It's Okay to be Gay


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Scene Title It's Okay to be Gay
Synopsis Also there's swindling!
Date September 16, 2010

Storage Facility, Street

A midnight poker game on a Friday night, full of frat boys and other possibly loaded college students. The table has ten people around it, male and female, and there's pretty loud music in the fairly large storage garage he… well, let's not try to find out who owns or doesn't own it, but there's at least fifty people drinking, dancing, or just sitting on boxes and metal chairs talking. There's drugs, Amadeus made sure of that, don't want all your players entirely sober.

Toru has a job to do, and his job is to pass the table, make subtle circles, then text people's hands to the catboy's cell. "Half you fuckin' fratboys can't even hold your whiskey." He looks down at his phone, typing with one hand while he holds the cards in another. I thnk th chik wit da tits is a husler

If nothing else, this is helping Toru to be a little less moody than he's been. When Amadeus found him he was pretty much unwilling to even talk for a while, and doing this gig took some convincing. He's not really keen on the idea of getting his ass kicked if anyone catches him at his scam, but with all the intoxicants running around it's starting to look like he could just blatantly stare at some peoples' cards and nobody'd care.

But he's at least attempting to do this properly, and that means standing just far enough away that he can see cards but not so much it's obvious. He's holding a cup of soda in one hand, and sits a minute to answer. Tell her 2 sit on ur face. U drnk? Dumbass. Baldy has hi flush, others suck atm.

I aint drnk. gona bluff em "I'm gonna raise a hundred." Amadeus says with a grin that's supposed to give everything away. Oh yes, he has an amazing hand, this is the message his face is supposed to convey! And he just raised a hundred, whoa! "What've you college pansies got?"

"I'll see your hundred and raise a hundred and twenty." says one of the people with shit hands, possibly trying to bluff themselves.

Aaand Toru almost spits out his soda. Initial response is sent quickly, a hurried, ?????? but he ultimately calms himself down, takes another swig, and has himself a deep breath. Ahhh. Calmness again. This followed by him texting again, a little more calmly. That guys bluffing but dont b so flashy!s God. He finishes off his drink and makes to get up and head back over to where the refreshments are, looking for something else to occupy his hands with. Drugs are a bad idea right now. If tempting.

He grabs a beer can, an equally bad idea, but it's colder than the soda. Cracks it open, tosses back a gulp, cringes a little. Bitter. Another slow circle around the table and he leans against the wall, tosses over a hint. Blond chic, 3 10s. Not diggin u out if u get fuked.

The guy with the flush apparently isn't going to raise after quite a few other people do. "I'm out." the guy says as he sits his cards facedown.

"Alright, fuck you guys, straight." Amadeus lays out the five cards, then reaches out to start grabbing money and put it in his pile. "I think we've had a long enough night, you guys, like, carry on." He stands after getting his money in a nice neat pile, folds it, then stuffs it into his black Yankees bat bag on his back. He has a few pieces of jewelry, and some change that get stuffed into his pockets. "Alright, time to go."

He starts heading for the door, texting Toru. lets gtfo. they use that facebook shit. cops probly comin

Toru was just starting to chat up a lady!! And in point of fact, he doesn't pay attention to the phone buzzing in his pocket, instead opting to get his awkward groove on with a brunette, but he catches Amadeus packing up out of the corner of his eye and rolls his eyes. Godd, always on the move. "Dammit. Uh, see you around, that's my ride." He totally will never see that chick again.

He checks his phone to see what he missed, squints at the message briefly, rushing to catch up with Amadeus. Mostly-full beercan is left behind on the poker table as he passes it by. Once he catches up, he asks, accusingly, "What the fuck is Facebook? What did you do?!"

"I ain't do shit, fratboys are just fuckin' dumb. Police watch the shit they post on the internet, then a raid's almost fuckin' inevitable." Amadeus kicks the door open and starts heading for the van, still looking at his phone. "Plus, if the cops get a little tip, less chance of them comin' out and kickin' our ass when they're all goin' to jail and gettin' kicked outta school."

"Aw man, don't even get your ass involved with the popos. They track your number down, get all up in your shit, dude. Do you really want 'em pokin' around the van?" Rushrushrush for van, Toru looks at door as he strides through it, thinks about closing it back up, opts not to. "Dude, you are like the worst kinda party … guy. Next time we do a party, less bullshit and more like, real partying. Swindling's for pussies."

Once he gets to the van, he swings the back door open, hurling himself in to land on the mattress in back. As if to clarify, he adds, "You drive, I ain't got my license and if there's gonna be pigs around I don't need 'em grabbing me on that bullshit. Hit up a 7-11 or something, we can afford to eat like kings tonight."

"Ain't no point in a party unless I'm gettin' paid or gettin' somethin' for free. If I wanna have fun, I'll go visit Keira and get drunk." Amadeus slips into his driver's seat, then turns the keys. "Fuck the cops, it ain't like I never used 'em to do this kinda shit before. They don't care about us, they care about all the drinkin' teens and stuff."

"Solicitating a minor to get drunk ain't that good a charge neither." That phrase doesn't make sense, but Toru doesn't notice! Instead he gets all cozy and pulls his gym bag up under his head to use as a pillow until things get rolling again. "Providin' booze or whatever anyways. That's like steep shit and since we're both overage they'll figure we got it, right." He shrugs, though. They're on their way out so it should be fine~

Oh wait. "That's cause you old, brotha. Some people still got it in 'em to party hard, dig? I met some broad named Keira the other day. Weird chick. All inked up. Anyways, you oughtta hit up a rave or somethin'. Good times. Hashbrown party at Denny's."

"They brought most of that shit with 'em, I just supplied the drugs. They don't even fuckin' know who we are, chill the fuck out." Amadeus is already a few blocks away from the party, relaxing back against the seat with one hand on the wheel. "I think you met the same one. She's a chick I fuck sometimes."

"Look I just really don't wanna get messed up with the cops, man. It's complicated, aight?" Toru grumbles quietly, trailing a hand along the inside wall of the van, just sort of looking around and chilling out cozily. "She doesn't really seem like your type, yo. She's all like. I dunno, weird broad. Bigass dog? She gave me a Twinkie and I was kind of a bitch to her, but whatever blows your skirt up, mang."

There's a long and obvious pause there as Toru struggles to think of what to follow up with. Awkwardly, he finally concludes, "And anyway I'm not really gay and you're not my type even if I was so it ain't like I'm gonna grab your ass or anything."

"Where the fuck did that come from? You're totally fuckin' gay." Amadeus hits the gas, apparently on a mission suddenly. "We're gonna get you a hooker. One with huge tits, somethin' Korean." he decides, turning a corner. "We're goin' to Chinatown!"

"What the fuck, man?! I'm tryin' to be serious, here!" Toru lifts himself up off the mattress, looking out the front of the van, not that he can see much but traffic lights at this angle. So had better not actually be going to C-Town. "I just meant 'cause of that thing with the shitheel on Staten and me not bein' around for a week, I was all tryin' to make sure we're still aight!" Pause. "And I am not sleepin' with no fuckin' Korean chick!"

"Then Japanese, with nice big fake tits. Fuck, can't even please you with tits! The fuck do you want? A Spanish chick?" Amadeus asks as he suddenly stops in front of a small seedy looking massage parlor, only, it seems to be closed. "Man, they closed a really fuckin' good hooker place."

"Seriously, dude, now is not a fuggin' good time. I ain't in the mood and I ain't showered since like yesterday besides." Toru rolls over onto his side, pulls something over his head. "Whatever, I'm a fag if that'll get you off my ass, let's get some nachos or something. Homeless life sucks balls, the whole shackin' up and moochin' off chick thing ain't workin' out for me."

"That's 'cause you suck at it. Your heart ain't into chicks. Fuck, you've got all that racist stigma bullshit, so you won't embrace your fuckin' gayness and just go shack up with a guy." Amadeus starts driving again, his tone not mocking so much as scolding. "You think I give a shit if you're gay? Half the fuckin' criminals who've been to jail pounded some ass. Now, I ain't do that kinda shit, I spent most of prison inside of cats, only time I was fuckin' grateful for my old ability. But like I was sayin', only difference between you and the average fuckin' thug is that you ain't gotta make no excuses, you ain't in a gang."

"And a-fuckin'-men for that," Toru grumbles to the last bit. "Whatever, you don't know what I'm goin' through, aight? I ain't gonna sit here and give you a fuggin' autobiography but s'fice it that I don't gotta explain myself to you. Way you reacted before I figured you were freaked out about it, thing is I don't even know, mang. The chick dude I was tellin' you about before.. he's good at gettin' what he wants. And for a while he wanted me, and it was nice and.. fuck, I ain't never been into any other dudes so I don't know if I'm really fuggin' gay, alright?" He totally is. "And since him and me aren't on speakin' terms right now I'm kinda goin' through a thing and I don't know what the hell is going on in my brain right now. Now is not Happy Toru Time or Fuck With Toru's Head time, now is Toru Wants a Burrito and a Goddamn Slurpee time."

"So no hooker? Man, you're so fuckin' lame." Amadeus shakes his head, on route to a Taco Bell now. "Let's get your fuckin' food before curfew, then I've gotta think about where I'm gonna pawn off the jewelry."

"And this is why I don't talk about shit," Toru notes, rolling his eyes, not that Amadeus can see that! Hopefully. He waves a hand dismissively, rolling back over to face the front of the van. "Five tacos and one of those freaky slushy drink things, red flavored." Red is always the best flavor. "Meth heads know the best pawn shops, yo. I doubt any of 'em are open this late. Have your ass a field trip in the morning, yeah?"

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