It's Overrated


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Scene Title It's Overrated
Synopsis Sleep is just overrated.
Date December 22, 2010

Confucius Plaza — Brian's Apartment

Over his shoulder, the mirror reflects the yin-yang perfectly. A light smile graces his lips in the dark. A couple weeks ago he would be giving the mirror looks just to check and see if Sami happened to be in the room. Now all he has to do is glance back to the bed. But watching his tattoo in the mirror for his moment does wonders to his mind.

He loved Veronica, and though she inspired him to do good… She inspired him the Winters way. This one.. His eyes leave the mirror to look over the woman laying in his bed. She inspires him to do good things, just to be good. Reaching over to the dresser, his cup of juice comes up and trickles down his throat. Taking a long gulp, he sets it back down.

Walking over to the window, glancing out into the darkness in the city outside of the building. A yawn is let out as he places his hand on the window for just a moment. Wearing only a pair of sweatpants, the young man makes his way back to the bed.

Sliding onto it softly, in order not to wake her, he slides along it easily. Placing one hand on the other side of her, he pushes himself up to peer down at her. Grinning and watching her sleep for a moment, he brings up his other hand and pokes her cheek gently…

And then he does it again. They had finished… Connecting. And she fell asleep. But this body has had a lot of rest today. Another poke goes to Samara's cheek. This whole Delia thing has all his sleep cycles off. "Sameye… I can't sleep." He murmurs quietly. Wake uuuppp.

She stirred just a little when he'd slid onto the bed almost like her unconscious mind was aiming to sidle next to him. With the busy-ness of the last few days, it's no surprise Sami had drifted off as she had. But that exhaustion translates into an unusual peace. Her milky white skin fades into the sheets while her auburn hair contrasts deeply against them. Underneath the blanket she's in one of Brian's grey-coloured t-shirts that essentially swims on her.

The sound of her name causes more stirring while the poke causes a very breathy, "Mmnh," to move from the back of her throat. She blinks hard to bring the world into focus as a content smile spreads over her lips. Her hands rub her eyes as she gazes up at him, the sleep still present in her throat as she whispers, "Hi," around the sleep-frog in her throat.

Her palms press down on the mattress to adjust her position to a sitting position with a yawn. "So… can't sleep…? " her head tilts a little as she leans over to brush her lips against his cheek. "Why?" She blinks hard again as she more purposefully leans against him.

"Hi." He practically coos to her. "I don't know." He smiles warmly. "Sometimes when I try to sleep.. All I can do is think about everything. And sometimes it's hard to sleep when you see so many things going on at the same time. You know? With my ability. But.. The Company taught me how to block all the connections so.." He closes his eyes and gives her a look like a child saying 'see?' He grins a little bit. "But.. I have to keep it open to find Delia.. so…" He claps his mouth shut. "Sorry. I'm talking a lot. I just.." He collapses on the bed beside her, pulling her into him.

"I like you." He smiles brightly. "And I wanted to be around you some more. Not sleeping you though, because sleeping you isn't as fun." He looks up for a moment as if thinking. "Though I guess I could make sleeping you fun." He gives a mischievous smile at her, stretching his hand out, he goes to set it on her stomach. "Were you dreaming?"

Brian's smile brings a similar one to Sami's lips. With another mmnh Sami rubs at her eyes again. "I envy that." Her speech is slower than normal, still waking up and not quite at maximum alertness. "I wish I could be everywhere at once. And see everything. Then my mom wouldn't have to waste so much energy trying to convince me to go home for Christmas." Her hand rises to the one on her stomach, lacing her fingers with his.

"Any luck finding Delia?" she asks quietly. "I really feel bad about that. Like… what happened. I visited her boyfriend today; took some cookies to his safehouse as like… a peace offering." Her smile fades as she sighs again. "I feel bad. I wish there was something else I could do." Other than give Delia a makeover.

The question brings a really broad brightened grin and a more wakefulness to her, "I was! I was auditioning for Juliard and Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, and Mikhail Baryshnikov were the judges. But I was only dancing for one person… you. Except there were a lot of yous and no one thought anything of it because it was just the most normal thing ever. And then my dance audition turned into this huuuuuge dance number…"

"It's overrated." No it's not. He loves his power. He smiles over at her. "It would be nice to go through walls as well." Screwing up his features for a moment he looks over at her. "You know how you went through the glass when we were kissing. What if.. What if you started to phase while we were doing it. Would you go down to the next floor?" He rubs his chin a little bit before laughing quietly. "Don't do that. Even though that would be hilarious. You should be careful."

"I haven't found her yet." He gives a little shrug. "She's.. It's hard to find her. I heard her boyfriend is a hydrokinetic. Is he bigger than me? Do you think I could take him in a fight?" It probably sounds wrong as he lies there half naked with his girlfriend. But Peyton said that this other guy could take him on unless he had more of himself. Which makes him angry. He yawns softly. "Don't worry about it, baby." Though the word he murmurs at the end.. Has him pausing for a moment. He hasn't called anyone that for a while.

"Were they nice to you? the judges, because if they weren't. The audience crowd of me would totally annhilate those dicktards." Giving her hand a little squeeze he smiles gently at her. "I've never been as honest with anyone as I am with you. I tell you everything. I've never done that before."

Wrinkling her nose, Sami smiles comically, "For the record I wasn't actually trying to do it when we were kissing. It just… kind of happened. And I'd really rather not go through the floor anyways— like what would stop me? Would I just keep going? And judging by the way I put my hands through things it doesn't seem— " she hasn't actually tried to walk through a wall yet "— I can't really take anything with me. Like my ring." Not that the ring was particularly valuable. "And I know like when you make copies they're naked, but I don't really… " her cheeks flush a little, "I don't want the world seeing me naked.' Beat. "Just you." Her cheeks flush even brighter.

Sam hmms quietly, "Jaiden is pretty large. But you're really tough and secret agent-trained. I think it'd be even." Not that she has any actual ability to judge such things. "And I think you'd win now. He had some bad potato salad." At least that's the connection Sam made, even if it was just something he ate— it had to be potato salad. And Sami left him with her cookies. If her baking is anything like her cooking…

She shrugs, "Well, Paula is like always the nice one, but I'm pretty sure she was half-drunk. And then Michael was all supportive. But Baryshnikov was kind of a jerk. Didn't think I was practiced enough or something— " which really is her fear these days. Not that it matters anymore.

The squeeze of her hand and admission bring a renewed sparkle to her eyes. "It's because you know I have no one to tell," she teases quietly with a softer smile. Following which, however, the teasing tone dissipates, "I love you." Saying it the second time is way easier than the first it seems. "I really do. I… trust you." Her lips twitch into a small sheepish smile.

"You could drop naked into the apartment of the old Chinese woman that lives downstairs." He grins broadly. He screws up his brows, gaping at her. "You want the world to see me naked?" He frowns. He pulls up to press a kiss against her chin. "I'll get you a new ring, baby." As if trying the word on for size on her.

"I am tough. Was it potato salad or the stuff that you gave him to eat?" Winters asks, laying his head against the pillow. He smiles brightly. "I think you're practiced just fine. You know.. Once we get a place for the Lighthouse. You can teach our girls to dance. Juniper.. Juniper she could dance. She's like fifteen. You could teach her to dance and maybe Lucy as well. Or Lily."

He laughs quietly, before emotions wipe away from his features. "I.. Sameye. You're.. I.. It's hard for me to say that back to you. Not because I don't feel it for you. Because I really do. I really want to be with you. I just. Last time I said I love you to someone, it.. It didn't work out. And I thought it was going to be a forever thing. So.. I don't know. I guess I'm scared."

"That's not what I meant~ And you know it~" Sami chimes in a singsong voice. Her assertion, however, does nothing to stop the slight fluster she gets whenever she has to explain herself, "I just… it's like… I wouldn't want to stand in a mirror and see my own naked body. And I don't want the world to see you naked, but…" Deciding there is no easy explanation with this one she merely counters, "It's just not what I meant." The pet name has her closing her eyes gently around it. "I like that, it's… I just like it."

There's a defensive squeak to Sam's voice as she lays her head against the pillow and turns her body to face him, "He hadn't ate my cookies yet! Besides I think I did really well this time," she didn't, "And that they were actually edible," they weren't.

"I would love to teach the ladies how to dance. And… speaking of Lighthouse…" she clears her throat, "I was wondering… if it isn't too much trouble…" she chews her bottom lip while her hand reaches out to trace along his bare chest light with her fingertips. "…Koshka. I visited her like you suggested annnnnd… she really is bored. And it's not really normal for her where she is. And I thought— I mean if you’re onboard— that maybe she could stay with us. BUT only if she wants to and if you're totally okay with it. I… I don't really know her story, but she's a good kid who had a bad day." Even though she doesn't really intend it, traces of hope reflect in her eyes and her smile.

The smile softens into a more reflective pose at Brian's last words. She shakes her head, as her voice quiets, "You don't have to say it back. I… I knew it well before I said it. And I said because… because I don't want to live the way I had been. I feel like I've got this second chance at life and I realize what I regretted from the first time were those times I didn't speak up, that I wasn't honest, that I didn't take a chance. So— while I felt it before that moment, I only said it when I knew I'd be okay if you never said it back to me." And then, in even more hushed tones, she adds, "I can stop saying it if you want— "

Laughing quietly at her, he grins broadly. "I like to see you naked too." He smirks, propping himself on one elbow. His free hand goes up to sift through her hair gently. "You're so beautiful." He murmurs softly and gently. "When I saw you in the reflection. That first day. I thought you were going to kill me." He grins a little bit. "I just thought you were some kind of invisible assassin that the Institute sent, and you could only be seen in reflection. And right before I grabbed my gun I thought. What an adorable little hitman~"

"Koshka?" He frowns lightly. "I still don't trust Anna. Not at all. I might have to get a different apartment. And.. Yeah. Koshka could hang with us there. If she wants. I mean, as long as she respects the rules. She seems smarter than Anna. But I don't want Anna to put you in danger let alone a Ferry kid."

Peering at her, he goes to place his hands on her shoulders. Rolling to his back, he goes to pull her on top of him. "Sameye." He goes to make eye contact, solid and unbreaking. "I want to have a dinner.. Christmas dinner. Christmas eve there's something big going down. And no you can't come. I'm going to be making a lot of me. I'll be very tired Christmas to recover.. So I think we should have a Christmas dinner before that and.. I don't want you to stop saying it."

He cranes his neck forward, pressing his lips to hers. "I love you, Sameye."

"You don't need to worry about me. I'm not afraid of a fifteen year old girl," there's a levelness to her voice that carries through the words, but Brian would know better by now. "Humanis First concerns me, but… I disappeared once…"

Sami easily complies with the motion, the closeness earning an involuntary smile edging her lips. "What's going on Christmas eve? Are you sure you should be there? I…" her lips flicker with something indiscernible in expression, but readable in context. Worry. It happens easier than she'd admit. "I could help. I know I'm not the most helpful but I want to help…"

But on topic, "We could have Christmas dinner tomorrow." Her cheeks redden, "I'm not sure how good it can turn out considering my incredible cooking skills."

While she may have meant what she said about him returning those three little words, Sami's eyes glisten slightly at the declaration. She's frozen in time when his lips first press against hers, but it does get returned. Her arms wrap around him as she deepens the kiss with her love for him.

"I know you're not afraid. But you have to listen. Until you learn how to use your power. I don't want you going anywhere dangerous, okay? Or doing anything too dangerous. That includes this Humanis First, thing. You need to be able to phase first. But don't try to do that right now. Because…" He glances over at the time before looking back up at her.

Smiling broadly up at her, he cranes his neck up and matches the kiss, his arms going to encircle her back tightly. Pressing against her, he passionately returns the kiss, letting his hands move up and down her body.

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