It's Party Time


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Scene Title It's Party Time
Synopsis Mel decides to throw a party for Kendall's 17th birthday. He makes out like a bandit, and fun is had by all.
Date June 12, 2010

Little Green House

The sun is starting to go down, leaving the sky a rather pretty mix of pink and orange. And the stage is set for the little green house on Staten island to host people, music, food and booze. Chairs have been set up in the back yard for those who want to enjoy that view, and inside, the stereo is playing a random mix of songs, most of them good for dancing or just sitting and grooving to.

The kitchen table has cups, various alcohols, pizza and snack type foods, enough for a small army, while the fridge is full of sodas, beer and mixers. One thing's for sure, no one here is going to go thirsty or hungry while they're here. No doubt if anyone but Mel was throwing this shindig it would be a cookout, but anyone who knows Mel knows you don't let her cook. Unless you want it to be inedible or give you food poisoning. Not a good thing for a party.

Curled up under the table is a mostly grown German Shepherd and a Pomeranian, both laying down and no doubt hoping for people to 'accidentally' drop some of the food sitting atop the table. And as for the hostess, she's curled up on the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table, sipping on a drink and bobbing her head lightly to the beat of the music.

It's party time!

Magnes arrives wearing a short-sleeved black shirt with a Green Lantern symbol in the middle, and a long-sleeved green shirt under it, with the sleeves covering what the black t-shirt misses. On his legs are some simple blue jeans, and his feet a pair of black sneakers.

He's brought gifts, holding a tall roughly one foot long, five inch wide box. And on top of that is another box, this one more flat and a bit wider.

"Hope I'm not late." he calls out, walking into the back to see who's all come.

Ash enters with Harrison, though it's a challenge for him getting through the front door. The man has a crate with him, literally a crate, and he's trying to angle it to get it through the front door. He doesn't seem to be straining with the wait, just… trying to get it inside without destroying the doorway. He manages it after a minute or so and grunts softly before looking over his shoulder. "Come on in kid." He calls to Harrison, head turning, eyes moving around the place. He offers Magnes a little nod, then calls out for Melissa, asking her where he should put the blasted crate.

Kendall is just kinda fidgeting in the corner. He didn't invite any of his geek friends, since it would just be awkward and all that. People are coming in, some he knows, some he doesn't, but he's not exactly a social butterfly, y'know? If anyone ever makes eye contact with him, he offers them a jerky nod and a kinda-smile, but for now he's just, uh… being there.

As he walks in behind Ash, Harrison takes a moment to allow his eyes to adjust. He is holding a package in his left hand. It is flat and looks like a book by the size of it. It is wrapped in silver metallic wrapping paper. He looks a little nervous and says softly, "I could have helped you with that." He looks down and runs a hand through his hair, "Thanks for inviting me again Ash. Another Saturday night alone would have sucked." His eyes fall on Magnes as he nods and says, "Hi…" He moves out of the way unsure of what to do himself.

"Mel!" Abby's voice yelled as she's coming in from the back door instead of the front. "I got some things for you in the SUV, from someone" She's got a present too, big long box with a bow on it. Guitar Hero, teenaged boys enjoy that right? Surely there's an x-box around here too. Maybe. Possibly. Pink haired, fresh from on the road and picking up what's in her trunk, Abby's looking about for Mel. "Mel?!"

Mel glances over when people start wandering in and she grins. "Nah, you're not late. And you can put it anywhere, Ash. Ask Kendall. I just threw the party together. The stuff is his," she says, jerking a thumb in Kendall's direction. Then she's looking at him, grinning impishly. "Though it looks like I'm gonna have to get him drunk to get him to socialize. And speaking of…Hit the fridge or table or whatever for grub. Make yourself at home and all that. Just ignore the begging dogs. They'll get over not being spoiled."

She gets up as she hears Abby, and she grins. "Stuff for me? Dude. My birthday's not for months!" A quick glance at Harrison, and a grin. "Hi, I'm Mel," is offered, then she's heading towards Abby curiously.

Quinn may have only recently met Melissa, but it hadn't taken long for her to hear about the party that her newfound boss was putting on, and once she did she'd made the necessary arrangements to attend. Nothing like a double sided evening of having fun and schmoozing with one's employer, after all. Dressed in a long, light pink skirt and black and white sleeveless top fitting of the finally normal weather, she arrives with a smile on her face. Not alone, of course, who comes to a party alone? In this case, she's dragged Sable along for the ride.

"Heya!" An enthusiastic exclamation as walks in the door, a wave to anyone who can see. Things didn' get going too much yet did they?"

Kendall notices Melissa looking at him, and he blinks uncertainly at her. What is he supposed to do? A quick dart of the eyes around the room as people come in, and he clears his throat a little. Maybe like he was about to say something? Apparently he changes his mind, because he drops his gaze again. Aww, he's shy.

Magnes gives a nod to Ash and Harrison. His red scarf is currently wrapped around his waist, finally not wearing it around his neck with the higher temperatures. He walks over to Kendall in the corner, tilting his head. "Hey, you don't seem to be a party guy, not that I'm surprised. I never had a full blown birthday party personally." He nudges the younger of the two with the presents. "Presents."

She would have come with Magnes, but Sable had some specific requests to make of Quinn, as well as some specific inquiries. Also, it's Quinn that informed her of the party's happening at all, and despite some initial grumbling and insecurity, it didn't take much to plant her on the back of Quinn's scooter, clinging for dear life as they jetted their way to the little green house.

If she'd known ahead of time… actually Sable owns nothing particularly special to wear, let alone anything currently clean, so she's in her usual tanktop and cargo pants. She slinks in behind Quinn and peers around. There are at least some familiar faces here. More than unfamiliar, actually. She spots Kendall, lingering in the corner, and points the tip of a finger pistol at him. "Birthday boy," she states, matter of public record. She grins, toothily, "Know what that means?"

Ash arches a brow at the sight of the pink haired Abby, a slight chuckle escaping him before Harrison's words get his attention. "Didn't need help carrying it and shit, getting it in was the problem." He offers the man a light smile, eyes flickering over to Kendall. "You must be Kendall." he sets the cate down off fo the side against a wall and then approaches the kid, offering his hand out towards him.

As his eyes fall on Melissa, he gives her a shy wave and says, "Harrison." His eyes fall on the dogs as he smiles and crouches down. He sets Kendall's gift on the table and allows everyone a moment to attack the birthday boy with good tidings and waits his turn till later. He pats his knee in hopes the animals will come to him. A soft smile on his face looking eager to pet the dogs.

Wah! People are approaching him and looking at him and being evil at him! Kendall smiles nervously at Sable, then shakes Ash's hand. "Ah, yes, I am, Uh… nice to meet you?" who are you?

Oooh, someone paying attention to him! Jerry's tail thumps happily against the floor before he all but knocks Harrison over in his enthusiasm. Or at least that's what the dog is trying to do.

Seeing a couple of other girls coming into the room, Melissa's lips curve into a smile. A devious smile. This is where Kendall should start running. "Hey Sable? I think the birthday boy needs a big fat kiss," she calls out, before sliding an arm around Abby's shoulders. "Okay, cool. I'll grab 'em in a minute. And…I just went with pizza, since, yanno, I can't screw up ordering 'em. Though if someone wants to barbeque, they're more than welcome to."

Jerry has a little more girth then he was expecting and down he goes with the dog. Harrison begins to laugh as he says, "Good puppy." He rolls up onto his elbows and leans up petting the dog. "Aren't you a good boy. Yes you are…" He gets his hand around the dogs ears and pets them gently as he says, "All these people and no one paying attention to you." He eyes fall on Mr. Muggles and he looks back at Jerry, "Whose your friend boy?"

Sable's pistol hand closes into a fist, and her brows waggle. "Magnes, hold 'im down. We gotta celebrate proof 'f this kid's continued existence in the world, the best way we know how. Pain!" Birthday punches, being the diametric opposite of birthday kisses. Of course, Melissa's suggestion catches her ears and she shoots the lady of the house a look. "Y'really want me t' steal the poor boy's innocence this early on? For shame!"

No, no, the original plan must do. Sable advances. Mel is right. This is definitely when Kendall should start running.

Quinn is somewhat surprised by the number of familiar faces she sees, even if it's only two - twice now, she was running into Magnes without any sort of conference between the pair, something that continued to amuse her. And the pink haired girl, Quinn was pretty sure was the one she'd met when she met Elaine the other week. It's a small world after all, eh?

"Melissa!" As Sable turns her attention to the birthday boy, Quinn turns hers to the party thrower, arms thrown open and ready for a hug. "Thanks for lettin' me come, Melissa, bein' as I don't actually know everyone." From under her arm, she pulls out a loosely tied together and wrapped present, though as the contents slide around, it might not be too hard to figure out what's inside. A glance up and a wave to Magnes. "Magnes!"

"Wait, WHAT?" Kendall squeaks out when Melissa says that loudly for everyone to hear. And then Sable suggests beating him, and the expression on his face suggests that he's seriously considering running for the door. His weak smile disappears completely, and he backs a step or two, then remembers… he's kinda standing in a corner. "Don't… d-don… I don't want to be…." what, punched, or kissed?

"Abby!" Magnes exclaims after sitting his presents down, then quickly covers his mouth when he realizes just how loud he was. "Er, hey." he awkwardly adds, lowering his volume. "Whoa, that box is huge." He touches the box for a moment, then his eyes widen. He doesn't spoil, all he says is, "You rock, Abby."

Attention turned to Sable, then he starts approaching Kendall as well. "Don't worry, I had to go through it too. If you take it like a man she'll kiss you. You two are around the same age, it's perfectly legal."

When Harrison goes down, Jerry begins to lick at his face happily. He's made a new friend! Which he celebrates with a bark and more wagging of his tail. Someone wants to play! Mr. Muggles, however, seems to be holding out for the food.

"Hey! No pain. Pain is my gig!" Mel says with a feigned pout towards Sable. "Besides, if you kiss him, he'll turn this lovely shade of red!" And Kendall's reaction has her snickering in delight. "Sure you do, hon. You're seventeen. All seventeen year old boys want smooches."

She grins at Quinn next. "Hey, no worries. Just have fun. Feel free to fiddle with the tunes too if you want. I'm not picky. And hey! Jerry! No tackling people, it's not polite. At least don't drool all over the floor, will ya? Oh, and you met Abby yet, Quinn? My best bud. And Abby, this is Quinn. The club's new DJ."

Ash chuckles slightly at the greeting and the question in one. "I'm Ash, a friend of Mel's, fixed the heat in this place." He flashes the kid a smile, then gestures towards the cate. "When you get a chance take a look inside and stuff. Mel said you liked comics." He offers the kid a big smile, then turns his eyes back around the room a bit. He laughs softly at the antics and talk of pinning the kid down, Ash backing away out of that situation cleanly and going to stand near the wall.

As he chuckles a little more at Jerry's antics, he begins to get up and pets him some more, "That is ok." Harrison says, "Just a big boy…Jerry is it?" He pats him one finally time, as he takes up his gift for Kendall and stays in the corner himself allowing the women to attack the poor kid. He shuffles a little nervously himself as he watches the scene unfold.

'Quinn and I met, I think. In front of a coffee shop, and Magnes has been talking about someone named Quinn too" Abby offers a smile to Quinn, remaining settled in the couch, content to sit for now.

No pain? That means all related gains are also obviated. Sable scowls at Mel's dictum, but her fist loosens. She sets her hands on her hips and gives Kendall a skeptical look. "Does he really want t' have his birthday smooch from me? I mean, I'm all f'r sufferin', but I don't wanna be cruel 'r unusual or nothin'," she glances at Magnes, "And what the hell age d'you think I am, huh? I've got an ID in my pocket, testifies I'm legal t' drink. So there." She glances over her shoulder and points at Abby, "If there's t' be kissin', let the Mother Superior pass down her benediction."

Comics? Kendall is diverted from imminent DOOM by Ash's words, and his gaze goes towards the crate eagerly. Wait wait wait, he can't be thinking about stuff like that! "Ahhh!" he looks at Sable again, and his back bumps into the wall. "Ah…. hi!" he sees Harrison, even though he has no idea who that guy is either, and rushes past Sable since he seems to be quiet as well. Maybe they can get along.

"Hear that? You gotta say it's cool to give Kendall a smooch before she'll do it. So…do it!" Melissa says with a grin. "And yeah, that's Jerry. He's a big softie. So! Anyone good with a grill? There's one in the back, but I can't cook worth a damn. So someone get out there and grill! And someone else go to hold a beer and do…I dunno. Grill stuff or watch or something!"

If only Melissa knew quite what Pandora's Box she had just opened with that little bit of permission, and the beaming on Quinn's face does a good job of giving that away. Definitely a little later, she'd be taking advantage of that. Instead, however, she turns her attention to Abby as Melissa attempts to introduce them, and laughs. "Yep! Hard t' forget hair like that. Pleasure to see you again, Abby. So, Magnes' been talkin' about me? Hope he's not makin' Elaine jealous, poor girl." Another laugh… or is it more of a cackle?

Magnes winces slightly when Quinn mentions Elaine to Abby, for whatever reason. He doesn't even bother to speak up after that, he just clears his throat and awkwardly stands there watching everyone.

Ash crosses his arms over his chest, the big man's eyes moving from person to person, an amused smile touching his lips at the antics and the conversation being tossed about. His eyes go to Kendall again and he smiles a bit. "It's my old collection. Used to spend all my extra money on comic books back in high school, and … all the way up to about.. 2005 or so, so it's a decent collection." He then glances over to Melissa for a few moments. "I can grill if you need someone to grill. Not much of a social person anyway…."

As the birthday uses him as an escape, his eyes widen slightly as he himself takes a step back into the wall he is near. Harrison gives him a slight wave and says, "Ummm hi…" He extends his silver package to the slightly younger kid, "Hope you like it." He waits for Kendall to take the gift.

"He's mentioned Elaine, but just a little, Magnes and I don't talk much. I tend to be throwing him out of what used to be the bar and no, hard to miss this hair. Maybe in a few weeks I'll change it again. go purple" Magnes's uncomfortable cough diverts her eyes to him before clapping Melissa on the shoulder. "I will go Barbeque big guy. Southern ladies know how to handle a grill and you can talk comic shop with the youngling, or find an x-box and dig into the guitar whatever and I heard that Sable! There will be no benediction from anyone!"

Little bugger got away. Kendall's retreat is swift enough to dissuade Sable's giving chase. Was she really going to pummel him? …probably yes, but she's willing to spare him - think of it as her birthday gift. She spots Magnes' mien of discomfort, and gives a snort, "Aw hell, this boy rolls with fuckin' bevvies of finely plumed birds. If Elaine wasn't jealous from the get-go, she'll never be." She flashes Abby a smile, "Aw, a shame. Bet you benedict real good. Lookin' good as always, by the by. Thinkin' of doin' somethin' t' my hair as well. Any suggestions? I've got no head for that shit," she thumbs at Quinn, "I can't let this one upstage me too fuckin' much."

"You can both grill. Just no talk about Mel and tequila. That conversation is forbidden. And aww…no benediction? You're no fun. But purple would be awesome. Not as awesome as blue, but what is?" Melissa asks, grinning at Abby. "I should get the streaks back in my hair. Maybe I'll go blue this time."

She rises and moves over towards Kendall, slinging an arm around his shoulders. "Well? Open stuff. I can't decide what to steal until I know what they are," she teases. "And relax hon. I'll even look the other way if you want booze if it'll help you relax," she stage whispers to him.

Magnes finally speaks up again when guitar is mentioned. "Let's do it! X-Box! Sable, guess what Kendall got!" Magnes exclaims, putting his hands in air guitar position. "I'll set it up."

"Ah, thanks." Kendall tells Harrison awkwardly. "Sorry about that." apologizing for talking to someone at your own party, Kendall? Sad. The present is eyed inquisitively, and he looks around. "Do I open it now, or, uh…" and now Melissa saves the day with an answer. "Oh, ok." booze? Sure. With another look towards Harrison, who seems to be close in age to him, at least, Kendall opens the present. He's one of those kids who doesn't care about the wrapping, just rips it open. Whatisitwhatisitwhatisit?

Harrison blinks at the fact his gift is being opened and he looks nervous himself as he begins to fidget some, "My last job was…a good one so…well…I didn't know what color you would like…hope it is ok." As the package falls open the newest Ipod Touch with the 64G memory is revealed in it's box. "It holds like 10,000 songs, movies, and you can get on the internet from almost anywhere. I have one."

Quinn simply blinks at Sable's ascertation of upstaging her, using her free hand to hold up a bit of her hair and stare at it. Clearly, something had gone over her head. "Never dyed my hair any of those more adventurous colours. Just the occasional bleachin' or red look. I don't think anythin' else'd look that good on me, really."

Finally spotting Kendall, a grin crosses her face, and makes her way over to the younger boy. "Since this is your party'n all, I hope you have a right good time." Holding the small stack of wrapped presents towards him, she grins. "I wasn' quite sure exactly what you liked, so I got you a mix'a thing." Music. Of course. Predictable, but easy when you don't know much about someone

Kendall looks surprised and really happy at the present. "Wow, thanks! I've wanted one for a while!" Kendall is totally geeking out now, and he turns the phone around happily. He's got one too now! And now he's being offered more presents, and then there's that crate as well! Maybe the party isn't so bad after all, threats of pain and embarrassment notwithstanding.

"I don't know what's up with all the hair dyeing, I mean unless you're going in costume. I remember when I dressed up as Rainbow Raider… glad he doesn't show his hair." Magnes shivers a bit, then lifts Abby's gift. "Hey open this, we can set it up!" He then turns the box to show Sable. "See? Guitar Hero! It's like Rock Band… wait you've never played that either. We have to get Rock Band for my place!" He seems… excited. He's very upbeat today for some reason.

Sable peers at Magnes like he's crazy. Which he might be, but that's actually not the reason - it's just that Sable has no idea what he's indicating with the air guitar. X-boxes and the like are sort of well off of her perceptual grid. She's seen billboards and stuff. That's about it. Finally she just shrugs, "Boy, you wanna fuckin' enlighten me as t' what the hell yer on about, I'd be happy for the goddamn illumination."

A look for relief comes across Harrison's face as he nods slowly, "Your welcome…Happy Birthday." He gives him a wave and says, "Enjoy your presents man." He moves to stand over by Jerry as he crouches down and allows the kid his time.

"Oh nice. Doin' good so far!" Melissa says with a grin to Kendall, before she moves off to refresh her drink, and grab a couple beers, offering one to the birthday boy, then offering the others around.

Kendall is being offered alcohol, and it'd be rude to refuse, right? Especially since it's his guardian? Kendall eyes the bottle, then shrugs and opens it. "Thanks!" he repeats when Harrison goes off again. And then, Magnes is hefting a Guitar Hero box, and he blinks. "Who's that from?" he asks with a grin. "Wait a minute, that's for me, right?" so why is Magnes excited?

Ash keeps himself against the wall, not really taking part in anything other than just being there, watching people, watching presents and stuff get opened, a smile on his lips at the happy goings ons, a little spot of happiness and normalcy in the hell that New York has become.

Spotting Magnes and the Guitar Hero box, Quinn quirks an eyebrow. "Playin' with someone else's present, are we?" Upon closer inspection, however, she furrows her brow more fully. "I've played this! I'm positively no good at it!" There's a laugh, even as she she makes her way over to get a drink.

"Yeah it's yours! And it's from Abby." Magnes nods over at the grill, then promptly nudges the box forward so it'll float toward him weightlessly through the air. "We can like, have an awesome Guitar Hero tournament, and see if the musicians are any good at it." He nudges a thumb to Quinn and Sable. "Though I'm a musician too, and I've only played the game a few times, so I might suck too."

As his eyes move to the Guitar Hero, Harrison has played guitar for the last 10 years. He sighs softly thinking of what he was going to do with his ability to play and sing. He looks down at Jerry and pets him as he says softly, "How fate fucks with us Jerry."

"Thank you kindly, sweet Melissa," Sable says, taking the beer with a dip of her head, "'n' thanks for openin' your doors to a poor house guest such as myself," she takes a swig of the drink before giving Magnes' excitement her full attention. The box communicates… something or other. But Sable is afraid to make any assumptions. "I figure yer sayin' 'rock band' is somethin' different from the rock band yer already in," she arches her brow at Quinn, "If mighty Quinn ain't any good at it, I gotta wonder what sorta hellish thing is in that box. Crack it open!"

It would be very rude to refuse alcohol. Especially since he's underage! So Mel grins at him when the beer is opened, then she laughs and looks to Quinn. "You're a musician. Of course you're good at it." Sable is the next to get a grin. "Why, you're welcome, Miss Sable," she says, letting her southern accent grow more noticeable. It's pure Gone With the Wind.

Jerry plops his butt down and looks like he's in total bliss with all the attention from Harrison, and Mel watches the two of them for a moment, studying Harrison more than anything else.

"Well I dunno if I'd be any good at it." Kendall replies to Magnes, moving closer to relieve him of the box as he sets the beer on a nearby flat surface. He opens the box, then shows Sable the guitar after pulling it out of the styrofoam. "It's… a guitar. Not a real one. You play it with a video game." he explains to her. Nice, his presents are all great so far!

Harrison stands up as he cracks his neck and goes to get himself a beer. He pops it open and takes a swig as he runs a hand through his hair. He makes his way over to Ash and leans against the wall next to him and asks softly, "So do you know all these people?"

Quinn laughs, turning back with drink in hand. "Don't get m' wrong, Sable, it's right bit a' fun, just really different from actually playing' Guitar." Stepping away from her perch, she looks at Melissa and waggles a finger. "Not always true! There's this… keyboard/DJin' kinda game I saw in an arcade once, sucked at that too."

Don't be awkward Elaine. Slipping out of the backdoor, wrapped package tucked under one arm, Elaine peers around the backyard with a skeptical look. She clears her throat a little bit, looking around at the party guest. "Um, hi. I'm Elaine. And, uh, this.. is a present." She gestures to the present tucked under her arm, and proceeds to set it down on the nearest table or flat surface she can get to. "And, uh, I'll just be over here." She makes a beeline for Magnes, avoiding any eye contact, muttering under her breath once she's next to him. "God, I'm awkward, aren't I? I'm horrible at parties."

Melissa grins at Kendall as she starts heading for the back door to help Abby. Or maybe to get her presents. "Guess this means you don't want what I gotcha?" she teases.

On her way out she pauses by Harrison and Ash, grinning at them. "You two are being anti-social. Do I need to get you guys drunk too? You do realize you're supposed to have fun at a party, right? Cut loose and all that? Relax?"

Sable peruses the plastic guitar controller, then extends a hand, "Gimme," she says, simply enough.

Spotting Elaine, Quinn throws her arms open. "Elaine! Magnes didn' say you were comin'." She walks over to the girl, arms still open and a smile on her face, like she expects a hug. "I think they're about t' play games. Come on!"

Kendall blinks at Sable and automatically hands it over, looking questioningly at Melissa and then at Magnes, and then blinks as a lady comes in, announces a present, and then goes to Magnes. "Ah… thanks?" he quibbles. Presents, what presents… "Oh, I do!" he tells Melissa hastily. flail. What is he supposed to do now? He catches sight of the beer he just set down, and grabs it. Alcohol makes everything better except your liver, or so he heard.

"Gimmie gimmie never gets, except apparently now." Magnes teases, then leans down to give Elaine a peck on the cheek. "You're fine, they're mostly cool people." Cool people who are going to blow up the world and cause horrible horribly anarchy, but Kendall's cool. "Melissa! This is my girlfriend, Elaine! Come meet her when you're done."

Melissa laughs and nods at Kendall. "I'll get it in a sec. I gotta go grab some things from Abby's truck first. And will do, Magnes. First things first though!" A quick grin and out she goes, to retrieve whatever Abby has for her.

Sable weighs the controller in her hand, appearing to be very skeptical initially. She doesn't however, go so far as to denigrate it. To do so would offend both gift giver and gift receiver, and she's not interested in being a total bitch. She flickers her fingers over the fret buttons, fiddles with the back and forth strummer. Her gaze lifts to Elaine, whom she gives a huge grin and a point with her beer-bearing hand. "You 'n' me have work t' do, hon. Sooner than you fear too. Be ready." She finally looks over at Kendall. "When yer finished with gatherin' yer spoils, think you could show me how this works?" she asks, tapping the controller with one hand, "Ain't makin' any noise right now. You young people," two years younger? "Know how all this crap works, right?"

"Hey Quinn!" Elaine offers, moving to take in a hug. After all, she's not about to refuse a hug when it's offered. She then looks over to Magnes, offering a bit of a grin. "Sorry I showed up a bit late, had some errands to run and all." She catches Sable's gesture with the beer, and looks sheepish. "Okay. I'm ready for anything!" Well, she hopes.

As he looks between Ash and Melissa, Harrison is about to open his mouth and she calls out to Kendall. He closes his mouth and takes a sip of his beer and watches the game being played. He begins to walk over towards Sable and says softly, "I…ummm can show you if you would like how to play it."

The hug is a bit of a tight one; the two have hung out much, by even by proxy Quinn's happy to see her. At Sable's comment, she snickers, turning to face her. "Oh, come on! Someone one get it hooked up. I'm older than you, an' I got it down even if I'm not good at it." She takes a long sip of her beer, and the looks to Kendall. "Where your…" She points and waggles her free hand as she tries to find the word. "Whatever it is you hook it up to. Xbox?"

Sable's eyes cut over to Harrison as she's addressed, and quickly sizes up the young man. He's… taller that she is. By a whole foot. She squints at him, then points a thumb at herself. "Sable. 'n' sure. Show me the ropes."

"How about we, uh, find an X-Box and a TV first before we start playing plastic guitar." Magnes laughs and looks to Kendall, waiting for an answer to Quinn's question.

Melissa comes back in with some boxes, looking a bit surprised and smug. "There's a TV right there," she says, nodding towards said piece of electronics. "And I see no drinking! Why is there no drinking? Oh hey, Sable's drinking. Everyone follow her example!" Then it's up the stairs she goes.

An audible scoff comes from Quinn. "Now there's somethin' I didn' expect to hear." She flashes a playful grin to Sable, taking another long sip of her drink. She'd meant to tell Melissa she'd brought a little Guiness, still tucked outside in the trunk of her scooter, but oh well. She'd have to save it for, uh… when she got back home. "Shame that's not one'a those ones with drums and all. Magnes and Sable could have an impromptu audition!"

Kendall blinks, then shrugs and goes towards another few presents, this time Magnes'. A few seconds of ripping, and Kendall grins. "Ah, nice!" Runaways volumes and a FF13 casing for his PS3! "Thanks Magnes!" he grins at him, then looks around. Ah, Elaine's gift, though he's still not sure who she is, aside from apparently Magnes' girlfriend who is named Elaine.

As he points at the guitar, "When we have the proper equipment it will be easier to see but the game is a test of skill and reflexes. You will see colors pass over a bubble and you must hit the proper buttons. When you do it makes the sound of a chord needed for the song playing in the background." The bar is to add to your sound effects, and when you see the stars shift the handle and it will do something very cool." He gives her a wave and says, "Sorry…Harrison." He points at the buttons, "What sucks is they havent gone key changes or turn overs yet in their design but who knows."

"I," Sable says, all indignance, "Am a fuckin' model of the best human qualities: drunkenness, blasphemy 'n' ill will." After taking a heft swig of beer, she tunes into what Harrison is telling her, but she loses track about midway through. She shakes her head, "Naw, see, that's just in one ear 'n' out the other. Let's do this shit by example," she smirks at Quinn, "Much the same as I lead, girly." Her eyes return to Harrison, "Key changes? You play, boy?"

"Uh, right. So I wasn't sure entirely what you wanted, so I did my best.." Elaine states, sheepishly, as she sees Kendall with her gift. Once the wrapping's off (wrapped in the sunday comics, of course), it's the first season of Doctor Who.

When Melissa comes back down the stairs she's carrying stuff again, but this time it's different stuff! Three boxes of three different sizes which she brings over to Kendall and plops down beside him. The smaller two aren't wrapped, but the larger one is, in plain blue paper. "There ya go. Never say I didn't give ya anything," she teases, before she moves towards the table and snags a slice of pizza, leaning against a wall to munch.

"If those are the best human qualities, I must be a terrible person." Magnes watches as Melissa returns, eyeing the new presents curiously. Then once they're placed, he rushes over to enthusiastically tug Melissa's wrist. "Come on! Meet Elaine!"

As he nods slightly, he takes a swig of his beer and says softly, "Ten years…was studying music at NYU." His eyes get a slight touch of sadness around the edge, "Model…dance…sing….whatever I can do to get money." Harrison runs a hand through his hair and chuckles, "That is kind of on hold for now…taking a…" He looks for the right word and shrugs, "A break from it I guess would be the best way to describe it."

"Huh, I keep hearing about this but never actually watched it. Thanks!" Kendall seems interested in the present once it's opened. And now he's presented with more presents, and so he goes about opening Melissa's. He's saving the crate of comics til last when he can devote enough time to look through the entire thing.

"College boy, huh?" Sable says, and there is more than a hint of challenge and antipathy in her voice. Like this is some sort of fault Harrison will have to make up for. "A break?" she snorts, "Why's that, eh? Blisters on yer fingers cuttin' into yer modelin' dollars?" She's pretty much being rude at this point. Prickly would be the kind way to put it. But she lifts the controller up to him. "Show me what NYU taughtcha 'bout plastic Gibson, eh?"

Quinn watches Sable and Harrison for a moment, before turning to Magnes as he drags Melissa back over. "Magnes, I can't help but notice there's actually people 'ere you don't seem to know! I'm a little surprised, I am.”

Melissa blinks as she gets dragged off. "Huh? Oh, the girlfriend. Hi Elaine, how's it going? You got a drink yet?" She seems very intent on wanting to get at least some people drunk.

Ash pushes off from the wall, his head turning, eyes catching sight of Elaine. He offers the young woman a light nod of his head, then looks to Melissa, then to Kendall curiously, checking to see if the kid has checked into the crate of comics he brought over.

As he nods slightly, he takes a swig of his beer and says softly, "Ten years…was studying music at NYU." His eyes get a slight touch of sadness around the edge, "Model…dance…sing….whatever I can do to get money." Harrison runs a hand through his hair and chuckles, "That is kind of on hold for now…taking a…" He looks for the right word and shrugs, "A break from it I guess would be the best way to describe it." He looks at the guitar, "It's Gibson Hummingbird True, but I think I could handle myself. We just need to get our hands on an X-Box and TV."

Kendall gets a whole bunch of trading cards, some he doesn't actually play but that's ok because he knows people who do, and some comics, and… "A Wii!" about time Kendall got one, badum-bum-tish. And now since Kendall seems to be running out of people shoving presents at him, he moves finally to the crate. Crate of cooooooomics! That's… a huge crate.

"Whatever vicious rumors Magnes has been spreading about me are likely completely true, but I shall deny them all the same." Elaine states, proudly, offering a bit of a wave to Melissa. "A drink? Why, I have not. Don't mind if I do!" She moves to get a drink, noting Ash's nod out of the corner of her eye. She offers a bit of one in return.

Sable's giving drunkeness, an apparent high aspiration of mankind, her best damned shot. She knocks back the rest of her beer and sets the bottle down. She presses the plastic guitar on Harrison, "Gonna be right back with y', bucko," she promises, and nips over to Mel, "Seconds?" Her expression is bright and hopeful.

Magnes points to Ash and Harrison. "I sort of know the younger one, I've seen him before at least. And Ash was my trainer." He makes a point to say was, which is possibly news to Ash, but ah well. He grins at Elaine, adding, "Don't worry, I don't tell anyone the things that would make you seem like anything other than a pure and virtuous Scottish lass… they're still lasses in Scotland, right?"

Ash glances to Kendall as he gets his Wii, a light laugh from him before he glances to melissa, and then to the others int he room. Magnes' comment doesn't get a reaction, Messiah stuff doesn't belong being discussed at a birthday party after all, at least, in Ash's opinion. He turns, and begins to slip towards teh back yard, intent on getting out of the press of people.

Melissa grins at Elaine and shakes her head. "Nah, no bad things." She's distracted by Sable then and she busts out laughing. "Hon, have you seen how much booze I have on hand? Go for it. What's the point of a party if you can't have seconds, thirds or tenths?"

An expression of confusion washes over Harrison as he takes the Guitar Hero from the woman. He opens his mouth and then closes it and presses his lips into a fine line. He sets Kendall's gift down softly and finishes off his own beer. He begins to walk into the kitchen to find the recycling bin if there is one, passing Jerry on the way to pause a second and pet him behind his ear.

Quinn regards the crate of comics with curiosity, pointing. "That your doin', Magnes? You get 'im a… whosit, Riddler costume too?" She turns to face them more properly, placing down her empty cup. As much fun as she makes, she can't say she'd be opposed to wearing that Poison Ivy costume again, not that she'd admit it. "I 'ave a bit'a Guinness i keep in m' scooter if you need it, Melissa." Yes, she heard what she said about having more than enough, but she felt she should offer anyway. "An' on that note, I'll have a bit more, thanks."

"Bless yer heart," Sable says to Melissa, clasping her hands before her, "Thank you. Today's my day off from mournin', so I need some proper fuckin' lubrication." She navigates over to the table where the bounty of beer overflows, and peruses the varieties available. She plucks an ale from the ice and pries off the cap with a nearby bottle opener. She lifts the bottle, "Cheers!" she declares, and takes a long drink. She weaves back to where she left Harrison… but he's gone. She looks around. "Where'd Harry College go?" Oh! There he is. "Hey! Where the hell are you off to?" she sniffs, and adds, to herself, "Takin' a break from our conversation, eh?"

Kendall starts digging through the crate, pulling out comic after comic and basically making a mess on the floor. "Wow, you're giving me all of these?" he asks Ash, looking at issues dating from 5 to 15 years ago. Hey, Kendall was only two when some of these came out!

Melissa laughs and nods to Sable, waving her off. "Enjoy the booze." She grins at Kendall. "The old books win out over the new Wii huh?" Though she doesn't seem to mind. Then she wanders towards Sable and Harrison, since she doesn't know either one too well. "Hi! How's it going…uh…shit. Can't remember your name," she says to the latter, sounding apologetic.

Harrison sets down his empty can, he runs a hand through his hair and looks over at Sable. The apples in his cheek turning a few turn a few shades redder as he says to Sable, "No was just getting ride of my empty can." When Melissa comes over he knows her face but did not speak with her the last time he saw her. "I'm Harrison. This is a nice party. Thanks for letting Ash invite me." He looks down at the ground shuffling his feet slightly before looking up between Sable and Melissa.

Kendall actually finishes digging through the entire crate, then starts putting them back. "Anyway, about that Xbox…" up he goes. At least he's relaxed now and doesn't seem to be so nervous like he was at the beginning. He comes down a few minutes later with an Xbox 360 and a controller, trailing wires behind him.

Honestly, Sable's slightly lost track of what she exactly was after in harassing Harrison. The means sort of went and overtook the end. Being 5'1" and drinking quickly on a virtually empty stomach tends to contribute to that sort of thing, however, so don't judge her too harshly. And she's not slowing down. She's a little flushed herself, and still drinking. "Fast- fastid- her… real fuckin' neat, huh? Sounds college t' me," which tells you just how little Sable actually knows about college, "What the hell was I razzin' you about again? Something about… uh…" she looks around, and sees Kendall enter with the Xbox. She blinks. "'n' what the hell's that?"

Quinn wrinkles her nose as she walks over to get another drink. Comics and a Wii, both things that were a little beyond her. Running a hand though her hair, she pours herself another beer, and then turns back to Melissa and Harrison, sidling over a with a smile on her face. "Don't think we met," she says, extending a hand to Harrison. "Quinn, pleasure t' meet ya." Seeing Kendall come downstairs with the white game console, her attention is temporarly grabbed, actually giggling as Sable first stumbles over words, and the her confusion at the device.

Harrison looks between Sable, Melissa, and now Quinn. He looks down at her hand and takes it giving it a firm handshake, "I'm Harrison." He sees the X-Box and smiles slightly. Harrison can play Guitar Hero pretty well from his own geek out weekends with his dorm buddies. He looks back between Melissa and Quinn. "I came with Ash." He confirms with Quinn. Why. Who knows?

When there is an emergency, Delilah is one of those people that end up getting a text message or a nudge for help. Even if it is something as small as a Birthday Emergency(tm). In this case, a cake. There is a ringing of the bell from outside, where she stands with her arms hugged around a big white box. The plastic cover shows off a cake, which is liberally spread with manly(!) blue flowers and a big 'Happy Birthday Kendall!'. There is a little gift bag hanging from her elbow, little gold ribbons expertly curled over the top.

"Yeah, I know. Just couldn't remember your name," Melissa says with a grin to Harrison. She sees him glance towards the X-box and laughs. "Oh go on, play. A guess it's only expected at a geek's party," she tells him.

So this is what all this is about. That's the Xbox. Must be. Right? Sable settles down onto the floor, nursing her beer (or maybe more being nursed by it). The doorbell rings, and she squints over her shoulder in the sound's direction. "Someone gonna get that?" she say, then suddenly grins wolfishly, "That maybe the singin' strip-o-gram you order, Melissa? Really make our boy here into a man?"

Kendall expertly plugs the Xbox into the TV. "Good thing it wasn't Rock Band, actually, uh… because it probably wouldn't get used." and now Melissa will just have to deal with random songs being played from Kendall's room. He hears the doorbell and pauses, looking towards the door and then at Melissa.

"'Fraid I don't know Ash, either." She looks around; she's spotted someone else earlier, but never got to speak to him. Guess that was Ash, but she couldn't see him now. Taking a long gulp of her drink (nearly half the glass!), she grins. "Maybe I'll give it a try m'self." She shakes the cup gently. "Maybe after a few more." The doorbell rings, and Quinn perks up, jumping to her feet. She begins a slow walk towards the door; she doesn't want to get it, it's not her party, but she's certainly curious.

Melissa shrugs at Kendall's look. She doesn't know who it is, so she heads towards the door to open it. "Hey Dee. Birthday boy's that way," she says, pointing. "And Sable, dear, you refused to kiss him, remember? So he'll have to wait for another day," she tells her, grinning.

Harrison walks over towards Kendall and Sable, yet stops as he turns to look towards the door himself. He shoves his hands in his pocket looking to see who it is himself.

"Who is kissing who now? Did I miss the action?" Delilah looks momentarily bewildered when Melissa opens the door. She slips inside, flowery dress drifting around her knees. "I have cake." She looks at Mel with a little impish smile, toting the baked goodness inside. "Kendall! I couldn't get any candles, but I did get the manliest flowers I could find." Blue! There is a fistful of sprinkles over the sides too. Close enough. "Half and half. Left is vanilla."

Sable thocks herself on the nose one, twice, thrice, upon hearing Delilah's voice. "Don't. Make. An ass. Of yerself," she self-orders, emphatically, though not overly audibly - having anyone hear her would be, in and of itself, a failure to follow her own command. She gets to her feet (a little unsteadily) and gives Delilah a wave. "I was only thinkin' of saving him from heartbreak is all. Cuz it c'n never be," she answers Melissa. She's about to saunter over and greet Delilah properly, but… Sable makes a face. Drinking has certain logical conclusions. "I'm gonna be right back…" she states, vaguely, and darts off. Nature calls.

Kendall heard cake! Finishing the last connection, he leaves the actual setting up the game to Harrison since the guy knows what he's doing. "Hey." he greets Delilah, still a little subdued as per last time he saw her. "You brought a cake?" he peers around. There wasn't a cake, was there? "Manly….?"

"Mmm, vanilla. I approve." Elaine comments, glancing towards the cake. "Although, I can never fully decide if I like vanilla or chocolate better. So perhaps I'll have a piece of both. Er, after everyone's had some. Don't want to be rude." She takes a long swig of her drink.

"Oooh." Suprisingly, it's the cake that grabs Quinn's attention first, not the pretty girl carrying it, but her eyes move up soon enough, and a wide grin crosses across her face. "WHo's this, Melissa?" SHe leans back, taking a sip of her drink. "Almost a birthday without a cake. All'a you all are tapped, I swear."

Harrison moves over to begin setting up the game, as he gets all the need wires where they need to be. He sets the guitar up, and plugs the game in and turns it on as the TV explodes with sound of the opening screen of Guitar Hero, Harrison begins to frantically hit the volume button as he begins to blush slightly and says, "sorry." He stands up and leaves it for Kendall to play the first game. It is his game and his party.

Melissa watches Sable dart off and snickers softly to herself. "Oh, Quinn, this is Delilah. Dee, that's Quinn. And oh my god that was loud! Oh wait, my fault. Damn. Why do I have to keep myself from bein' able to yell at anyone else?" she pouts.

Cake…! Guitar Hero….! Cake….! Guitar Hero…! Which one first? Waugh! Kendall seems equally torn between the two. "Ah….." he's really struggling with this. On the one hand, delicious cake. On the other, fun new video game. To tie the two together, the cake is a LIE.

Criiinnge. The noise is a bit startling, but thankfully she has found a place to put down the cake first. "Oh- Hi, Quinn. I think I've heard about you, not sure." The redhead makes a little wave before giving Kendall her full attention. "Yes sir. Cake. Happy birthday, sweetheart." Dee puts a fond hand on his hair, ruffling it lightning quick in case he tries to get away. Her smile is the same as it always was- though her little bump when she finds a place to put down the cake is new. Ish. The second thing is the gift bag, which she presents quite proudly. "I wasn't sure what to get you, so I hope this is good for you."

Inside is a pair of 8x10 sketchbooks, and a pen sketching set. Simple, hopefully effective.

Kendall looks at Harrison. "We will have cake first, and THEN play." because cake is yummy. But first, Kendall opens the present, and pulls out the pads and pens. "Ah, nice, I always need more of these." without any hesitation, he opens the case of pens, pulls one out, and flips open the pad of paper. Hmm, now, what to draw? Well since it's his birthday, and he's practiced it a little, he flicks a glance at Melissa, then starts sketching. Heeheeheee~

Melissa stares at Kendall's latest present, then she groans and shakes her head, but says nothing. It seems that she's resigned herself to the fact that it's his party and he's gonna draw if he wants to.

Harrison looks at Kendall and nods slowly as he says softly, "Whatever you want man." He crouches down and pats his leg to get Jerry's attention. Harrison has no idea what could happen when Kendall draws and lets the slightly younger kid have his fun.

Oh! It's like giving an otter an oyster. Delilah smiles brightly when he dives right in. "Well, I'm glad you like it. All that worry for nothing." She wags a hand to some of the others. "Who wants to help me cut the cake up? This bakery does delightful food." Nummilicious.

Kendall finishes drawing, and then his appearance blinks, for lack of a better term, and then he appears to have a few more birthdays, because now he looks to be in his early 20s. Bwahaha, he used this previously to almost avoid breaking the law! Stupid security cameras. What was that about slightly younger kid? Hahaha. "There, now I'm legal." he smiles innocently around, especially at Melissa. He even sounds slightly older.

Melissa rolls her eyes. "You're already drinking, so why bother making yourself look older?" she asks, flopping down in a chair. Jerry perks up and his tail starts thumping before he races over to Harrison. Pet me!

Sable reemerges, her circumstances much improved. Her first order of business is to reclaim the beer she left behind. She swoops over and plucks it from the ground, and takes a quick swig. That's right. Dee's question draws an immediate (and slightly overeager) affirmative. "Yeah, yeah, I c'n give you a hand, hon," she says, scooting up beside the redhead and the cake she's brought. She steals a glance at what Kendall's doing, however, not wanting to lose track of the main event.

Quinn quirks an eyebrow. "Lot'sa people talkin' about me lately." She doesn't sound annoying; in fact, quite the opposite, there's a distinct sense of pleasure to her voice, a smile spreading across her face. A shrug, and her hands come to a rest behind her head as she pivots, following after everyone else and to the cake. "Beer and cake? You're a lucky one, Kendall!" She points a finger at him, and then turns back, finishing the last of her cup. Time for another refill.

Kendall's actions cause Harrison to forget about Jerry for a moment as he jumps and and takes a step back. A confused look on his face as he says, "What the hell?" He looks between Melissa and the other people he does not know well. "What just happened?"

Dee is half ready to have Sable help her- only to be totally distracted by what Kendall does. "Oh- ah-" He's not that bad looking, really. "Wow, you're getting good at that, aren't you? I hope I didn't just accidentally something." She glances over to Melissa, sheepish.

"He's an illusionist," Melissa explains to Harrison with a smile. "He's playing with it. At least he didn't scare the shit out of anyone this time."

Sable does a full on double take. She didn't catch the actual switch. She only sees the aftereffects. She blinks, then squints. Melissa's explanation eases her suspicion, though mostly by way of confirming it. "Jesus. Wish that was a trick you could teach. I could go f'r a few extra visible fuckin' inches," she says, holding a hand over her head, "Hey… couldja?" she asks Kendall, "Or is it just you you c'n do it to?"

Quinn is noticably taken aback by the sudden chance in Kendall, eyes widening, and then drawn to her now empty cup. "You put somethin' in the drinks, Melissa?" And then the explaination comes and a sigh of relief comes from her. "That makes… a bit more sense, at least." She grins, looking over at Kendall. "Just don't be drawin' anythin' someone might not be fond of!" Like she should be the one giving the warning, for some reason. A part of her actually wants to egg him on, see what kind of craziness transpires. But then, there's booze for that, and hey, au

Kendall pauses. "Oh… are you… not Evolved?" he asks Harrison. "Sorry, I didn't…" well, is he, or no? Kendall doesn't know! "Er, I don't know how to stop it yet though." his illusions tend to just fade away eventually. "I can bring on the zombie apocalypse if you want." Kendall tells Melissa with another innocent smile. "Er, I suppose I could?" he tells Sable, then gets to the drawing again. When he's finished, Sable is apparently a few inches taller. "Anyone else?" he asks with a laugh, then starts sketching on the first picture. Suddenly, huge white wings appear on Kendall's back. "Hahaha."

Melissa glances around at the various reactions, though she doesn't seem really worried. Instead she just grins when she looks back at Kendall. "Nice. No halo though?"

"Did it work?" Sable asks, looking upwards, to see if… um… she can see her extra inches maybe? The beers aren't doing much for her already weak grip on sense. She turns to Dee, pointing at herself, "Howzit look? How much taller 'm I? 'm I nice 'n' imposin'?" She grins. She hopes she is. She's never gotten to be imposing before. She attempts to drink her beer in the manner of someone who would appear imposing. It's like normal beer drinking, but with a special something added: tallness.

"Oh-" Delilah is a little taken back with how much he really liked her gift, if just so he can get the kinks out of his power. "Sable tall is almost heresy." She lifts a hand to where Sable is now- tall female height, at least. "You're very threatening now, I think." It's hard to not laugh, so she does.

As the young man loose confused, he looks over at Melissa with a "How do I answe that? He cocks his head to the side as he watches the wings appear on Kendalls back as he looks towards the back door.

"I think that'd be too hard to believe, and that's what my power works on." Kendall grins at Melissa. "Ok, I'm ready for some Guitar Hero now." he'd be the first and only angel to play Guitar Hero, ever. Well, more than likely. "Ok, um…. how do I do this?" he asks Harrison.

Melissa smiles at Harrison. "However you want. If you're evolved and don't mind sharing, then say yes. Otherwise, say no. We don't discriminate in this house, so long as you mind your manners." And there's something in her tone to suggest that anyone who doesn't is in for a bad visit.

Tall Sable is not something Quinn is quite ready to accept, so seeing it elicits a snicker from teh Irish girl. "First Sable's the right feckin' model a' how to act, an' now she's tall? I must be dreamin'." She has no requests of her own for Kendall, but she finds herself highly amused by the antics he causes.

Sable pumps her fist in triumph, "Right the fuck on!" she declares, "You boy," she points at Kendall, "Are deservin' of the halo you ain't got. I drink to you bein' on this earth another year, yet. 's long as you keep doin' right by me." Aaaand that's two beers down. The empty comes down on the table with a 'thwack!'. She rubs her hands together, smirking at Quinn, "You need a pinchin' to convince you otherwise, hon?" Oh! Guitar Hero! That's what she was fixated on early. She leans against the nearest available surface and keeps keen watch.

"You guys…seriously amuse me," Melissa says, grinning and shaking her head. She lifts a hand to wave towards Harrison. "See ya later!"

Delilah watches as the boys gather round the video games, tugging Sable along to help with the cake. "I hope I didn't make a mistake in giving him those sketching things, I'll feel terrible if Melissa gets no breaks. Who wants cake?" The announcement echoes dutifully.

Quinn snorts, taking a sip of her freshly poured drink and flashing a very curious look at Sable. "Hey, that's on you if you wanna pinch me. I like 'ya taller, m'self." A grin, and at the mention of cake, she repeats her earlier pivoting motion. "I could get in on that, please." Cup placed down, Quinn begins looking for a clean plate so that she can enjoy the sugary treat that's urely going to help keep her up all night.

Who the hell doesn't want cake? Sable hopes no such un-American sentiments exist in this fine home. She starts to cut the cake into appropriately sized slices (unless instructed to slice inappropriately), and hands them off to Delilah to proffer. She's in high spirits, and spirits have no small part in making this the case. She grins at Quinn, "I come as I am, as I am, girly. Be happy with it, or fuck off," this last said good naturedly.

"Gimme cake. Especially if I'm gonna be listening to that for the foreseeable future!" Melissa says, nodding towards the TV currently showing the game.

Delilah conducts herself masterfully, when it comes to dispensing tasty birthday treats. Everyone gets a sizeable piece, and there is probably going to be some good leftovers. If they have ice cream around, that may happen too- but for now, she contents herself with knowing that all of them are going to be filled with sugar. Poor carpeting.

A smile. "Fair 'nough." Quinn follows that with a large bite of her piece of cake. "Mmm. Where'd you get this, Delilah? It's quite good."

It's due time Sable got some ballast for her tummy. She slices a piece for Delilah, offers it up, and then takes a fairly generous portion for herself, levering it onto a plate and then taking a perch on the table and digging in. She'd voice her approval, but actions speak louder than words. She wolfs, unabashedly. In vino veritas, and Sable is truly a voracious eater.

Melissa pushes herself up and moves over to snag a piece before she reclaims her seat and stretches her legs out. Then she eyes Sable. "You get sick, do it outside. I just got this house spotless."

"A little place in Chelsea. She usually does breakfast stuff, but she has cakes too." Delilah peeks over her shoulder towards Melissa, smiling first at her then to Quinn and Sable. "I suppose I don't need to say bon appetit?" With this, the redhead passes out the last piece before taking her own to a perch beside Sable. Time for cake! Everyone tuck in.

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