It's Our Country



Scene Title It's Our Country
Synopsis One down.
Date March 3, 2009

A Dark Alley Somewhere on Staten Island

[It's Our Country.]

The motorcycle zooms down the alleyway and is parked behind a large dumpster.

[Sometimes you have to make a stand and say "Enough is Enough. We're going to hold on to what belongs to us."]

The figure riding the bike slips off the bike wearing a black leather jacket and a helmet with tinted windshield. The box is taken from the back of her bike and the figure enters the building.

[Can't let them take over. This is our country, and those who came before would never have allowed this to happen. That last thing that's needed is a bunch of freaks running this country.]

Going up several flights of stairs doesn't seem to cause any sort of fatigue at all. Step after step is taken. The lights on the roof brighten the entryway as the door is opened and the figure steps out onto the roof.

[This one has been watched for quite some time. Perhaps he's a pimp. It doesn't really matter. His ability is torturous to those he uses it on and that is wrong. That wrong will be set right tonight.]

The helmet comes off and long blond hair falls down behind the leather jacket.

[She will do it. It's her job. No. It's her duty. Her military career has culminated to this very moment. Her training. Her passion. Her honor.]

She takes a blade and opens the box, pulling out piece after piece and it isn't long before the weapon is assembled. There are two rounds in the box, but she'll only need one. She slips one into the chamber and leans over the edge of the roof.

[Another job. Another day. This is one package that has no destination.]

She pulls the trigger and the pimp falls to the earth. In this neighborhood, no one is going to come running. One down. She disassembles the weapon, picks up the casing and seals the box back up. She stands, picks up her helmet and slips it on, then heads down the stairs. She'll start looking for her next target tomorrow. Today, she has some deliveries to make.

[It's Our Country.. and we're not giving it up without a fight.]

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