… I don't know. I don't generally think about it or daydream about. It's part of who I am, not a definition of me." He reaches across the table to grasp his own water, lifting it carefully to sip at the clear liquid. "Why do you ask? Hypothetical or not, why the interest?"

"On the contrary." Yana smiles out of one corner of her mouth. "I asked because I was just trying to get a bit of your personality. As not having an ability right now, telling me of what ability you would like would be a bit of a piece of your personality type. Just getting to know you is all.. I do have a theory, however." The sushi orders are not taken by the waitress in the conventional way. Instead, lists are placed on the table with pencils in order for the customer to check off what they want and have the waitress collect it. Yana makes a check or two while she talks.

"I believe that our abilities do somewhat define who we are: the way we live, our thoughts and our desires, maybe even making up for some of the things that we lack in some way. Really think about it for a second. Of all the evolved people you know, and their abilities, how much do they really coincide with their personality? You say that it doesn't define you, yet in all honesty, they're like fingerprints. And is it not true that fingerprints can be used to identify you?"

"It's a means of identification," Devon says with a frown. "But my fingerprints don't say I'm a hero or a criminal, good, bad, or chaotic evil. And unless I do wrong and get caught, no one has my fingerprints." He glances down at the list and makes a check or two, not truly giving thought to whatever he's selected. It'll be eaten, or picked at, but he can continue playing the game.

"The same is said of abilities," the teen continues, handing his selections off to the waitress and extending a hand to do the same with Yana's. "If I manifested something explosive, that doesn't mean I'm going to become the next Midtown Man, or that I'm inherently violent because I possess a potentially dangerous ability."

She shakes her head, "No no, of course not. That isn't what I'm saying really. I am speaking about more concrete aspects of someone's personality. Someone with an explosive and destructive power could very simply be a wild untamed person. A bit of a rebel, but not inherently good or bad. Magnes for instance, he controls gravity, which allows him to fly as well as attract or repulse things that he normally wouldn't be able to. Personality wise, he tends to float about from one thing and the next, having a tough time deciding on what he wants to settle on." she gestures with a spread of her hands, "He also has this way of sort of bringing people together, yet he seems to separate himself from on some social level."

She them smiles at him, settling her eyes upon his face, "My ability.. I am a very critical person. I tend to look into everyone around me, looking for flaws and weaknesses as to know how I will feel about them, or even deal with them if need by. Not an completely desirable personality trait, no.. but it is what it is." And of course there is much more to it, but… "It's just a theory, really, there may or may not be any truth to it. Even consider it a form of palm reading if you must, but I am allowed one or two unconventional things, no?" The woman hands over her menu.

"In that case, what would you say of Mister Russo?" Devon regards Yana quietly for a moment, hands folding to rest on the edge of the table. "He has blasty hands, concussive blasts that …I sure wouldn't want to stand in front of. But his personality? He doesn't seem to sort to push people away in a violent manner. Words and silence, yes." He's experienced the awkwardness that's kept a rift between himself and his mentor, unable to be filled or bridged, though they remain friendly. Both have difficulties letting people get close for their own reasons.

"What is it you want to know," Devon asks, taking a different approach. "About me? I graduated two years early from high school. My friends were four years older than me on average. I could have graduated earlier, but my parents and I were caught in the explosion. I'd wanted to be an actor, I dropped out of college after being accepted as an intern." All of which is delivered with a cold frankness. None of it secret, but something he's detached himself from.

"My aunt died when the Dome was created. I spent twenty-one days in Hell." Devon's arms draw away from the table to fold over his chest. He'd killed men in the Dome, watched others as they were killed or executed. He'd stared down the face of a gun in defense of an old man and girl closer to his age, fought men very literally with his hands tied behind his back. None of that is said, but the weight of it is laced in his twenty-one days of Hell, his voice growing cold and dispassionate. "Is that what you want to know?" The question is an honest one, lacking accusation, though he watches her with a new intensity, overshadowing his earlier apprehension.

She listens to him tell the events of his past, which would be considered a bit tragic by normal standards. The woman a decent listener, and picking up on the things that could otherwise crush someone Devon's age. When he is finished, Yana just smiles and shakes her head, "No, Devon. That isn't really what I was looking for, but I do thank you for sharing. I am very sorry to hear that you have gone through so much of that at such a young age. It sounds like there has been a lot of pain in your life. Stuff like that shouldn't happen… Well, save for graduating ahead of your class. That is a bit of a good thing, but it can have it's psychological problems too." she gestures, one hand settling on the table, "For instance, you'll not get to experience those two final years of being in High school. It is quite an experience too. But at the same time, you are more intelligent than the average kid your age, which is impressive."

She steeps her clasps her hands together lightly upon the table, "I was more looking for things about you. Your likes, dislikes and little quirks that make you you." Her eyes squint at him with an investigating peer. "I think I might be observing something. You remind me a bit of me when I was your age."

"I had four full years of high school." Recover from the explosion had threatened to hold him back, but his aunt had held fast to his parents' wishes. Homeschool works wonders to supplement, as had also been his parents' way when considering school. "I took college classes as well, when I started middle school. While everyone else was riding bikes or roller blading or playing ball, I was studying and educating myself on concepts kids my own age wouldn't start to grasp until they were eighteen or nineteen years old." Why he felt the need to explain that is difficult to say. Perhaps defensive of his parents or wishing to ignore the sympathy.

Tempering himself, Devon lifts a hand to rub over his jawline. An absent gesture that leans more toward a nervous habit than anything else. "I don't know I could explain what makes me who I am," he offers more quietly. Not without tipping his hand, something he's not about to do easily. "Events I've lived through have shaped me, along with efforts from my parents. I am who I am. I play basketball a couple times a week, just a pick up game. I miss acting but my life is going in a different direction. I'm… whatever it is you see in all that."

His demeanor about certain events in his life amuse Yana. There are subtle hints in the way he behaves towards them that are present in her current personality. It isn't something that she feels bares repeating, but she simply makes her observations. Even his studious nature reminds her of how she was, as opposed to living the life of a teenager. "Mm. Sports. Physical activities was never my strong point, outside of normal exercise. I doubt I have even so much as seen a basketball game, let alone know how it is played." She isn't completely ignorant about the sport, she knows the basics when she hears the name, but nothing outside of that. "But what it sounds like to me is that you are unique. Moreso than most. With a high potential for greatness. If my theory has any truth to it, I believe your ability will be rather unique as well. This is just speculation of course, but you never know."

"Unique," Devon says dryly, "just like every other snowflake that falls from the sky." He has no illusions of grandeur for himself, no longing for greatness. His motives are far more humble often wrought for a deeper meaning, an understanding of things greater than just himself. But he allows her to think what she will. He's learned that act is far easier than trying to disagree. He smiles faintly, unspoken in thanks.

After taking another sip of his water, Devon glances toward counters where fresh cuts of sushi and sashimi are prepared. "I do have to tell you, Doctor Blite," he begins, again in those softer tones. His gaze drops to the table top, one hand moving to pick an errant speck from the cream colored linen. "As part of our arrangement, I'm not able to facilitate places like this often, or greet you often with a bouquet of flowers. I have means, but I'm limited until I've reached a more appropriate age."

"So to speak." Yana dips her head to the side just slightly. "We all have something that separates us from everyone else. But sometimes there are those who are even more different than the rest. I kind of feel that way about Evolved. Which is why I have a difficult time grasping the idea that we're so looked down upon." Yana shakes her head slowly. She doesn't really elaborate on it too much, but her belief is that Evolved are the superior ones, and if anything, the roles should be reversed. "Why people can't look past their own fear and realize that we have the potential to do great things. Change the world in ways that previous generations haven't been able to do. I believe we just need a chance.." But not without breaking a few eggs first.

"Oh, Devon.. don't worry about that." she waves a hand. "I already told you I would compensate you for doing this favor. I know working as an intern doesn't really pay, and it is the least I can do for you accepting to go through with this. And don't worry, I'm not the type of person to coax you into an obligation, or try to add 'a little extra' for something inappropriate. It is all on the up and up. And you are free to walk away whenever you desire."

"Fear is inherent in human nature," the teenager says as his head comes up. He regards her, head tilting slightly, brows knitting together. "Fear of the unknown or different. It's hardwired from birth, one of those instinctively learned traits we gain from our parents. That noise startles us, it's an unknown, so we cry. The closet has never been explored and we only just discovered it, and so we imagine nightmares and creatures because it's new and different. It's the same with Evolved versus non, it was the same when settlers came over the ocean to settle here and were met with the Natives. They didn't know these people, or understand those ones and so they feared."

With a sigh and a shake of his head, Devon retreats from such thoughts. He replaces the frown and argumentative nature with a smile and a nod. "Thank you. I… If I didn't have to ask…" That one shoulder shrugs again, eyes going back to the table.

She can't fill him in on her beliefs of superiority. Yana can only take these things so far. Some, she just simply has to let go. Of course what he says does make sense, but Yana finds it illogical for Evolved to be the ones lower on the food chain. It is part of the motivation behind her release of the non-Evo virus. "You're right of course. It's just human nature. Maybe someday…" she sighs longingly. Maybe someday soon if things keep going as they are.

Yana shakes her head, "I somewhat understand your situation, with work and all. Being a student is a means to being poor in most cases. Especially in grad school. But for now, all you really have to do is sit, enjoy dinner, try some sushi and then you can go home, rest and not have to worry about work, or this craziness going on right now. Everything will work itself out, and there is hope. Whether it goes one way, or the other." She smiles, trying to bring a bit of comfort.

As comforting as those words could be, it's unlikely Devon will go home and not worry. The past week has presented a number of things that could be considered troublesome at best. But he smiles, amicable to her suggestion.

The conversation drifts from there, small talk and idle chatter shared over the plates of sushi. A fine evening, all things considered, that all too soon comes to an end thanks to curfew. The check is handled not long after the meal is finished. Continuing with his role, Devon guides Yana's chair out from the table after rising from his own and offers an arm to lead her back out to the curb. Without waiting for Christopher, he even opens the door for her, a hand out to assist her into the vehicle's seat. Once she's been seen off, the teenager turns to begin the walk back to the motel he's presently staying at.

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