It's Not A Matter Of Want


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Scene Title It's Not A Matter Of Want
Synopsis Peter arrives to pick someone up for a meeting and learns things aren't as expected.
Date September 8, 2008

Dorchester Towers: Cat's Apartment

She'd put away the wine bottle after he left earlier, intending to return and take her to the meeting. Cat had gotten more sleep during that day, but hadn't slept all through it. Just enough to recharge her batteries and be clear from the effects of drinking. By the time evening rolled around she was showered, dressed, and ready to go whenever he arrived. She's in one of the recliner chairs in that main room, composing her thoughts.

Dani did, as suggested, nap during the door. Like Cat, she's out in the living room, though not in a chair…she's pacing. This is a little more out of the ordinary for her, and she's tense. This whole "terrorist" thing is not sitting well with her.

Around eight there is a knock at the apartment door, three quick knocks and then silence. Learning his lesson about appearing in the apartment abruptly, Peter waits patiently outside of Cat's home, pacing back and forth nervously though. There was so much going on in his head at the moment, and so much uncertainty right behind that very door, that he can't help but feel anxious about coming here.

She stands and moves to the door, opening it to admit the man. "Rock," Cat greets. "We're ready." She's calm and focused. Whatever her concerns about how this would go, the woman who never forgets is uninclined to seem in disagreement with Dani in front of others, and she'd insisted on being backup, so there it is come what may.

Dani moves up next to Cat. Protectively, it seems, despite the fact that Cat is taller than she is. One step behind and to the side, feisty little backup. She's in jeans and jacket, along with boots.

When the door opens, Peter halts in mid-pace and turns towards it, offering a smile to Cat as he walks up to her and places a hand on her shoulder. As he considers stepping into the apartment, there's Dani, moving up to block the doorway at Cat's side. Peter falters, letting his hand slip from her shoulder. "We?" There's a sense of confusion in his tone, "There is no we, it's just you and me. They're going to have a big enough fit that you're coming along," His eyes flit over to Danielle, then back to Cat, "But someone both they and I don't know?" He shakes his head, "I can't risk taking her into the building." Peter slides his hands into the pockets of his slacks, "Sorry, Danni. I don't mean to be hard like this, but that's just how it is." Peter's focus trns back to Cat, one brow raised inquisitively.

"I know it might not go over well, Rock. But she, beyond insisting I have backup, has value to what's afoot. Giving her a chance to explain that is only fair. And prudent. The others can meet with both of us at the same time and satisfy themselves at one shot. And perhaps ease her misgivings about the direction their future efforts should take." Cat stands there calmly. "Barring that, is it possible to put her at a spot where she knows I'm safe without being privy to things others aren't ready to share with her?"

Dani looks up at Peter, her own gaze stern. "Not to mention, there's that whole "letting my best friend go off with a person who etches glass, and works with -terrorists-. I don't know you, and I don't know them. But I -do- know I'm not letting Cat get dragged into something like that without someone to watch her back." She crosses her arms over her chest, trying to look as resolutely unyielding as someone barely over 5' with a babyface can look. It comes off more petulant than unyielding. But still, stubborn. Grr.

"They're paranoid people, for good reason. Even if I could vouch for having checked out her thoughts — which I haven't — they won't trust her. Not right away. Maybe one at a time, I could introduce you individually, but it's hard enough getting them to trust a contact of mine who's been involved in this longer than they have — Let alone you, Cat." Peter reaches up and scratches at the back of his neck, "And, I trust you Cat, but really — " Listening to Dani, Peter furrows his brow and covers his face with one hand, sighing into his palm.

"I can't. It's not a matter of want, they don't even know Cat's coming. She has insight into things that I want to share with them, and…" He hesitates, looking at Dani, "It might be an easier sell if you're gifted like Cat and I, they might be slightly less inclined to believe you're a Homeland Security spy." Peter lowers his voice as he says that, looking up and down the hallway. "The meeting is in a basement room, too. Not much good waiting outside would do. I can't make other people invisible, either."

She closes the door to cut off possibly being overheard outside. "Things are what they are, Rock," Cat states. "My friend is involved in my life. She's kept my secret for years. I won't be shutting her out. If that doesn't reconcile with things we discussed, then it doesn't." The trend of the conversation has her at a realization. "So I won't be going to the meeting, and will see you after it."

Dani looks back incredulously at Peter. "Do I -look- like a cop? Or a Fed?" The notion actually makes her laugh once, stern or no, but she shakes it off and gets her resolve back, all the moreso as Cat backs her up. "Look. I can appreciate you want Cat's insight. She's smart as hell and knows everything about everything. But look at it from the other side. You want to drag her off to deal with -terrorists-. Who you've admitted might not take well to her. I don't know what your agenda or your priorities are. But she needs someone there whose priorities are "keeping her safe"."

Peter starts to say something, one hand raised in a manner to accent some salient point, but in the end no words come out, and his hand falls down to his side, "Alright…" The resignation in his tone of voice was clearly indicative of disappointment. He looks over at Dani after a moment, narrowing his eyes. The sound of thunder rumbles outside, followed by the sound of rain beginning to fall. The dark-haired man stares at the girl for a time, incensed, but says nothing to the contrary. "Do you want to talk afterwards?" He looks to the side, towards Cat, "I don't know how late I'll be."

"I'll be here and awake," Cat replies quietly. "Be safe, Rock." The question for the moment is decided, and she's headed back toward the apartment interior, adrift in her own thoughts. Soon she's settling into a seat and focusing on the etched areas.

Dani's silent. She's not going to say any more on this, but at the same time, she's not going to apologize for looking out for Cat. She moves back towards Cat's side, following her along.

"Later… then." Peter says, mostly to himself as he takes a step outside and closes the door to the apartment. There's the sound of rushing air in the hall that Cat has become familiar with, the sound of air moving to fill the space once occupied by Peter. He's gone, for now, without who he had came here for.

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